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Full Virtuous CRM Donor Management Software Review — All You Need to Know About Virtuous CRM


Virtuous CRM is a nonprofit marketing, CRM, and donor management platform. The tool provides an integrated solution for helping non-profits boost their giving efforts and build better relationships with the community.

At a glance, Virtuous CRM appears to take care of a lot at once. You can automate your email marketing efforts, connect your favorite digital tools, and there’s even a personalization element in place.

When we first looked at the Virtuous website, we were impressed. This platform provides a slick design and several high-tech features that flip the underfunded, low tech rep of the non-profit on its head.

Here, we’re looking at Virtuous CRM as a piece of donor management software. We’ll see how it compares to the competition and whether its a worthwhile investment for non-profits who need to consider every dollar of spend.

What is Virtuous CRM?

Virtuous CRM is a powerful, all-in-one non-profit management software. The platform combines a digital marketing and analytics process and a CRM, allowing organizations to keep track of donors and expand their reach.

Virtuous CRM lets users create custom searches and tailor workflows based on customer segments. You can use the platform to monitor donor activity, automate emails, and manage tasks.

Additional features include things like list-building and reporting, built right into the system. Meaning, there’s no need for spreadsheets and tedious manual reporting. You’ll also have access to granular data, there to inform your outreach efforts and email marketing campaigns.

In all, the platform seems like it boasts a strong selection of tools that stand to give non-profits a technological edge. Most notably, features like personalized donor management and data collection really stood out. What’s more, you’ll also be able to take advantage of email marketing features on par with any CRO software.

Below, we’ll look closely at the features and benefits associated with Virtuous CRM.


Personalized Donor Communications

Identify donors by their passions, their affiliations, and communication preferences. Within your Virtuous CRM portal, you’ll be able to tag your donors so that you can communicate with them according to their preferences.

While this platform doesn’t handle high-level segmentation and dynamic content, this solution should give you control over messaging. The platform aims to help non-profits grow their giving program by providing insights. And here, you’ll have enough of those insights to help you improve your strategy.

Know Where You Stand with Each Donor

Virtuous is ideal for nonprofit development work, namely in keeping track of donors, gifts, and outreach efforts. The various reporting features serve as a way to build relationships through email marketing and calls.


Contact Management

Contact management is the core of any CRM, whether you’re in sales or non-profit. And with Virtuous CRM, you can manage contacts by household, tag donors by interests, passions, or personas, and relate givers to one another—creating giving networks comprised of people connected.

Communication Logging

Manage your donor notes along with picots and document attachments. Due to the ability to store notes within the CRM, you’ll be able to make better decisions about your communications moving forward. Leverage this knowledge to inform your marketing campaigns and create tasks associated with users or groups. Or, simply use it to ensure you never miss an opportunity to thank a donor for a gift or acknowledge their attendance at an event.

Project and Impact Tracking

Track your funding goals and impact, as well as all of the associated expenses for your projects.

This feature allows you to create customized project templates that match your efforts and organization. Store images for each project and attach gifts to funds and general ledger codes to make things easier on your accounting team.

Project reporting is easy to set up and understand. Get a summary report that tracks all projects in one place or drill down into specific campaigns for more visibility.

Either way, you’ll be able to access project-based analytics you can send to board members and other stakeholders. No more reporting via Excel sheets.

Track Engagement

Virtuous CRM tracks donors across multiple touchpoints. You’ll collect information based on their interactions with your email marketing efforts, Facebook, Twitter, what they said in your last phone call, and so on.

The point is, the program allows you to view a rich history of activity—-you can create notes that correspond with critical information and add a photo and other pieces of data that allow you to tailor your engagement efforts on a personal level.

Gift Tracking

The gift tracking features lets you look at your donors from a financial perspective.

Not only will you see how much each household has contributed to your organization, but you’ll also get a snapshot of how many people are in this person’s network, a well as how many dollars were contributed from the network.

You’ll see lifetime giving records and can set up recurring and planned gifts, as well as reach out to relate a gift to multiple givers.

Donor Life Cycle

If you navigate away from the dashboard, within the marketing automation section, you’ll be able to set up workflows that correspond with your email campaigns.

Divide contacts by donors and non-donors, tag them with other designations like first time donor, sustaining donors, etc. This section allows you to view all categories in a simple, linear presentation. And, you’ll also be able to look at actions. For example, you can see who opened, called, donated, etc.

Lead Scoring and Predictive Analytics

Lead scoring allows non-profits to rank their donors based on their financial and relational value to your organization. The lead score serves as a way to rank the likelihood someone will donate to the organization. It also helps inform outreach efforts. Thus giving organizations a better sense of when it’s appropriate to reach out.

This feature tracks everything from family data, social media activity, wealth, giving background, and more.

Email Marketing

Virtuous’ email marketing features allow you to automate follow-ups with donors and track their activity across marketing campaigns. Like other SaaS tools with an email marketing component, Virtuous includes a drag and drop editor. This tool lets you build emails and customize emails without any coding knowledge.

