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Full TurboTenant Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about TurboTenant


Looking to speed up your rental management process and improve profitability? TurboTenant is a good option for you! It is equipped with a complete set of tools, needed to improve your operational efficiency. Follow through this review by Skyose, to know more about this software.

What is TurboTenant?

TurboTenant is an all-inclusive suite of property management tools, which streamlines all rent management processes, to improve overall efficiency. The software is designed to equip landlords and property managers with every tool they need, to effectively run their property business.

In addition, TurboTenant hosts a wide range of property/rental management features, each performing a set of specific functions. Some of these features include renter management, rental marketing, tenant screening, online rental application and more. These features, altogether, form a giant package, which assists property managers and landlords in running their day-to-day property rental operations.

Typically, all TurboTenant’s features are streamlined on a unified platform, which serves as the central unit where all operations are executed. As such, each task is linked to another; from rental listing to lead tracking to online application to rental screening to rental unit allocation. All these tasks transit from one hub into another; meaning they are all connected as a unit.

In addition, TurboTenant is supported on both mobile and computer systems. It is a mobile-friendly device, which means you can manage your rental operations, from anywhere (even on the go). This ensures you don’t miss out on a lead.

Nevertheless, TurboTenant is a cloud-based set of property management tools, designed specifically to speed up and at the same time, ease up property managers’ daily rental operation.

Benefits of TurboTenant Property Management Software

Streamlined Workflow

TurboTenant offers you a comprehensive platform, which incorporates every tool, needed to effectively manage your rental business. It manages the entire lifecycle of your rental business, from listings to unit allocation, all from one unified platform.

Typically, features like tenant screening are wholly dependent on applications received via the online application portal. In the same vein, tenant screening is subsequent of an online application. This makes everything simple and efficient.

In essence, TurboTenant is a unified platform, where all rental management functions are brought together, organized and seamlessly executed. Hence, you are able to save valuable time and money, which can be channelled to the less productive area(s) of your property rental business, so as to improve overall growth.

Leads-to-Tenants Facilitation

turbotenantThis is one of the most significant benefits of TurboTenant. It hosts a powerful marketing tool which assists you in attracting leads to your vacant property units.

This property management software hosts multiple listing sites, where you can easily post your vacant units for better exposure. All your property listings can be customized as you like, and you are afforded the opportunity of attaching pictures to your listings. This will increase your chances of generating more leads.

In addition, TurboTenant’s property listings are duly accompanied by the “Apply Now” icon, which links such links the listing page, directly to your online application portal. This makes everything convenient for your prospects, as they don’t need to navigate away from the listing window before putting in their rental applications. After this, all applications are automatically screened, and suitable applicants are allocated rental units.

In essence, TurboTenant makes your prospects’ journey to becoming full tenants very easy, as almost all the processes are carried out online.


TurboTenant is a cloud-based property management software, which means it can easily be accessed via any standard smartphone or desktop. As such, the platform can easily be accessed from anywhere, even on the move or on-site with a mobile phone.

Basically, TurboTenant is supported on Android and iOS smartphones (and tablets). All you need is to have a web browser installed on your device and you are all set. Recommended web browsers (for mobile devices) for accessing TurboTenant’s unified platform include Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Essentially, TurboTenant allows you to manage all prospective tenants, leads, and residents from anywhere and at any time, provided you are connected to the web (internet).

Data Security

TurboTenant is equipped with the latest in security infrastructure, to ensure all your information, including those of your renters, are completely safe and secure against unauthorized access. The software’s database is completely “hack-proof”, with its impenetrable “bank-grade” security system.

Essentially, this property management software hosts its servers in secure data centres and its connection is appropriately encrypted. Hence, you can rest assured that all your sensitive information (including other information) are kept safe and secure.

Round-The-Clock Customer Support

TurboTenant has a 24-hour support line, which is always available to provide answers to all your enquiries and complaints. This is the first of many assistance offered to users by the software.

TurboTenant has a good number of resources, designed to facilitate the navigation and ease of using the software. Some of these resources include; a guide, help centre, blog and of course, a support line. All these are made available to you and they offer various forms of assistance, ranging from technical support to sales to customer support.

In a nutshell, the software developers ensure that you are always only one call (or message) away from getting the assistance you need, towards making the best use of the software.

Key Features of TurboTenant Property Management Software

Listing Website – Rental Marketing

turbotenantThis solution is designed to help you fill your vacant units in the quickest time possible. This is made possible in a number of ways.

Basically, you need to advertise your vacancies to prospective tenants and to gain more leads, you need better exposure. The software assists you in this regard by listing your vacancies on top-ranking property search sites like Rents.com, Apartments.com. In fact, your vacancies are listed on over 20 prominent sites, to facilitate exposure and increase your chances of generating as many leads as possible.

In addition, TurboTenant’s listing page is designed with a touch of art. It allows you to include a gallery (pictures), vacancy description, property location, facilities and so on. This will provide your prospective renters with a feel of their prospective homes.

