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Full Whiteboard LMS Software Review – All you need to know about Whiteboard

Whiteboard LMS software for educators and learners

Whiteboard LMS software is offered by Face To Face Study and the application aims at bridging students and educators from around the world. With Whiteboard system, collaboration is made easy as educators can present their students with documents and slides, monitor the performance of the students, offer quizzes, import files, and collaborate on projects.

Before we go into more details about Whiteboard LMS software, it is important that we look into some of the general advantages associated with an LMS system. This is for the purposes of building confidence among the upper management of organizations who might have second thoughts on signing on to LMS platforms because of some perceived weaknesses. Some of the advantages associated with LMS platforms such as Whiteboard system are as follows.

Easy to set up and maintain

Nobody would like to waste valuable resources in order to install an LMS platform. For this reason, LMS platforms are easy to set up and you can quickly and easily maintain them. You do not require an installation of any software and the LMS system is automatically updated with the provider such that it is integrated with new features.

Cloud-based LMS platforms are cost efficient

Cost efficiency is one of the major benefits that the upper management of an organization would likely be interested in.  As compared to purchasing a software-based eLearning solution, it would be more cost effective to acquire a cloud-based LMS platform. With these platforms, you only pay for what you use as opposed to wasting resources on features that your company does not need.

LMS solutions improve employee retention

Studies have shown that employees who can access online learning resources and skill development resources are much likely to stay put. They become satisfied and gain much confidence at work if they know that they can access the tools they need to effectively do their job. Employees can develop their skills at their own convenience using LMS solutions since they can access the system from anywhere and at any time.

LMS systems increase the productivity of employees

In addition to a happier workforce, organizations could also improve the productivity of their employees using LMS applications such as Whiteboard system. With the cloud-based LMS applications, companies have the resources they need to keep clients informed and have a deeper understanding of the policies and procedures of a company.

Seamless collaboration among the distributed workforce

Cloud-based eLearning platforms allow your global workforce to remotely access online training materials and immediately get the support that they need. You customize the training programs in an eLearning portal such that they can be accessed in different languages and this makes it easy for people with a different cultural background to access and use an LMS solution while it is also more cost-efficient.

And what are some of the problems that whiteboard LMS software would solve for educators and learners? Whiteboard LMS can solve multiple problems and below we explain some of the problems that the system is able to solve.

Problem no. 1: Difficulty in connecting educators with learners

Being quite interactive and intuitive, Whiteboard system acts as a central point through which educators and learners can connect and collaborate and take on classes. The application provides a visual aid which helps users to connect and interact.

Problem no. 2: keeping tracks of the classes held

With Whiteboard LMS software, educator and learners can keep track of all the records related to classes taken.  You can actually record a class using the whiteboard system. As an advantage, learners can go back to the classes they have missed and educators can also schedule their next class with reference to the class that has already been taken.

Problem no. 3: Only one person talks in other whiteboards

With Whiteboard system, you are provided with an innovative feature that allows learners to raise their hands in order to ask a question. The feature also allows the student to use the whiteboard after receiving permission from the educator.

What is Whiteboard LMS software?

Whiteboard LMS software is an LMS solution offered by Face to Face Study and it is meant to bridge learners and educators from around the world. Through this system, educators and learners can collaborate and educators are allowed to show slides and documents to the learners, monitor learners’ progress, offer quizzes, import files and collaborate on projects.

Online whiteboard is very easy and simple to use because of its user-friendliness.  The application can be used by businesses, conferences, and schools among others.

The modern-day training has transitioned from the physical classroom environment to a virtual set up. In the virtual classroom, educators share knowledge via computer screens. The advantages associated with online training has resulted in increasing demands of such programs. One of the major advantages associated with eLearning platforms such as Whiteboard system is that they save time and costs as there is no need for traveling or commuting.

There are no hidden costs associated with the use of Whiteboard LMS software. The application provides free registration to both learners and educators and they can access interactive face-to-face sessions and multimedia uploads.

The application allows users to find an online tuition educator who can deliver lessons at a time that is convenient for them. With free online coaching, learners from distinct parts of the world who are located miles apart can have lessons at the same time. This serves the main purpose of innovative technology, which is about bringing people under one umbrella to fulfill a purpose and thus unifying the nations of the world and making the world a global village.

Whiteboard LMS software - online tution

Whiteboard system acts as a grassroots solution to the problem of training students from different parts of the world remotely. The application offered by Face to Face Study attains the goal of availing tutoring services of all levels and subjects to learners from different parts of the world.

As the main capability, the application is very flexible when it comes to customization. Unlike other LMS portals, whiteboard offered by Face to Face Study don’t charge you for a yearlong course and they don’t offer certifications. They simply want you to use the platform to confront your learning fears, your doubts and get trained for the same.

