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Full WaitWhile Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About WaitWhile


Softwares are created to solve problems. As such, WaitWhile exists to address a challenge that’s common in hospitality businesses and other service-related ventures; waiting. In the United States, people spend about 37 Billion hours waiting in line.

Although we don’t have the global statistics, we believe it’s just as alarming. Why do we waste so much human potential on queuing, you wonder?

Businesses generally depend on inefficient means of managing queues. These include paper waitlists, buzzers, number slips, and pagers. Another crude method involves shouting the name of the next person in line. While all these means work, the figure above shows that they are inefficient and ultimately reduces productivity.

It neither gives businesses insight into wait times, nor the identity of their guests. Furthermore, your customers’ leg starts to hurt from standing around for so long. But there’s a smarter and hassle-free way to handle queues where everyone is a winner. That’s right; both businesses and guests can benefit from this efficient method.

Not only does it enable businesses to add guests to a waitlist, but they’ll know how long a guest have been waiting too. With a push of a button, hotels can notify guests that they are ready to serve. Impressive, right?

With WaitWhile, your organization can enjoy these benefits, plus more. How does it work, you wonder? You’re about to find out. Here is everything you need to know about the software, including its pros, cons as well as features.

What is WaitWhile?

WaitWhile is a simple online waitlist software that is designed to ease the operation of various organizations and businesses. These include hotels, restaurants, retail shops, universities, beauty salons, hospitals, etc.

Ultimately, this application allows managers to accommodate more clients comfortably and provide them with a stress-free experience.

WaitWhile’s primary feature is the waitlist which users can create, customize, and run on any device. But, after setting up the waitlist, other features come in to play. Examples include;

  • Adding Guests to a Waitlist
  • Sending Notifications to the Waiting Guests
  • Configuring the Waitlist to Add Goods and Services, Staff, as well as Company logo

WaitWhile also offers insightful analytics that provides information such as how long a guest waits for his or her turn. Businesses will even know the precise hour customers visit and the busiest days for staffs.

Furthermore, data that shows how often your customers visit allows you to deduce their loyalty level.
With WaitWhile, users can set up either a front desk area or an online service kiosk for customers to sign up and add their names to the waitlist. Here is how it works.

Getting Started

Upon login, you’ll find a dashboard with an information pane at the left-hand side. It contains details on how many guests are on a waitlist and how long they’ve waited. Click on the “+” icon at the bottom left corner of the dashboard to add a new guest to the list.

Adding Guests

A small window should pop up where you can add the person’s name. Input the name, including phone number and click “Add.” Now, repeat the process to add multiple guests to the list.

With the phone number, you’ll be able to notify guests that they are on your waitlist. The message also contains details such as their position on the line as well as a link to a more detailed live waitlist. Furthermore, guests that are no longer interested in remaining on the list can easily cancel their name.

Using the Colored Icons

There are a couple four colored icons on the dashboard with different functions. For instance, you can serve people remaining on the waitlist by merely clicking on the green button. On the other hand, the red button enables you to mark a customer that won’t show up.

Finally, the orange bell allows you to alert someone that it’s their turn. It sends an SMS to the client, asking them to head back. Then, the Chat icon offers access to conversation history with your guests. That means, a guest can make inquiries about the service, and you can send an instant response too.

Customize Everything

Another exciting thing about WaitWhile is the option of customizing the software based on your business needs. For example, you can choose if you’re serving groups of people or individuals. Also, you can add the type of service you provide as well as a list of your staffs to the software too.

With WaitWhile’s check-in flow, guests can easily add themselves to your waitlist. It comes in the form of a nice guided flow through your waitlist option. Customers just have to select the appropriate option and click “Next.”

Businesses often put this on a tablet as a check-in station to replace the need for hiring a host.  Not only is this efficient, but saves a lot of money too. Other customization options include the ability to change your logo, themes, and the welcome text.

WaitWhile Hotel Management Software; The Pros

At this point, there is no doubt that WaitWhile is a convenient solution in the service industry. But, how useful is it? Here are the advantages this software offers to its users.

Create and Manage Waitlist from Any Device

Created to work mainly as a waitlist tool, WaitWhile allows business owners to set up a simple, customizable and smart online system to accommodate their visiting customers. Here is the thing; you don’t restrict yourself to one device to enjoy what this software offers.

That’s because business owners can use waitlist from on any device. Furthermore, it doesn’t need to be connected to a WiFi network to function.

Add Your Guests to Publicly Available Waitlist

After setting up an online waitlist, users can add as many customers as they want to the list. With Waitwhile’s fully customizable options, businesses can also decide what types of information they want to collect from guests. Examples include;

  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Service Preference
  • Party Size

Besides, the software provides a link that enables business owners to share their waitlist publicly. For example, you can embed it into your website to give your customer access to information such as, where they are in line and how long the wait is.

Businesses Can Send Custom, Automatic Reminders

Think of WaitWhile as a powerful command center that offers loads of options that extends beyond a simple guest list. For example, the software allows users to send automatic reminders to waitlisted guests when they are ready to serve or accommodate them.

Whether you’re sending the notification via email or by text, there are various customization options to explore to make the messages personal. For instance, you can include details such as the guest’s name, position on the waitlist as well as the wait time.

Research on queuing has shown that, on average, people overestimate how long they’ve waited in a line by about 36 percent. A simple notification can solve this problem.

