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Full Waitwhile Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About WaitWhile


What is Waitwhile?


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Waitwhile is a smart restaurant management and online waitlist application that aims to smoothen out restaurant operations plus those of other business types, as staff and managers get to accommodate customers easily, while providing a seamless and happy experience.

Nothing is duller than having to wait in line for something, whether its a new product, or to withdraw/deposit money into a bank account, and even worse, waiting in line in a restaurant.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a text once its your turn so you can get to do something fun?

Well, this is what inspired the design and creation of Waitwhile restaurant management software.

More than 37 billion hours are spent by people waiting in line in the US alone. But how much then is wasted globally?

The point here is, there’s an enormous amount of wastage of human potential in the process.

One of the issues here is that many businesses don’t use the right tools or software for managing their queues. Things like number slips, pagers, waitlists and buzzers are used, plus shouting the name or number of the person next in line.

In such cases, businesses don’t get insight into who their guests are or the wait times. Guests thus get very tired from standing in the queue, but thanks to Waitwhile, there’s a smarter way of managing queues where both guest and restaurant wins.

With Waitwhile, the hassle of waitlists is eliminated both for businesses and guests. Businesses get to add guests quickly to a waitlist while seeing how long they have been waiting, and at the tap of a button, when they’re ready to serve, they just send text notifications.

Waitwhile restaurant management software also lets guests freely roam and be more productive; its a win-win for everyone, reducing no shows with more than 15 percent in extra sales.

Any kind of business, not just restaurants, can benefit from an online waitlist tool.

Waitwhile’s happy users include beauty salons, restaurants, barbershops, gyms and pharmacies, plus any business that wants to save time for guests and make waiting time more worth their while.

Waitwhile offers a better waiting experience where you need not wait around again.



The worthwhile way to waitlist

No matter what type of business you’re in, whether its a beauty salon, restaurant, event organizer or retailer, Waitwhile offers a simple and smart waitlist software solution with customizable SMS alerts. Make customers happier and your restaurant business run smoother.

Easy-to-use waitlist

Waitwhile’s software offers an easy to use waitlist so you can bust lines using the online tool and manage it on any device even without an internet connection. Business owners can set up this customizable, easy to use and smart online waitlist and restaurant management software where registering and visiting customers can be accommodated. Waitwhile is managed easily on any device type and works even when offline.

Keep guests informed

Guests get to run their errands as they wait, then check their phones for the wait, without installing anything.

Notify with SMS

Email or text your customers once you are ready. If they respond, you’ll get their replies in your waitlist.

Check-in station

Set up a check in station easily for customers to add themselves to your store, or online.

Display waitlist on screen

Show your waitlist on a monitor or online in real time to keep your staff and guests informed.

Schedule bookings

Manage restaurant bookings together with your waitlist and keep them synced perfectly.

Track customer data

Automatically capture customer data using Waitwhile, then re-engage old customers, and follow up with frequent visitors.

Wait time & analytics

Get accurate wait times while spotting trends in the waitlist and learning more about your guests so as to make improvements in your restaurant business.

Works in 100+ markets

Waitwhile offers support for international numbers, and these can be localized in each language.

Add Guests To Multiple And Publicly Available Waitlists

Once users set up a waitlist online, they can add as many guests to it as they want, while deciding the information they want to collect like emails, phone numbers, service preferences or even size of party. Waitwhile also lets you create multiple online waitlists and switch from one to another easily from any device. The waitlist is easy to access publicly, so guests can view their spot in line, and how long they have to wait, or even remove their names from the list.

Send Automatic And Personalized Reminders

Waitwhile can be used to create an online waitlist that serves as a list of guests and also a command center offering powerful capabilities. You can send automatic reminders to guests via SMS or email, and customize/personalize each of the reminders like adding the guest’s name or place on the waitlist, and the current wait time.

Enhance Team Collaboration

Users can also add staff directly to the online waitlist, and assign them to customers on the list. This facilitates collaboration and team management and effective teamwork. Role based permission levels can also be defined for staff to access only the functions and data in the system they are allowed to handle.

Customize Everything

Waitwhile is customizable and exciting to use. Different products and services can be set up and added to the waitlist, while seating capacity and other requirements are defined. You can thus promote your restaurant’s brand by adding your logo to the waitlist online.

Let Customers Schedule Bookings

The Waitwhile scheduling feature allows guests to book services and appointments using the app. Ensure customers can see all resources available and options the business offers, while setting up and allocating resources that can be booked by customers like tables, rooms, or cars. Waitwhile has an auto-sync capability thus all scheduled bookings are synced automatically with the waitlist making it always updated and accommodates all customers – walk-in or scheduled.

Set Up A Self-Service Kiosk

Waitwhile lets customers check in and add themselves independently to the waitlist what with its self-service kiosk that can be set up at the front desk or online. Activate and run the app on an iPad and make the kiosk accessible.

