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Full Welltok EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About Welltok


The name Welltok found its footings in the Health Industry in the year 2009 as a reliable Healthcare IT solutions provider. The company is also known for providing personalized solutions that connect with consumers in a bid to enhance engagements for adequate health care delivery.

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Additionally, in pursuance of its goal, the company also deploys products that are consumer-centric, one of which is the Welltok EHR Software.

The Welltok EHR Software is an Electronic Health Record Software that is consumer-centric; it improves the well-being of the consumer. An Entrepreneur founded the solution by name Jeff Margolis.

With this Software solution, health organizations can understand their prospects better and deliver tailored-suit health care services.

Welltok EHR Software trust

Welltok has its headquarters situated in the Denver, CO with other branches scattered around the U.S. Also; the company has its reputation as a leading SaaS consumer activation platform. They are out for the consumers (health service beneficiaries). Not only are they consumer driven, but they are also result-driven.

Furthermore, the company has a larger share of its users in the U.S. They also have the trust of top brands in the U.S.

Forbes also named the company among the 100 cloud companies.

Having known much about the provider of Welltok EHR Software, Welltok Inc., we shall be learning more about the software as we progress.

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth review of the Welltok EHR Software. We shall be looking at the benefits, deficiencies, features, pricing and how the solution works.

Are you are Health Practitioner looking for a perfect solution that helps you deliver top-notch patient services? If yes, you should stick around, as this review article promises to be revealing and educating.

Let’s start with knowing what the software is. Are you ready and set?

Let’s move!

What is Welltok EHR Software?

The Welltok EHR Software is a four-facet solution system powered by the CaféWell Product. These solutions include the analytics, engagement, Professional Services, and Connect Partners Solutions.

Even more, the solution rewards individuals for completing actions and tasks both offline and online. The software also rewards tasks done through self-attestation and claims. It creates an all-around user experience that gets to the individual wherever they are.

Additionally, the software guides consumer and potential health beneficiaries towards achieving better health by engaging them. The engagement comes in the form of personalized programmes, incentives, and resources. The participation helps health managers and practitioners receive vital insights that will enable them to understand the consumers better.

Innovative, isn’t it?

Looking for a better way to connect with your prospects and understand their health journeys better? This Welltok EHR Software might be your answer.

Moreover, the solution also helps health systems, payers, health managers, and ACOs provide a rewarding and fun way that enables their members to better their health.

So that you know, ACOs is an abbreviation for Accountable Care Organisations.

Having understood what the software is, let’s now see how it works.

How does the Welltok EHR Software Works?

Remember we said the software has a four-facet solution? As a result, in this section, we shall be looking at how these solutions work.

The Analytics

Welltok EHR Software analytics

The analytics solution works at two stages; before and after consumers engagement. At the before engagement stage, the analytics scans the existing market of consumers to extract data. The data includes demographics, income level, and location(online or offline) of healthcare consumers.

At after the engagement stage, the analytics analyses results from the conducted engagement phase. The data here narrows down to the people who did interact during the engagement phase.

The results at both the before and after engagement phases are known as insights.

Health organizations also take advantage of the insight to better their service delivery.

The Engagement

Welltok EHR Software engagement

After the first stage of the Analytics comes the engagement. After understanding the insights from the Analytics, the engagement uses multi-channel communications to interact with the target users.

The channels include automated call, fax, mail, SMS, etcetera.Welltok EHR sOFTWARE channels

Also, the messages are usually in surveys, puzzles, image interaction and incentives.

The Professional

Welltok EHR Software professional

The professional tool of the Welltok EHR Software makes design, development, deployment, and implementation possible. It does this regardless of platform alignments.

The Connect Partners

Welltok EHR Software connect

The connect partner integrates other relevant service providers into the developed platform. These providers are usually in the general health and wellbeing niche, benefits education and benefits education.

For a better understanding of how the software works, you can request a demo, fill in the requirements and wait for your demo version.

So, that’s the fundamentals of how the Welltok EHR Software works.

Moving on to the next are the benefits of using the Welltok EHR Software.

Benefits of the Welltok EHR Software

The Welltok software comes with some key attraction points that makes one of the go-to solutions for electronic health record management.

Here we have the benefits of this software solution.

Proper Understanding of Customers

The Welltok EHR Software through its Analytics function, helps Health practitioners and managers understand their customers well. With the insights gathered, it becomes easy to strategies health services to match and fit in the needs of the target audience.

As a result, health caregivers can offer more personalized health care delivery.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

By making use of the insights provided during the analytics, you get to know who your customers are and you map out strategies to retain them.

Also, the insights available presents a whole new world of opportunities. Health care providers can also pitch their healthcare services and provide information to these set of consumers.

Better HealthCare Service Delivery

Creating a memorable user experience is one of the objectives businesses strive so hard to maintain. With the Welltok EHR Software, Health Practitioners and Organisations can focus more on delivering top-notch medical services.

Also, the software already provides insights that are actionable and result driven.

You probably are seeking ways to better your healthcare service delivery? This software might be your go-to solution.

Ease of Operation Management

The software automates the managing and reporting process, combined with integrated rewards that simplify management operations and enhances speed.

