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Full Wix eCommerce Software Review – All You Need to Know About Wix


Wix is an online e-commerce solution for small and medium businesses. The software is a part of the larger Wix platform. The Wix platform provides solutions for businesses to design stunning websites without having to code.

The company behind Wix was founded in Israel. It officially came to life in 2006 and by 2010 had grown to over 3.5 million users. The Wix platform provides modern design tools and features to host and manage online stores.

The company is currently based in Tel-Aviv Isreal. But has operational offices in the United States.

In this article, we’ll review the Wix platform. We’ll analyze its benefits, cons, and features. By the end, you should be able to make an informed decision about using the solution.

What is Wix?

Wix is a cloud-hosted website builder and e-commerce solution for interested businesses. The e-commerce solution provides a powerful backend to manage your store and inventory. The tool provides numerous other features to help you maintain these stores smoothly.

The design tool and website builder features allow you to create store websites without coding experience. You simply use the WYSIWYG editor to position design elements as you see fit. The design is also very mobile responsive.

The inventory manager keeps track of your goods and alerts you when they drop below a certain threshold. You can monitor the sales for each product and set restock alerts for each of them too.

The numerous opportunities for integration make it easy for you to connect to top 3rd party apps. This way you can manage all your store processes from start to finish inside Wix.

How Does Wix Work?

To use Wix, you must be a small or medium business looking to set up an online store. Large businesses can also use the platform, but its features are tailored specifically to smaller businesses.

First, you must register an account with the company. To do this click on the ‘create my store’ button available on the homepage. The next page redirects you to the Wix sign up page. On this page, you can choose to sign up using your facebook or google account. You can also sign up with just your email and password.

Once your account is approved, you can log in to your backend. Before you start designing though, Wix will ask a couple of onboarding questions. Make sure to choose ‘online store’ when the option for ‘website type’ pops up.

As soon as you are done, you’ll get redirected to a backend. Here you can start designing your website. The editor is intuitive and easy to navigate so you shouldn’t run into many problems.

Benefits of Wix

1. Highly Customizable

The Wix platform sells on the premise of huge customizability. The tool allows you to use the powerful WYSIWYG editor to drag and organize your site according to your needs. The editor also supports the importing of your logo and other brand assets. This way you can represent your brand fully within your online store.

2. Pleasant User Interface

The user interface for the Wix tool is easy on the eyes. The tools and buttons are arranged intuitively across the design interface. All the important buttons are placed in easy to reach locations. The rest of the tools are nested just enough to be used without complaints. Overall designing with the Wix platform is a great experience.

3. End To End Store Management

Using Wix yo don’t need any other online store solution. The tool can help you create and manage your website. It can also help you set up your domain and online store.

The online store comes with numerous tools to help you organize your products intuitively for customers. It also features marketing tools and order management tools. Its integration with other 3rd party tools means you don’t have to leave the Wix software. It is a complete end to end solution for e-commerce

4. Excellent Support

The Wix customer support is famed for its thoroughness and speed of response. The agents typically respond swiftly and are keen to help you resolve your issue. They also provide numerous channels to contact them. This way you can always reach support at any time.

The company also offers training and resources for newbies who intend to master the tool. Their help-center is also well documented. So if you intend to troubleshoot any problem you have with the platform, this is the place to go.

5. Mobile Responsiveness

The Wix platform also boasts of great compatibility with mobile devices. The tool aligns all your content in an orderly fashion on mobile phones. It can recognize different screen sizes and adjust the images and videos accordingly. This ensures that your customers get similar stellar experience on the mobile platforms like the desktop platforms.

Cons of Wix

1. May Take a While To Load Details

The Wix platform is superb for creating great websites and stores. But sometimes due to the size of the graphics content for the products, it may take a while to load on mobile phones. This is because phones don’t have the spare processing power that computers have to throw at tasks. This slowdown can serve to irritate new customers and dwindle conversion rate.

2. Difficult To Switch Templates

This problem is one of the most significant pain points the Wix tool. Once you select a template, you may be unable to change that template for as long as you operate the account. Of course, you’ll be able to move and edit the widgets. But that’s about it. You cant upgrade to newer better-featured templates with ease. If it is possible, then it must be rather difficult to achieve.

Features of Wix

1. Design Tools

The Wix platform features one of the most robust editors available for e-commerce stores today. The tool uses a graphics editor to move website elements from one location to another. This gives you a great extent of customizability for your site design.

The tool also features thousands of templates which you can use for your site design. You can also customize the templates to reflect your brand easily.

