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Full Vonage Business Phone Software Review – All you need to know about Vonage

Vonage Software for Business

What is Vonage Software?

Vonage phone system is a business phone solution that is a cloud-based VoIP software designed to suit any industry. You can use this affordable communication tool to help you innovate business communications and provide a solution for all your day to day telephony needs. Vonage Software allows all your users to be connected to an open IP network in order to communicate effectively with one another and your customers.

Vonage software was designed to embrace technology in order to help you companies transform their business communications to create a better business outcome. They have a unique cloud communications platform that will bring together a robust communications solution that is unified and has the agility of embedded and contextual APIs. It is a powerful combination business phone solution that enables you to collaborate and engage with customers more effectively across a wide range of tolls. Though their headquarters is in New Jersey, there are also branches that span across the world to include Europe, Asia and Israel.

Founded in 2001 by Jeffrey Citron he was the first chief executive officer for Vonage Software. They grew very quickly as in 2006 they reached over 1.9 million subscribers. Today with Marc Lefar is the executive director and they have expanded to include all kinds of wonderful attributes that make it an effective communication tool for businesses.

Vonage phone system aims to help you maximize your profitability by improving productivity through the equipping of powerful virtual communication capabilities. You will be able to use the communication tool for all your business communications including messaging, voice calling, using smartphones and so much more.

Vonage phone system Benefits:

You are a busy organization and you need to maximize your ability to communicate effectively throughout the company both with staff and customers alike. In order to do this, you need to make sure that your business communications tool is going to be reliable and have all the various benefits you could possibly need or want. Check out this overview of all the benefits Vonage Software can bring to your organization.

  • This communication tool is designed to help you reduce all communication-related costs by putting more money back into your organization.
  • It allows you to move all your communications to the cloud so that you can have an online repository of all your call records and contacts.
  • This phone system is fully scalable so that it can grow with your business.
  • You will have the business phone solution you need to be able to enhance your business communications continuity.
  • There are a variety of integrations you can use with your business applications.
  • This communication solution is perfect if you have both sedentary and mobile workers as it will interact with both effectively.
  • There are over 40 business phone features that are powerful.
  • You can have a collaborative communication tool that will allow you to have inter-organization communications regardless of where your branches are located.
  • There is extended accessibility that will enable you to use both the phone and the web for all your communication needs.

Vonage Software Features:

When your business is just starting out or it is already established, you need a communication tool that will suit all your needs. To determine this, you need to be able to have a clear line of sight into the features that this business phone solution can offer you. Here is an overview of the features offered by Vonage Phone System.

Have full control over your privacy.

Through this business phone solution, you can manage your privacy with a variety of features. Using the call announce, you will see who is calling you. Through the caller ID block function, you will be able to stop others from seeing that it is you who is calling. You can also make use of call screening, do not disturb messages when you are busy and a spam shield that will prevent calls you don’t want to receive from tying up the main line. Every one of these unique attributes to the Vonage phone system will help you and your staff perform more privately without all the unnecessary information being shared.

Provide your customers with a great service experience.

The Vonage phone system comes with a busy lamp field, call continuity and even the ability to record calls for training purposes and for evaluation purposes, you can provide your customers with the experience they deserve. You also have the ability to put calls on hold while you search for information or transfer them to another staff member. The call queue will let you know who is waiting so that you can pick up important calls the minute you see them.

Use this business phone solution to personalize your business.

Through this communication tool, you can brand your business with various personalization tools. There is the ability to make the administrator portal easy to read with only the information you want to see. Use caller ID to declare who you are when making outbound calls. The follow me function will give your customers the chance to talk to someone as it will allow you to send a call off to multiple staff members in a sequential manner so that you can be sure someone will talk to them. Other wonderful functions are that you can add hold music, get toll-free numbers, set up a virtual receptionist that can help save your staff time and even customize your voicemail greetings. All these functions will give your brand a status when you get calls from customers.

Keep your mobile and remote worker in the loop.

