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Full VMware AirWatch Mobile Device Management Software – All You Need To Know About VMware AirWatch


IT administrators today have to keep tracking the ever increasing numbers of mobile devices within their networks.

They can know what resources are being accessed by their employees through mobile devices, plus lock, locate, and possible wipe lost devices.

All these are made possible thanks to mobile device management or enterprise mobility management (EMM) as it is popularly known.

Mobile device management is a lifecycle management technology for devices that helps IT admins in the deployment, configuration, management, support, and security of mobile devices through the installed MDM profiles on the devices.

Mobile device management software offers over the air configuration of email, asset inventory, apps and WiFi, remote lock and wipe, and remote troubleshooting capabilities for securing enterprise data on the device, and the device itself. It is the foundation of a comprehensive EMM solution.

Threats such as a lost corporate mobile device are significant to companies. Thus, providing the ability to find, lock, and possibly wipe such lost devices needs to be availed in the organization. It is even better when such a process is automated.

Most MDM software offer geofencing capabilities that are able to generate alerts while taking action when devices cross specific boundaries. This is good for companies with local staff where devices shouldn’t be more than a number of miles (fixed) away from the home office. It can be tweaked for employees that travel, and can be restricted in terms of time, in many cases.

Security that is based on policy is standard across most MDM software, while configuring devices to use a PIN to lock the mobile device is one of the many mandatory rules and policies.

Other policies that restrict behavior or lock down particular apps are also available and common, but there are blurry lines when the devices move from corporate-owned to personally owned or BYOD.

Most MDM software also offer ways to import devices and users from flat files to streamline device enrollment where users or devices cannot be identified within a directory service.

What is VMware AirWatch?


AirWatch is a complete mobile device management and enterprise mobility platform that manages all devices while delivering access to existing systems from a central admin console. It is easy to configure and scalable, with an advanced interface from which IT admins can control, manage and configure mobility for your business.

Prior to its acquisition, AirWatch was founded in 2003, and achieved success early in management of rugged devices and wireless endpoints.

Smart devices entered the corporate and enterprise scene in 2006, so staff needed access to company information, which led the AirWatch leadership to pivot its focus strategically to mobile device management, including data and apps on the device.

The team believed that IT consumerization would be a revolutionary thing in how companies do their business.

Much later in 2013, AirWatch secured huge funding in one of the largest Series A rounds at $200 million. In 2014, VMware acquired it for $1.54 billion, and today, the MDM software is a core component of the VMware End-User Computing powering Workspace ONE.

The combination of both software’s power now gives organizations access to a fully complete solution for true transformation in business.

IT admins can now manage and deliver apps both for desktop and mobile devices. This creates a blurry line between current mobile device management solutions and where the market seems to be going, in the direction of simple management of devices regardless of mobile capabilities or form factor.

Other mobile device management software vendors are coming up with desktop management features for their software products, much of which is catalyzed by demand from customers, who are looking to consolidate the management consoles that their own IT admins and staff need to monitor.



Mobile device management

Among the benefits that VMware AirWatch offers as a mobile device management software include:

  • Managing diverse sets of devices from one console
  • Lets employees enroll devices easily
  • Enables safe and protected access to company resources
  • Integration with existing infrastructure enterprise
  • Support for corporate-owned, shared, and employee personal devices
  • Gaining visibility across deployment of mobile devices

Mobile devices in the enterprise are proliferating exponentially. With the increasing number of platforms, models, and operating systems versions for devices available, businesses face new and/or complex management challenges for mobility. Access to company resources from devices can also bring new threats to the security of the company. The AirWatch Mobile Device Management lets businesses address these challenges using a simple, efficient way of viewing and managing devices from a single and central admin console. You can also enroll devices quickly, configure and update settings over the air, and offer security for mobile devices. It also manages diverse device sets such as iOS, Android, Mac OS, Apple, Windows, and Symbian from a single admin console.

Easy on boarding and configuration

You can use AirWatch to add new devices easily and quickly provision policies and apps without involving IT admin. Devices can be configured with bulk provisioning programs like Knox Mobile Enrollment, Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), and Android zero-touch enrollment. You can also deploy internal, public or bulk-purchased apps automatically to devices or an enterprise app catalog for install on-demand. Users can be allowed to self-activate devices upon entering their company credentials in an onboarding workflow for MDM. You can also connect to enterprise VPN, WiFi, email, intranet, content, and other backend resources, and configure MDM policies for device layout, restrictions, settings access, and notifications plus much more. You can also assign based on ownership type or operating system.

Device and data security

AirWatch lets you protect company information through security for mobile devices, and data loss prevention policies (DLPs). You can also enable device level and data encryption or hardware security policies like biometrics or TPM, prevent loss of data with app sharing permissions, geofencing policies or copy/paste restrictions. AirWatch also allows you to enforce an app or device level passcode with history or complexity requirements, monitor for jailbroken devices or malware threats and remediate automatically with a device wipe, remote lock or quarantine controls that are customizable for devices. Policies can be configured such as device pairing, app blacklists, TLS enforcement, and WiFi security among others.

