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Full VideoPad Video Editing Software Review – All You Need to Know About VideoPad


What is VideoPad?

Are you in need of a video editing software but does not have the budget to buy a software? VideoPad Video Editor is a free video editing software to help you create professional looking videos and movies. It is perfect for beginners who want to learn.

So what makes it ideal for learning video editing? First of all of the application is simple and easy to use without being too basic. If you want to learn how to compose a video, this software should work well.

VideoPad comes with a complete interface including a double built-in screen. One of these screens will be used to preview the clips you have imported, and the other is to check the sequence of the completed video. It also includes a timeline that allows you to edit both the video and the audio once they are already imported. If you want to add effects to your videos, you can add light, images (blank or screen), colors, text snippets and transitions. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and features of this software.

VideoPad Benefits

Intuitively designed – VideoPad is designed as a complete video editor. It is made for professional quality videos. And it can be used by beginners for learning composition of basic videos.     

The software can also be used in creating for different platforms including DVD, Youtube, and others.

Versatility – If you want to burn movies to DVD and Blu-ray, VideoPad also allows you to do exactly that. It can also allow you to export your videos for online use. And most of all, it can help you save a video to your portable device for a more convenient uploading. This software basically supports all commonly used video formats. And it works almost seamlessly.

Fast-editing – One of the challenges of video editing is the deadline. If you are dealing with a deadline and wanted to download the video fast so that you can edit them easily, VideoPad offers the feature that you need. You can import videos from your DV camcorder, VHS, GoPro, webcam and edit them effortlessly.

Amazing visuals – The key to making the best video is it should be visually pleasing. The transitions should be seamless and the visual effects should be breathtaking. VideoPad offers more than 50 visual and transition effects. This feature will make all your clips come together as one.

Free editing software – This is perhaps the best benefit of the software. If you need to make a video or movie but you are on a tight budget, this app is a perfect alternative to those popular video editing tools that you can get for a very expensive amount. 


VideoPad Features

Create movie – This is the feature that allows you to save your project once it is finished. After finishing the project you can export the output to any format as needed. The exporting presets include presets depending on the on which platform you will be producing the video. You can save the video with presets including a video for PC, Mac, portable device and mobile phone.

Help – In case you get lost in working on the project. You don’t have to worry about getting to the next step because the software comes with an easy to follow Help section. It is a database of answers for all the possible queries.

Drag and drop video clips – This is a feature that most video editing software has but with VideoPad it gets a lot easier. It allows users to drag and drop the video clips they have selected. This is an easy editing process compared to the complicated steps that you will need to edit using other software.


Apply effects and transitions – Effects and transitions is the key to making a video or movie that the audience will not ignore. Having amazing effects and transitions in a video is essential especially if you are using the video for marketing purposes. Transition and effects also allow the editor to fic the video speed from one clip to another to make the rhythm match the tone of the video depending on its purpose.


3D video editing and 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion – Some editors need to convert files to what the video needs. There is a huge trend for 3D as of the moment. If you want to impress clients with amazing 3D videos, VideoPad is highly recommended.

Text overlay and captions –  A movie is not complete without its credits. Adding texts to your clip is oftentimes needed for informative videos and end credits of movies. VideoPad has overlay text for subtitles and for end credits to help you improve your presentation.

Chroma key green screen video production – If you need to add more effects to your videos you will need this feature. This effect makes your video look impressive and professional. There are tons of videos out there, keep the uniqueness of your videos with Chroma key green screen video production.


Effects template – This feature of VideoPad is effective for people who are not professional editors but would need to create video projects. The software is built with creative visual effects available for the editor to use for different types of projects. These templates also include text animations that you can use when editing the project’s title.

Digital audio tools – If you want your video to make an impact, then you should make your audio as good as the software will allow you. VideoPad enables the editor to import and mix the music that will match the clips. The tools are patterned to professional tools. It even includes audio effects including choral, echo, distortion and other popular effects. You can definitely create your own movie soundtrack with the mixing feature. If you do not have sounds or music recorded, you can also access the Sound Effect library which hosts a number of free and ready-to-use sound effects.

Video Optimization – If you want a sneak peek of what a preview of the professional tools, VideoPad provides you with the complete video optimization tools to fine-tune the colors, reverse the playback, reduce the shake from the raw video, playback, increase or reduce video speed, add images and plugins. The software offers to add a smooth transition between scenes, whether you want a crossfade, dissolve, zoom and other transitions.