It Encourages Team Collaboration

WaitWhile is designed to accommodate as many staffs as your business requires. In other words, not only can you add more employees, but you can also assign them to specific customers on the waitlist. As a result, employees and management can cater to the needs of their customers as a team.

Besides, there is a role-based permission level option. What does this mean, you wonder?

Business managers can assign roles within the software. As such, employees will be able to access only the data and features that are related to their specific tasks.

Everything is Customizable

As said earlier, WaitWhile offer tons of customizable options for users to pick from. Aside from the being able to set up different products and services and adding them to the waitlist, users can also customize seating options.

For example, you can define seating capacity and personalize other seating requirements. Businesses can also add their logo to the waitlist to promote their brand.

It Allows Customers Schedule Their Bookings

WaitWhile saves you the additional cost of hiring a host. Thanks to the scheduling feature on this app, your guests can book appointments or services straight from their mobile devices. The customizing functionality also extends to this feature.

Business managers can set up the available resources for customers to pick from. Ranging from tables, rooms, to cars, guests can select their booking options based on what the business offers.

Then, the automatic synchronization function on this app ties it all together. It ensures that the booking schedule syncs with the waiting list. As such, not only is the online waitlist always up to date, it can adequately accommodate both scheduled and walk-in guests.

It Offers Insight Into Wait Times, Peak Hours, and Other Trends

This online waitlist application offers a valuable insight into the specific parts of the business. As such, managers can make informed decisions to improve their operations.

For example, there is an analytic feature that allows users to view and assess the following;

  • Wait Times
  • Peak Hours
  • Days With the Largest Volume of Customers

Also, the analytics feature enables business managers to spot trends. Hence, they can create and execute plans to boost efficiency, productivity, and growth of the business.

You Can Learn More About Your Customers

With Waitwhile’s analytics, business managers will have access to customer’s data in creating useful insights. Ultimately, it helps them understand their guests and how to serve them better.

Aside from offering information on the frequency of a customer’s visit, the software also shows details about all the visits that were made in the past.

Furthermore, it provides metrics that are related to the waitlist. As a result, businesses can efficiently conduct follow-up tasks to encourage regular visits.

WaitWhile Hotel Management Software; The Cons

Outlined below are the downsides of WaitWhile Hotel Management Software.

Has no Inventory Management Feature

This hotel management solution is not perfect. Although it has both reservation and employee management features, other functions are still absent. Examples include an inventory and menu management feature for a hotel’s restaurant.

This begs an important question, which features are available on this software?

Features of WaitWhile Hotel Management Software

Outlined below are some highlights of WaitWhile Hotel Management software;

  • SMS and Email Notification
  • Personalize Messages
  • Customize Everything
  • Create Multiple Waitlists
  • Add Multiple Staff
  • Public Waitlist
  • Check-in Kiosk
  • Schedule Bookings
  • Serving Overview
  • Accurate Wait Times
  • Useful Customer Insights
  • Team Management
  • Role Permission
  • Resource Management
  • Webhooks and Endpoints
  • Powerful API
  • Real-time Synchronization
  • Global Coverage


Aside from the free plan which offers as much as 100 guest waitlist per month, WaitWhile users have three other pricing plan options. Depending on your choice, you can either have a monthly or a yearly subscription plan. Also, the pricing varies based on the number of guests you can waitlist.

Here are the details of WaitWhile pricing plan;

Free Plan

At zero cost, you can add up to 100 guests per month and send customizable SMS and Email alerts. Also, you’ll have access to other features such as;

  • Smart Wait Time Estimation
  • Customer CRM
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Analytics and Statistics

However, to have access to more features, the vendor offers businesses the opportunity to upgrade to another plan that suits their needs.

Starter Plan

With the Starter Plan, you have to pay between $59 per month or $708 per year. And it comes with all the Free Plan features plus more. Users of the starter plan can enjoy the following features;

  • Up to 1,000 Guests Per Month
  • Bookings and Scheduling
  • Add Team Member, Logo, and Design
  • Email and Chat Support
  • Multiple Waitlist and Location
  • SSL Security

Business Plan

For an annual fee of $1,908 or $159 per month, users can add up to 10,000 guests to the waiting list every month. Aside from offering all the features on the Started Plan, this plan also provides other functions such as;

  • Phone Support
  • Export Customer Data
  • Whitelabel Branding
  • Daily Backups

Enterprise Plan

With this plan, your hotel can enjoy all the perks of the Business Plan and more. It comes with more support, product training, as well as features that are tailored to your business needs. Other features of this plan include;

  • Audit logs
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Data Anonymity

Contact Waitwhile’s sales representative for the cost and additional information on the Enterprise plan.

Technical Details

Outlined below are the technical details for WaitWhile hotel management solution.

Devices Supported

Hospitality businesses can use WaitWhile on Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. Also, it is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Language Support

The software is available in English Language only.

Customer Types

WaitWhile is an ideal hotel management software for small and medium businesses as well as large enterprises.


Deployment options include open API and Cloud-Hosted.

Support Details

WaitWhile users can enjoy the following support types;

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live Support
  • Training
  • Tickets

Wrapping Up

WaitWhile is designed to manage waitlist and queues in hotels, restaurants, salons, and other service related business. Aside from the queuing feature, other functions include the customizable SMS and Email notification, customer check-in and wait time analytics.

Using a seamless communication via SMS, Email, or Voice, WaitWhile allows hotel managers to keep their guests up to date on their current wait position and time. As such, you can maximize human potential and increase efficiency as well as productivity.

Ultimately, WaitWhile Hotel Management software helps your business grow.