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Full WinHMS Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About WinHMS


There’s a buttload of work that comes with managing a hotel. As a result, it tends to be challenging to deliver an excellent guest experience. But that’s all in the past. With a software like WinHMS, business owners in the hospitality industry now have a way to streamline their processes.

The WinHMS software was founded back in 2001 and is the only product of Winsar Infosoft Ltd. The idea behind the development of the software was to offer a cost-effective, comprehensively supported, flexible, and high-quality solution for individuals in the hospitality space.

The software combines years of experience to deliver a cutting-solution with a rapid return on investment.

WinHMS also operates as a combination of numerous, seamlessly integrated modules. You get tools for human resources, front desk, point-of-sale, and much more.

What more can you ask of a hotel management solution?

That said, let’s have a review of one of the industry’s finest.

What is WinHMS?

The WinHMS platform is a property management software built for small, medium-sized, and larger hotels. The software is also suitable for a wide variety of businesses like spas, clubs, resorts, and motels.

WinHMS provides hotel owners access to features like custom interfaces, maintenance, banquet organization, payroll, inventory, purchase management, a point-of-sale capability, human resources, material management, back office management, and front office management.

The system’s front office system takes care of your billings, group bookings, discount schemes, tariff details, queries, and client reservations. Plus, this tool also gives you a tape chart containing details on room allocation and room availability. On top of that, the system also stores information like previous visit statistics, hotel comments, suggestion, and guest complaints.

WinHMS also has a point-of-sale tool that gives you support for split quantity situations, split bills, bill cancellation, and billing of linked or single tables.

One interesting thing about the WinHMS solution is how you can customize it to fit the size and needs of your property business. Plus, the software can also be managed centrally and supports multi-property options.

Pros of Using WinHMS

Some benefits come with using WinHMS as a hotel management software. These benefits are why hotel owners find the software to be attractive.

So, let’s explore these benefits then, shall we?

Multi-Platform Deployment

Though you can install WinHMS primarily as software for Windows computer, you can also access the platform on Android devices. Hence, your guests, hotel staff, as well as yourself can access the software any time, anywhere.

On top of that, you can also access the software on web browsers. This functionality makes WinHMS a truly handy and flexible hotel management solution.

Dedicated Modules

Different properties come with specialized needs, and WinHMS seems to understand that. How?

Well, the software offers specific functions and tools for guest feedback, task management, golf courses, banquets, spas, loyalty and membership clubs, and the management of engineering aspects.

These dedicated modules allow you to carry out numerous tasks and functions from within a single platform, saving you both time and money.

Turnkey Solution

The WinHMS software functions as a turnkey solution as you can quickly deploy it, rapidly implement it, and immediately use it without having any training. Hence, transitioning into the platform does not interfere with your operations. This way, you can continue to offer fantastic services even while switching systems.

Additionally, once you set up the application, its ease-of-use allows you and your staff to navigate through the solution seamlessly. Due to WinHMS’s user-friendliness, this functionality is possible.

Optimized For Your Needs

The needs of your property might be different from another person. Luckily, WinHMS can help you meet those special requirements with its multiple modules.

The platform functions for specific accommodation types. As a result, resorts, inns, hotels, and so on, can access essential tools to seamlessly and effectively go through their business operations.

Cons of Using WinHMS

Now that you know the benefits of using WinHMS, it’s only fair that we go through its cons.

So, what are the cons of using WinHMS as a hotel management solution?

No Training

Don’t get it wrong, WinHMS is easy to use. However, the software doesn’t come with any training whether in the form of a video, file, or pdf.

You need to learn about the system all by yourself.

Tiny UI Fonts

Well, if you have exceptional eyesight, WinHMS’s font size shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Though WinHMS’s UI interface is very detailed, its fonts are tinier than you might like.

Features of WinHMS

WinHMS comes with different modules for specific business operations.

The software gives you access to tools for front office, back office, material management, human resources, and much more.

So, let’s explore these individual modules and see what they have to offer.

WinHMS Products

The WinHMS software offers three products depending on the size of your hotel.

WinHMS Express Solution

WinHMS has an Express Solution built primarily for small and mid-sized serviced apartments, resorts, motels, and hotels.

With this solution, your critical operations get computerized effectively and efficiently without having to expel much hardware resources.

The product is also built so that you can install it easily, take the necessary training, and effectively maintain it.

WinHMS also modularized this solution. As a result, the Express Solution is scalable and can grow as your property’s needs changes.

On top of that, the solution can also help you improve the efficiency of your staff. Hence, you can get increased revenue and better guest satisfaction.

WinHMS Professional Solution

The WinHMS Professional Solution functions to automate essential tasks of medium and large-sized serviced apartments, resorts, and hotel.

The product is a complete ERP solution that gives you automated and effective control over your property-level operations.

The modules included in this solution help you with the management of all key department for both back office and front office systems. Also, the Professional Solution gives you a seamless workflow between associated areas of your business. Hence, you get flawless inter-departmental control and operations.

WinHMS Enterprise Solution

When it comes to a high volume of transactions, the WinHMS has the Enterprise Solution built to handle them easily.

This solution is built to maintain a unified corporate culture across large-sized hotels, hotel chains, hotel groups, and five-star hotels.

The solution also extensively covers all property operations. Hence, you can get detailed monitoring and control of processes in all departments.