Asset inventory and management

Manage all endpoints while getting full visibility from a single admin console across corporate-owned, BYO, and line of business ownership models. You can also capture detailed analytics using granular device, report templates, and console and app event logging. Delegating management across regions, divisions, and departments is also possible using AirWatch multi-tenant architecture and RBACs. It also has DataMart integration so you can export deployment analytics to third party business intelligence solutions. Finally, AirWatch gives you real time MDM analytics on deployment from role-based and modular dashboards by apps, devices, security, email and telecom among others.

Remote support and troubleshooting

With AirWatch, you can enable remote controls and commands to troubleshoot devices easily, request information on devices and perform remote commands like send message, clear passcode, perform device or enterprise wipe, and lock device. Users get self-service access to basic capabilities like passcode reset for alleviation of IT ticket requests. You can also troubleshoot devices with remote control so as to view device screens and get access to command prompts, file manager and much more.



VMware Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides this service through its powerful features for securing and managing devices across your organization. These include:

Single Management Console

VMware AirWatch has the HTML5, an admin console that is web-based and lets you gain visibility into all devices enrolled in the company that are either owned by the company, employee, or are shared devices, regardless of the type of device or platform.

Global Architecture

Organization groups in AirWatch offers a way that is streamlined to manage all devices and users. Directory services integration such as LDAP/AD lets you import existing directory services structure into VMware AirWatch MDM. Any changes in these are synced, multiple domains in a single organization group supported, and each of these groups get to have different device apps, profiles and content.

Easy Device Enrollment

AirWatch has an enrollment process with a simple and consistent enrollment for all popular and major platforms, that lets admins and end users enroll devices via AirWatch Agent, email, SMS, or QR code. Users can be authenticated using directory services credentials, username/password, SAML, token/proxy authentication methods. Users can also be prompted to accept a Terms of Use agreement that is customized, before they can access company resources on their devices.

Custom Device Profiles

Profiles let you define settings for the enterprise, restrictions and policies for devices without the need for user interaction. Profiles can be assigned based on the operating system or the ownership of the device and deployed to individual or group of users. Profiles available include restrictions, passcodes, VPN, WiFi, email, apps and much more.

Automated Compliance

AirWatch monitors for unauthorized users continuously, plus risks and other compromised devices. Admins can track in real time the device compliance using AirWatch compliance engine. Once threats are identified, IT admins get alerts and access to enterprise apps, email and resources are automatically blocked based on predefined actions and escalations.

Real-time Dashboards

Dashboards in AirWatch are used to give admins quick views into real time data deployment via the admin console. They can view high level graphical representations of their deployment, a list of enrolled devices (comprehensive) and drill down to specific user and device details. The AirWatch Hub which is a central and customizable portal for quick access to crucial data, gives details like apps, compliance, email and much more.

Device Commands and Messaging

You can demand devices to request information or send commands to perform actions. Commands can be clear passcode, device query, lock device, send message, set roaming, sync device, remote view, find device, and perform an enterprise or device wipe.

Advanced Logging and Reporting

With AirWatch, you can record console and device events so as to capture information for system monitoring in detail, while viewing logs in the export or console reports. AirWatch provides extensive capabilities for reporting, with actionable and results-driven stats on your deployment. There are more than 80 report templates and custom reports available. DataMart also offers export data capabilities to third party solutions for business intelligence. Snapshots of key data can be created in DataMart, or export the data in .CSV file format for provision of trend analysis.



AirWatch powers Workspace ONE which comes in three pricing plans. A free 30 day trial for users is also available to test run its features, after which you can select from one of the following plans priced monthly:

Standard: $3.61 per device; $6.18 per user month-to-month

  • SDK internal app management
  • Mobile, laptop, rugged and wearable devices management
  • Seamless app access using one-touch single sign on
  • Unified app catalog for access by enterprise app

Advanced: $5.67 per device; $10.30 per user month-to-month

  • Containerized productivity apps – content, email, people and browser search
  • Advanced (PCLM Solution) Windows 10 Unified Endpoint Management
  • Monitoring of telecom usage
  • Advanced networking security requirements and per-app VPN

Enterprise: $23.71 per user month-to-month

  • Windows app delivery across endpoint operating systems for corporate apps
  • Access for remote users to enterprise apps without touching the network

VMware AirWatch MDM management suites are available:

Green Suite: $4.64 per device month-to-month

  • Custom App Catalog
  • Mobile Device Management

Orange Suite: $5.48 per device month-to-month

  • Mobile Device Management
  • VMware Boxer
  • Custom App Catalog

Blue Suite: $6.87 per device month-to-month

  • VMware Content Locker Standard
  • Identity Management
  • VMware Browser
  • Mobile Device Management
  • VMware PIV-d Manager
  • Custom App Catalog
  • VMware Boxer

Yellow Suite: $10.04 per device month-to-month

  • VMware Boxer
  • Identity Management
  • VMware Content Locker Advanced
  • Telecom Management
  • VMware Content Locker Standard
  • Mobile Device Management
  • VMware Browser
  • Custom App Catalog
  • VMware PIV-d Manager

Technical Details

Devices: Android, iPhone/iPad, Web-based

Languages: English, Turkish, Dutch

Pricing Model: Monthly payment

Customer Type: Small and medium business; Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted; Open API

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