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Full UpCity SEO Software Review – All You Need to Know About UpCity


What is UpCity?

UpCity is an innovative online marketplace platform that allows different companies in different states to connect with each other, collaborating digital marketing projects or hiring dedicated professionals. Companies can either pay for professional services from other corporations or hire an expert for a specific field to provide a solution for your needs. The system of Upcity is simply beneficial in a business scale as they provide a wide range of directory that you can choose from, and hundreds of accredited and trusted companies in a chosen state with their respective expertise.

Upcity has listed multiple companies that are ready to collaborate with your projects. For instance, you can hire a mobile app developer from your chosen state to help you improve the interface and the general appearance of your website. Moreover, you will be at ease thinking that you are working with a professional web dev as UpCity provides certification badge for each company that is accredited to be trustworthy and has a great reputation from their previous clients. You could also read the reviews posted by their previous clients to compare numerous available partners. UpCity not just connects industries to improve and increase revenue and service quality, but also creates a bond and strong relationship between companies.

The system is filled with features that are helpful in minimizing the time spent in searching for the most suitable and expert in a particular field. It’s easy to maneuverer, has a great web-based interface and all companies are certified to respond to requests immediately so that you can start to collaborate with an expert partner to help you improve your digital marketing projects. The services and solutions offered in l UpCity’s directory are Branding, Consultants, Content, Digital Agency, Email, Local, Mobile App Developers, PPC, Salesforce, SEO, Social Media, Software Developers, UX, Video Production and Web Design.


After selecting a specific service, you can proceed to enter your city or state to find the nearest and professional individuals that could collaborate with your project. And if you are comfortable enough to hire someone that is from further states, you can also search for an expert in a specific field based on their state of location. This ensures that you would find the best breeds of partners to maximize your digital marketing plan. Aside from providing you options in partnering with experts, UpCity also provides a tool that is effective in helping your business grow internally.

For instance, you can automate reporting processes with a customizable white-label reporting that includes the analytics of keyword ranking in search engines, they also provide an Agency Growth engine to help agencies drive revenue growth and promote their service in the marketplace at the same time. Within the system, you could also create project plans or manage existing digital marketing projects with a built-in system of task engine. UpCity has so much more to offer regarding their features, all of those are listed in the “feature” portion of this article.

Upcity was established on July 1, 2009, founded by Andy Hagans and Patrick Gavin. Their main headquarters is located in Chicago, Illinois, United States. They had over 50 employees that are all designated to work with particular parts of their business. The passion of the company to help small and medium businesses grow and connect with other industries in this digital world is what drives UpCity to expand their list of accredited companies and help more entrepreneurs to increase their business ventures by creating excellent digital marketing platforms.

Pricing plans UpCity are really intended for starting businesses as they offer them at low-cost. Our digital world is really expanding, so as the demand for experts in this field. If you wanted to try UpCity, you should continue reading this article as it will tackle the benefits and features the platform is offering to their clients.

UpCity Benefits

Get Found and Promote Your Company

Small or starting businesses heavily rely on exposure and promotion of their service. One of the easiest ways to do this is, of course, create a profile for your business and participate in platforms that could be used as a medium of promotion, such as social media sites. The only disadvantage of this approach is that not all audience in the social media sites is really interested in your service, so the chance of your campaign to be effective is low.

Creating the profile of your company or service with UpCity, on the other hand, is very effective in promoting your company. The platform of UpCity is dedicated to showcasing different services available in different locations. The great advantage in opting to create your very first business profile with UpCity is that all of your audience is guaranteed to be searching for dedicated partners, which is a great environment to give your business the chance to work with companies and create a bond in long term. And if a specific project was done perfectly by your team, sure thing your client would be much happier to write a review of your service. Thus, increasing the credibility of your company.

Hire Professional and Experts

We are living in a world wherein conducting dealings and transactions are held online using the internet. It’s considered as unpractical to conduct these personally as we are living in an advanced digital world, wherein you can finish purchases and transactions with just a few clicks. The only flaw with this system is that fraud and misinterpretation are more likely to happen as you cannot guarantee the identity of the other party. That is why renowned stores are implementing the idea of a review, rate, and ranking to identify which sellers or companies that you can put your trust on.

UpCity implements that very similar idea to their online marketplace platform, aside from the fact that they added more variables for determining which company you should trust in collaborating with your digital marketing projects.  With UpCity, you can search for a specific service that you are looking for and enter a specific location. The system will then show you the list of providers in the chosen location, with their respective reviews from previews clients and company profile.