With Whiteboard system, a user can learn any topic, of any subject and which corresponds to their needs. Online studying in Whiteboard LMS software as we’ve already indicated is free. The application provides you with the collaborative tools that you need to enhance your learning activities.

With the Whiteboard facility, you are provided with an interface for sharing your screen marking activities on the board. The application allows you to perform different actions that include highlighting a point, drawing shapes, figures, and dimensions, and writing texts. With Whiteboard system, you can also include multimedia files like images, video, and documents as part of a lesson. As result, learning using Whiteboard LMS software becomes a fun-activity as opposed to being tiring and overburdening.

Benefits of Whiteboard system

Whiteboard LMS software comes with several benefits to its users who include educators and learners.

Whiteboard LMS

Whiteboard LMS software maximizes online learning for educators and learners

With Whiteboard system, learners and educators are able to interact and build an environment which maximizes online learning. Since both the educators and trainees are in the training program in real time, training is delivered in a way that is almost similar to the traditional setting. Through the use of Whiteboard system, educators and tutors can initiate tests and record commentaries from participants to weigh progress in learning.

Using Whiteboard LMS software, both educators and learners can collaborate and discuss and this gives the LMS platform the interactive element that is usually associated with conventional classrooms. The application also allows you to import files back and forth.

Learning is flexible and mobile

With the Whiteboard system, child tutoring can be conducted from the comfort of your computer screen. Learners don’t have to commute or travel and there is also no hectic schedule since the platform is convenient from both ends. Parents should not worry about the returning of their children to home as they can learn from home.

Whiteboard LMS improves the performance of the learner

Today’s generation are gadget savvy and using mobile devices for learning purposes can turn learners into very active students. Through Whiteboard LMS software, learners interact face to face with their educators and the process involves constant attention for the learner.

The online class is also made up of more than one student and this increases interactivity. Through the online classes, students are exposed to an environment which is much communicative and full of ideas and discussions and this serves to enhance the creative development of the learner.

Learning is adaptive

Whiteboard software is structured in a purposeful manner and the lessons are planned to be adaptive and as a result, the focus of the individual student is improved. With the tools provided in whiteboard system, students are in a position to deeply understand a learning concept.

Digital classrooms are cost effective

With Whiteboard LMS software, you will not need to install some advanced hardware and thus learning is very cost effective. You might only be required to update an available web media and start your learning program.

Whiteboard system has a user-friendly interface, can be reciprocated easily, and it offers interactivity that is similar to face-to-face communication. Educators and students can access multimedia files on one device. Users of Whiteboard system can receive, run and edit files on a sharing basis and this is virtually enabled via the chat rooms. Whiteboard offers an evidence-based practice.

Whiteboard system for educators and learners - digital-classroom

Features of Whiteboard LMS

Whiteboard LMS software comes with different features that make it a highly reliable online eLearning platform. Some of these features include the following.

  • Audio conference
  • Typing tool
  • Record classes
  • Symbols
  • Video conference
  • Pointing tool
  • Grid lines
  • Chat
  • Highlighter

These tools are highly helpful when it comes to interaction between educators and learners, below we summarize some of the capabilities offered by whiteboard through its features.

Selection Tool

The selection tool included in Whiteboard system can be used by both educators and learners to select an object from the list.

Pointing tool

Educators and learners or any other user of Whiteboard LMS software can use its pointing tool to point to the selected object.


Whiteboard system has a brush tool that users can use to color an object


Using this tool of Whiteboard LMS, educators and learners can highlight the selected text

Typing tool

With the typing tool feature of Whiteboard system, users can input text information to be used within the system.

Grid Lines

Grid lines in whiteboard LMs software can be used to add a grid at the convenience of the user.

Add Shapes

Whiteboard allows you to easily add any shape from the list provided. It has 18 different types of shapes which include triangle, rectangle, straight line, circle, pentagon, rhombus, parallelogram, hexagon, cube, trapezium, cylinder, polygon, cone, sector, left, right, up and down arrow.


Whiteboard system has an eraser tool for erasing the text that is not needed or not in use.


Using the symbols feature of this eLearning platform, you can add symbols and formula.


Face to Face study offers Whiteboard Collaboration as a service which is priced on a quote basis. You can contact the vendor directly for more information about pricing. The software is also available as a free demo.

Technical Details

The devices supported by Whiteboard LMS software include windows, Mac and web-based. The application supports multiple languages and these include English, Germany, Japan, China, and India. Pricing model as already indicated is quote-based. Customer types supported by this eLearning system include small businesses, medium businesses, large enterprises, and freelancers. The application is deployed through the cloud hosting.

Support Details

Vendors of Whiteboard system offer their support via Email, phone, live support, training, and tickets.

Visit facetofacestudy.blogspot.com for more information.

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