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Full vNative Affiliate Marketing Review – All You Need to Know About vNative


One of the best platforms for small businesses to seek affiliate marketers is vNative.

With affiliate platforms though there’s a problem.

Anyone can claim to be a marketer and take up your offer. And you only get to see them for the fraud they are when the damage is done.

Sometimes, it’s your fault for entrusting your marketing to a rookie. But we know that even experienced marketers can ruin your brand image just as badly. And it’s even worse because they cost a lot to hire.

That presents a double-pronged problem.

How do we choose marketers to entrust with our products?

If we can’t know what marketer will be a good fit for us then, what are our options?

Well, vNative seems to have the answer.

And it is to aim to control the core aspects of your marketing.

That way you get to decide how much power each marketer has and nip them in the bud when they stray too far.

What is vNative?

vNative is a performance marketing driven software. In vNative, you own the role of the ultimate decision-maker in your brand marketing and ad strategies.

Of course, you can hire and leverage affiliates. But they will only do things according to your laid down rules and no more.

The platform provides an enviable array of tools to help you stay in control of your marketing. Your affiliates too, are very much under your control.

The best part of it all is that the user interface is so intuitive that you almost need any guide to get started on it. It’s no wonder they won the award for the best design and user experience in affiliate marketing in 2017.

How Does vNative Work?

Like any other performance marketing platform vNative works to integrate merchants and affiliates. The purpose of this integration is to get both parties to do business in the most seamless way possible.

VNative is however different than most other affiliate networks in a way. As an affiliate, you can’t register on their site. At least not directly.

Since the platform focuses on businesses who want to control their marketing and brand image, they get the priority.

For Merchants

Merchants are regarded as businesses or companies on vNative. They are the reason the platform is up in the first place.

If you want to use their service, then you’ll need to fill out a form. The details requested are essential information about your business. As soon as you finish, then you can proceed to get your account in order.

This next step includes linking your products and setting up shop in readiness for new affiliates to join you.

Note that vNative isn’t connected to a central marketplace. In this case, your business is on its own, with its own rules and guidelines.

This freedom gives you the ability to recruit and drop affiliates as you see fit. But don’t abuse it.

For Affiliates

You cannot sign up on vNative for an affiliate account. But you can choose to sign up under a merchant or business that is registered on vNative. This fact means that for the most part of it, you’ll have to get invited first by the businesses. Then you can sign up to help them market their products.

You also negotiate payment terms with your merchant. vNative takes no commission for any sale you make nor pays you any commission either.

Features of vNative

To be able to deliver the level of control they tout vNative has some of the best product features on the market. And as soon as you use them, you’ll understand why they are so efficient in the affiliate marketing world.

1. Real-Time Data and Reporting

If you are going to stay in control of what your affiliates are doing on your network, then you need the means to track their activities. To do this, you can use the real-time data reporting feature baked into the platform.

Not only does this tool show you what is happening across the board on your campaigns, but it also lets you see the affiliate handling it too.

The reporting feature is even more robust. It shows a rundown of all the activities happening across your campaigns.

The platform shows these reports in simple formats that are easy to understand. Charts and graphs show the relationship between data points. These deduced relationships provide insights that connect customer behavior and your campaign progress.

2. Pixel and PostBack Integration

Tracking conversion sources isn’t as easy as it sounds. If you have numerous affiliates or advertisers, you’ll find this task too demanding.

Any mistake made here can see you mess up commission payments. And in some cases, get some affiliates riled up against your brand. This can hurt your network’s reputation.

To take this load off your back, the folks behind vNative have created Pixel and PostBack integration.

These tools help you determine when a potential customer takes a valuable action. It doesn’t matter if this action is a click, form submission or a purchase. Pixel tracking and PostBack tracking can reliably track and record these actions for you.

3. Customization

Although vNative is a cloud solution, they still allow you to tweak and customize the user interface of your account. This freedom will enable you to project your company’s image and identity in your network.

You can customize the color of the dashboard and the logo to reflect your business image.

This branding is also extended to the affiliate dashboard too. SO if they are signed up with your network, they’ll get to see a design that is not very different from your web experience.

4. Alerts and Notification

Nothing feels better than a well-designed alert and notification system. The designers of the vNative platform understand the importance of this system. The alert system is built with a range of flexibility that allows you to get alerted for specific actions as they are taken.

You can set the alarm for a myriad of actions. You can use it to track affiliate milestone, reports and data changes. You can even use it to monitor the conversion factors that are specific to your different campaigns. It’s a reliable feature for the busy entrepreneur.

5. Access Control

Overtime every business will realize that they have a favorite set of marketers. They are the ones that get the job done better than others. There’s no better way to reward these affiliates than to give them preference over others for critical marketing gigs.

vNative sports a feature that allows you to restrict the access of your affiliates according to your set criteria. So you can choose to prevent poor performing affiliates from viewing critical offers. And allow your best hands to take it up.