Gain Insights Into Wait Times, Peak Hours, And Trends

Waitwhile app ensures you gain meaningful and valuable insights on your restaurant business to derive better decisions and improve operations. The app’s analytics feature offers the ability to view/assess wait times, days when volumes of guests are handled and peak hours. It also spots trends and enables you create and/or execute plans that are aimed at boosting your restaurant’s productivity, efficiency and growth.

Learn More About Your Customers

Waitwhile lets you collect and monitor data on your customers so as to generate and explore insights on them that are valuable to you for better understanding of your guests. You can access data which is useful for identifying customers that visit most and least, details on visits made in total in the past, and waitlist metrics. This helps you conduct follow up tasks to re-engage old clients and follow up with new ones for encouragement to make regular visits.

Smart waitlisting

Waitwhile is a command center so you can serve, add and notify waiting guests, and see at a glance the estimated wait time and daily statistics. Add a new guest quickly to your waitlist from your devices, and choose the information to be captured like email, phone, and much more.

Send text alerts

Once waitlisted, guests get confirmation SMSs with useful information. When its their turn, they get automated text alerts for them to head back. Custom text alerts can be sent, as Waitwhile lets you customize and change texts suitable for your business.



Notify with SMS and Email

Email or text customers with just a tap when you’re ready. Automatic reminders to customers ensure you’re always updated and two way texting allows them to respond.

Personalize messages

Personalize emails and text messages with customers’ names, places in line, and current waiting times, plus much more.

Customize everything

Make Waitwhile waitlists truly yours by adding staff, services, logo, and seat requirements, plus much more.

Multiple waitlists and staff

Add as many waitlists using Waitwhile as you’d like and toggle easily between the waitlists. Your staff can also gain shared access to the lists.

Public waitlist

Use Waitwhile to show your waitlist on a TV monitor or online at your business and keep everyone updated.

Check-in kiosk

Allow customers to sign up your Waitwhile waitlist on a check-in kiosk or online.

Schedule bookings

Keep bookings in sync, or book appointments from the walk-in waitlist.

Serving overview

With Waitwhile, you can see at a glance who you serve currently, and the amount of time left.

Accurate wait times

Automatically set expectations with customers giving them the wait times expected by staff member, party size or time of day.

Customer insights

Know your top customers, trends of visitors over time, among other metrics for waitlists, plus export your data.

Team management

With Waitwhile, you can invite your staff members to your waitlist and allow them to manage waitlists with you.

Role permissions

Set permissions and get access to them by team members, while assigning staff to customers in the waitlists.

Resource management

Let customers schedule the different resources you can add like tables, rooms or vehicles.

Services & goods

Add your goods or services and track revenues and utilization.

Brand it

Choose your logo, theme, and branding to reflect your restaurant brand and business.


Keep track of bookings, waitlists, revenues, customers, and much more at a glance from your Waitwhile dashboard.

Real-time sync and secure

With Waitwhile, your waitlists are synced in fiber-optic speeds from secure servers, so you need not refresh browsers.

Global coverage

No matter your location in the world, Waitwhile’s global SMS coverage is able to work for you.

Powerful API

Waitwhile can be integrated with your apps and services as it has a powerful, configurable API.

Webhooks & Endpoints

Programmatically subscribe to all Waitwhile events and keep services updated with your scheduling and waitlist activities.


Free: $0

  • Up to 100 guest parties waitlisted each month
  • Customizable email alerts and SMS
  • Assign staff and services
  • Waitlist modified based on your needs
  • Customer CRM
  • Smart wait time estimation
  • Real-time updates
  • Public waitlist and Check-in Station
  • Upgrade to another plan anytime
  • Analytics and Statistics

Starter: $ 59 per month

  • Everything in free plan
  • Up to 1000 waitlisted guest parties per month
  • Bookings and scheduling
  • Multiple waitlists and locations
  • Add your logo and design
  • Add team members
  • SSL security
  • 1:1 help to get started
  • Email and chat support

Business: $ 159 per month

  • Everything in starter plan
  • Up to 10,000 waitlisted guest parties per month
  • White label branding
  • Export customer data
  • Daily backups
  • Phone support

Enterprise: Custom quote

  • Everything in business plan
  • Data anonymization
  • Infinite guests
  • Service level agreement (SLA)
  • More support and Product training
  • Audit logs
  • Tailor-made features

Note: If you exceed your free/paid plan limits, you can access your waitlist, but cannot add new guests till the start of the next month, or after upgrading to the next plan. Billing is based on your Waitwhile account and what counts is the total number of guests waitlisted across all waitlists. If you cancel your plan, you don’t lose customer data or statistics.

Waitwhile has no cancellation fees or long-term commitments. Use it as and when you need it, and pay using credit card with support for MasterCard, VISA or AMEX. Annual invoicing comes with annual subscriptions.

Non profit and educational institutions can get discounts. Contact the vendor for more information.

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iPhone/iPad, web-based

Languages: English

Pricing Model: Free, Monthly payment, Annual Subscription, Quote-based

Customer Type: Small Business, Medium business and Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted and Open API

Support Details

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Phone support
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