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Full UpKeep Fixed Asset Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About UpKeep


What is UpKeep?

UpKeep is basically a computerized maintenance management or CMMS, as well as an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), software solutions that will offer organizations, businesses, and enterprises a lot of flexibility and control in managing their physical assets, workflow, and technicians.

The dashboard shows the overview of the tasks along with upcoming delivery dates, shipping and supplies, inventory auditing, preventative maintenance, work schedule, and overdue accounts. It can be accessed through your mobile gadgets, primarily, but also through both the Windows and Mac. The solution is cloud-based so it doesn’t require a specific terminal.

The one thing that should serve businesses well is that all of the features of this software can be migrated to the mobile device. In fact, it’s billed to be the pioneer in mobile-first CMMS and EAM. What that means is that the app was designed for mobile first.

You can access with very limited restrictions most of the functions that are material to your operations. This will provide the end user with a lot of mobility. No need to be stuck at the office during the auditing period. You can be having coffee somewhere or meeting important suppliers and still be on top of your operations.


Also, using your phone, you can also create new projects and tasks, assign jobs to workers, and also order maintenance and repair of equipment.

There’s no need to pick up your phone to call the office for updates. You don’t need to check your email to speak with your supervisor about that very important task. You don’t need to send a text message and wait for a response for a rush order.

Every relevant data is right there at your fingertips.

During monthly meetings, the customized dashboard can be hooked up to your TV in your executive room so you can pull out the data and discuss statistics and numbers with the other members of your team. This is a novel feature of the app that the user will surely appreciate.

What it does is give you an overall picture of all the pieces on the chessboard. By automating the process, you can now move the pieces to where they are supposed to be while also taking the guesswork out of the equation. You can also maximize the talents of your own workers as the feedback mechanism of UpKeep will give you a good idea of each of their strengths and weaknesses.

Among its well-known clients are Unilever, Marriott hotels, McDonald’s, Yamaha, and the US Department of Agriculture.

UpKeep Benefits

The clear benefit of this software is that it enables the business to pinpoint the weaknesses and gaps in the systems, inventory, as well as the supply and delivery chain. The tracking tool is useful in monitoring the progress of the work order and the report is flashed right in your own mobile device, thereby providing you with unparalleled mobility and convenience.

If Upkeep has a human equivalent, this is the assistant that you wouldn’t have thought twice of paying top dollar for. The tool helps cut down the layers of fat in the organization because it can be accessed by everybody’s mobile phone. They can submit their own requests order, update on their progress, and communicate in real time with their team leaders any issues that needed to be addressed immediately.

You can be anywhere else in the world and still be able to exert total control over your operations and logistics chain. The report can be flashed either in a text, graph, or image, which will immediately give you a brief overview of the status of the work order.


The UpKeep Scheduler will also digitize the task distribution. You can take in voluminous orders without fear of juggling too much. That certainly would be the case if you are stuck in a paper operation and Excel Sheets.

With UpKeep, you can see who among your workers are lagging in performance with just one click of the button. You can spot the overdue deadlines that remain undelivered, the workers who are struggling with their work, and your current status against the targets.

The information can be analyzed on a per month basis, which will show you the trajectory of your business and how each individual is working with the team. You will also understand trends in your departments, the physical assets that are typically used or those that are redundant, the delivery time against the objective, and the areas of expertise that contribute most to the growth of the company.

By locating the weaknesses in team performance, you can tailor-fit training to enhance their skills and plug the gaps.


  • No need for a desktop to access the app
  • Extremely mobile
  • Advanced reporting is clear
  • Cuts your paper footprint
  • Automates processes


  • Assets could not be sorted into different categories
  • Updates excluded to requestors
  • Learning curve

Perhaps one of the biggest knocks of UpKeep is its lack of full customization options during installation. It’s generic enough that it can be applied across different industries, regardless of whether you are in the restaurant, healthcare, IT, construction, education, agriculture, etc. You have to set it up to fit your own requirements.

With that said, the technical support of the developer is top-notch. One call to the help service will patch you up with an expert who will guide you through the process of customizing the fields to fit your needs.

UpKeep Features


Work Order Management – You can supervise, direct, and control the progress of the work orders and tasks. You can also approve any purchase request through UpKeep. You can also customize the fields by order of priority so you don’t miss out on those important orders ever again.

Vendor and Invoice Management – You are always on top of billings and invoices, contracts, vendors, and contractors with this app. This also ensures that the communication line between you and vendors would be constantly open.

