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Full Vision Helpdesk Customer Service Software Review – All You Need to Know About Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk
Vision Helpdesk

What is Vision Helpdesk?

In today’s fast-paced exchange of goods and services, customer service should also be prompt and timely. This is what Vision Helpdesk aims to provide to businesses – a system that will ensure only the most efficient type of customer service is given to clients.

With a reliable customer support software, businesses can have a central ticketing system to help their customers in reaching them for assistance. Consumers love a great customer service and support that makes one feel special. A good customer service does not only help a business to thrive by receiving good reviews. It also aids the company in developing its services to become better based on the needs of the market. That is what Vision Helpdesk promises to pursue.


Vision Helpdesk is like a one-stop shop platform that caters to the needs of businesses whether its a startup or a pro in the field. Vision Helpdesk was conceptualized in 2007 as the flagship product of JPK Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The company is the pioneer in Satellite Help Desk that allows users to manage their customer support in multiple companies or brands.

The type of customer service that a company offers can make or break a brand – whether for a budding business or an established company. Businesses need to be available to answer a customer’s concern. It is easier using Vision Helpdesk because its significant feature is its capability to house various channels of communications including chats, emails, calls, and social media sites, without the user having to switch between different applications.

Using only one platform, users are able to house all their customer support services saving them time and resources. It uses a central help desk that makes it possible to boost a company’s productivity. When you have everything on your palm, answering queries and assisting with troubleshooting of your product’s feature is easier. You can keep track of your customer’s issues making sure you have not missed anything.

 Vision Helpdesk

Even if a business entity only has a single company, but manages different brands, Vision Helpdesk provides a centralized customer support system that can be customized to fit the needs of each brand with its own customer service portal. The database is also kept solely for each brand and company. The database is secured and access is available only to those who were given permission to view and edit data. This enables a user to manage business using a top of the line organizing capacity.

The software simplifies the tasks of the customer service team and provides them with extensive tools they need to improve the way they relate to consumers. Many users find Vision Helpdesk’s design as simple and easy to navigate, while it can provide jam-packed features.

Since 2011, Vision Helpdesk is a PINKVerify Certified IT service management tool (ITSM) which assures users that they are getting a software tool that can support their initiatives in processing improvements. PINKVerify certification holders were assessed based on the functionality, terminology, integration,  workflows, and documentation. Only those with quality tools and regarded highly in the IT community earn can acquire PINKVerify certification.

Before its development, the software developers envisioned to provide a comprehensive line of features that will simplify a company’s interaction with the consumers. More than a decade after its inception, Vision Helpdesk has provided a great deal of user control over the organization’s flow of information assuring greater customer satisfaction.

Just this year, the company released the fifth version of Vision Helpdesk that is found to be more mobile-friendly with enhanced features. Its first version was released in 2008 and from 2000 user in 2010, it now has 15,000 satisfied users. In 2016, Finances Online awarded Vision Helpdesk with the Expert’s Choice and Supreme Software awards. The following year, it also recognized the software’s user-friendly interface with the Great User Experience Award.

Vision Helpdesk Benefits

Using Vision Helpdesk provides businesses with a string of features that received a QASL and PINKVerify certifications assuring users that the tools provided will greatly help in providing excellent customer support. For those who want to make customer support more accessible to their customers, Vision Helpdesk is a tool to do the job.

It can also boost the job performance of company agents by making it easy for them to collect and file data and consolidate all the information related to customer service. Those who want to improve their customer service will also find the software a helpful resource tool to make you more adept to provide the needs of your clients.

Vision Helpdesk platform helps streamline the workflow of the organization by enabling customer service agents to manage their multiple tasks with ease. It can easily create a task in which users can track easily and assign to multiple team members in less than a minute. Each staff with access on the task can also write comments and recurring assignments can be set up whether the team has to do it daily, weekly, or monthly.

Aside from a more organized workflow, team members also collaborate better using Vision Helpdesk through the tool, called Blabby. Through this tool, team members can discuss issues and share files related to how they can provide better service to clients. With a messenger feature for team members, there is no need to use other messaging applications and all work-related files are kept in-tact.

Accessibility to clients is also one of the key features of Vision Helpdesk. The software supports various channels enabling customers to contact support teams easily. The platform integrates a business’s social networking sites, email management software, live chat functions, and even VoIP systems to its customer portal. Without the need of jumping from one application or software to another, the organization’s customer service will be easier to manage and more accessible to clients.

Vision Helpdesk also provides one platform for those who manage multiple businesses or brands. This enables users to save a lot of resources as there is no need to spend on multiple licenses for each brand, product or company. The platform provides a central helpdesk which can be customized to suit each product or brand’s help desk.

All these tools enable the customer service team to improve their operations and enhance their performance. Vision Helpdesk also has data reporting and analytics features that give insights on how the team carried out their task. The software modernizes and professionalizes how businesses deal with clients. We all know that better customer satisfaction leads to a company’s growth with increased profitability.

