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Full Valooto Configure, Price and Quote Software Review – All you need to know about Valooto

Valooto (Now DealHub.io) CPQ Software

What is Valooto CPQ?

Valooto CPQ is a CPQ solution that is designed to help sellers in generating quotes and proposals for configurable products. The technology offers you a variety of solutions that are said to be easier to roll out and much more affordable. This sales quoting solution can be used by organizations that are generating quotes and proposals of all sizes.

Valooto CPQ is the former name of this CPQ solution. Today, it is called DealHub CPQ, and the name was changed in the past couple of years. However, the company will continue to be referred to as Valooto throughout this review. Valooto was founded in 2014 and started with developing their own upscale CPQ programs that are impactful. In 2018 the company expanded. As part of the expansion, it started to develop a complete engagement solution for sales teams that works end to end.

Today, Valooto serves thousands of sales representatives around the globe. The CEO Eyal Elbahary and CRO Eyal Orgil have worked tirelessly to provide you with software that will ease the process of generating quotes and proposals so that you can focus more on closing deals. Some of their customers include Looker, Lastline and ClickTale.

Using a unique collaborative sales process that is engaging and fast, Valooto CPQ is unlike any other CPQ solution. They aim to redefine the way sales, and customers interact together. This highly intuitive program is designed for today’s digital sales environment where there are numerous configurable products.

Benefits of Valooto CPQ:

Any CPQ solution is only as valuable as the benefits it provides organizations like yours. Therefore, it is essential that you know how Valooto will benefit you and your sales team. For that reason, here is a list of the various benefits that are offered by Valooto CPQ.

  • As mentioned above, it is a highly intuitive tool for generating quotes and proposals. As a result, it will save your sales representatives time and energy for more important tasks.
  • This CPQ solution is extremely flexible. You will be able to add configurable products with ease regardless of how complex they are.
  • A very easy to use to software that is very efficient and time-saving. Ultimately, your organization will gain in profitability through the time that is re-directed in gaining more sales and less on generating quotes and proposals.
  • Seamless when creating a quote to order, you can move across steps without interruptions.
  • There are a variety of formats you can use to enhance the professionalism of generating quotes and proposals for configurable products.
  • Valooto CPQ is very easy to learn. Therefore, your sales representatives who aren’t tech savvy will be able to use this CPQ solution with ease.
  • Cut back on errors through manual document generating. Valooto is designed to automate the process without errors.
  • Have as much control and governance over your products and pricing policies that you want. This CPQ solution works for you and the way you want it too.
  • You will be able to get faster responses to customer inquiries.
  • Through the use of this software, you will be able to gain higher win rates. Having higher win rates, means you are increasing your overall organizational profitability.
  • See a free demo that will show you how this CPQ solution can help you in generating quotes and proposals for configurable products.

Features of Valooto CPQ:

Along with the benefits, software is only as good as it’s featured. You need to know that when you purchase a CPQ solution, you are getting what you need to improve the functionality of your sales team. Therefore, take a look at some of the features that come with Valooto CPQ.

Streamline all your organizational sales activities.

Using the predictive playbooks, you can guide your sales reps and partners throughout the entire sales process. You will be able to capture customer data so that your team can focus on what is relevant to them. As a result, your sales process will be unique in that it offers configurable products that are necessary.

Keep your customers engage and talking.

You will be to share deal-specific websites that will foster more enhanced conversations with your customers. The ability to facilitate two-way conversations between buyers and your reps digitally will make the process less daunting. You will be able to share personalized content with your customers so that they will remain engaged. Your customers will always know that you are focused on their business needs and not just gaining sales.

Know where you can cross-sell, up-sell and what your customer’s needs are.

Using the live engagement tracking tools, you will be able to uncover information from conversations with buyers that might have been missed. Using this engagement tool, your sales team will get notifications where up-sell and cross-sell opportunities are. You can leverage the insights back into your playbooks so that your teams get intelligent guidance through the sales process.

Generating quotes and proposals will never be easier through the document generation tool.

You will have the ability to dynamically generate documents for configurable products. Through this CPQ solution, you can strike will the conversation is hot. Allow your sales representatives to produce documents on the spot when conversations are going the right way. They can send them to their customers instantly through the web for review.

Keep your workflows flowing the way you want them to.