On top of that, the system also gives you corporate-level tools for better decision making, and seamlessly manages all group operations.

WinHMS Front Office

With guests’ first and last point of contact being your front office, WinHMS has a module for handling your front office operations.

Front Office

The front office system has a reservation module for intuitively handling various kinds of tariffs, plan sales, and client reservations.

With this system, your settlement is easy and quick. Plus, the system also comes with features like numerous settlement methods, summary bill generation, and bill splitting.

The Front Office system also integrates a tape chart to give you a view of room availability and status at any time. On top of that, you can also print registration cards for guests either during check-in or reservation. And, you can automatically transfer reservation advances during guests check-ins and retain charges for advance payment cancellation.

The system also helps you handle guests smartly by giving you essential guest information. You get access to previous visit statistics, hotel comments, suggestions, guest complaints, and so on, during check-in or at the time reservation. Hence, your front desk can have a personalized approach and make specific prompts to remember guests’ preferences.

Additionally, this module allows you to automate the allocation of rooms with the least use to ensure a uniform usage of rooms.


WinHMS’s housekeeping module allows you to block rooms that need maintenance and repairs. These rooms also get displayed in the room availability chart which has a drill down feature for showing details of the blocked rooms.

Also, this module lets you clear and tag dirty rooms. Plus, when guests check-out, rooms are also tagged as dirty automatically.

On top of that, a lost and found tool lets you the keep track of the delivery of all lost and found items and also sends reminders to guests.

Mobile Application

With WinHMS’s Mobile Application module, your guests can access all services offered by your property.

Individual guest authentication gets done with passwords and username. With this authentication, guests get access to services like e-concierge services, future bookings, check-out, registration with self-photo and electronic signature, and check-in.

This module also displays a floor plan, allowing guests to choose a preferred room during check-in. Plus, guests can also view detailed balances and bills for their current stay at any time.

On top of that, guests can view your menu and recipes and place orders for current and future deliveries.

WinHMS Back Office

WinHMS also has a Back Office module for handling your back office operations, giving your property better efficiency and profitability.

The module includes a comprehensive solution for managing your accounts payable, accounts receivable, day-to-day accounts.

Also, this module also comes with an advanced budgeting and Management Information System (MIS). With this tool, you can get tighter control over all the accounting aspects of managing your property.

WinHMS Material Management

The WinHMS Material Management feature gives you access to modules for gaining tighter control of all your expected inventory. Plus, you can also keep track of their usage within your property.

Additionally, you get access to food and beverage costing. As a result, you can manage all recipe creation and costing operations, giving you better control over all F&B operations.

WinHMS Point-Of-Sale

WinHMS’s Point-of-Sale module helps you enrich your guests’ experience at all your property’s F&B outlets.

This POS module can also be used extensively by utilizing third-party front office systems as well as the WinHMS front office system.

With this module, you can get information on point-of-sale products as well as your table reservation system.

WinHMS Human Resources

Managing your employees in your property is critical to regulatory compliance, morale, and staff retention. Luckily, WinHMS has a feature-rich module that can help you with that.

The WinHMS HR Suite contains modules suitable for appraisals, training, recruitment, payroll, and employee management. Also, this suite gives you access to a web-based employee self-service system.

WinHMS Specialized Modules

WinHMS also has specialized modules for other property operations.

One of these modules is the Task Management tool that helps you improve your staff efficiency.

Also, you get access to an Engineering module for both preventative and reactive maintenance.

This group also contains large Spa and Golf modules for leading hospitality establishments around the world.

Pricing Model of WinHMS

The WinHMS software offers you over 20 modules filled with features for resorts, hotels, and other accommodation establishments. As a result, you need to contact the WinHMS sales team via phone or email to get detailed information on their enterprise pricing.

The packages offered by WinHMS are by quote. Hence, you can tailor each package to fit the needs and requirements of your property.

Technical Details

Hotel, resorts, inn; these hotel establishments and more find the WinHMS software easy to use because:

  • WinHMS is web-based, and you can deploy it on the cloud and on-premise. Hence, you can access the software can be accessed on both Windows and Android devices
  • The WinHMS pricing model is by quote since the software comes with other 20 modules. Hence, you can tailor these packages to fit into your business needs and requirements
  • WinHMS has a customer base that includes both medium businesses and large enterprises

Support Details

WinHMS has an amazing customer service that you can’t miss when you need support.

Interesting the platform has numbers you can place a call through to whether during work or after work hours. Awesome, right? You can reach their support center at any time, any day.

On top of that, you can also contact the WinHMS via email.

One other thing that makes the WinHMS customer support to stand out is its customer panel. As a WinHMS user, you can log into the portal to get the necessary support needed.

Wrapping It Up

The WinHMS software is a comprehensive hospitality management solution built by Winsar Infosoft. This software gives you access to over 20 modules with capabilities for human resources management, inventory, back and front office management, and so on.

Using WinHMS, you also get access to tools that let you engage more with your guests past only your reception area. Plus, with the system’s mobile online portal, your guest can perform simple tasks like checking-out and checking-in. As a result, they can do these tasks at their convenience, leaving your front desk with more time to focus on other operations.

One amazing thing of the WinHMS is the ultimate support it provides. Whether you need support during or after office hours, there are lines that you can call. This way, you can fix whatever issues with the software very fast.

Even though WinHMS comes with its flaws, the system remains one of the leading hospitality management solutions out on the market.