Easy sharing feature – After you are done with the project, you can share with family and friends. There are different ways of sharing the videos. You can burn to a DVD so you can watch the videos on a screen. You can also share using Facebook or Youtube. You can also save to your PSP, iPod, iPhone, 3GP for mobile phone.


Technical details

VideoPad works on the following system:

  • iPhone/iPad version runs on iOS 6.0 or above
  • Runs on Windows 10, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1
  • Android version of this app can run on 2.3.3 or above
  • Mac OS X 10.5 and above
  • Runs on 64 bit Windows

Video and image formats support by VideoPad:

  • Imported Video – avi, mpeg, divX, mp4, wmv,mov, ogm, vob, Xvid, H.264, RM and others
  • Imported Images – jpg, bmp, png, tiff, gif, and others
  • Imported Audio – wav,  vox, m4a, mid, mp3, flac, wma, aac, au, ogg, aiff, raw, dvf and others

The output formats supported by VideoPad are:

  • If you want to burn to disc – CD, DVD or Blu-ray
  • If you want to export the video file – avi, mpg, wmv, 3gp, mov, mp4, mkv, YouTube, gif, iPod, Mobile Phone, PSP,
  • If you want to upload the video to YouTube – The app can save your login details and then upload the output videos directly to YouTube. It can also do the same upload to Facebook and Flickr.



The Editor Master’s plan with all of the features available, and with lots of audio tracks and various plugins can be purchased for a one time fee of $69.95. While the Home Edition, with all the complete features plus two good quality audio tracks is priced at $39.95.

VideoPad is also available for purchase a subscription. The Editor Master’s subscription Quarterly Plan is at $5.50 per month. It includes unlimited use of all professional version features. If you want to include more features, you can subscribe for upgrades at $16.50 per quarter.

If you are looking to buy more applications, you can purchase VideoPad in a package along with other products by the same developer.


Technical Support

VideoPad has a lot of users globally, and in order to provide technical support for all of them, the developer NCH has a created a very comprehensive and categorized help page on their website. This page is perfect for all users of the free version of this software. You can access the page, look for the category where the issue fits, and find the topic.

Once you have already purchased the premium version, the technical support can give you a walkthrough on how to properly use the software.

The technical support on the website is categorized into Video Tutorials, 360 Video, How to and General Support Questions. There is also a specific category for topics involving VideoPad for Android.

Since VideoPad is a video editing software for beginners, they have also added suggestions feature on their support page for those who want to use the software in a more convenient way than what it is already designed for.

If the user is unable to find the answers to their questions and problems on the user page. VideoPad also has a technical support team, you can contact. You can state the issue in details and send them an email. Their technical support is pretty reliable. They are able to cover different topics in the different aspects of the software.

What do users say about VideoPad?

Most of the users who were able to try VideoPad to create projects say that they are looking for software they can use for free. Aside from the software being free people love that this software is simple yet it gives you the result that you want. Another feature of this software that is a hit to its users is the Help section. When you edit a video, you want to edit your clips and audio, and not have to be frustrated when you get stuck at an issue. The technical support that comes with this free software is topnotch.


Support Details

VideoPad is indeed an effective alternative video editing software. It is a software worth checking out by beginners. The interface is very simple. If your goal is to compose great videos for marketing, education or personal use, VideoPad is ideal. You do not have to be an expert video editor to master its feature. You can focus on your composition. You can learn how to arrange your clips in a way that it tells your story or your message effectively. You do not have to focus on learning the technical features of the software anymore. This is a great factor when choosing video editing software, especially for beginners.

Out of all the available video editing software that could provide you with professional looking videos and movies, VideoPad is the least expensive. You can even use the editing software for free. The payment is only optional. The goal of most people when creating a video is to promote a product, and the amount it will cost you to buy other products will just be an additional cost to your mounting expenses. If you consider investing in a software that costs less but provides you with a quality feature, as a business which one would you choose?

VideoPad is also another way to enhance the creativity of those who want to take up video editing as a hobby. Video blogs are trendy. They can even get lucrative. If you are a hobbyist who wants to transition into making videos you can make money from, VideoPad is a great tool to help you achieve that goal. With so many video editing software out there available in the market, it always pays to make smart choices. VideoPad is definitely one of those smart choices.