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Full Vainu Sales Automation Software Review – All You Need To Know About Vainu


What is Vainu?


Vainu.io is a smart and data-focused, intelligence and prospecting sales automation software that gives companies valuable sales leads by employing information taken from a pool of more than 108 million companies.

The sales automation software is also powered by smart machine learning algorithms that allow it to help companies increase their discovery of organizations that may need their services, both in the present and in future.

In addition, Vainu also enables companies to target their marketing efforts more effectively. Data that is provided by the platform is based on accurate information that you can act upon.



Time saving

Vainu.io brings together in one easy to use interface, all the information that you need for prospecting. As a user, you can focus on selling to and serving your prospects as well as customers.

Better Hit Rate

With Vainu.io, you can always target your sales efforts at better qualified and more recent prospects, which implies that you can schedule more meetings at the same time close more sales.

More sales

With better hit rates, thanks to using Vainu.io, more schedule meetings and shorter average sales cycles all can improve the sales velocity, which in the long run translates to more sales for your business.

Dynamic data collection

The Vainu.io company data is updated as it searches both public and open data that are on constant basis using intelligent data collection technology, extracts and/or indexes data, and finally populates the right fields above 108 million companies with the help of names-entity recognition.

Machine learning

With constant analysis by machine learning algorithms and neural networks, this platform can recognize patterns that are within the company characteristics, create new advanced filters that are based on them, and also help to identify organizations better requiring the services in the present and in the future.

More data

Thanks to the uncountable number of data that Vainu.io can gather from public and open sources and what is created by its machine learning algorithms, Vainu has the most precise and up-to-date information about the right companies to enable you allocate sales and marketing efforts.

Integrate everywhere

Vainu.io can easily integrate to most common CRMs like HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Pipedrive. Additionally, you can also integrate Vainu.io to Slack and through Zapier integration to more than a thousand other apps. It can also hook up to any other software you are using because of the open API.

Informed notification

Sometimes prospects may not be open for proposals after they have been discovered. Vainu was programmed to send notifications to users over the right time to contact sales leads so that converting them into actual customers increases. Vainu.io also keeps users alerted to any developments they have with their target audience to make them constantly informed when the right time for contacting prospect is and the kind of approach to be applied.

Up-to-Date intelligence

Updating sales intelligence data can be tough, but Vainu.io system helps in making it easy. The platform is used to supplement information that is already stored in CRM and marketing automation solution. This results in an updated pool of leads with facts and figures as given by target companies. With this, the user has the information they can be sure of and not the data required for confirmation.




Owing to its machine learning, Vainu.io uses the predictive modelling from the historical data of companies to enable it predict future milestones and needs. Identify which companies are about to go on a recruitment spree, which ones are prone for layoffs or which ones will expand to either new offices or markets.


The developers of Vainu.io are now analyzing data from millions of their sources to that they can assign companies with more specific attributes and characterizations. If you’re searching for high-growth SaaS companies in the financial technology industry that offer a free trial business model, you can now find it on the list.

Mobile app

Vainu Mobile App is designed for sales people the same way Tinder is for single people. It provides the hottest company insights on the go as well bringing the leads that are important. You can swipe through the most interesting prospects, contacts the right person and know their recent happenings with a single click. With the availability of Vainu.io App forget about missing sales again. You can get started by identifying the most interesting target groups by using smart triggers. Thereafter get relevant company insights to the mobile phone anywhere you are. Lastly you can contact your company through email or phone at the appropriate time.

Vainu.io is like your personal marketing assistant, it helps you in your search for vague company information or cold calling through static prospect list within the shortest time possible. Vainu.io brings new leads and fresh insight about the customer whenever needed. Technically, it a cloud service that enriches traditional company databases using an open data taken from the internet. Vainu.io can crawl through multiple data sources and then bring the most relevant company insight in one place. A license for this platform is required for you to use it for iOS.

CRM integration

Salesforce integration can enable you to utilize the CRM data in sales prospecting and make sure that data in the CRM is always reliable and up-to-date.

Two-way integration brings the use of data to a new level

Discover the whole potential of data both in Salesforce and Vainu.io. The two-way integration allows you to use the CRM data in Vainu.io, and export company information to Salesforce.  The two-way integration keeps the company data in CRM reliable and up-to-date, and enables you to discover new sales opportunities from won, open or lost deals as well as capitalizing the CRM data in sales prospecting has never been this easy. With Vainu.io’s CRM integration, user can focus their sales prospecting efforts for example in accounts that;

  1. Aren’t on the CRM
  2. Aren’t owned by someone within the organization
  3. Haven’t been contacted recently, or
  4. Have certain amount of open, won or closed deals

You can get the most amazing mixture of finding new sales opportunities in Vainu.io and filter based on the owner’s latest activity, email, and count of won/lost/open deals within the CRM.

