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Full WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software Review – All you need to know about WhiteSmoke Grammar Checker Software

What is

The WhiteSmoke software is made to accomplish language and writing improvements. WhiteSmoke is the style checker, spell checker, grammar checker, and much more – all in one package. Plus, this software also features English video courses and translation app.

WhiteSmoke is the all-around English errors detector & corrector for your desktop, mobile, and web.

There is the latest version of this program that has improved with tools which boost knowledge enhancement and user experience.

Above all, this application is perfect in catching mistakes and giving suggestions.

WhiteSmoke software also comes with the Natural Language Processing features. This is technology which utilizes the artificial intelligence & algorithms for analyzing your texts. It also provides you with the best alternatives and solutions to phrases & words.

With the WhiteSmoke, organizations get some custom-made applications. These applications meet particular business requirements.

They assist them in improving their correspondences. Also, these custom-made applications project a professional image in the respective markets.

What is WhiteSmoke?

What is

Software and technology of the WhiteSmoke provide so many benefits and linguistic capabilities by leading educational firms.

This application is the No. 1 software. It is perfect for the English punctuation, grammar, style, and spelling corrections available on the market.

There are many professionals who use WhiteSmoke application. They include English learners, students, governmental employees, professional writers, bloggers, and executives.

It does not matter what you need to write. The Whitesmoke would assist you in getting your job done without any mistakes. Hence, you will be confidence.

You can elevate your writing skills to a new level with the help of Whitesmoke.

Products of the WhiteSmoke rely on the Natural Language Processing technology. It features unique, algorithms, and patented artificial intelligence for the text analysis.

The WhiteSmoke also makes its technology available via other channels. They include browser-based text editors. The specialized OEM versions can do integration with third-party service providers.

This software provides over the one-hundred letter and document templates. This software also offers translator icon translator and dictionary for more than fifty languages.

Benefits of WhiteSmoke

The system provides great compatibility with several smartphones and browsers. This comes with statistical machine translation technology. It has a WhiteSmoke extension and a built-in plagiarism checker.

Premium Desktop Software


The WhiteSmoke works great on MacBooks and Windows computers. So, it integrates with the word processing programs for correcting English in many facets.

Plus, with advanced checking, its users know that their professional and academic writings have no mistakes. It ensures mistake-free grammar, writing, spelling, and punctuation stuff.

This application does it with the help of algorithms which make this intelligent & capable of detecting mistakes.

Web-Based Corrections

The WhiteSmoke also offers corrections for its users even if they’re writing on the browsers.

Hence, it allows them to save much time copying & pasting text from the text editing applications. It also permits them to quickly send or post what they’re writing on their web.

Mobile Application

Mobile app

The WhiteSmoke software is available for Android and iOS devices as their native application.

Plus, this software gives its users a perfect grammar checker when they are on their mobiles. Hence, the users could also remain quite confident with the writing material anytime.

Along with its new-fangled interface, the users could easily view their text mistakes.

They can also review suggestions even before correcting their mistakes. It also allows them to decide whether they need to accept these corrections or not.

In addition, the mobile application’s Pro version typically comes with the translator. This translator could seamlessly translate above fifty languages on one go. It enables its users to learn some foreign languages & communicate by using them whenever they want.

Read-Made Templates

With the WhiteSmoke, its users also have access to above 100 templates for letters and documents.

It makes them able to save their time while formatting important documents. They can choose a style that they want as this program offers it for them.


The WhiteSmoke application does not only provide suggestions & corrections for the enriching text. Instead, it also offerserror explanations and video tutorials to its users.

Hence, they could better understand why this application corrects some errors in such a way.

This also provides its users with more knowledge of the English language to make fewer errors.

Features of WhiteSmoke

The best part of the WhiteSmoke is you could access this tool irrespective of what device or platform you are going to use.

WhiteSmoke works well on all browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and IE. They also come in extensions and web interface.

Aside from this, the iOS and Android apps for the WhiteSmoke are available to check your grammar errors on the go.

Grammar Checker

The WhiteSmoke application writer also comes with the grammar checker feature. It is also capable of searching out several mistakes.

Some of the mistakes include incorrect capitalization, missing words, typos, fragments, and incomplete sentences, among others.

Plus, following similar conventions as Microsoft Word, this application marks grammatical mistakes as blue & errors as red.

Spell Checker

The application checks for errors in your writing material. It does so with the help of its database of spellings. There are continuous updates with trend changes and new words.


In case there are some mistakes in the writing style then this application is very nice at spotting them.

This also matches the writing style with dozens of writing samples that it suggests you about the writing style.

Punctuation Checker

The WhiteSmoke application does a good job to identify the wrong-placed and missing punctuations in the content.

WhiteSmoke Translator

Statistical Machine Translation technology powers this characteristic. This feature displays you how some translated word must be used in a sentence.

By analyzing the data which it has gathered, this calculates the translations which best suit your context.

Including Words to the WhiteSmoke Dictionary

The WhiteSmoke doesn’t recognize any phrase or a word then it typically recommends to “Add to Dictionary”.

