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What is Website?


What is Website?

In today’s fast-paced world, the use of the internet has been considered as among the mandatory components of daily engagements. Whether you are a student, a teacher, an employee, a business owner, an investor, or a boss, the internet has already been part of your life.


When accessing the internet, you are visiting several websites. You are even jumping from one web page to another just to get the information you need or to complete a particular transaction. Therefore, a website is the digital location of several web pages that contain different information, data, and documents. Each web page may be loaded with text, graphics, sound, and animation depending on their applicability and the preference of the website owner.

The web pages can be accessed from a website’s homepage. From there, you can click on links and menus according to what you need or would like to do.

The websites, which can be owned by an individual, group, organization or business, composed the World Wide Web.

Accessing a Website

You can access a website from a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. From there, you can type the web address of the website you would like to visit.

Once you are already on the website, you are greeted with the homepage. This will give you a glimpse of what information and data you can get and the things or transactions the website is capable of processing.

You can access your needed information or make a transaction through the web pages that the website has. Aside from these, a website may also play music and stream videos.


Benefits of Having a Website

When you choose to have a website, you can enjoy many benefits, including the following:

  • Save on cost. Expenses for marketing and advertising can be too much, especially if you are only a small enterprise. However, you can cut your cost by maximizing your website as your marketing tool.
  • Round-the-clock online presence. You do not worry about business hours when it comes to online presence. Having a website is like having 24/7 store hours.
  • Global marketing. When you hire a firm to produce an advertisement for you, you may need to invest a lot. Nevertheless, no matter how huge the investment could be, your resources may not allow you to show it outside your state. But with a website, the marketing reach is global, and you can even make your own ad via online apps and
  • Real-time customer feedback. Getting clients’ insights about your products or services is crucial. This is one way of improving. Through your website, you can collect your customers’ feedback as soon as they post or send one.


Types of Websites and Their Purpose

Website owners have their respective purpose and reason why they own one. They are basically built based on their functions.


Anyone can own a website. Whether you are a celebrity or a writer, you can always opt to have your presence felt in the online world. It can contain your biography and some samples of your work.

Maintaining can be the best strategy to establish a strong connection between you and your fans or followers.

This type of website may also serve as your online resume which gives full details of your skills and competencies.

Personal Blogs

In recent years, blogs have become a popular type of website. These are maintained because of the desire to publish and share personal stories and experiences. In short, you do not have to be a professional writer or journalist to publish your articles.


Online shopping has been an “in” thing these days. A lot of people find it more convenient than going to a mall and shop.

With e-commerce, buying a product or owning an item you have been saving for has been made easy. By just visiting the website, you can already place your order and just wait for it to arrive right at your doorstep.


An online payment facility can be among its major features.




Are you an artist who wants to give people a peek of your craft? Or, are you a photographer who is looking for new clients to further expand your market?

Whatever your profession is, your website will be the one to speak for you. You can feature your best art pieces and photos to gain clients’ trust. Thus, it will serve as an online compilation of what you can do for potential customers. To book you for a private art class or special occasion, all the client must do is hit your website’s Contact Us web page.


Websites can be a tool, too, for research. They are packed with information and resources about numerous topics.

With a lot of people currently into learning new stuff and searching for details about a particular concern, the informational websites serve as the go-to library among them.


If you are offering a number of products and services which you would like to promote online, you may build a catalog through your website. Each of its web pages may feature one type of product or service for easy browsing.

You may likewise include a web page that provides your contact details for the potential clients’ convenience.

Online Community

Online forums have been an avenue for some to exchange ideas and insights on different topics or issues. Developing an online community can be done as the main focus of a website.

Users may post comments or even questions about a specific product or concern. For example, a mother may ask for the other members’ opinions about the best nappy cream brand for a newborn baby.

Photo Sharing

If your hobbies include photography, you can create an account in a photo sharing website. This type of website is specifically built for those who love taking photos and sharing them with their online contacts.

Business Directory

Business directory websites provide users the phone numbers and other contact info of companies and business offices. They can be a general online directory or for a specific industry or area.