Moreover, UpCity has provided certified partner badge to ensure that the service quality of the company would be top of the class. You can also opt to search for the most expert provider in the field and UpCity would display the location of that company. The best part about this system is that you can immediately contact the company to discuss the transaction details.


Create Bond and Potential Partners

One of the greatest goals of UpCity is not just to provide you an environment to promote your company or service and to hire experts and professionals, but also to create a bond between two companies and hopefully create a longer project collaboration that could lead to potential partners. This approach is beneficial for both parties as they are receiving all the value at the end of the day.

The provider will perform an excellent job, and as a return value, the client’s digital market would drastically improve resulting in higher revenue. Of course, this can come naturally as a process, but UpCity also provides all the necessary tools to track your improvement and implement necessary changes encase of some reported flaws. For instance, the platform has an automated reporting for the analysis of your SEO efforts, Seo Report Card and Tools, sales tools, and providing you a white label experience with your partners.

Maximize your SEO efforts

Aside from being a digital marketplace for services providers. UpCity also acts as a powerful tool and solution in optimizing your digital market. If you are hiring a Web Developer to create your very own website, the next step you would prioritize would always be the SEO plans and strategies. Good thing is that you can also hire an expert in UpCity to the job for you, but if wanted to dive deeper and explore how SEO works, UpCity provided you all the necessary tools to do so.

SEO report card, for instance, provides you valuable insights which you can use in improving your website content and keywords to rank up your site to search engines. White glove onboarding program also helps your company to take a great advantage in previously gained experience and design a new workflow system for your SEO efforts. Maximizing your SEO efforts with this provided tools can cost you some funds in the beginning, but eventually, you would definitely feel its benefits and value.


UpCity Features

  • Find professionals – find a professional to collaborate with your project
  • Hire a very trusted partner – Hire a partner that you can trust based on their reviews
  • Develop your business – increase revenue and develop your business through SEO tools
  • The marketplace of Top List Local Agencies – Hover through the list of a top performer so you can ensure in a quality work
  • Agency Growth Engine – a dedicated engine designed for tracking company growth
  • Workflow management program and Reporting – Program designed to manage the workflow of your projects and reporting procedures
  • Reporting process Automation – An automated system provides a very detailed information of your reports
  • Manage your projects and tasks – Manage your tasks and projects easily with the intuitive interface of the platform
  • Management of Multiple campaigns – lets you manage multiple SEO campaigns to make sure that you’re on top of the search engine lists
  • Simple pricing – Pricing of UpCity is simple and cheap without any additional costs
  • White labeled – collaborate and share your business strategies with partners to gain more revenue and higher success rate


Pricing Details

Upcity has provided 3 pricing plans for its client, all with a variety of features included that would fit the need of every business in the digital market. They also provide a free trial of each plan so you can determine which plan best suits your needs. A plan with no cost or additional charges is also provided by UpCity, targeting small and starting businesses who would want to promote their service or hire experts to collaborate with them. Additional details of those pricing plans are specified below.

Top Local Agency Profile

  • Comes as Free with no additional charges
  • A Free Provided Agency Profile
  • Access to the Limited Leads
  • List Placement

UpCity Certified Partner

  • Starting price $10 per month
  • A Featured Placement
  • Additional Tools for Sales
  • Certified Partner Badge
  • Program for Guest Blogging
  • A built-in SEO Report Card

Agency Pro Software Solutions

  • Starting price at $150 per month
  • 5 campaigns that can be managed
  • An Automated Reporting
  • SEO Report Card & Tools
  • Curation for Social Content
  • Workflow and Task Curriculum

UpCity Agency Reseller Solutions

  • Starting price at $300 per month
  • A Branded Reporting
  • Committed Account Manager
  • Services for Full Fulfilment
  • White-Glove Onboarding
  • White-Label Involvement


Technical Details

UpCity Supports all Operating system of PCs such as Windows, Mac OS, and Web-based devices. The interface of the system is simple and scalable. Compatible with almost all screen sizes aspect screen ratio. The platform only supports the English language as they only provide their digital marketplace in the US only. The deployment type of the platform is cloud-hosted ensuring that all features are regularly updated and patched with system improvements. UpCity is very suitable for small and starting business as they aim to strengthen the bond of each company and create great partners. All tools in the system are also compatible with all computer systems.

Support Details

UpCity is a system that is well programmed and designed to have sustainability of its features without constant upkeep. But as a default, they provide two options for their clients in reaching them to raise questions, inquiries and technical problems. The first option that they provide is through email. You can freely send them an email to provide inquires or ask an important question. The response rate of UpCity greatly depends in the time of the day as they are more proactive in business hours. The second option that they provide is contacting through your phone. They had provided a phone number on their website which you can contact anytime.