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Full Vend POS Software Review – All you need to know about Vend

Vend POS software

In the year 2010, Vend retail POS system was taking part in a revolution. Vend POS software was a very powerful POS application that operated in the cloud, and this made it possible for your business to remain operational in the event of an internet outage. From this point onwards, Vend system has led the current trends and remains to be a leading user-friendly system in the market. Because of regular updates to Vend POS software, there are very few flaws associated with this retail POS system. The front end of Vend system provides a remarkable intuitiveness even to first-time users and the back-end features offer users virtually everything they should expect from a top-end software and at an affordable price.

Since Vend Company was launched, they have developed an inventory management system that is very impressive, an Omnichannel sales approach that provides both online and in-store capabilities, a comprehensive list of integrations with third-party tools, and a well-rounded retail-management solution.

Vend POS software has become a leading retail POS system because it is retail focused and offers a rich list of features which facilitate the smooth running of a store, and some of these features include innovative solutions such as its AI tool, scanner app, and Dott.

Provides of Vend system do not sell processing services or POS hardware and they don’t lure you into a trap of signing a lengthy lease or service contract on the promise of free equipment. With Vend POS software, you will purchase your equipment and make arrangements for processing services from other vendors and this allows you to find the best prices and value.

The retail POS system also integrates with several software applications and provides an API and this allows you to customize the system such that it meets the specific needs of your business and connects to the services that you are currently using.

And, what are the types of problems that Vend system can solve?  With Vend system, you can solve some of the most complex issues that are usually encountered by retailers and, which if left unchecked, would create negative impacts on revenue and sales. Some of these problems include the following.

Inventory management concerns

As a user of Vend retail POS system, you will be provided with reporting and management features that provide you with a clearer view of your inventory and this helps you determine what products are selling faster, and thus boost their sales. The in-built CRM plus loyalty tools included in Vend system improve customer experience, customer retention, and shopper spending.

Vend users are recognized for increasing their sales by an average of 1.7% after their first 12 months of using this application and this proves the efficacy of this system.

Stocking problems

With Vend POS software, you will have a better view of your business’ stocks and this allows you to maintain the accuracy of your inventory thus effectively lowering shrink. Vend can perform regular inventory counts and generate inventory reports and this gives users complete control over their stocks.

Admin time reduction

Vend system automates and streamlines most business activities and thus administrators can do more with less time. Most users have indicated that as admins, the system usually saves them around 5 hours every week.

What is Vend POS Software?

Vend POS software is a cloud-based retail point of sale software for retailers of different sizes and types. With this retail POS system, users can access tools that help them manage their customer experience, in addition to sales, customer data, inventory, and more.

Vend system is designed to work on multiple devices that include iPads, Macs, PCs and the system also has a dedicated iPad app. This retail POS system can also operate with a number of in-store hardware that includes barcode scanners, receipt printers, and cash drawers. When offline, users can still continue selling, and the system will automatically re-sync when it’s back online.

With Vend POS software, customers can use their mobile phone to check into a store or use their PayPal account to make payments.

Vend system - payments

As a user of Vend system, you can make inputs into the system using your mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen and you can also customize the POS screen in order to access popular products or actions. Other key features included in Vend POS software include tracking customer information, inventory management, integrations with Shopify, and sales reports.

With Vend system, users can operate their business while online, in-store or when they are on the move. Some of the most major functionalities associated with Vend POS software include eCommerce, inventory management, analytics, and customer loyalty. This system is known for its flexibility. It can enhance product management, track and organize customer data and its dashboards offer a clear view of sales and products.

Vend system

Vend retail POS system is highly customizable, and you can easily modify its POS screen to access key processes and items. The system is very easy to use and all you need is a web browser. The highly scalable platform can grow with your business. With Vend POS software, you will also be provided with premium functionalities that come as value-added options.

Benefits of Vend POS

As a powerful retail POS system, Vend POS provides its users with complete control over their sales operations and products. The system provides a lot of benefits to businesses some of which are lacking in average POS systems. Some benefits associated with Vend systems include the following.

With Vend system, you will sell more on every channel

Vend system will provide your customers with a beautiful, mobile checkout system that comes with digital receipts and different payment methods. Through enabling connecting the retail POS system to the e-commerce store that you like, you will be able to increase the sales of your most profitable products. You will be able to make orders and inventory, regardless of how you click, collect, or fulfill them.

Vend retail POS system - Sell screen guide

As a user of Vend retail POS system, customers will keep coming back

You can use Vend retail POS system to sign up customers to your loyalty program and you can use targeted promotions to keep them coming back. Vend system allows users to create lists of their customers, track their best spenders, and give rewards to them. Vend POS software keeps you close to the hearts and minds of your customers.

With Vend POS software, you’ll take control of your inventory

Vend makes it possible for you to know your position using partial or full inventory counts, and easily transfer or balance your inventory between different locations. Vend system allows you to quickly add products one by one or in thousands. Vend strives to make sure that you’re selling the right products, in the right places, and at the right time.