 Vision Helpdesk

Vision Helpdesk Features

Task Management – Using Vision Helpdesk enables the customer service team to work together more cohesively. It provides a platform where a user can create a task that is easily trackable and can be assigned to other team members. Agents who can see the task posted may write comments and task creator can get alert notifications to track updates when a member adds a comment or a new task is created. The task created may also collect files that can easily be attached through the comments. This feature allows the organization to set priorities and identify urgent tasks ensuring that everyone’s hands are on the deck where they are needed. The task management feature can also set up recurring tasks on a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule. If a user wants to locate a task history, the filter feature will also come in handy to sort tasks according to its status and priority.

Satellite Help Desk – With a satellite helpdesk, everything a business needs is housed in one roof. Vision Helpdesk has Multi-Company and Multi-Brand Help Desk. The software supports a single help desk that is can be customized for each product, brand or company of a user. It has multiple languages support that reflects the brand identity offered in a specific region and pools information offered in various languages to cater to the global market. The platform also allows users to set up different business hours, ticket automation policies, and other features for each brand and company. With a multiple customer portal on a users palm, management is proven to be a lot easier and efficient.

Multi-channel Help Desk – With the multichannel help desk feature, customer support teams do not have to switch from an application to another just to contact their clients. The feature enables clients to create and send tickets via email, chat, phone call, Facebook and Twitter, making the whole process of receiving inquiries more organized.

 Vision Helpdesk

Ticket Billing – Vision Helpdesk has a ticket billing and time tracking features. Invoices can be created right from the ticket. The creation of an invoice is also easier with the tax setup feature and the software’s ability to create invoices for customers,  meaning they can purchase a billing package directly from the client portal. It also supports various currencies. The payment gateway supports credit card and Paypal payments, too.

Blabby – The software also has its own messaging tool to promote better collaboration among team members. With Blabby, staff members can share any file such as videos, images, and documents. Blabby can be very helpful to share knowledge and discuss issues among customer service agents. Sharing private information is also secured and teams can create a “blab” for a big group or for a few members only.

Help Desk Gamification – This feature is useful to help set achievement levels to help motivate team members in achieving a target or a goal in a specific period. Once users gamify the help desk, they can set up their custom achievement levels for team members, add different quests using badges, encourage performance by enabling a member to show a badge on his profile, track leaders and winners when quest reports are generated, and view emerging team leaders based on their levels and achievements.

Aside from these, Vision Helpdesk also has Core Help Desk Features, Extend Help Desk Functionality, Service Desk Features, which help a team manage their daily customer support service


Currently, Each type of license of Vision Helpdesk has different price packages available in both Saas and Download. A user who purchases the Saas Cloud License only pays for the service and does not have to install the application since everything remains on the Vision Helpdesk’s AWS Cloud Servers. Download license, on the other hand, requires hosting the platform on the users’ own server and requires MySql, PHP, and IonCube to run.

 Vision Helpdesk

SAAS Cloud License (Available in US/UK/EU)

The SAAS Cloud License comes in five types of pricing packages that come in monthly and annual subscriptions, including:

  • Starter Help Desk at $12 per agent per month with an annual billing or $15 per agent per month for a monthly subscription.
  • Pro Help Desk at $20 per agent per month billed annually or $25 per agent per month when billed monthly.
  • Satellite Help Desk at $24 per agent per month billed annually or $30 per agent per month for a monthly subscription.
  • Pro Service Desk at $32 per agent per month for annual billing or $40 per agent per month for a monthly subscription.
  • Ent Service Desk at $48 per agent per month for annual billing or $60 per agent per month for a monthly subscription.

Recurring License

Like the Saas Cloud License, Recurring License also has five types of pricing package depending on the size and need of a business. It offers monthly and annual subscriptions.

  • Starter Help Desk at $8 per agent per month with an annual billing or $10 per agent per month for a monthly subscription.
  • Pro Help Desk at $16 per agent per month billed annually or $20 per agent per month when billed monthly.
  • Satellite Help Desk at $20 per agent per month billed annually or $25 per agent per month for a monthly subscription.
  • Pro Service Desk at $24 per agent per month for annual billing or $30 per agent per month for a monthly subscription.
  • Ent Service Desk at $32 per agent per month for annual billing or $40 per agent per month for a monthly subscription.

One-Time License

  • Starter Help Desk at $200 per agent
  • Pro Help Desk at $400 per agent
  • Satellite Help Desk at $500 per agent
  • Pro Service Desk at $600 per agent
  • Ent Service Desk at $800 per agent

 Vision Helpdesk

Technical Details

Supported Devices

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based

Supported Language

  • English
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Dutch
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Turkish
  • Swedish

Pricing Subscription

  • Monthly
  • One-time
  • Annual

Types of Customers

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business


  • Cloud-based
  • On-premise

Support Details

Vision Helpdesk developers assist users to troubleshoot issues with an easy navigation page dedicated to giving support. The website also has various articles to provide them training materials, including Frequently Asked Questions, Vision Helpdesk Documentation, and Vision Helpdesk Developer API among others. It also supports teams via emails, tickets and live chat. For those who want to try the software, Vision Helpdesk also offers a free trial for 30 days.