By optimal utilization of this feature, management can also achieve effectiveness and efficiency in running their organization.

Ease of Accessibility

Like most other SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, the Welltok EHR Software solution is web/ cloud-based. With an internet connection, you should be able to access the software.

Also, you should have access to some gadgets like iPad, iPhone, Windows, iMac, and Android.

Increased Consumer Engagement

The better way of knowing and understanding your consumers and patients is by interacting with them. However, there are times where your messages become less interactive, and then you begin to experience a drop in your feedback rate.

The Welltok EHR Software through its engagement function utilizes multi-channel communication to communicate with users. Information got from insights also allows it to create and distribute messages that are engaging and interactive at every stage of the consumers’ health journey.

Welltok EHR sOFTware review

Advance Service Set-up

For health organizations with the need of having a robust health management system but are skeptical, please read along. The Welltok EHR Software provides a professional service for setting up the software. Also, it has a Welltok University Training that’ll teach members of your staff full and proper use of the software.

The training covers the following:

  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Administration and configuration
  • Coaching Platform
  • Communication
  • Managing Data
  • Group Onboarding
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Device Integration and reward fulfillment.

These services ensure that the software meets the unique need of your organization.

HIPAA compliant and HITrust CSF Certified

This is the internet, hence the possibility of a cyber attack at any time. HIPAA is a rule that protects individual Medical and health records.

Welltok EHR Software is HIPAA compliant, and CSF also certifies it.

Strict adherence to this rule presents a strong indication that your consumers’ data will be safe with Welltok


That’s the bit we can take for now on the benefits of using the Welltok EHR Software.

So, now you know the benefits, what’s next?

Cons of the Welltok EHR Software

Finding a perfect software without any flaws is impossible. And well, the Welltok EHR software isn’t perfect either.

So far, one major issue that you might have with this software solution is that:

No Disclosed Pricing

Did you care to notice? If you didn’t, It could be that the great features of this software solution probably distracted you. Be that as it may, It should interest you to note that the Welltok EHR Software has no price attached to it.

Why is this necessary?

A price tag is an active call to action on a product. Except you’re giving out the product for free, then you should tag a price to such product.

Some people can be lazy(not you apparently). It doesn’t matter the clues you place on a product page to redirect them; they still won’t get it.

For a product of this magnitude, one would have expected a visible pricing model.

How about contacting support?

Well, you could do that. However, not everyone would be patient enough to wait for responses from support.

With that said, let’s now look at the features of this software.

Features of Welltok EHR Software

Here are the highlights of the Welltok EHR Software.

Personalized Health Itinerary

This feature of the Welltok EHR Software provides a customized action plan and data-driven action plan. These plans include sets of dynamic resources, activities, and also designs content for every consumer.

Organized Ecosystem

This feature organizes the disorders with Content Partner Programs, In-house Curated Content and Integrates all your programs in one place.

CaféWell Concierge

This feature creates a consistent and artificial intelligent chatbot that guides consumers and health-services consumers. The guides are mainly about understanding the use of the software and also, understanding confusing benefits.

HIPAA compliant

This feature ensures that consumers and patient data are safe with health services providers.


With this feature, integrated rewards are to motivate consumers to partake in specific programmes. While on the other hand providing flexible rule fulfillment options and configuration.

Other features of the Welltok EHR Software includes:

  • Risk Adjustments
  • Robust Insight
  • Opportunity Assessment and Analysis

So, there you have the features. Let’s check if we have anything on pricing. Shall we?


As said earlier on this review article, the Welltok EHR Software does not have a known price. However, you can still contact them for a quote. Or request for a demo.

Technical Details

The Welltok EHR Software is web and cloud-based. It also supports the following OS(Operating System):

  • Windows
  • iMac
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iOS


The Welltok EHR Software has a board of experienced IT personnel. It also has a robust resource center with different instructional and resourceful videos that are modifying and could improve your health state.

The software also has a contact us option, where you have you fill in your information and wait for feedback.

Welltok EHR SOFTWARE contact us

Wrapping Up

The Welltok EHR Software serves as a suitable solution for Health systems, payers, health Managers, and ACOs. It helps them provide a rewarding, engaging and fun way for their health service consumers to better their health.

It offers a robust analytical tool for gathering insights, ensuring that health services meet the needs of consumers.

The engagement solution helps health organization understand the pain and progress made by consumers during their health journeys.

In summary, the Welltok EHR Software is a SaaS solution configured to enhance and facilitate Consumer Health Optimization. It also helps health plans, employers and health managers interact with health services consumers to better their health.

The Welltok software powered by CaféWell offers customer and market-centric solution that caters for the needs of institutions. Its capabilities are robust as it offers analytics, reporting, engagement, professional services, etcetera.

However, there is a little stain on all of its awesomeness which is its price. Some might see this as inconsequential, while others might also see it as a turnoff.

Nonetheless, you still have a decision to make. You’ve now learned about the software, its benefits, and drawbacks and how it can be beneficial to you. It’s now left for you to make the decision. Whatever be your final point, please do put us in the loop.

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