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Full Wix Blog Software Review – All You Need to Know About Wix


Thanks to platforms like Wix! You can now create an HTML5 website and mobile site by just using online drop and drag tools.

The Israeli-developed platform lets you add a couple of functionalities. Some of which include online marketing, social plug-ins, community forums, e-mail marketing, and contact forms with a range of Wix-developed applications.

What more can you ask for?

The platform has come a long way from using flash-powered websites, with old users having to convert their flash site to HTML.

However, there is a tiny problem.

Selecting the right template can sometimes be a bit of a drag. You might be overwhelmed with the collection of template designs and not know which one to choose.

Still, you can use the criteria for choosing a website template such as content width design, homepage header design, and menu bar design.

That said, let’s review one of the most excellent website builders, shall we?

What is Wix?

Wix is a straightforward cloud-based web development platform that comes with a complete blogger toolkit. Here, you can create, manage, and grow your blog.

This platform comes with a wide range of blogging features that gives you room to customize without hindering your creativity.

One thing that sets this software apart is its free plan. Considering Wix’s offerings, the plan is generous.

However, for more advanced features, you can decide to go for one of their premium plans.

The platform’s interface excellently links function and form in a simple, yet powerful, way. You can quickly set up your blog in a few minutes, regardless of your skill level, either novice or expert.

With a rich list of templates at your disposal, you can choose from an existing template or customize your blog to your taste.

This blogging platform aims to give you a breezy experience. So creating your website, publishing posts and managing the site remains effortless throughout.

And if you run a big business or have grown your business, you can manage and add multiple writers at will.

Also, Wix has its built-in social features that help you expand your online community.

These social features make sure your blog posts are being found and seen by your targeted audience.

Being mobile-optimized, you can blog on-the-go.

Pros of Using Wix

Bloggers are attracted to this blogging software for its benefits. The principal attraction points of this cloud-based platform have been highlighted below.

1. Easy Setup

From signing up, to creating an account and building your site; every process is seamless. The procedures are not complicated.

All you need to do is to signup for an account, select your preferred template, go to your blog manager, and from there start creating and posting your contents for your audience.

With its drag-and-drop capability, the process of customizing your layout to match your branding and preference becomes very fast and easy.

2. Excellent Design Templates

One of this platform’s remarkable attractions is its website templates. The designs available on Wix are outstanding and offer pre-built layouts that fit into many industries.

3. Extreme Flexibility

While some other website builders might put a limit to the extent to which you can move elements around, Wix allows you to give your work that pixel-perfect finish.

4. Inserting Animations

This blogging software is among the very few site builders that allow you to animate elements like text. Though this can be tempting, savvy bloggers will not don’t overdo it.

5. Mobile Compatibility

You can access the software on your mobile and tablet devices, and blog on-the-go anywhere, anytime.

The Wix mobile apps have been tailored for Android and iOS operating systems, giving you a seamless mobile experience.

You can view comments, write posts and manage your blog on your device.

The app also has a live typing indicator that shows you people that are having active discussions

6. Third-Party Applications

With Wix, you can add many third-party apps to your website. Tools like Newsletter, online booking widgets, live chat, and so on can be easily included using Wix.

However, you should keep in mind that these apps are third-party and if they shut down, Wix won’t be able to fix it.

7. Artificial Design Intelligence By Wix

Wix has a relatively smart Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) that you can use in creating your website. However, this is only available for projects like yoga sites, portfolios, etc.

With this ADI, you can automatically generate a contact form, connect your social media, or pick a design that suits your audience. You can change these options if you don’t like them.

8. Automatic Website Backup

Similar to Apple’s time machine system, Wix automatically creates backup points for your website, which you can restore at any time.

9. Free Plan

Available on the Wix’s app market is a free plan. In this basic package, you gain access to all the necessary blogging features you need to efficiently manage your blog and focus more on producing valuable content.

Cons of Using Wix

Even the best website builders have their limitations, and Wix is not an exception. Let’s explore the drawbacks of this platform.

1. Templates Can’t Be Easily Modified

After selecting an initial template, it becomes difficult to switch to an entirely different one.

Though changing the design within the template is easy, you can’t pick an entirely new one.

2. It’s Expensive

Pricing on Wix is a bit high, with the cheapest ad-free plan being Combo. This plan starts at $8 per month.

3. Exporting Data

If after you’ve created your website and you have to move your contents, designs, and data to another platform, Wix doesn’t have any option for exporting data.

To move your data, you have to do it manually.

4. Design and Editing

With Wix, you can drag and drop anywhere, literally. From a control standpoint, this is good, but, it can be a tad bit frustrating.

There are rulers, scales, and parameters that can help you stay on track to a degree. However, building a site requires a bit of work and thought. So, it still takes time and effort to complete a website using Wix.

Features of the Wix Blog Software

Wix as a website building platform offers you a set of unique features. You get well-designed templates, custom-made web applications, management tools for your website, and more.

Let’s explore these unique features, shall we?