Furthermore, TurboTenant hosts a set of other marketing functions aside from the Listing Website. These features include Lead Tracking, Yard Signs, Social Media Sharing, Craiglist Posting, TurboText Messages and more.

In essence, it is on record that, landlords and property managers, who use TurboTenant to market their rental vacancies, generate about 20 leads per listing. This greatly increases your chances of acquiring more leads and prospects.

Rental Application

turbotenantAfter attracting a lead, what is next? You got it! The rental application has been made completely easy with TurboTenant. This property management software hosts an online application tool, which is equipped with all relevant rental functions.

Basically, the rental application comes with a template, an electronic form, which displays common questions like employment history, sources of income, address (present and previous) and more. An applicant is expected to provide honest answers to these questions, after which he/she will be required to upload relevant documents (as per your request).  Also, you are afforded the opportunity of customizing the basic questions, to include your preferred questions.

In addition, this property management software automatically sends out email or SMS to applicants’ previous landlords, to solicit their referential input(s). You can also share your rental application link via email and TurboTexts, to invite applications, directly.

Nevertheless, TurboTenant’s Online Application eliminates the stress, associated with conventional rental application methods, which often require moving back and forth across locations. With TurboTenant, everyone can do everything from the comforts of his or her homes, offices or even on the go.

Tenant Screening

This is the next step in the application process and like before, TurboTenant have you covered. This function is enabled by TurboTenant’s partnership with a foremost credit agency, TransUnion. The partnership’s goal is simple; “ensure rental units are leased out to the right people”.

Tenant screening covers a wide range of aspects. The software, upon request, completes a screening in a matter of seconds or few minutes. It typically screens applicants’ credit history, criminal history, employment and evictions. Reports are generated on each of these screenings and they are presented to you in a unified format. In fact, with respect to generated reports, TransUnion, TurboTenant’s partner, often recommends acceptance or rejection, as the case may be.

In essence, TurboTenant’s Tenant Screening is designed to evaluate the suitability of your prospects (rental applicants), with respect to their financial status, behaviour and compliance.

Renters Management

This feature oversees the core management function of a landlord or property manager.  Renter Management manages your tenants, prospects (applicants) and leads. It presents everything to you on a simplified interface.

Basically, this feature enables you to keep track of everything, by providing you with an overview of the numerical strength of all your prospects, leads, and tenants. With this, you are able to determine if you have enough applicants or you need more, with respect to the number of unoccupied units. Also, this feature oversees lease management (for fresh tenants), renters insurance (for full tenants), communication and more.

In essence, TurboTenant’s Renter Management is the overseeing feature, which handles all your tenant/lease management functions, from leads to full renters.

Forms & Documents

This is a paid feature of the free property management software. You are offered the option of purchasing relevant forms and documents, to ensure your property business and your properties are fully covered.

The software hosts about 50 rental forms, most of which come at affordable prices. Some of these forms include Checklist (Move in/Move out), Entry Notices and over 40 more. Also available for purchase are documents like “Rent Estimate Reports” and “State-Specific Leases”.

Essentially, TurboTenant, while being a free software, offers you some of its paid features. This is aimed at equipping you with all the necessary documents and forms, required to effectively manage your business.

Other important features of TurboTenant property management software includes the following:

  • Craigslist Posting
  • Property Listing Website
  • Property Listing Sharing
  • Online Rental Applications
  • Renter Management
  • Property Flyers
  • Rent Estimate Reports
  • Renters Insurance
  • Rental Forms
  • Landlord Knowledgebase


turbotenantTurboTenant is one of the free property management software available for property managers and landlords. Not only is TurboTenant free but it also allows rental applicants to apply for lease vacancies on its platform.

Nevertheless, here is the pricing information for TurboTenant property management software:

Landlords – $0 forever

  • One-Click Rental Marketing
  • Professional Property Listing Page
  • Comprehensive Online Rental Application
  • Automatic Past Landlord Reference Requests
  • Extensive Tenant Screening Report
  • Tenant Management

Applicants – $35-45 application fee

  • Online Application
  • Apply on Your Tablet, Phone or Computer
  • Includes the Credit & Criminal Report
  • Soft Credit Pull
  • Safe & Secure Platform
  • Eviction Report with $45 application

TurboTenant property management software offers the following additional services:

  • Rent Estimate Report at $14.99
  • Landlord Form Pack at $99.99
  • LawDepot Lease Agreements – Starts at $29
  • Custom Yard Signs – $14.99 per Yard Sign

Technical Details

Supported devices: Windows, Mac, Any web-enabled devices

Serviced Locations: Australia, Italy, Canada, China, India, Latin America, United Kingdom, Kenya, United States, Africa, Middle-East, Asia, Europe

Pricing model: Free

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Large Enterprises, Landlords, Medium Business, Small Business, Property Managers

Popular integrations: Apartments.com, Rent.com, Craigslist, Facebook, TransUnion, TurboTexts, LawDepot, realtor.com, apartment list, rent.com, Rent Jungle, Google Plus

Deployment: Cloud-hosted

Support Details

TurboTenant property management software offers users the following after-sales support: