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Full Webnexs POS Software Review – All you need to know about Webnexs POS

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People involved in retail business need to capture all opportunities that could bring them more revenue and profits. In this case, they need systems and tools that can make that happen. Webnexs POS software is one of those tools. This POS app is comprehensively designed to allow users to easily and efficiently sell from their brick-and-mortar store or online e-commerce website. Webnexs POS system offers all the features and functionalities that you would expect from a store management system and these include inventory, accounting, invoicing and more. These features of Webnexs POS solution ensure that you will be able to manage your offline and online store from a single location.

You might consider it as an unnecessary and expensive undertaking to acquire a point-of-sale system, but when you look closely, there are more gains associated with the acquisition and use of a POS solution such as Webnexs POS software. POS systems are of two types and these are POS app for retail stores and POS app for restaurants and hotels. Before we go ahead and learn more about Webnexs POS system, here are some of the general advantages that a business will gain as a result of using a POS system.

With a POS system like Webnexs POS solution, you will benefit from accuracy in your transactions.  The scanning offered by the use of a POS app is more accurate than punching in numbers from a sticker or expecting that your cashier would remember the cost of every item.

With a POS system, you can easily carry out analysis on different aspects of your business. Webnexs POS system or any leading POS app will let you manage inventory, do analysis on sales patterns, and flag items that should be reordered.

Generally, a POS solution is at the heart of your cash register, and because it is accessible by digital devices such as computers and mobile devices, it opens up a new world of interacting with your business data.

Currently, many POS systems are hosted in the cloud but most of them can also be installed on-premise and they are accessible with hand-held devices such as smartphones, tablets, and iPads. You can use a POS app to track multiple operations in your business in many useful ways and you can also customize most of these solutions to align with your needs over time.

A major advantage associated with the use of a POS app in contrast to a cash register or cash box is the sophisticated and comprehensive sales reports that the POS system provides. With solutions such as Webnexs POS software, you will be able to analyze sales in distinct ways, such as by item sold, store, time periods, sales, promotions, and more. The POS app will help your inventory manager to purchase the right number of items with improved timing. A chef in a restaurant will be able to calculate the amount of cheese that should be ordered in the coming week while considering an upcoming holiday. The use of a POS system can also help lower employee shrinkage.

Now, here are some of the problems that Webnexs POS system will help solve.

Quickest checkout

The main aim of a POS system is to simplify your billing process and not to put the records of transactions online, though the app would serve that purpose. Webnexs POS solution is a very powerful tool and it promises business owners that they will be able to make a sale in a time less than 30 seconds.

User-friendly interface

Contrary to many POS solutions which offer complex interfaces or appearance, Webnexs POS software is a simple and straightforward tool.  You will not get confused while using this POS app. Any person, whether educated or illiterate will be able to use this system.

Warehousing and inventory management

With Webnexs POS solution, your inventory management has been simplified. The POS app allows you to easily add products, SKU, categories, and customers.

What is Webnexs POS Software?

Webnexs POS system,

Webnexs POS software is a comprehensive POS app that has been developed to allow you to efficiently and easily sell from your brick-and-mortar store or e-commerce website.

The POS system comes with all the necessary functionalities that you would expect from a store management system and these include invoicing, inventory, accounting, and more. These features will provide you with the capability to manage both your offline and online retail stores from a single platform.

Webnexs POS system integrates your online store with your physical store and also synchronizes your inventory. The solution will keep you updated on matters relating to your stock levels and thus guaranteeing you that you will only sell what you have, order the things you don’t have, and keep your inventory filled to meet the demands of your customers.

Benefits of Webnexs POS

Webnexs POS solution provides users and businesses with multiple benefits and these include the following.

Webnexs POS system is simple, straightforward and elegant

As an Omnichannel platform, Webnexs POS software is simple, elegant and straightforward. There are no complications involved in the process of using this system. With this POS app, customers can order products from your online store and get them delivered at their place.

Webnexs POS solution has reliable support staff

Many customers who have tried Webnexs POS solution have complemented their support for being reliable and effective. Some have sighted the fantastic job coming from the support solutions offered by Webnexs POS when it comes to installing the POS system within their businesses.

Webnexs POS app fulfills its promises

Although some reviewers of this POS app want it to be more featuristic, the features that are already offered by the application ultimately help to achieve what Webnexs POS solution is designed for. Webnexs POS system is, therefore, an awesome point-of-sale system for any e-commerce business.

With Webnexs POS software, you’ll be able to increase your sales

If you are that kind of business that need to increase the amount of customers visiting your online store, then Webnexs POS system is the best POS app that will help you achieve this. This is because, with Webnexs POS software, ordering has been simplified such that you will be able to do it with easy swipes.