1. The Wix Editor

You can either start from scratch and build your site or select from over 500 well-designed templates. You can design your website with Wix’s drag and drop feature.

This feature gives you complete design freedom with industry-leading SEO. You can bring your site to life by using video backgrounds, animations, and scroll effects.

2. The Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

If you want to get online and still look amazing quickly, then Wix’s ADI does just that.

Just answer a few easy questions, and you’ll get an instant stunning website personalized for you.

You can get tailored-content, helpful tips, and make your website mobile and SEO friendly.

3. Custom Web Applications

With the Wix code, you can get the advanced capabilities of the design features of the Wix Editor. You can build robust websites and custom web applications.

Want to create custom forms and interactions, and manage your content? You can do all that with this feature

4. Professional Features For Websites

Wix has all the professional web features you need to manage your website all in one place.

You can customize your domain name, get a personalized email, manage your contacts, message your visitors with live chat, and more.

5. The Wix Online Store

Whether you are a chef, musician, yoga instructor or designer, Wix has an online store that allows you to manage your business and website all in one place.

You can display and sell your physical or digital goods, manage your inventory and track orders, accept multiple means of payments, and even boost your sales by offering seasonal discounts.

6. Wix Booking

If you have services to sell rather than products, Wix booking helps you get booked for services you offer. You can also accept secure online payments, bookings, offer courses, classes and appointments, and more.

7. Blogging Tools

Now, this is the standard feature of Wix that almost everybody knows. You can edit and manage your blog posts, and add multiple writers, with a great mobile experience.

8. Media Manager

With Wix music, Wix photography and Wix Video, you can manage your videos, music, and photographs all in one place.

9. Wix Events

Want to invite people to an event, and you are not looking to go through stress? Wix events help you create, customize and share beautiful email invites.

You also keep track of RSVPs, edit their details, add new guests, and view replies.

10. Restaurant Management Tool

If you are a chef or you own a restaurant, then you need to get in here. Wix restaurant allows you to create and customize your restaurant’s menu, with prices and images included.

11. Website Promotion Tools

Nothing beats being able to drive traffic to your website and boost engagement. This feature of the Wix platform gives you access to SEO analytics, a personalized SEO plan, beautiful email marketing, and more.

Wix Pricing Plan

Depending on your blogging needs, you can choose from any of Wix’s flexible pricing plan.

You can start with a free plan that allows you to set up your Wix account instantly.

To gain access to advanced features of the platform, you have to choose from the various premium plans offered.

So, let’s find out the pricing model for the different Premium plans, shall we?

Pricing for Connect Domain

Connect Domain is the most basic Premium plan, and it goes for $4.50 per month. It comes 1GB Bandwidth, 500MB storage, and connects your domain. However, this plan doesn’t get rid of Wix Brand Ads.

Combo Premium Plan

The Combo plan goes for $8.50 per month and is mainly for personal use. With this plan, you get 2GB bandwidth, 3GB storage, a customized Favicon, and a free domain remove.

You can also remove Wix Brand Ads and connect your domain.

Unlimited Premium Plan

The Unlimited plan is the most popular plan. The plan targets entrepreneurs and freelancers. The unlimited premium plan goes for $12.50 per month.

Coupled with the features of the Combo plan, it comes with unlimited bandwidth, 10GB storage, and form builder and site booster apps worth $48 and $60 respectively.

E-Commerce Premium Plan

Just like the name says, the e-commerce plan is suitable for small businesses.

Going for $16.50 per month, it comes with all the features of the unlimited plan and an online store, 20GB storage, and unlimited bandwidth.

VIP Premium Plan

This VIP plan comes with the features of all the other plans and more.

It goes for $24.50 per month and gives you access to 10 email campaigns per month, with priority response.

One thing you should take note of is that all the Premium plans offered by Wix come with free hosting, 500MB storage and above, domain connection, Google analytics, premium support, and zero set-up fee.

Technical Details

This software makes it a breeze to create websites because,

  • It’s a cloud-based web builder that is both app-based and web-based.
  • You can access it from any Linux, Windows or iOS supported desktop or laptop, or an Apple or Android mobile device. To use its advanced features, however, you should access Wix with a PC. Navigation is a lot easier that way.
  • The Wix Software supports five different languages; English, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, and Sweden.
  • It adopts an attractive pricing plan, going from free to a monthly paid-plan.

Support Details

Wix’s excellent customer service makes contacting support very easy.

Do you need any help or have inquiries and questions about media, blogs, or PR? Then go directly to their contact page and send a mail. You’ll get a response in no time and whatever issues you may be having will be sorted fast.

You can also head over to their support page, where you can get detailed information on how to get started and how to use the many features of Wix.

To Wrap It Up

Wix is one of the leading cloud-based development platforms today, with 0.9% of all websites currently using this web building software. You can quickly create a professional and beautiful website using the Wix software.

This platform always helps you promote your business, set up an online, showcase your art or try your hands on new ideas. Though it has its downsides, it remains one of the best web building software in the market today.