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Full Vreasy Hotel Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About Vreasy


For lots of property managers, dealing with their routine chore has to do with a lot of task juggling. It has to do with manually carrying out operations of the business like:

  • Managing maintenance requests
  • Monitoring payment of rents

All of these can be very overwhelming and time-consuming. The worst part is that all of these faces only an aspect of what the property manager’s deal with daily. Luckily, there is a solution which aids in drawing in more organizations: PMS or property management software.

There are many of this software on the market today which might make it difficult for users to make a choice. Luckily, we have aided you in doing the hard work and picked out one of the best solutions: Vreasy.

Vreasy is a solution for property management that aids in catering to short-term accommodation organizations alongside their customers.

What is more, it offers numerous benefits which go way past saving you time.

If you are wondering how your company can benefit From Vreasy, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will be taking a look at all the features, benefits and cons of this solution. When you are through, you will be able to decide if this is the solution you require.

But first. What is Vreasy? Let’s read on to learn more.

What is Vreasy?

Vreasy is a property management system. It caters for short-term accommodation establishments and their managers. The best part of this software is that it allows users to control all areas of their hotel establishments to their benefit.

It does this by automating their most crucial operations. The solution aims to solve the numerous marketing problems hoteliers deal with. In doing so, it lets them easily list locations and be able to synchronize pricing, calendars, and listings with little effort.

Asides from property owners and managers, it has also aided service providers and booking portals to manage businesses better. It also aids in generating more customer satisfaction while saving effort and time to accomplish these tasks. Your property size is not a problem, Vreasy has all you need to respond to the requirements of a growing company.

Vreasy Benefits Overview

There are a host of benefits this solution offers its users. They include:

Quick and Easy Setup

Vreasy aids its users in starting their business immediately after setup. For those who are just beginning, the platform comes alongside a channel mentor that helps in getting everything ready.

Vreasy offers software which is responsive, elegant and simple. Any individual can start up the application and learn its functionality within minutes. It does not confine you to specific borders any longer like the reception’s desk.

It also aids in simplifying work by synchronizing and automating pricing, calendars, and listings. All of this is possible using all the leading portals in the web, offering a better guarantee of increased hotel occupancy.

Helps in saving time

Time is crucial in every activity especially in a time consuming and demanding activity as operating a hotel. Vreasy aids in helping you save time. It does complex notifications, processing, reservations, departures and arrivals in a way that ensures PMS is a game-changer.

In turn, it lowers the resources you put in and enhances your profits and time.

A solution for Guest Relationship Management (GRM)

Vreasy offers a GRM or Guest Relationship Management system that significantly increases the guest experiences for hotels. It offers a more organized approach in making sure of seamless arrivals.

The distinct management methodology of the solution is set up to deal with the requirement to do things more effectively. The calendar sides from being functional are also appealing visually, allowing users to manage and view everything. It is, thanks to the high level of control users have over logistics,

Built-in Service Platform

Vreasy comes with a built-in platform that aids in automating tasks and addressing the requirements of the guests. Asides from providing the technologies, owners or properties also enjoy benefits from the various system’s capacity.

One of these is its ability to scout for an expert property manager. The manager will be able to enhance the property’s revenue potential.

Access to Information in Real-time

You can either place all the crucial data on huge piles of documents or spreadsheets on your computer. It disables you from working in any location but your office.

With Vreasy, which is a web-based platform, you can work anytime from any location. It automatically uploads data and stores them online. It lets you and your tenants’ access all the core features directly from your mobile device.

Enhanced Communication

The management of a property does not involve the property manager alone. Tenants need to perform a host of operations as well. These include payment of rents and reporting maintenance requests.

All of these take part of their availability and time. With Vreasy, tenants can log on and carry out all the critical operations on the web. Offering guests access to portals lets them report issues at any moment and keep track of updates every time.

Fast inspection of properties

Property inspection is an aspect of the business that consumes the most time for property managers. It has to do with paying a visit to properties one at a time, putting down the crucial information. After all of these, they then need to head to the office and type it out.

With the aid of Vreasy, you can carry out inspections of properties and generate comprehensive reports. More importantly, they can do this even when they are not on the seat. With this feature, users can save lots of time and monitor everything.

Minimized administrative chores

Manually inputting data into spreadsheets consumes a lot of time and is prone to mistakes. It also does not give you results instantly. You will still need to analyze the data on your own to attain insightful data which requires additional time.

Vreasy aids in updating data automatically. You will be able to generate elaborate reports on demand and take back control of your whole establishment and finances.

Online payments

Paying rents may be stressful not just to you but your tenants as well. When you do this manually, it is hard to monitor payments which need some days to process. It is less difficult to miss a payment record when you introduce it manually to spreadsheets.

