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Full Wialon Fleet Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Wialon


What is Wialon?

Wialon is a GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management system that comes in SaaS and server-based varieties. Wialon is mainly used to support mobile and stationary asset tracking and has been in the business of providing tracking solutions for over 15 years.

For the past 15 years, Wialon GPS Fleet management and tracking solutions have entered the international market of over 158 countries. Wialon refrains from the idea of binding customers into long-term contracts. This allows their customers to experience freedom and have the ability to choose services based on their performance. Wialon was able to expand reach to over 1000 fleet tracking service providers. Wialon promotes flexibility while providing unparalleled technical advancement features to fleet tracking service providers.

In addition to Wialon’s tracking and fleet management capabilities, the software provides hosting opportunities for the SaaS version of the GPS tracking software. This is extremely helpful for start-up companies that are struggling to meet up with hosting costs, server hardware and software acquisition, installation and server administration. Wialon provides hosting storage with the use of their own datacenters. They will also be handling administration and server management. Gurtam, the company behind Wialon, provides the necessary features to cover most of the technical process to provide users the freedom and more time for them to manage their business.

Gurtam managed to collaborate with GPS hardware providers to design a software that is compatible with varieties of GPS tracking devices out in the market. With over 500 GPS hardware manufacturer and over 1500 GPS tracking devices, Wialon features unprecedented hardware compatibility.

Wialon Benefits

Unparalleled Stability and Flexibility in Deployment

Utilizing their own data centers, Wialon provides stability to clients with minimal to zero server downtime. Wialon’s data centers compromise more than 200 up-to-date servers, processing technologies, and advanced data storage. The software itself is strategically installed in these modern servers to provide huge and fast data transfers for over 700, 000 data packets every minute. Using Wialon includes the benefit of utilizing the server center and availability of their SaaS solutions for a guaranteed %99.5.

In addition to the SaaS solutions or Wialon Hosting, Wialon Local is the software’s server-based version. This version of Wialon’s satellite vehicle tracking system provides a modular approach in installing features. Features that are applicable depending on your business needs can be installed separately. Wialon Local can function on standard capacity servers for businesses with 100 to several thousand units. Additionally, the fleet management tracking system includes a smart platform management interface that allows remote server boot or shutdown.

Comprehensible User Interface and Easy Controls

Wialon provides a set of tools to get the job done as fast as possible. Point-to-click controls are being utilized for fast and easy workflow. Users can utilize the reporting section of the app with ease. For filtering data and sorting out each category, there are series of options that one can choose in order to have the get the right information display in the report. The dashboard is highly customizable with plenty of customization options available. In addition to the customization option, there are several pre-installed reporting templates that are ready when you need it.

To manage fleet KPI performances, users can easily set parameters in the controls for filtering results based on attributes such as time, area, mileage, geofence, shift, duration and more.  Command panels are arranged in an orderly fashion for easier and faster control navigation


Immediate Updates Using Alarms and Notifications

Wialon provides alarm tools to help business owners get the updates in real-time. Users can easily configure alarm and notifications by setting a threshold for important metrics and have the system send notifications when necessary. This gives enough time for executives to formulate a strategy during a crucial circumstance. Since data is being handled real-time, supervisors and managers have the ability to act immediately if a situation arises. Data are being transmitted to the dashboard immediately.

Aside from dashboard notifications, the alarm and notification feature extends to driver activities. If in any case, a driver exceeds over the speed limit, automatic notifications are sent back to the dashboard recording the instant of a speed limit violation. Supervisors can choose and set the trigger for the notification. In this case, the trigger is the speed of the vehicle. Wialon works impressively with third-party applications and navigation systems like Google map to monitor the speed of a certain vehicle. Through the GPS, the system tracks and sends out data once the driver reaches the threshold for the speed limit. There are other triggers that users can choose from. They can select geofence, connection loss, fuel filling, idling, message parameters, maintenance, sensor value, route progress, and more.

Manage Drivers Efficiently

Wialon provides tools to manage your drivers with ease. Using Wialon’s tachograph analysis software, supervisors will be able to check on driver activities in real-time to keep an eye on the remaining on-duty drivers for roadside inspections. The Tacho View is a built-in feature included in the Wialon tachograph analysis software that allows users to automatically analyze and count work hours based on the legislative mandate of a specific region. It displays information such as driving status, work, availability, and rest in a “timeline” visual representation. This is especially helpful for documentation and for the purpose of compliance on driving regulations for employees in a certain region or state.

The application conveniently connects field and office to provide a direct link for supervisors to manage dispatches and their drivers. Using an hours-of-service module, drivers can be monitored based on the number of supply hours and monitor current driver status. The module provides the ability for supervisors to impose prompt actions in case of violations and improve CSA scores. The tachograph analysis software empowers supervising employees to get information on driver activity to ensure that compliant laws and regulations are met.


