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Full VideoStudio Video Editing Software Review – All You Need to Know About VideoStudio


What is VideoStudio?

VideoStudio is an industry-leading video creation software that energizes videographers and producers alike to come up with exquisite videos and films for friends and family as well as their online audience. Sparked by its easy and uniquely creative timeline, the multi-dimensional video production program makes it enjoyable and easy to tell stories in videos and transform photos and clips into movies. In addition, video creators can also leverage its drag-and-drop filters to add fun effects to their videos as well as customize those effects to get the look they want.

VideoStudio Benefits

While it exhibits basic editing equipment such as timeline and storyboard editing, the greatest asset of VideoStudio comes in its ability to satiate fledgling video editors with high-end video editing tools that are staunchly designed to allow them to produce strokes of genius. Roused by its high-powered split-screen templates, the well-rounded video editing software makes it possible for video enthusiasts to display multiple video streams simultaneously. Mostly split-screen is utilized by news outlets weather reports but users can also leverage the program’s split-screen capabilities in drumming up attractive promotional videos or creating a slideshow of their most recent trip.

Consequently, the flourishing on-premise solution is further gentrified by its deftness to build customizable split-screen layouts thanks to the Template Creator. Besides that, VideoStudio also comes with a multiskilled stop-motion animation functionality that gives the means for users to see a fluid presentation of an animated video, commercial or film. By simply plugging in their camera on their Windows devices and accessing VideoStudio, video producers are able to cook up a frame-by-frame stop-motion animation to create an illusion of movement as they place a collection of frames continuously.

At one glance, stop-motion animation can appear to be an appalling task but with the right equipment, the end results can be phenomenal. Thanks to its auto-capture settings and innovative grid tools, video creators can now make it paltrier to synthesize controlled motions. Interestingly enough, VideoStudio also flaunts a track transparency tool that capacitates users to smoothly calibrate the opacity of their tracks directly in the timeline to display a multiplex of clips all at once.


By the same token, product users can likewise conjure up routine fade in, fade out, and superimposed effects on the timeline in less than no time. Dynamized by its lens correction tools, the powerful video editing software facilitates video creators to eliminate distortion or fisheye effects that are captured by action and wide-angle cameras and let them concentrate the fun part of video editing. Subsequently, users who are utilizing GoPro cameras can take full advantage of VideoStudio by fine-tuning adjustments and presets on their respective videos.

Likewise, VideoStudio is girded with time remapping and proxy editing utensils that work conjointly to not only add slow motion or high-speed effects but also turn low-resolution files into high-quality clips before rendering out videos. Adjacently, users can also freeze the action as well as reverse and replace scenes to directly pinpoint low-quality shots. Moreover, the tried-and-tested video editing platform is also flexible enough to work with virtually any type of media from MP4 and 3GP to MPEG2 and H.264.

So whether video creators are using Canon, GoPro, Nikon, or Sony, the versatile on-premise video editing program makes it quicker for users to import their files in VideoStudio wherein they can design and edit freely. Additionally, users can likewise crop or resize their videos as well as preview their media into the screen pane wherein they can drag a corner handle to maintain the aspect ratio and pull the sizing handles on the crop rectangle to set the crop area. Consequentially, VideoStudio also lets video creators to lug the crop area to a new position with the assistance of the pointer that is located inside the crop rectangle.

Other than that, VideoStudio is also decked with more than 400 video overlay effects that can be added to video transitions in order to create business-like broadcast titles and top-notch motion graphics animations. Impressively, users can carve out conventional 2D and 3D titles that are brimming with custom fills, bevels, and styles as well as contrive exceptional titles in seconds by employing one of more than 100 templates. Likewise, the potent video creation software lets videographers customize colors and texts to develop results that are beyond their realm of thinking.


In addition, the well-built video editing software can likewise remove the shake and stabilize videos from handheld cameras for a cleaner and smoother outcome. Supercharged by its mask creator component, VideoStudio provides the means for users to not only hide selected areas on their videos but also leverage brush and shape utensils to characterize and adjust a masked area as well as add selective colors and apply effects such as blurring, grayscale, and saturation into it. Further, video creators can also construct and customize the movement of tiles and graphics to a defined path so that they can introduce or emphasize elements on their video.

What makes VideoStudio most ideal for professional video editors is it savviness to edit 360-degree videos in a flash. With its 360-degree video editing functionalities, users are not only able to trim, add titles or graphics, and enhance clips but also export videos to view them on their virtual reality headsets or 360 video players. Addedly, the prospering video editing software can likewise upload 360-degree videos directly to YouTube, Vimeo, or even Facebook for faster sharing.

That along with its skill to support all popular 360-cameras, the industry-leading video creation software makes it wielder for filmmakers to work well with 360 spherical video formats such as fisheye, equirectangular, and dual fisheye. Sequentially, users can also convert their 360 clips into standard videos for easier playback on standard video players and televisions. Besides that, VideoStudio is further strengthened by its adeptness to not only burn videos into DVD discs but also share movies as well as export vertical or videos to game consoles and Apple and Android devices.