2. Payment Integration Tools

The Wix e-commerce tool features seamless integrations with the popular payment processing platforms today. The tool connects with PayPal and other credit card processing solutions to receive payments for your goods and services. The company doesn’t charge any commission on any product sold too. The payment tools also automatically disburse refunds and chargebacks according to set rules.

3. Order Shipping and Tax Managment Tools

The order shipping tool lets you show your customer various shipping options along with their cost in real time. The tool provides integration with the tax management tool estimate shipping cost and estimated delivery time.

The tax management tool helps you compute the tax and other legal fees for your product. This computation allows you to ship internationally without flouting any legalities.

4. Secure Shopping and Checkout

The Wix platform provides top-notch security services for your e-commerce account. The platform integrates an SSL certification to your site to protect it from malicious attacks. The customer and their credit card information get stored using secure encryption technology. This way only a person with their account details can order on their behalf.

5. Product Managment Tools

The product management tools help you to create your product listing with ease. You can use the tool to create multiple product options, i.e. color, style, size, etc. it also lets you cross-sell and upsell to your customers using autogenerated suggestions.

You can also tag your products as limited offers or discounts to improve conversion. The tool works intimately with the inventory tool to track your sales and generate stunning reports.

6. Product Galleries

The product galleries help you showcase your product using great images. The galleries help you organize all your product promotional materials in one place. Each product also owns its own specific gallery. You can showcase the various options for the products using this tool. It syncs with the inventory and product management tool to show only the available product graphics.

7. Order Tracking Tools

The order tracking tool takes note of all the completed orders on your site. The tool also records the orders that are still in carts and yet to be paid for. It tracks the shipping information and inventory stock to monitor the outflow of products to your customers. The tool also sends confirmation emails to customers whenever they complete an order.

8. Inventory Managment

The inventory manager helps you monitor your stock as they get depleted due to sales. It triggers an alert for you to either restock or make the product available for wish-listing. The inventory tool also works with the product management tool. It updates the available options for each product. Hence preventing customers from ordering exhausted stock.

9. Marketing Newsletters (ShoutOuts)

Wix shoutout is akin to an email marketing campaign tool for sending conversion emails to customers. The shoutouts can be used as a campaign tool to help convert doubtful customers through the sales funnel. You can also use the tool to interact with customers and update them about sales, events, and promotions.

Pricing and Pricing Details

The Wix platform is priced using the tier-based pricing model. In this model, the features and tool are separated into plans. And each plan is tailored to a particular business model. Currently, there are three supported plans for the Wix platform.

Business Basic

This is the simplest plan available for the e-commerce segment. The plan allows you to store up to 20GB of information on your account. You also can store a maximum of 5 hours of video. It features an unlimited bandwidth and the drag and drop designer. It costs $25 per month.

Business Unlimited

In this plan, you can store up to 35GB of data on your account. You also receive unlimited bandwidth. It also lets you store up to 10 hours of video content and provides 20 campaigns and up to 100,000 emails monthly. The plan costs $30 per month.

Business VIP

This plan features up to 50GB of data for storage and product information. You also receive up to 30hours for video content on your site. The plan allows you to access priority support which is a lot faster than general support. You also get 20 unique campaigns and 100,000 emails monthly. It costs $40 a month

Platforms Supported

The Wix tool is available as a software as a service tool. It works predominantly on the cloud. The company maintains all the server infrastructure and memory storage hardware. You only have to sign up to use their software for your business.

To access the backend of the tool to design your store, you must be connected to an active internet network. The supported desktop operating systems are:

  • Mac OS
  • Windows OS
  • Chrome OS
  • Linux OS

You must have a modern browser installed to use the Wix web app on these operating systems, however.

The Wix tool also supports mobile platforms, but the tools and features present in the mobile platform are limited compared to the desktop version.

Customer Support

Wix offers a robust customer support service. The support agents are polite and eager to help you resolve your issues with the platform. In most cases, your problem would get resolved very speedily.

Available Channels

You can contact the Wix agents via numerous channels. The available channels at the moment are email, live supports, telephone and support tickets.

For the VIP plan, you have access to priority support. This support is available to you 24/7 and every day, even during holidays. They’ll be available to help you sort out your issues in a heartbeat.

Training and Help Center

Wix offers robust training packages and resources for a newbie to master their platform. Their Help center contains valuable information and in-depth material about the platform. Users can use it to troubleshoot any problem they have with the software.

Wrapping Up

Wix is one of the most intuitive and full-featured online store solution available today. The tool provides numerous features to help you create and maintain your store. You can also leverage the design tools to brand your site to reflect your brand. Although it is not a perfect tool, it is still a solid online store platform for SMEs.