A key part to business communications is that someone is always available to speak to your customers. This can be difficult when you have remote or mobile workers who aren’t always going to be able to get a call while on the go. Through Vonage software, you will have complete control over when and where you will be able to speak to people through the communication tool. You can download a mobile app on your phone or tablet for ease of use and even use the call forwarding function to send calls that come to your desk over to your mobile phone. You can utilize the multiple devices on one extension tool so that you are sure to receive important calls. This allows you to register up to three different devices on one Vonage business extension. On the occasion that you do miss a call, you can find out who was calling by making sure that your voicemail messages will go directly to your email so that you can check in when you have an available minute.

Save yourself and your staff both time and money.

You know when you own a business that time is money and you don’t want to waste valuable work time dealing with nonsense. A good way to achieve this through your business communications is by having the ability to block calls from people you know will just waste your time. You can also conference call people in order to get the pertinent staff on board in one call instead of having to make multiples. Use the click-to-dial function to be able to integrate your Vonage phone system with your web browser for initiating calls.

Have effective inter-organization communication.

When dealing with business communications it is essential that you can collaborate with various colleagues. To do this, Vonage phone system includes a variety of collaboration tools that you can use within your organization. You can call a group of people at one time and each of their individual phones will ring. You can monitor calls that are being taken by another staff member to be sure they are being productive and effective. There is a chat option through the mobile app and desktop that you can use to send quick instant messages to other individuals in your staff. Since the world of business is changing so is the way you conduct business communications. You can use the online meetings to conduct important meetings with staff, no matter where they or you are. Of course, there is also video conferencing for when there are presentations or group meetings that need more than a phone call.

Pricing details of Vonage Software:

As with a diverse range of businesses and industries, so is the pricing structure of the Vonage Phone system. You can use this business phone solution by purchasing it on a monthly basis but what price you are paying is determinant on your needs. You will have to get in touch with a Vonage sales representative in order to receive a comprehensive quote to determine what you would be paying for this business communications suite.

Vonage Software Technical details:

This is a cloud-hosted software for using as a business phone solution, can be used on a variety of devices. There is also the option to have an open API. Therefore, Vonage phone system will work on any device you have, either desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone regardless of what operating system you are using. There is also the web-based application that you can use as long as you have a reliable internet connection. You also have the option to download the app for your tablet or smartphone via the iTunes store for iOS or the play store for Android.

Languages supported by this communication tool are primarily English. They do have a variety of other languages that are supported, but you have to contact them to find out if your language choice is one of the supported languages.

Support Details of Vonage Phone System:

When it comes to using this software as your business phone solution, you need to know that when issues arise, they will take care of it. It is imperative that you have the ability to contact them in order to avoid any business communications disruptions. Here are the support details of Vonage:

  • Email: You can get in touch with them 24/7 by email. They are known to respond in fairly reasonable time frames.
  • Phone: You can always call in and get the support help you need. They are really good at answering questions and getting your
  • Live Support: When you are using Vonage software for your business communications, you will be provided with a way to get in contact with them through live agents online. This will enable you to get the help you need in real-time.
  • Training: There are many different training options that will be provided. There are videos you can watch online, webinars and even in-person
  • Tickets: Through the online login, you can generate tickets through the help desk. They will then answer your queries in order of a queue.
  • Online: There is also a comprehensive online database where you can get answers to commonly asked questions. You can look at the FAQ section and even download various guides.


There are all kinds of different software on the market that work as a business phone solution. When it comes to your organizations business communications, you want to be sure that what you are getting is going to suit your needs and help you to expand your communication capabilities internally and externally. Therefore, it is very important that you get the opportunity to check out all the different solutions there are on the market.

What sets Vonage phone systems apart is the ability to use it globally with minimal cost and their unique phone system design for each individual business. You want a business phone solution that is going to enhance your customer experience, help you to connect with one another throughout your industry with ease. Vonage software can do that and it can help you keep connected with remote and mobile workers as well. This communication tool is an effective way to organize your whole organization’s communication so that nothing gets missed and customers are always going to be pleased.

Overall, Vonage is a great communication tool that you can utilize within your business to help it grow its customer base and increase profitability. However, you need to weigh all the pros and cons you can find so that you can make an informed decision that will benefit your business.