With Vreasy, guests and tenants will be able to pay rent straight from their mobile devices. You will be able to get it in minutes.

Monitoring payments from every tenant are more manageable when you can access the records online. It also lets you automatically run financial reports.

Safeguarding sensitive information

In all establishments, storing sensitive customer details like their lease agreements and credit checks is extremely crucial. As the manager of a property, your responsibility is to keep them safe.

Using Vreasy, you don’t need to worry as it securely stores the personal data of clients online. It also comes with encryption which aids in adding an extra layer of security.

What other benefits can Vreasy offer you?

Vreasy can also help you do the following:

Sort out Low occupancy rate in your establishments

Vreasy can offer your establishment wider visibility. It does this by linking your vacation rental establishment to dominant market portals. The qualified team aids your listing in getting as many bookings as possible.

It also ensures the loyalty of guests using their in-built E-concierge application.

Helps with pricing inconsistency, Overbookings or Online portals availability

The in-built API connection of Vreasy with the core portals around the globe lets it sync automatically. It also integrates all your activities in one platform automatically.

Loss of control of your activity or Overloaded time management

With the master calendar overview Vreasy offers, it lets you manage all the steps with ease. You will be able to manage your guest services, email communication, cleaning tasks among others from one screen.


Users have attributed a few drawbacks to this solution. They include:

  • It can be slow sometimes especially when setting up email templates
  • Synchronization with RU does not work properly. It has lots of overbookings.

Vreasy Features Overview

  • Services platform
  • Master Calendar
  • Guest relationship
  • Owner reporting
  • Channel mentor
  • Guest Experience Platform
  • Built-in API connections
  • A competent support team

Other core features

Complete business overview

With this feature, you can view all inquiries, booking, and cancellations. The best part is, you will be able to see all of these in a master booking calendar which is very easy to use. The solution links it to all portals, and you will be able to understand your business in one look.


You can program automated texts which can be set up to go at any moment. Interact with owners, guests as well as staff using the messaging center. In doing this, you will not have to bother about a missing task or message again.

Staff Management

It aids in automatic staff management. It schedules your messages and tasks automatically when you get bookings on your calendar. You will be able to rest knowing your team has everything in control and can deal with any circumstance.

Contact center

Offer all members of your team their accounts. With this feature, they will be able to see tasks, bookings, and information they require.

Task delegation

Using this feature, you can automatically assign tasks and guests to your team. You will be able to assign cleanings, tours, and check-ins to the appropriate individuals when you require them.

It also minimizes the possibility of errors that occur when you delegate tasks individuals already occupied.

Data Management of Owners

Ensure your owners are up to speed with core information by utilizing the custom data export tools Vreasy offers. Automate messages and build reports to every one of your property owners with the information that is significant to them.

Communication tools

Provide all guests with a personal welcome and elaborate property guides. You can do this without adding any addition to your workload. Send messages at every phase of the guest experience.

Payment Gateway

Accept direct card payments in more than 130 currencies and numerous countries. You can do this with VreasyPay, a clear and simple payment gateway this solution offers. It will ensure language is not a problem, and you can draw in profits from any location.


Automated communication with guests

With this feature, you can trigger communication with guests automatically at every phase of their vacation. Offer them easy tips, instructions, recommendations, and comprehensive booking statements.

E-concierge app

With this, you can send guests a personalized e-concierge app that comes with your branding. Offer a digital guide to your home and provide guest services. You can also send a custom guide to your local environment.

Guest Services

Provide one-off services, tours, and products to your guests. Offer your guests the chance to make bookings before and during their stay. You can do this using the guest communication and marketing platform Vreasy offers.

Vreasy Pricing

Vreasy offers a free trial of one month to users. Within this period, you can determine if this solution is what your business requires.

For paid subscriptions, the least you would pay to utilize Vreasy is €79. It provides coverage for 11 properties. Entrepreneurs who own above 11 properties should reach out to the organization.

They will be able to get enterprise pricing based on quotes or utilize the calculator on the organization’s website.

To ensure users remain connected always, this solution supports a range of devices. They include:

  • Windows
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Android
  • Web-based

Technical Details

Language Support

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based payment

Customer Types:

It is ideal for various types of customers including:

  • Small Business
  • Medium Business


  • Cloud Hosted

Support Details

Depending on what users prefer, support is available in either:

Wrap Up

Vreasy is an all in one software for property management. It is quite powerful and aids in managing the rising vacation rental establishment. It comes with a guest relationship manager and channel manager built in.

The solution allows property managers to grow and scale their organizations. It enhances the stream of revenue and saves time in every aspect. With the aid of this solution, you can manage inquiries, staff duties, and bookings seamlessly.

You will also be able to manage guest and owners services from one versatile and powerful solution for property management. These are just a few of the offerings this solution can provide. It is surely a great addition to any establishment.