Inventory and Purchase Orders – Auditing your inventory and keeping track of your assets would be a cinch using this service. You can also approve purchase orders for new inventory and manage their delivery and storage.

Preventative Maintenance – With this app, there’s no need for finger-pointing in case of an equipment breakdown. You can also schedule a preventative maintenance to maximize the lifespan of each gear.

Manage Work Order Requests – Everyone has access to the same app so they can submit requests for work orders. You can then approve or decline this request right on your mobile. You can also follow up on overdue orders even when you are away from your office.

Collaboration – The push notification for work orders is automated. This means that you are always in touch with what’s happening in your facility. Your workers can also get in touch with you in real time using this app so any potential miscommunication is reduced to a minimum.

UpKeep – Available at a higher price-point, the advanced reporting feature of UpKeep is crucial for you to study all aspects of your businesses. You can spot market trends and your own performance history to identify gaps in your own systems.

Mobile-First App – Those who have tried other desktop apps will appreciate how responsive this software is to the demands of asset and maintenance management. Some of the cloud-based CMMS software products have trouble migrating all the features from the desktop to mobile. This one addresses all those glitches, which provides you with your very own control room right in your fingertips.


There are three basic pricing packages for UpKeep that you can select from.



The Starter pack starts at $29 per month per technician that is billed annually. You can opt for the monthly billing option but the price jacks up to $35. This is ideal for small and micro businesses that want to streamline and rationalize their work orders, as well as monitor their physical assets.

Among the features in this package are:

  • Photo Capture
  • Shared Work Orders
  • Daily Email Digest
  • Meter Tracking
  • Direct Image Annotation
  • Work Order History
  • Preventative Maintenance Module
  • Form Templates


The Professional package starts at $49 per technician if you opt for an annual billing. The price point increases to $55 if you choose the monthly billing option. This is ideal for SMBs (small and medium businesses) that yearn for an advanced reporting mechanism on the employees, assets, and work orders.

Aside from the features in the Starter package, you also get:

  • Request Portal
  • Advanced Reporting
  • PDF / Video Upload
  • Signature Capture
  • 1-1 Phone Support
  • Master Log & Planner


For this package, you will be billed $79 per technician per month if you select the annual billing option. The price will rise to $95 if you choose the monthly billing option. This is ideal for medium-sized enterprises that are looking for advanced reporting on asset and personnel tracking, as well as scheduling and planning.

At that price point, you get all the features in the Starter and Professional, in addition to:

  • Asset Downtime Reporting
  • Lock-out Tag-out
  • Asset Check In and Check Out
  • Purchase Orders and Requests
  • Integration to Zapier along with 1,000+ business integrations
  • Monthly Status Report
  • Custom Workflows
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Advanced Scheduler

You will also get access to the API, which will allow your own developer to integrate UpKeep into your own systems or embed it seamlessly to your website.

Technical Support

Supported Devices:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Web-based

Supported Languages:

  • English
  • Swedish
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Turkish
  • Deployment
  • Open-sourced API
  • Cloud-hosted

Support Details


The developer offers phone and email support for its end users. These are accessible 24/7 and replies are often prompt. It also has its own UpKeep Help Center, which includes tutorials on setting up the application or how to navigate through all the features of the app.

Webinars and live training sessions are also available, which would be extremely helpful for people who like visual images in knowledge-transfer. The company also solicits ideas from its customers on how to further improve the product. You just contact help support for this feedback mechanism.

The technical support team is knowledgeable and courteous. They really go out of their way to help you understand the product’s features so you can optimize their use for the growth of your business.

The advanced reporting feature of UpKeep will provide the manager with a snapshot of what’s happening in the facility on their phones. He can customize the reports from daily, weekly, or monthly. One update by the developer is adding pre-set customization options on its dashboard. This makes it easier for users to just select and choose the fields that best suit their requirements and demands.

For instance, you can choose from the dashboard the list of priority work orders, the number of tasks that remain unassigned, the number of orders that are supposed to be delivered on schedule, the number of orders that are at risk of not meeting the deadline, the list of your physical assets that are damaged and unusable, the list of assets that are usable, and the number of completed work orders.

More importantly, you can also determine how much average time each worker spends to fulfill the work order. You will also know the volume of backlog and how long they are pending. All these can be accessed via your phone in real time. This will give you enormous flexibility to make not just fast decisions but informed decisions.

Even if you spend some money on the intellectual property rights, the ROI is clear with this software in terms of improved productivity and savings on costs. You can immediately see results after a week of using this product.  Overall, UpKeep offers a good value proposition for your money. It simply does the job required of it and at a very affordable rate, too.