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Full Wishpond Marketing Software Review: All You Need to Know about Wishpond


What is Wishpond?

Wishpond is a cloud-hosted marketing platform for generating, managing and nurturing sales leads. It is suitable for companies of all sizes, and can be used across a variety of industries.

Features include tools for landing pages, online forms, website pop-ups, lead intelligence and activity tracking, and marketing analytics. Users can use the program to launch contests for social media platforms like Facebook, create and send out email newsletters, and create email marketing automations.

It also includes an open API which enables Wishpond to be integrated with a host of third-party CRM (Customer Relationship Management), sales, payment and collaboration applications, including Salesforce, Slack, Twilio, and Zapier.


Wishpond’s benefits include:


Wishpond simplifies a lot of the effort in creating landing pages, emails, social contests, pop-ups and web forms by offering a range of re-designed templates which can be customised and stylised using drag-and-drop functionality. This means that market teams can create, design and publish their own content without them have to rely on designers and IT staff.

Online Marketing tools

The program offers a range of tools which subscribers can use to enhance online marketing efforts and campaigns. Users can build and publish their own mobile-responsive landing pages in next to no time, and integrate forms with them. These forms then appear in the form of pop-ups when a visitor lands on their site.

In addition, they can create and publish email and social media campaigns, and newsletters, and run contests.

Social Media Contests

Wishpond makes it easy to run contests and promotions on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It also helps marketing teams send personalised emails to sales leads and prospects. The lead management system then helps users monitor the activity of visitors to their website, and crate lists which can then be used to track their behaviour.

Referral Suite

To get more contest entrants and boost social engagement, Wishpond offers users their referral suite capabilities. The aim to incentivise the engagement of customers on social media by rewarding them when they take certain actions, like sharing a contest on Twitter or following a company’s Instagram account. Customers can early bonus points or extra entries in to competitions, via features like unique referral links.  In addition a Leader board & Waitlist tool is currently under development.

Multiple Integrations

One of Wishpond’s major strengths is the large number of integrations with other third party business applications if offers through its open API. This includes CRM programs like Salesforce and Pipedrive, email marketing solutions like MailChimp and AWeber, Team and Live Chat, e-commerce and phone and SMS systems. Developers can also build their own integrations with Wishpond’s REST (Representation State Transfer) API to existing business systems; the vendor offers (paid) consultancy support to assist them with this.

Analytical Tools

Wishpond’s suite of analytic tools helps online marketers understand the source of their leads, and also identify channels where current marketing efforts are not succeeding, Changes to operational and strategic initiatives can be made as necessary.


The key features of Wishpond are:

Landing Page Builder

Wishpond offers a simple to-use landing page builder which can be used to create a bespoke product page, or a place to gather more sales leads. There are more than 200 templates available, so users do not require any design skills; drag-and-drop functionality lets them manipulate the appearance and content as they wish. And, for those who want to create a landing page from scratch, here is also a blank template.

Once a user has picked a template, they are then free to customise it, with basic widgets allowing them to add text, images, icons, videos and buttons as they wish. Colours can be changed and the position of columns and rows moved. Users can also add features like Social Buttons, Maps, Countdown Clock and Facebook comments on their landing page by picking from a range of menu options.

In addition, Wishpond supports dynamic text replacement. This benefit of this is that when a visitor arrives on a landing page, the experience can be personalised for them – for example, with a message greeting them with their first name.

Once customised, the solution offers several options to publish a landing page. These include embedding the landing page on their own web site through the use of JavaScript, or, if a user does not have their own site, hosting it on one of Wishpond’s own servers.

Website Pop-ups

With Wishpond’s pop-up builder, it is easy for users to create pop-ups, welcome mats and other such features, and add then to an existing website, blog, or e-commerce store. There are more than a hundred mobile-responsive templates from which to choose, which are suitable for any industry.  A drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to customise them without the user needing to possess any programming knowledge or design skills.

The application gives users the opportunity to choose when pop-ups appear – for example, by click, by scrolling down a percentage of the page, after a certain period of time, or on entering or leaving a page.

Furthermore, Wishpond gives subscribers the opportunity, by using the same functionality, to create welcome mats, slide-in pop-ups, and opt-in bars.

Pop-ups can be posted on a website, on a blog, on a Wishpond hosted campaign, or anywhere else. And, with Wishpond’s integration with Shopify, they can also be added to an e-commerce store.

Online Forms

Users can create simple and elegant online forms using the solution’s intuitive builder, which comes with more than a dozen customisable templates. To publish them, users just need to copy and paste the Wishpond code to embed them in websites, on a blog, or on a Wishpond-hosted page.

In addition, A/B testing allows users to create and test variations of forms, with real-time analytics accessible through the campaign dashboard. Sweepstakes can be hosted on a website site page, on a company’s Facebook page, or on Wishpond.

The solution also gives marketers the chance to create other types of social competitions as well, examples of which might include, potentially, photo, video and essay contests.

