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All You Need to Know About Treehouse


What is Treehouse?

As interesting as the name is, Team Treehouse is actually a learn-to-code platform offering some of the most comprehensive programming courses in the industry. It is a high-tech boot camp for you or your team to learn programming or coding with ease. The educational platform offers interactivity with its various courses presented in a fun and easy to understand course track. It is a supplemental and hands-on practice website with a complete curriculum to choose from.

Designed and developed to help business owners, freelancers and various professionals upgrade their coding skills, Team Treehouse is a great resource you would need. They have easy-to-follow tutorials with quizzes to help you gauge your understanding of each topic. Tasks and assignments are presented in a progressive and challenging manner allowing students and learners to fully immerse themselves into each topic.
The Treehouse Techdegree Program is based on a micro-degree strategy where users can finish their courses at their own pace. It differs from the conventional online coding programs because they have a more dedicated approach for each topic and has extensive support that goes along with each subject.

What’s best about the Team Treehouse coding education platform is they offer a 7-day trial free of charge. This allows prospective learners to get an in-depth feel of what and how courses are run within the system. With different coding tools and technologies to choose from, anyone who wants to upgrade their skills or learn a new coding language can quickly pick up their intended training in Treehouse.


Courses are developed and designed by individual professionals who are experts in their specific fields. These courses are uploaded into the Treehouse platform and users can get first-hand training from these professionals themselves. The quality of each lecture and how exercises are presented can make anyone feel motivated to keep pursuing their own fields.

Unlike other course programs where topics transform from lively to monotonous, every Treehouse coding course is guaranteed to keep you motivated and make you feel driven towards getting a powerful new set of skills. Completing a course can help boost your portfolio or it can be used towards getting a new promotion. Learners on the Treehouse Techdegree Program are not just professionals but from different backgrounds across diverse fields. A degree can also kick-start your career into greater heights in the future.

What’s surprising about each Treehouse course is their quick-paced topics which allow learners to learn in as little time as possible. Because each curriculum was developed by experts, subjects are presented in a powerful yet comprehensible way. It is a good option for self-starters and individuals who would like to stay on top of their career. Lectures and workshops are presented in a modern and interactive way which provides motivation. Each topic is structured in a way that allows learners to gain a better understanding of the whole course and acquire useful and in-demand skills for their industries.

Course design and execution was also developed in consideration with every learner’s experience level. This means that novice and amateur programmers can also dive in into a training program and come out with expert knowledge. The driving force behind each Treehouse course is how they were intelligently structured to provide learners with the skills they need regardless of their level of expertise.

About Treehouse

Team Treehouse was founded by Colorado State University Computer Science graduate Ryan Carson and Alan Johnson. The online technology school didn’t come to be until Ryan Carson has founded several other online platforms. His first company, Carsonified also circled around helping web designers and developers get additional skills and training for their jobs. The company was sold in 2011 and was subsequently renamed Future Insights. That was when Ryan Carson started working on the Treehouse project.

Founded on March of 2011, Treehouse is more like a reincarnation of his previous company, only that it has widened its scope. He also rebranded and redesigned the whole company so it appears to reflect the “wonders of learning as a child”. This is what set the motion for Treehouse and how it is geared towards elevating the learnings and skills of its users. One of Treehouse’ driving force is being able to offer affordable education centered on technology and its advancements to everyone across the world. They have two offices in the US – one in Orlando, Florida and the second is in Portland, Oregon.


The Techdegree Program and How Long Each Course Lasts

The Techdegree Program was launched in May 2012, with a guided learning curriculum that allows users to get themselves readied for a programming or entry-level tech jobs. They currently offer six competencies focusing on some of the most used programming languages in the industry. These Techdegree Programs have varying completion lengths with a number of hours to complete before getting certified.

• Python Web Development (160-200 hrs.)
• Front-end Web Development (155-195 hrs.)
• Java Web Development (180-220 hrs.)
• Full-stack JavaScript (310-340 hrs.)
• Andoid App Development (175-215 hrs.)
• IOS App Development (235-278 hrs.)