With Webnexs POS app, you can sell anywhere and everywhere

Webnexs POS system connects to both your brick-and-mortar and online stores and this gives you the power to sell your products anywhere and everywhere. The efficiency brought to you by this POS solution will also help you to stay ahead on many other aspects of your business apart from selling and this include things like inventory management, invoicing, accounting among other things.

Webnexs POS system gives you an overview of your business

When you start your business day, it’s important that you get the overhead metrics before commencing any other business operation. With the use of Webnexs POS solution, you’ll be able to get an overview of your business via the dashboard and this will give you a picture of what’s going on and what you should expect and the things that you should consider to ensure your business brings in optimum revenue.

Webnexs POS software ensures speedy transactions

In online shopping, speed is very important. As a user of Webnexs POS solution, your customers will enjoy faster and seamless transactions as compared to other POS systems. Using Webnexs POS solution, customers can place orders in a time less than 35 seconds.

With Webnexs POS solution, you will simplify customer management and engagement

Webnexs POS system simplifies your customer management and egangement. The solution allows you to import your customer database into the POS app via CSV, set up the client database and manage them via a dedicated channel. Once you databases have been set up, you will be able to easily classify them according to your own criteria and any other filters. After all of them have been grouped into segments, it will be easy to assign them promos and discounts.

As a user of Webnexs POS software, you will be offered shipping partners

Webnexs POS software allows you to go worry free because you will be able to connect between your warehouses and to the last client via integrated solutions offered by the POS app. Also, you will connect with shippers and ecommerce.

Marketing and automation

With Webnexs POS solution, you will also benefit from marketing and automation. This is nothing short of a way of minimizing manual work while staying focused on other aspects of your business. Automation is made possible through automated Mailers, reports, inventories, and sales channels. Webnexs POS will do all automation including digital marketing.

Features of Webnexs POS System

Similar to many other POS applications, Webnexs POS system includes several features that make it a leading POS for businesses that have either physical stores or online stores or both. The features offered by Webnexs POS app include the following.

  • Dashboard
  • Customer Database
  • Multiple Currency Support
  • Biller Management
  • Notifications
  • Purchases
  • Product Catalog
  • Printer Connectivity
  • Quotations
  • Transfer
  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Sales
  • Warehouse Management and Connection

Here is a summary of some of the capabilities enabled through these features.


Using the Webnexs POS software, you will be able to add, list and import products into the app. You will also be able to print Barcodes and adjust quanties. You will be able to stock count and know the total stocks. With Webnexs POS system, you have all that you need in a POS app to manage products.

Webnex POS solution - product list


You can use the dashboard in Webnexs POS solution to get an overview on sales, orders, purchases, and transfers.


Webnexs POS app allows you to connect your printer directly from your POS device. There is no difficulty doing printing as the system allows you to print via a Laser jet or thermal printer or just email the invoice to the customer. You can have the bestselling agents through your POS dashboard.


As a user of Webnexs POS software, you will be able to add and list purchases. This POS app will allow you to add bulk purchases via CSV. You can also view the expenditure on purchases or invoices easily using Webnexs POS solution.

Payment Gateway

Webnexs POS software has integrated paypal, Authorize.net, and stripe by default. The system also allows you to accept cash and close your orders.


Also, with Webnexs POS app, you will be able to manage warehouses and keep stock in every warehouse independent.


Webnexs POS solution allows you to check out your sales in total. You can add a sales using the POS or manually. Sales can also be imported through CSV files and you can also list your lift cards. Sales have never been so easy as they are in this POS.


The notifications feature in Webnexs POS software allows you to show notices to your billers. You can also push the notices such that your system works seamlessly with your POS.


Webnexs POS software provides you with 21 distinct segments of taking your reports. The POS app makes it possible for you to keep your analytics on your fingers. Therefore, you can make wiser decisions using your POS machine.


Webnexs POS system has an enterprise pricing that starts at $300 month. You can contact the vendors of this application for more information on pricing.

Webnex POS app - pricing

Technical Details

Webnexs POS solution runs on the following devices – Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone/iPad and Web-based.  The application only supports the English language. The pricing model for Webnexs POS software is quote-based. Customer types served by this POS app include small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses, and freelancers. Webnexs POS system is deployed through cloud-hosting and On-premise.

Support Details

The vendors of Webnexs POS software offer their support through Email, tickets, and live support.

Email: support@webnexs.com

Facebook: Webnexs

Twitter: @Webnexstech

LinkedIn: webnexs  

Google +: webnexs

On matters relating to your interest in Webnexs POS, you can request for support at webnexs.com.