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Full Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center Communications Software Review. All you need to know about Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center


What is Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center?

Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center is a cloud-based web platform for contact and call centers. It is designed with multi-channel capabilities, so that all customer interactions are treated as one conversation, irrespective of source or channel. The program is easy to use, very secure and scalable, so that capacity can be added, or reduced, according to business needs. Because it is cloud-hosted, the solution can be deployed easily without expensive additional hardware or software being required.

The application supports multi-channel capabilities – voice, email chat, SMS and social media – from a single web-based agent sole. Predictive dialling and real-time contextual call routing are also offered.

The application is currently used by more than 1,400 customers in more than 47 countries, with over a billion customer interactions processed a year.  It is used in industries such as telecoms, finance, retail, restaurants and hospitality, insurance and marketing, with its client roster including names such as Carrefour, IKEA, Generali, Vodafone, and MacDonald’s.



The solution’s benefits include:

WebRTC technology

Vocalcom utilises a webRTC platform, a technology that provides web browsers and mobile applications, via a simple API, with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities. The program offers not only offers web chat and audio communication; it goes further and includes video and co-browsing. This enables customers to switch seamlessly between self-service and live interaction with agents. It also means that the context of any customer interaction is preserved, meaning they do not have to go the same information to different agents or explain their intent repeatedly, as this has been captured by the system.

The technology takes s normal web browser and turns it into an agent desktop with a phone. Customers can contact a call center agent directly through a website, without the need to install additional software. As a result, customers and agents can participate in real-time, voice-only, or face to face video calls, depending on their preference.

Multi-channel capabilities

The program supports multi-channels – voice, chat, email, SMS, IT and social media – from a single agent desktop. Additional available functionality includes digital recording, speech analytics. IVR and even payment processing. This ensures that an organisation is able to communicate effectively with customers using their preferred communication channel, thus increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Simple to Use

The solution is designed to be easy to use, with no phone, coding or hardware requirements. Configuration is simple, and the application provides out-of-the-box features, so a call center can be live in a matter of minutes rather than weeks.

Third party integrations

Vocalcom integrates with a wide range of third party CRM (Customer Relationship) Management and e-commerce platforms such as Salesforce, Oracle CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, BigCommerce and Magento. It also offers integration with Twitter, Facebook and WordPress, with document signing capabilities offered through DocuSign.


Among the many features offered by Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center are:

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): Automatic call distribution enables calls to be routed either to the next available agent, or the one most qualified in terms of skills, to deal with a customer problem. Routing criteria can be defined in terms of a company’s business rules. In addition, the system offers queue call –back routing, where a customer has the option to request a call back from an agent when they reach the head of the queue, rather than wasting their time on hold.

Local Calls

Research has shown that people are 55% more inclined to answer a call from an unknown number, if that call originated from their locality. Vocalcom’s dialling capabilities enable agents to use local numbers when making calls, even if they are remotely based somewhere else. Any missed calls which are returned can also be diverted to, and answered by, a suitable local number.

Predictive Dialler: Predictive dialling enables an agent to call multiple numbers at the same time. A call will only be connected when somebody answers their phone. Whilst a number of vendors offer this technology, what differentiates Vocalcom is the way that the system learns from past experience, and is continually adjusting dialling patterns in order to maximise productivity. It also offers a unique no-pause dialling system which results in significantly reduced customer hang-ups.

In addition, the Predictive Dialler offers integrated core contact center capabilities. These include IVR, ACD, Intelligent Routing and Call Recording. It is also compliance driven in that it takes into accounts prevailing legislation on cold-calling, and will only dial customers who have agreed to be contacted, or who have otherwise provided their consent.

Blended Call functionality

Vocalcom also offers blended call center functionality, enabling agents both to receive inbound, and to make outbound calls. For example, agents may need to focus mainly on inbound customer calls during peak business hours, or periods of seasonal demand. They can then switch to outbound calls in less busy times, or when a targeted marketing campaign is in progress.

Live Chat

Vocalcom offers Live Chat software, which has been demonstrated as an effective way to reach customers and increase conversions. The software has the capability to analyse customer behaviour and data, and to identify the right clients to send chat invitations to, and at the optimal time. The vendor claims that clients who use their live chat software typically see a 20% uplift in conversions, and a 35% increase in average order values.

Live chat is particularly effective at particular touchpoints in the customer journey – for example, when they are looking for specific items, or are at the critical checkout phase.

Telemarketing Software

The program provides a self-contained telemarking system which eliminates the need for agents to spend their time on manual dialling activities. Functionality offered includes auto-dialling, one-click pre-recorded voice drop, and intelligent call recording. It also offers call scripting for agents and a range of automated email templates.

The Vocalcom Dialler is a particularly useful tool because its filters out unproductive calls that typically waste agents’ time, including busy signals, unanswered calls, answer machines and automatic recordings, operator intercepts etc.

In addition, Vocalcom’s Dialler is fully compliant with legislation currently in place in the US and a number of other jurisdictions concerning cold calling and nuisance calls. Its functionality includes DNC (Do Not Call) lists, abandoned calls, and time zone parameters. This ensures calls are only placed in business hours, not during weekends or holidays, for example.