Buttressed by its robust live screen capture module, the powerful video conversion software gives the green light for moviemakers to record their screen as well as capture system and microphone audio to propagate training videos and content for school and business presentations. Additionally, amateur video editors can further improve their editing skills by adding transitions, filters, overlays, animated titles, and other drag-and-drop effects to their videos. Among the available transitions and filters in VideoStudio include but are not only finite to the 3D Pizza Boxes, Accordion, 3D Confetti, Box, Charcoal, Bubble, and Active Camera.

On top of that, VideoStudio is geared with an omnipotent multi-cam video editor, which is responsible for coherently combining, syncing, and editing footages from numerous cameras. With its multi-cam editor, users can tell their story in multiple angles as it lets them select the angle they want to show while their video plays. Making its multi-cam editor stand out from the typical video editing equipment is its artistry to combine up to six angles in one masterpiece.

Furthermore, the rugged video editing software also banks on its basic yet improved editing tools to generate faster and desirable results. Powered by its timeline editing element, VideoStudio calibrates the height of each track to help users make the most of their editing space and concentrate on the details to trim and edit videos or even mute the whole track with one click. Not to be outdone is its chapter and cue points which work hand in hand to instantly reference points of interest and drop cue points as well as DVD chapter points directly in the timeline with innovative hotkeys that can be exercised in editing videos on the fly.

In addition to everything else, VideoStudio also reinforces video creators in producing Hollywood-like clips through its expandable windows which allows them to work in a larger canvas and get closer to their edits with a full-screen view. Fired up by its blossoming and groundbreaking dual window controls, the forward-looking video editing software enables filmmakers to view the preview pane, library, and editor mode in one glance as well as detach windows to work smoothly throughout multiple screens. Besides that, product users can further maximize the potential of the software by customizing their workspace and set up quick entry to their most frequently used tools for easy access.


VideoStudio Features

VideoStudio is loaded with highly-touted video editing features that include mask camera, multi-camera editor, stop-motion animation, numerous filters and effects, time remapping, track transparency, all-inclusive 360-degree editing suite, dual windows, chapter and cue points, split-screen video, and motion path customization. Additionally, the versatile video creation suite is likewise mobilized with a chroma-keying tool, which gives the way for film editors to acclimate how overlay objects harmonize with the background. Other than that, the chroma-keying tool can also be utilized in filming against a blue or green screen to compare the subject against a distinctive background.

In relation with the chroma-keying utensil, moviemakers can further benefit from VideoStudio by utilizing its eye-dropper tool, which can be found under the Chroma Key button. With its eye-dropper tool, users can select a color from their video in the preview window and apply Gamma, Max, or Minimum effects to get their desired look. Vivified by its motion tracking tools, the vibrant video editing, and creation software allows product purchasers to monitor an object as well as add moving graphics, texts or blur license plates, logos, and faces in their videos.

Aside from its video editing apparatus, VideoStudio also boasts high-quality audio tools that include audio ducking, which has the capacity to systematically lower the background sounds to make narrations and dialogs clear. With audio ducking, video editors can elevate the quality of their videos fluently and effectively as it allows them to uplift the volume of an audio track at the same time that the other decreases. Likewise, users can edit audio ducking controls such as sensitivity, attack, decay, and ducking levels for an optimum performance.

Consequentially, the pungent video editing platform also makes it quicker for movie editors to coolly balance audio levels among selected clips or the whole track to keep the audio at a consistent level. Furthermore, users can likewise add royalty-free soundtracks to their timeline and have them electronically adapt to the length of their films. Rounding up the features of VideoStudio are smart guide alignment tools, Nvidia and Intel hardware acceleration technologies, pan and zoom, customizable icons, SD card support, rich video templates, and the split-screen video template creator.


Pricing Plans

VideoStudio extends videographers with two pricing bundles which include the VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 and the VideoStudio Pro 2018 packages. It also offers a 30-day free trial which is appareled with limited functionalities, third-party effects, and features. The VideoStudio Pro 2018 bundle, which costs $54.99, is dandified with workspaces and simplified user interfaces, creative effects including split-screen video, improvements to most popular editing tools, lens correction tools, and 360-degree video editing. On the other hand, the VideoStudio Ultimate 2018 option includes everything in the Pro bundle plus 3D title editor, premium plugins and video effects, split-screen video template creator, video stabilization tools and mask creator as well as additional formats and support all for a one-time payment of $79.99.

Technical Details

While VideoStudio only works on Windows devices, it more than makes up for its losses through its multilingual support as it can be accessed in diversified languages such as English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Italian, and Dutch. It also supports deployment on on-premise environments and caters to clients ranging from small and medium businesses to large enterprises.


Support Details

VideoStudio is draped with a user-friendly customer support team that presents product purchasers with email support and live chat support. In addition, videographers can also report app-related problems and recommend suggestions to developers through its responsive ticketing system. Other than that, users can also turn to its VideoStudio Learning Center to obtain access to video tutorials, how-to articles, and user guides. Concludingly, the pluridimensional video editing software also features a Community Page wherein videographers can swap tips and techniques, ask questions, and connect with other users.