6. Tier and Geo-Based Payout

If you understand about your marketing, you’ll realize that returns vary according to location. And because of that, you’ll want to send your best affiliates to market your products in the best locations.

But then this brings forth a problem of creating tiers for your affiliates. This is important so that they know their marketing goals from the get-go. And their returns too.

vNative provides a feature that allows you to put in place this tier and Geo-based payouts. You can pay your affiliates either according to their location and performance or according to their tier. This is very handy if you’ve got a massive global campaign.

7. In-house Fraud Detection


Fraud is one of the worst crimes an affiliate can commit in the marketing game. But because the returns can be juicy, many of them try it out. And if you are not careful, you could end up paying lots of commissions for nothing. Thankfully, vNative has a technology that protects you from being exploited this way.

The in-house fraud detection tool, allows you to track the traffic sources of your affiliates. It also lets you monitor their IP addresses.

When traffic sources show an unusual behavior or have no valid IP address, you get alerted immediately. Also, if the traffic source happens to come from only a single suspicious source, the platform will let you know immediately.

8. Powerful APIs

As always, customization is the soul of every brand. If you can’t be identified as a unique brand in your space, then you can’t inspire loyalty. The key to customization in this sense is the ability to create a unique experience for your affiliates.

Of course, you can customize the vNative online software but what if you want to create a mobile app for marketing purposes?

The vNative API is a solid way to go about this.

The platform provides full integration with many programming languages. And hence can connect with your campaigns and affiliate data in no time. If you’re interested in the flexibility that mobile offers, then this is for you.

9. Uploadable CSV reports

Reports are the easiest way to track progress. They show your strengths and weakness with glaring clarity. But only if the reports are good and with a rich history.

In some cases, you may be migrating from another affiliate platform. You may have a lot of reports from your previous campaigns on that platform. If these reports are useful to you, then you don’t have to lose them. In fact, you can use them in vNative to structure new campaigns.

vNative allows you to upload CSV reports and integrate them into your new campaign. All your previous campaign information can now be studied with even better tools. This aid continuity and helps you understand your market better.

Benefits of vNative

You’ll enjoy the platform’s fraud detection capabilities, its Intuitive design, affiliate management toolset, and more.

1. Intuitive and Clean Design

Given the many features that this program sports, it’s quite a surprise how they’ve been neatly tied together. The interface is one of the best available for a tool of its caliber. All the buttons and links are placed in areas where you don’t have to look for them. Also, the hover feature can give you an idea of what a button does before you click on it.

2. Powerful Affiliate Management Toolset

From tracking your affiliate to communication, vNative is a brilliant solution for any business. The integration of the alerts and notification feature lets you manage a high number of affiliates. You also get a first-row seat to view their marketing tactics with less effort than you’d typically need.

3. Flexibility with APIs

Many marketers are jostling for mobile targeting these days because of the return it promises. vNative understands this trend and provides some of the best platform tracking tools together with a flexible API. This API support is capable of integrating with all the popular platforms. That way you can manage all your campaigns from your mobile phone if you wish.

4. Fraud Detection

The technology behind the fraud detection tool is easily one of the best available to any business today. With the ability to track and screen IP addresses, you can protect your campaign from rogue affiliates. Also, you get the freedom to view and analyze traffic sources to detect any malpractice.

Platform Supported

vNative is a cloud-hosted marketing solution. It supports all operating systems and devices that are internet capable. If you intend to access the site from a mobile device, then you should consider the mobile app. There’s also an option to create your dedicated mobile application using their APIs.

Pricing and Price Models

The pricing for vNative is tier-based. In this case, all their customers can choose one of three options for their marketing needs. The three tiers are:

  1. Pro: For this tier, you pay $299 a month. It comes with plenty of features, but you’re limited to only 10,000 conversions per month.
  2. Agency: This tier features all the benefits of the Pro tier plus plenty more. However, the number of conversions remains capped. But this time, you get 40,000 per month. You also get skype and call support too. It costs $499.
  3. Enterprise: This tier is suited for agencies who would love to scale their marketing without restrictions. If you need to add custom features or would want to pay based on the features you use, then you should get the enterprise solution. The pricing is flexible and dependent on what features you use too.

Customer Support

Customer support is impressive with vNative. The customer support is available for 24 hours every day. Also, live support is online around the clock. The platform offers support via email channels, skype, and calls.

In Conclusion

Marketing is becoming increasingly competitive and challenging. A lot of software packages are available today that claim to solve this problem. vNative is one of these packages and delivers stunningly in this regard. Their tools and features are as efficient as they are easy to use. If you intend to improve your marketing returns, then you should consider their offering.