There are numerous configurable products that have specific requirements in your organization. Therefore, when your sales team is starting a sales cycle, you want to be able to control how that goes. Through the ability to track workflows and create specific rules, you can be sure your team will stay within your guidelines. When generating quotes and proposals, you can provide instant approvals digitally so that the sales cycle can move forward without delay.

Create contracts that are pleasing to both you and your customers.

Through the contract management tool, you will be able to collaborate with customers on the terms of those contracts. There is an option to revamp them on the spot, or allow your customers to add their conditions. Negotiating through a contract is made easier through this tool when dealing with configurable products. At the end of the day, both you and your customers will be pleased with the contract you were able to create.

Have full control over individual dashboards and analytics.

Each of your sales representatives deals uniquely with customers and in their own specific styles. Therefore, it is only right that their individual Valooto CPQ dashboards represent what is pertinent to them. All of your users will be able to individualize their dashboards so that they display information that is relevant to them. The same goes for creating analytics. Your team needs to be able to generate their personal reports. They can do so with this CPQ solution, and their reports can be individualized by each team member based on their specific preferences.

Gain more sales without having to wait for signatures.

Using the e-signature function, you will be able to send the document directly to your customers digitally. They can then sign them and email them back to you. If there are multiple members who need to sign the contract, you can send it to them all at the same time. Each can sign it, and you will receive one fully signed contract in return. Be able to track this progress by getting notified when the receiver has viewed the contract so that you can follow up promptly.

Integrate seamlessly with your current CRM.

Valooto CPQ is designed to work for your organization the way you want it too. Therefore, any CRM your team is currently using, this CPQ solution will be integrated seamlessly with it. You want to be able to upload customer information once and have them sync together, using this integration feature, you can. No matter how you track your customers in your CRM, Valooto CPQ will be able to work together with that information.

Pricing Details of Valooto CPQ:

Each organization has unique needs. You don’t need a one for all type CPQ solution. There will be features and tools you will need and others that you don’t. As a result, Valooto CPQ doesn’t give one price for all organizations. If you want to know what it will cost you to gain this generating quotes and proposals tool, you need to contact the vendor. They will provide you with a specialized quote that is specific to your individual needs. There will be a contact form on the vendor’s website that you will have to fill out to get your quote.

Technical Details of Valooto CPQ:

When you purchase a CPQ solution that gives you easier access to generating quotes and proposals, you need to be sure it is compatible with the devices you currently own. As a cloud-hosted CPQ solution for configurable products, you will be able to use Valooto CPQ on any of your current devices. Valooto has a web-based application that will work on any of your mobile and stationary devices as long as there is internet connectivity. The operating systems it works best on is Windows and Mac.

The supported language is English. However, since Valooto CPQ is a global company, you can contact the vendor to find out if any language you have a preference too is supported.

Support Details of Valooto CPQ:

A software organization only works for you if they provide you with the support you need when issues arise. Since your organizational profitability relies on your ability for generating quotes and proposals, you need to know that up-time is your CPQ solutions focus. Here are the various support details that come with Valooto CPQ.

Email: You can send out an email to their support team when you encounter issues or need questions answered. They are pretty good are their response times. Therefore, you should get a reply fairly quickly.

Phone: Provided with the purchase of Valooto is a specific phone number that you can call to speak to a live representative. This number is for you to get answers to immediate issues.

Training: There are a variety of training options that come with Valooto CPQ. You can get in-person training or online training. There are a variety of resources that you can also access via the vendor website.


Valooto CPQ comes with a variety of features and benefits that you can use for generating quotes and proposals for your configurable products. Designed with the end user in mind this CPQ solution is easy to use and highly customizable. Therefore, you will be able to be guided through your entire sales cycle using the various features that come with this CPQ solution. Overall, Valooto CPQ ticks all the boxes any sales team could need to enhance the sales process. From customized pricing to the various abilities, this CPQ solution is a true contender among many other CPQ solutions on the market.

Ultimately, you know your organization best. Therefore, it is essential that you determine what your primary needs are and then focus on finding a CPQ solution that will meet those needs. Listen to experts and gain information from current customer reviews. Use this information to help you make the most informed decision you can possibly make to enhance what you are currently doing for generating quotes and proposals for your configurable products.