Screen Pops

Screen pops allow agents to view critical customer data from integrated CRM platforms and other applications, without them having to ask callers to repeat information or their case history. This enables customer queries to be answered more efficiently, increase customer satisfaction and engagement.

Call Notes and Dispositions

This feature enables agents to add a summary note or disposition code to a call log, which makes it easy to target follow-up actions. Agents can also send voicemails and emails to customers with one-click.

Call Whispering and Barging

Live call monitoring lets supervisors listen in on calls between agents and customers, either in real-time or historic. This enables them both to evaluate agent performance and identify opportunities for training or where coaching is required. In addition, Vocalcom offers supervisors call whispering and barging capabilities. With whispering they can listen to agents’ calls with customers and “whisper” suggestions to the agent how to deal with an issue without the customer being aware of their presence. By contrast, with call barging they can interrupt a call to provide immediate assistance to the customer.

There is also a Force Log-Out option available, should there arise the need to terminate an agent’s session with a customer.

Supervisor Tools

In addition to the above, supervisors are given access to a real-time dashboard to monitor all agent activity, with Reporting and Analytic capabilities provided. They can generate either standard or customised reports, and analyse data in real-time.

Instant Web Response

The program allows companies to respond instantly to sales prospects instantly. When leads complete a form on a company’s website, then solution will automatically create a new contact which captures all relevant information. By integrating this with outbound call facilities, they can also create an immediate automated call back to that sales prospect.

Survey capabilities and feedback

The platform offers survey capabilities which are easy to use with standard reporting. This enables users to monitor Omni-channel communications – web, email, voice, mobile and social media – to identify how customers feel about a company and its products and services. Areas of dissatisfaction and improvement opportunities can be highlighted. With an intuitive, graphically-based interface, users can readily understand customer feedback and initiate responses.

In addition, Vocalcom’s customer feedback technology allows online reviews to be collected and analysed. This allows subscribers to derive key metrics of customer satisfaction like NPS – Net Promoter Score.


Vocalcom currently offers a four-tiered pricing plan. All pricing is expressed in monthly terms, although billing is annualised.

Click2Start: This entry level plan is available for up to 25 agents, and is charged either at €45 per concurrent user per month, or billed at €0.035 per minute for all calls, both inbound and outbound. Functionality provided includes IVR/ACD integration, webRTC-enabled, configurable call recording and a remote Supervisor portal. In addition, a number of standard features are available, include free call storage for up to 30 days, skills-based and data driven call routing, individual and group voicemail, advanced call control features, and reporting and analytics’ tools.

Business Plus (€75 per concurrent user per month): In addition to everything provided by Click2Start, subscribers under this plan get CRM auto syncing, Dynamic routing, Click-to-Call Back from the web, Power and Predictive Dialling, and combined KPIs, Reporting and Analytics. Thy also get proactive notifications, and Text to Speech (TTS) and Speech Recognition (ASR).

Enterprise (€99 per concurrent user per month): Additional capabilities offered include the option to unify omnichannel routing with workforce optimisation, unlimited email, chat and social accounts, and real-time customer surveys, as well as a disaster recovery plan. Subscribers also get Social CRM Desktop integration, and Visual IVR.

Unlimited Power (€135 per concurrent user per month): The Premium Plan offers everything included in the Enterprise tier plus Quality and Customer Experience Management, Sentiment Analysis, Speech and Text analytics, and a sales acceleration platform. Users are given access to their own dedicated account manager.

There is a free 30-day trial available for the Enterprise Plan (although users can buy a different plan later). Prospective users just need to provide their name, work email and a phone number; no credit card details are required. The same sign-up information is required to register for a product demo through the website.


Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center is a cloud-hosted, web based platform which supports Windows and Mac Operating Systems; it also supports iPads. The solution has been optimised to work not only on desktops, but also mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones as well.

The program is available currently in more than 25 languages, including Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Korean and Thai, as well as all major European languages. It is certified as compliant with existing telemarketing laws and regulations in the US, UK and Australia.

It offers encryption of sensitive data, HTTPS (Hypertext Protocol Secure) protection for secure communication, as well as multi-factor authentication options. In addition, it offers cloud storage and data back-up in multiple locations and geographical regions. Vocalcom Cloud Contact Center runs on multiple IPS carriers with overlapping geographic coverage, with automatic failover; if one carrier drops or goes offline for some reason, the system will automatically switch to another. This guarantees virtually no downtime.

Software upgrades are automatic, so customers always have the most up-to-date product.


Vocalcom offers free 24/7 customer support, either online, by phone, or by email. In addition subscribers have access to self-service knowledge base, which contains FAQs, and a host of material, including customer success stories, case studies, industry trends and white papers, and a range of product, industry and testimonial videos. There is also a blog section with weekly posts, covering subjects like Contact Center best practices, Omni-channel engagement, and customer experience trends.

The company can be followed on all social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ – and it has its own YouTube channel.

Vocalcom appears at frequent customer events, trade shows and conferences.