There are currently over 300+ courses in Treehouse with varying levels of completion. Each course is flexible and every content incorporates on-demand and interactive videos and challenges to help you gain the needed practice and training. Topics within every course are also designed so you can continue with your daily routine and settle with the completion of your studies at your own pace. Some of the most popular Treehouse Coding courses and topics offered free of charge includes:

1. Introduction to HTML and CSS web development
2. JavaScript Basics
3. Python Basics
4. CSS Basics
5. Java Basics
6. JavaScript Arrays, Loops, & Objects
7. Basic CSS Layout
8. React Basics
9. JavaScript & The DOM
10. Simple Android App Development using Java

Treehouse is an extensive learn-to-code platform offering programming courses and topics that provides users with a good training ground to boost their skills. They cover topics from the simplest to the most complex so learners are guaranteed of getting the coverage they need to start a new career or further develop their skills.


Benefits of Treehouse

Offering an extensive list of courses for starting or advanced coders, Treehouse has a unique position in the online learning arena by focusing their services on a specific field. Unlike most on-demand learning websites, Treehouse has centered its services in providing courses about technology. It has also enrolled the help of experts in their chosen fields to design and develop courses that are easy to understand including interactive tasks and assignments.

Focus on providing practical skills

With its project-based e-learning approach, Treehouse can help every learner regardless of their background. Their courses focus on some of the most needed technological knowledge including the basics of using a programming command line to complex programming skills like the Git-source version control system which tracks changes in associated computer files and coordinates saved changes to people along the software platform. These practical skills help learners utilize the need for people who are skillful and adept with various programming and coding fields which has steadily risen over the years.

Interactive exercises and quizzes

Providing more than just the basics of video tutorial and eLearning information presentation, Treehouse has a unique way of enforcing knowledge on its learners by providing topic-related quizzes and exercises. Questions can be randomized to provide a powerful way of reinforcing knowledge and driving learners to a full understanding of each topic.

Career Support

One unique attribute of the Treehouse platform is how they eLearning powerhouse provides support to its subscribers. Treehouse devoted a whole library section specially dedicated to people and business owners who would like to start a career in coding. The platform also has a job board which makes job hunting convenient or even looking for the right talent for your business helpful.

Comprehensive eLearning and Training

What makes Treehouse stand out from the eLearning niche is how they have powerfully developed each and every course. They do not just provide the basic video lectures and course outline, but each course is also laddered with classroom-setting tools to help individuals get more out of each topic. Most courses have interactive workshops where instructors help learners get the first-hand experience of their coding topics, quizzes at the end of each chapter, coding challenges, and final exams to fully gauge a learner’s comprehension and grasp.

Diversity of TechDegree programs and Coding topics

Treehouse currently has 4 TechDegree Programs highly developed to meet skillsets required in the demanding world of coding and programming. These degree programs were developed with comprehensive topics from beginning to advanced technical subjects. It allows you to fully navigate and learn degree subjects associated with your chosen fields of expertise.

Real projects to build your resume and portfolio

With 9-12 real projects incorporated into each training course, Treehouse not only allows users to develop their individual skills but also build their portfolio. The platform is a great way to build your professional career because they incorporated actual challenges you would meet with your daily programming work. Real-life scenarios allow users to quickly adapt their skillsets and showcase their talents to their prospective employees.

Project review and work feedback

Treehouse has an ingenious way of allowing its community to join together and grade each other’s work. Your peers can give you valuable feedback which you can use to improve your work even further. As an active participant of the eLearning process, you are also given the chance to participate in the process and review projects submitted by your peers. Treehouse has unified the solution of analyzing and providing a critique of a coding project while at the same time solving specific problems on a group level. Not only does it allow the receiver to improve his work, but also gives life scenarios that you may encounter as a programmer or a coder.

A Slack Community exclusive access

The Slack Channel provides valuable support that allows users to connect with fellow students under the same course. It helps learners get answers to questions they might have a hard time with and a great way to foster unity where users share thoughts and ideas about topics and projects they are going through.