Vend’s reporting is magical

As a user of Vend POS software, you will be shown what brings you money and what doesn’t. In this regard, you can use real-time insights offered by Vend system to make smarter and more profitable decisions when opening your first store or your 20th.

Grow your business in different ways

With just the click of a button, Vend POS software allows you to add new sales channels and locations. Vend allows you to view your stores as if you were physically there but in reality, you are not. The retail POS system connects to other applications or allows you to build custom integrations such that you can manage your entire business in the cloud.

With Vend system, you’ll access your store anywhere and at anytime

As a cloud-based retail POS system, Vend allows you to log in and work from any location. Also, you will be able to access your products and reports, sales, and get the most current data. In the event that the internet goes down, Vend POS software allows you to still operate when offline.

Vend system has advanced tools and is simple enough to be used by anyone

Vend POS software is intuitive, fast and structured to meet the needs of the modern retail business. The system can be easily used by your team and is accessible via multiple devices which include Mac, iPad, and PC. With its highly reliable features plus reporting insights, you can make smarter and more profitable decisions independent of whether you’ve one or more than twenty stores.

Vend - easy to use

Multiple integrations allow you to do more

Vend retail POS system successfully integrates and works seamlessly with the top retail tools in the world and thus you can continue using the products that you love. Since it was built on the internet, Vend retail POS system can simply integrate with other systems such as e-commerce, accounting or payments, plus you can develop your own custom add-ons using Vend’s API. You can extend Vend’s power through the partnerships or deep integrations between this system and Square, Xero, Apple, Shopify, and many others.

Vend - ecommerce

Vend retail POS system provides reliable support

Vend system is built to guarantee customers’ success. With a support team that comes from retail backgrounds, your daily challenges will be well-understood.

Amazing resources to guarantee your success

Vend system ensures its retailers are educated and empowered using guides, webinars, tools, and other resources which teach retailers on how to better run their stores. An educational initiative dubbed Vend U provides access to world-class training videos that help you to achieve the most using Vend system. You can access this initiative for free with all your vend plans.

Features of Vend System

Vend POS software comes with a number of features that contribute to it being one of the best POS systems. These features include:

  • Web-based or iPad POS
  • Discounts and Notes
  • Bar codes and Labels
  • Mobile and Contactless Payment
  • Centralized Data
  • Fast Staff Training
  • Online Store
  • Cash Management
  • Payment Processing
  • Customer Management
  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Work Offline
  • Custom Receipts
  • eCommerce Capability
  • Vend Reporting
  • Optimized for Mobile
  • Returns, Refunds, and Store Credits
  • Variants and Composites

Below we offer a summary of some of these features.

Customer management

With vend, you can maintain a contact list of all your clients. You can create a customer list by doing mass imports from a CSV file or adding every name one after the other through a web console. The application allows you to customize the fields for your client list with things like email address, address, phone number, Twitter ID, Facebook account, and customer group.

Loyalty program

Vent’s loyalty program is kept simple as money spent earns rewards. The default setting of this Vend’s loyalty program is that a customer will earn a dollar for every $50 spent. However, you can set this to whatever you want.

Inventory management

Vend POS software allows you to easily add, remove and edit items in your inventory. You can also include product images, track your stock levels plus costs, special taxes, or prices of specific products. You can set different prices based on customer types, locations or through creating special promotional discounts.

Vend - inventory management


Vend system provides you with two levels of reporting. The first level comes with the Lite plan and includes basic reporting which is useful in generating sales summaries and customer, employee, and inventory reports. The application offers filters that can be applied to these reports in order to customize them to suit your needs.

The second reporting level comes with the Enterprise and Pro plans and it includes advanced reporting features offering mobile access to the dashboard. The reports give you deeper insights into your sales data, with a low product and stock performance reports plus advanced metrics and more filter options which include basket size, discount percentage, and basket value.

Vend POS software - retail dashboard


Vend system is offered in three pricing plans but you can start with a 30-day free trial to test all the features of this application.

Lite – costs $99 per month or $119 when billed monthly

  • 1 Outlet
  • $20k monthly turnover in USD  Plus Icon
  • 1+ Registers  Plus Icon

Pro – costs $129 per month or $159 when billed monthly

  • 1+ Outlets
  • Unlimited turnover
  • 1+ Registers  Plus Icon

Enterprise – price is quote-based

  • 6+ Outlets
  • Unlimited turnover
  • 1+ Registers  Plus Icon

Request for a demo available at vendhq.com.

Get a free 30-day trial at secure.vendhq.com.

Vend - Pricing

Technical Details

Vend POS software supports the following devices: Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and web-based. The application only supports the English language. The pricing model for this retail POS system is monthly payment and annual subscription. Customer types supported by Vend system include small business, medium business, large business, and freelancers. The application is deployed through cloud-hosting.

Support Details

Sellers of Vend POS software offer their support through phone, email, training, live support and tickets.

Facebook: vend

Twitter: @vendhq

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Instagram: vendhq

Youtube: Vend Point-of-Sale