Wialon Features

Compatible with Over 1500 GPS Hardware Devices

Wialon is designed to be a universal fleet tracking management software in the market. Gurtam managed to collaborate with leading GPS manufacturers to create all-compatible software that can easily communicate with GPS hardware devices. This makes it more convenient for a business to integrate the software into their existing GPS hardware devices without the hassle of looking for compatible devices. Gurtam includes a list of GPS manufacturing companies that provide GPS tracking devices compatible with Wialon.

Online Monitoring and Fuel Control Features

Most businesses and companies that have large fleets encounter fuel management issues. Wialon introduces a solution to prevent fuel theft and that is through online monitoring and fuel level sensory devices. With the use of a fuel management system, operators will be able to get the ideal fuel consumption level to complete tasks. The GPS tracking system works effectively to reduce the unnecessary fuel consumption. The online monitoring system tracks vehicles and driver activity and observes resources closely.

Through the dashboard, supervisors will be able to set tasks for dispatch and provides information about how much fuel each job would take. Additionally, the fuel sensory devices act as an alarm, notifying dispatch of the current fuel level that each asset has. Once the fuel drops into a set threshold, it will send a notification to the concerned department and tracks refueling activities. This feature effectively eliminates any chances of fuel theft and reduces fuel expenses.

Customizable Fleet KPI Dashboard

Wialon provides a dashboard complete with the necessary tools and reporting options to track and analyze KPIs. Wialon dashboards are highly customizable to provide users with the right information that they need. Insight generating features are pre-built and included during the installation process. The system provides a comprehensive data analysis on each metric in real time and returns data-driven insight that supervisors and executive members can look into.

The fleet dashboard displays the vehicles allowing users to monitor activities. Users can create a list of the company vehicles and create a timeline based on driver activities. Supervisors can easily monitor which vehicle gets the most mileage, active hours, and more.  Giving them the information that they need for vehicle inspections, driver reassignment, and other important tasks.

Additionally, fleet KPI dashboards include data analytical tools for gathering and examining information. Users can easily evaluate performance and check for possible outcomes with the use of data science modules. The dashboard allows the strategic display of information that would help executives improve current workflows.Wialon

Driver Behaviour Management System

Drivers are the bloodline of a fleet business. Most companies in the fleet business encounter problems with its employed drivers. It is a common scenario for fleet companies to pay for damages because of behavioral issues. In addition to fines, fleet companies have to lay away drivers and suffer from low retention rate. Using a driver behavior monitoring system, fleet companies can make sure that drivers are calibrated to do tasks as expected. The system conveniently tracks any traffic violations that a driver commits.

The GPS does not only track the location of the vehicle and the driver at a given time, but it also records speed, turns, breaks, and acceleration. In any instance that a driver commits a violation, it will be recorded in the system through the app. The app sends the data back to the supervisor dashboard to monitor driver activity. The information sent includes a timestamp of when the violation was committed, the type of violation, and speed recorded. While on the trip, dispatch can send the notification to the driver regarding the violation. Records are then sent to the driver’s activity page and will be added to their performance metrics. This feature allows supervisors to target and correct unpleasant driving behavior and provide the necessary training to the corresponding drivers.

NimBus Public Transportation Tracking Feature

Wialon introduces a highly advanced feature for optimized public transportation tracking. Wialon’s NimBus module features an intuitive navigation service with an easy-to-use interface. NimBus automates route and waypoint creation. This allows transportation companies to set waypoints effectively and automatically. Using NimBus, users can manage routes effectively by adding precise schedules and operation patterns to bound units. It allows accurate vehicle tracking management and promotes service reliability.

In addition to automated process, NimBus empowers operators to plan schedules ahead. Operators can schedule rides and manage routes during the week and utilize a dynamic search and filtration options to check for routes with no assigned units. Operators can easily group information into a report using several filter options such as an assigned vehicle, date, location, route and more.

Once route and waypoints have been plotted, operators can check the vehicle status in real-time using the online dashboard. Operators can easily assign vehicles on the map by assigning colors to each vehicle. Operators can also replace vehicles on route easily using point-and-click options. This allows drivers to maximize productivity and allows supervisors to check late or early arrivals.


Gurtam offers pricing options for Wialon on a quote-based subscription. Interested users may visit their website for a demo or contact support line for additional questions.


Technical Details

Wialon supports a variety of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. The mobile application can be download to both iOS and Android devices. Support and training modules are available in English, Spanish, and Russian.

Gurtam also provides additional resources for training and certifications. Support training includes proper in-house training for new employees, business-specific and practice-oriented education, advanced technical support for clients, knowledge of non-standard solutions, and priority insight for new modules.

For developers, Gurtam provides unprecedented access to webinar archives and the option to subscribe to upcoming webinars and events. They can also request from the extended library for resource materials and training videos. Get answers from the community about feature integration and best practices.

Support Details

Gurtam provides several support channels for Wialon users. For users, one may reach support through 24/7 live phone support and email.

For technical support:
Phone: +370 37 999 460 and +7 4999 183 186
email: support@gurtam.com

For other concerns, interested parties can send a support ticket by logging in to https://support.gurtam.com/

For inquiries, you may contact their chat support for a quick resolution.