As with a lot of Wishpond’s other functionality, the modules for these social contents and promotions include a range of pre-designed templates. Uses just need to pick one, customise according to preference, add their contest, and then run the contest.

Lead database

With Wishpond’s lead database any leads that have been collected through media such as pop-ups and email forms will appear in it. Leads will have basic properties such as email addresses; more detail information such as name and telephone number can be collected through embedded web forms.

Users can also use the database to view the activity history of each lead, so they can understand which specific pages on a website people visit, and where sales conversions occur.

The program also supports lead scoring. By assigning points based on actions that leads take, marketing teams can determine the relative quality of each sales prospect – the higher the score, the more valuable the lead.  This lead scoring assists managers to determine where continued marketing and sales support efforts should be focused.

Contests and Promotions

Wishpond provides users with the ability to create social contests, and activities such as sweep stakes. The program offers a selection of sweepstake templates, all of which include features such as a countdown clock, an entry form where visitors can sign-up, and a CTA (Call to Action) button. The start and end dates of sweepstakes can be changed, and the email message sent to participants can be personalised.

Email Marketing

Wishpond includes an intuitive set of tools to create informative and appealing emails to send to leads, helping nurture them into sales. Again the building block is a range of easy to customise templates, which makes it simple to create and publish an email in minutes.

All emails can be created without HTML; users just need to drag-and-drop objects into templates, and stylise them with simple controls. All emails are automatically optimised for mobile devices.

Organisations can also maintain contact with mailing list subscribers by producing email newsletters. These can be used to inform them promotions, new products and services, and more, through the application’s email.

A/B testing can be run to determine which emails get opened, and which convert better. This enables organisations to continually refine their email marketing campaigns.

Users can also set-up email drip campaigns which are sent automatically to visitors, depending on the actions that they take on a company’s website, or the sales campaigns on which they convert.

Marketing Automation

Wishpond provides a visual automation workflow editor, enabling organisations to create their own internal workflow and processes. This capability allows the program to perform actions such as sending emails to leads, update lead properties, add or remove people from contact lists, and initiate a web hook.

Regardless of workflow chosen, they can be tailored to match the internal standards and process of a company. The functionality for example, enables emails to keep running and generating leads long after they have been sent out to prospects.


Wishpond offers three pricing plans; all prices are quoted monthly, but billing is on an annual basis.

All plans offer a certain core functionality, which includes unlimited landing pages, social contests, pop-ups and user accounts as well as:

Campaign Builder: An easy to use drag-and-drop campaign builder with more than 200 templates available to create landing pages, context and more.

Publish Anywhere: This feature enables users to publish campaigns anywhere – on Facebook, on their own webpages, or hosted by wishpond.com.

Lead Nurturing: Tools include a simple email builder, the ability to create and distribute email newsletters, and send text messages to prospects.

Bonus Features: These include integration with Twilio, GoToWebinars, and 12 popular CRM programs, as well as lead management, scouring and segmentation.

The three pricing plans are:

Starting Out (US $49 per month): Users are entitled, under this plan, to email drip campaigns, marketing automation, Custom CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and a maximum of 1,000 leads.

Everything You Need (US $99 per month): Additional functionality offered includes A/B Testing, Custom JavaScript, and access to Wishpond’s API. The maximum number of leads per month is increased to 2.500.

Rapid Growth (US 199 per month*): Subscribers are entitled to everything in the other packages, are given priority when it comes to Customer Support, and are provided with free implementation coaching, which is valued at US $1,500.

*This monthly subscription is based on 10,000 leads per month. However, if businesses want to increase the number of monthly leads, the price scales accordingly. At the furthest extreme, for up to a million leads, the monthly subscription is close to US $3,000.

All plans offer a 14-day free trail, although users are required to provide credit card details when registering for this. In addition, prospective buyers can schedule a free, no-commitment product demo through the Wishpond web site.


Wishpond is a cloud-hosted web-based platform that supports Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems. The solution is fully mobile-optimised, which means that it can be viewed equally well on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, as well as desktops.

The vendor offers cloud data storage in multiple locations and geographical regions. This means that if a system outage or Ddos attack occurs at one of their data centers, Wishpond can switch users’ accounts to another with no disruption of service.


Customer support depends on the pricing plan choice. “Starting Out” and “Most Popular” subscribers are provided with Live Chat and email support; “Rapid Growth” users are given phone support as well, and are given priority when it comes to support matters. These Premium subscribers also get US $1,500 worth of free implementation coaching.

Subscribers also get access to self-service tools like FAQs, product guides and tips, whilst, through the Knowledge Base, they can access a wealth of material in the form of articles, white papers, videos, webinars, and customer success stories. There is also a blog section with up to date postings covering marketing and lead generation topics.

Users can also sign-up to free courses through the Wishpond Academy on their website, which also offers free Pop-Up Builders for both Shopify and WordPress.

For those who need help creating marketing campaigns, Wishpond has a pool of designers, project managers, copywriters and developers who can assist on a paid consultancy basis (an initial free consultation is provided in every case).