Making the most out of Salesforce data in Vainu.io

Users can make the most out of their CRM data in sales prospecting in different ways including:

  • Current customers

All current customers can be viewed by filtering won deals. This functionality comes in handy when you want to discover new prospects therefore exclude all the deals that have been won, from search. If you want to follow interesting changes within the current customer, then you should filter won deals as well as subscribe to email reports. When you want to add “owner’s email” filters if you only want to follow customers.

  • Latest activity

Cleaning up the CRM can be time-consuming and you might know where to begin. You also might remember randomly a scenario where you aren’t sure of the last time you had any activity regarding the case. Here is the scenario: choose the time period for the latest activity. You might also wish to check whether there are interesting changes that are related to the companies – for example, changes within the top management.

  • Open deals

This is great: look for all you open cases by adding Open deals filter. Thereafter, you can sort the companies based on their turnover. The cases can be filtered based on the other criteria too.

  • Lost deals

The cases within the Vain can be filtered by choosing the lost deals filter. At times it is important to check whether there have been some good changes within the companies that could potentially open new sales opportunities.

Other integration options

If you are interested in boosting sales, the two-way integration will be the most optimal solution for ensuring an efficient and structured sales process from the start until growing a long term customer relationship. The other great option is to use Zapier to automate the workflow.

Signals and Alerts

Track the latest changes and find the correct time to contact the prospects and customers by using both signals and alerts. Timing is vital when it comes to B2B sales. You know how important but time-consuming it is to understand the customer’s business and proactively contact them when hearing something that can lead to expansion or lose of customers. Even with only a small number of customers, there are numerous staff that are happening within the organization that needs your knowledge. With Vainu’s help you can get all significant changes directly to your email account.


Signals are any piece of information of a change that you can link to a given company. These include events like recruitment, internationalization and mergers. Vainu.io collects information from a number of sources, like the company websites, official announcements, news articles and more, and then link them to all relevant companies that are involved and categorized them within a specific signal category. This allows for easy finding of interesting leads within the target group. You can find signals when you open the search filters under the ‘Buying Signals’ category.

Focus on the most relevant signals

By narrowing down search with keywords within the text filter, users can focus on their time on most important signals easily.

Prospect new leads

Vainu’s over 100+ filters make it easy to find companies that match the ideal customer profiles to a T. Smart target groups in Vainu.io including companies with characteristics that are a great fit for Vainu.io help build emails so as to stay up to date with the changes within the organization. You will begin your day flickering through the email notifications you have received from the Vainu to see any new companies that match the set criteria you have created for solid sales prospect.

Search functionality

The developers of Vainu.io believe that sales people require a tool that they can use – being creative geniuses – to express their needs. Deep within every sales person lies great intuition concerning who would make the best prospect for their product or services. However, the description of these causalities and intuition is not easy. Vainu.io has spent some valuable time to design a new interface where numerous dimensions of data are easily accessible for its users. Now, with just one search bar, multiple of dimensions of data can be combined to a single meaningful, actionable, as well as lead-generating queries.

Named Entry Recognition – NER

Anytime Vainu detects a named entity within a text, it will search for matching companies in its database and also collect all the hard facts that are stated within the text. These factual statement can then be added to the claims database where the reasoning algorithms use machine learning to calculate the most likely truth automatically, based on the checked facts. This implies that the platform will learn more about the companies in the world every day. The service becomes better in the challenging new data thus delivering higher quality data consistently.

Parsing information

Statements such as “revenue in Q2 has increased” also increase in Vainu’s database each time they appear since the new parser Vainu.io has implemented a feature that understands the meaning in the natural language. Vainu.io is able to change the unorganized piles of data into an organized, fact checks, and acts on the company information.


Vainu.io pricing is only made available by quote. You can therefore contact the platform’s vendor to provide you with its pricing details and also to request a demo.

Technical Details

Devices: Android, Web-based, and iPhone/iPad

Languages: English, Dutch and Swedish

Pricing Model: Quote-based

Customer Type: Small Business, Medium Business and Large Enterprise

Deployment: Cloud Hosted, SaaS and Web

Support Details

  • Training (documentation, Webinars, Live Online and in person)
  • Live Support
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Blog
  • Sales resources
  • Case studies
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Google Plus