When you’ve got your email, put together, and it’s time to set up the campaign, merge your donor info into the system and personalize communications based on demographics or donation history.

Virtuous Campaigns

Campaigns in Virtuous are the top category in a hierarchy that consists of the campaign, the communication, and the relevant segments. A campaign is something like a membership drive or an effort to raise money to build a new community center.

The tool allows you to create campaigns that cover the category—like the membership drive example in the below chart. You’ll create a chart that shows how you’ll reach out to potential donors—by email segment. This allows you to craft different messages for new donors versus regulars.

What’s more, the campaign workflows allow you to consider the full marketing effort. So, mailers and events belong in the same workflow as emails. All efforts work together, whether in person, via snail mail, or on the web.


Pricing breaks down into three tiers, divided by small, medium, and large-sized organizations. This platform may feel a bit expensive for some organizations operating on a higher budget, but this solution seems more comprehensive than many of the competing options out there.

All plans come with donor management, relationship management, task management, search and export, events, tracking, notes, gifts, pledges, project management, and more.

Each plan includes access to the CRM, plus the Virtuous Marketing and Virtuous Giving platforms.

We’re not sure why the three programs are divided this way, as they all were built to work together. It doesn’t matter, but it just made things a bit confusing during our look around the site.

That said, the more you pay, the more features you’ll get. Here’s a quick look at the pricing breakdown.

Standard, $199 per month

The standard plan supports 1000 contacts for $199 per year. If you go over that limit, you’ll pay an additional $8 a month for every 100 contacts over the limit.

This platform supports up to five users, provides custom donor fields, and basic email marketing.

Pro, $449 per month

The pro plan supports up to 5000 contacts and will charge an extra $33 per month per every 1000 additional contacts.

You’ll get everything from the standard plan, plus some additional features.

These extras include full marketing automation, email engagement tracking, advanced email marketing features. You’ll now have access to Outlook and Gmail integrations, unlimited custom fields, and unlimited users. Send up to 25,000 emails a month for free or pay an additional $2 per every 1000 of additional emails.

Enterprise, $849 per month

The Enterprise solution is $849 a month. The plan now supports 30,000 contacts, plus access to a dedicated database, a success coach, chapter support, independent fundraiser support.

You can send up to 100,000 emails a month and pay an additional $1 per every 1000 emails if you go over the limit. Bulk pricing is available for those sending over 1M emails.

Technical Specifications

Virtuous CRM is a cloud-based solution, so you don’t need to download anything to get started with the tool. It’s probably a bit complicated to work in Virtuous via mobile phone, so a desktop/laptop with an updated browser is likely your best bet.


Virtuous CRM supports integrations with third-party platforms like MailChimp, Gmail, Eventbrite, WordPress, Stripe, and Hubspot.

Who is this For?

This platform is suited for all kinds of NGOs ranging from higher education and animal welfare to human services, health, and more. The site mentions a long list of the types of organizations they work with. And, it seems like any donation-based organization could benefit from the tool.

Keep in mind though; the platform starts at $200 a month, which may be slightly out of reach for some organizations.

Support Details

Virtuous CRM’s site contains a ton of information for users that need help with the technology side of their non-profit activity.

Users can easily learn more about marketing automation, using a CRM, and collecting donor data. In all, we were impressed with the sheer volume of useful information, available to users for free.

Contact details, too, are posted on the page, and you can reach by phone, social media, email, or directly on the site. Schedule a demo or just ask a few questions before signing up.

Here’s a look at some of the resources you’ll find on the website.

Non-Profit CRM Guide

The non-profit CRM guide is Virtuous’ way of making a case for their platform. It’s a pretty long piece of content, aimed at helping users understand why they need a CRM system in the first place.

From there, they look at how to choose the right platform, which tools to look for, and more. Even better, looking at this guide clarifies some points on how the platform works.


The Modern Non-Profit Fundraiser (MFN) Podcast aims to help non-profit staff boost their donor development and marketing efforts. The podcast features top fundraisers in the field, there to talk about their strategy. Topics range from using storytelling to build relationships to multichannel marketing efforts aimed at getting your message to the right people.

Free Resources

Virtuous CRM provides several materials that give nonprofits a short tutorial on things like digital marketing, fundraising and more. Download eBooks, watch webinars and more.

These resources come in the form of a few different content styles. There’s an ebook centered on Digital Fundraising, a webinar on non-profit technology challenges, and tips for writing better emails. In all, we thought this was a nice lineup of content that focuses in on key issues.

What’s the Verdict on Virtuous CRM?

There’s a lot to love about Virtuous CRM. The company brings an attractive interface to the table, loaded with the tools needed to build relationships with donors and improve their promotion efforts.

The platform is user-friendly and comes with great customer service and positive reviews from users from all types of NGO backgrounds.

We were impressed by the company’s efforts to educate their audience base, as well as the robust selection of the features themselves. In sum, we felt that everything came together nicely. The user experience, too, felt sleek, modern, and relevant to the space. As such, any non-profit is bound to get great results.