Plus, you might also Right-click on a word that is marked incorrectly by the WhiteSmoke & select “Add to Dictionary”. Selecting this option would add a word to the WhiteSmoke.

Change the WhiteSmoke Function Key

There is a default function key for the WhiteSmoke. It is the F2 key that is at the top of the keyboard. So, you can change this key according to your preference.

For changing the function key, you need to right-click on WhiteSmoke icon in its system-tray.

Saving Text While Using WhiteSmoke

The WhiteSmoke isn’t some word processor program. This application is developed to correct your grammar & spelling mistakes.

If you are writing something by using your word processor programs such as Notepad or Word. Then, it corrects your errors.

Using the WhiteSmoke in More Programs at a Time

The WhiteSmoke is typically for monitoring only 1 program at a time. In case both Notepad and Word are opened, for instance, then the WhiteSmoke would monitor that program which you’re currently using.

WhiteSmoke Characters Limit

Recently, the WhiteSmoke has a character limit of about 3,000 per scan. It is done to decrease the response time of the application to your request.

This might also prevent the error messages & hanging of the software due to the text length.

WhiteSmoke Corrects English

The software spelling and grammar features are now provided just in the English language.

However, the WhiteSmoke 2018 also offers a translator and dictionary in more than sixty different languages.

Functions Overview

The program is a very comprehensive writing application in the world. This application is also designed to help you with your writing endeavors that are from the business correspondence to the next novel.

Online Video Tutorials

Online video tutorial courses of the Whitesmoke rely on a detailed & very interactive method. It helps you learn the “ins & outs” of the English language as a second language. Its courses also rely on real-life scenarios.

WhiteSmoke Templates

The WhiteSmoke provides templates in several writing styles. These templates are samples of cover letters, business letters, students’ matters, resumes, finance writing, legal writing, and personal matters.



WhiteSmoke Writer is the program for the desktop spell checking and online spell checking. This is a very powerful spelling application available on the market.

It is a quick spell checker with the WhiteSmoke before even shooting off the next email or finalizing your business reports.

This software could prevent the embarrassing typos & some other spelling errors.

You can easily and quickly check to spell anywhere. Whenever you want to write, the WhiteSmoke Writer is always there. You can use MySpace, webmail, Facebook, MS Word, and much more.

The WhiteSmoke software offers 3 SMB & enterprise pricing packages for its users to select from. Give a look at its details, and choose the best pricing plan for the business:

Essential – $9.95/month

Essential pricing plan features Browser Agnostic, Translator, Grammar Checker, and Plagiarism Checker.

Premium – $14.95/month

The Premium pricing package includes Windows & Mac Compatible, Grammar Checker, and Browser Agnostic.

This plan also provides a Plagiarism Checker and a Translator.

Mobile App – Additionally Purchased

Monthly – $2.50

Yearly – $9.95

3-Year Plan – $30.00

For the educational & corporate inquiries, you need to contact sales.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

You can use the WhiteSmoke software on any device that is available on the market. Hence, in this way, you can easily access this software from everywhere across the globe.

This software supports different software that includes Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and web-based devices.

Language Support

The WhiteSmoke software supports the English language.

Pricing Model

This program also provides different pricing models. These models of the WhiteSmoke software are very simple to understand. There’re 3 main pricing models available. Also, you would not face any problem while selecting any of them.

Its users have the ability to select monthly payment, annual subscription, and quote-based payment model. You must note that every pricing model comes with different features.

Customer Types

In case you give a look at its pricing plans that the WhiteSmoke software provides. You would realize that the WhiteSmoke software is great for every type of customers.

This application is perfect for any business of any size such as Small Business, Medium Business, Large Enterprises, and Freelancers. Plus, there is a pricing plan which would most likely be a perfect fit for your requirements.


I like the most about WhiteSmoke software is its versatility feature.

It is versatile in terms of deployment. This software uses both cloud-based hosting & on-premise software.

Support Details

The WhiteSmoke software has excelled in its support service. Though, this system is very easy to use and also features a bit easy interface.

But, there is a professional customer support service for helping you out at any moment and anywhere.

Plus, you could contact its support service via 3 communication channels. These communication channels include email, training, and phone.

In case you are a new user of this application then you surely need help to use this software. The WhiteSmoke software provides a training session and the software assistance.

Hence, in this way, you might learn how to run this software and thus completely benefit from this with the help of experts.


The WhiteSmoke software can check for the advanced spelling, grammar, and style errors. Different businesses also use it around the globe for the proper online communication.

You can activate this software with a just single click in your browser-based text editor. It is easy to analyze the text with rare patented artificial intelligence algorithm.

WhiteSmoke software makes you able to check for the potential plagiarism with the huge database.

This software can work with Outlook and Microsoft Word to proofread the documents and emails.

The WhiteSmoke grammar checker also acts as a 2nd set of eyes. It makes sure that the written documents are error-free and pristine. Hence, you avoid the embarrassing errors.

Plus, the advanced checking algorithms of the WhiteSmoke detect your mistakes. This offers more suggestions for your grammatical mistakes than other programs available on the market.

It makes you able to transform the natural writing into a professional piece of work. Your personal style and texts meaning would never lose as a result of your poor grammar.