Features of Treehouse

Flexible eLearning Schedules

Like every other eLearning online education platform, Treehouse offers a good way of letting its users take full control of their schedules. Users can access on-demand videos and various interactive activities at their own pace. Interactive challenges with your coding eLearning program can be accessed anytime and anywhere you need them.

Free Course Trials

TreeHouse offers Free Trials to get you started in shaping your Coding and Programming career. Users can start out with the 7-day free trial before getting intense involvement with a program. The free trial period allows you to get a feel of how each course is run. The dry-run period also gives you access to hundreds of practice sessions, on-demand video training, community access, as well as bonus contents which can help you kick-start your training course.

Range of Price Plans

TreeHouse has a wide range of pricing plans to fit every learner’s goals and finances. On top of having several pricing options, Treehouse also offers a free trial which helps users see what works for them before getting a monthly subscription. Compared to educational boot camps and conventional learning facilities, TreeHouse lets its users feel what works best for them before being committed to a course curriculum.

Partnership with Leading Platforms

To make their services even better, TreeHouse has gained partnership with several third-party companies to provide an all-inclusive eLearning environment. Some of the leading TreeHouse partners are Microsoft, Amazon Alexa, IBM Watson, and Google Developers. These leading companies work in partnership with TreeHouse to help learners gain the skill and certification they need without leaving their homes.

Robust Learning Support

TreeHouse has a wide support avenue for its learners. The Slack integration allows users to communicate in one platform and share their own experiences and course learnings, while API integrations allow users to have a comprehensive platform which can provide them with extra tools and services. Some of the commonly used API and plugin extensions in TreeHouse are jQuery, Selectize.js, NumberProgressBar, interagent, Profound Grid, and demostheme.info. TreeHouse gives power to every learner by allowing them to provide critique on each other’s work, thereby, helping the community learn better and achieve their goals faster.

Mobility Access

TreeHouse is mobile-ready and can be accessed anytime and anywhere from any of your gadgets or mobile device.



The Basic TreeHouse Plan is $25/month which includes access to learning videos, and code challenges and activities to test your learning aptitude. TreeHouse also offers the TechDegree Program which costs $199/month.

The TechDegree Program is inclusive of the custom curriculum and includes real-life projects and coding scenarios to help learners fully develop their coding skills. The plan also includes Slack channel integration, peer reports and review, and a supervised final examination. Each course includes a 7-day trial period before purchasing a subscription.

TreeHouse Pro is $49/month with no trials. It is inclusive of video talks, instructional materials created by experts and industry leaders. Temporary pausing of subscription is available for the Pro Plan which is useful if you have to go on a week-long vacation or needs to take time off from your classes. Subscription Pausing guarantees you will not be charged additional fees upon your class resumption.

Discounts are offered for eligible students with supporting documents. Business and institutional group membership pricing is also available upon request. Interested parties would have to contact TreeHouse using this link.

You can also refer a student and earn cash with TreeHouse using the Affiliate Program. It offers commission rates for every enrolled student where you can earn both on sales and on free course trials. Learn more about the TreeHouse Affiliate Program by contacting affiliates@teamtreehouse.com.

Shop TreeHouse also offers merchandise from mugs, water bottles, hoodies, and shirts. Get them exclusively at the Team Treehouse Shop right here.


Technical Details

A wonderful eLearning site for people who wants to further enhance their technical skills, TreeHouse works well with most of the leading OS, including Windows and Mac. The site runs perfectly well on the latest browsers.
The online learning platform follows a subscription pricing plan.

Support Details

TreeHouse has great support for its learners. Course subscribers can get support from a wide array of services including its Slack integration where fellow students can exchange ideas and learning. It is a zero-to-job-ready platform with a portfolio of courses and TechDegrees that allow learners to get in-depth assistance from all corners of their studies.

If you are having issues with your subscription, you can get helpful answers from the TreeHouse Support Team by sending an email at help@teamtreehouse.com or you can leave them a message by filling out the online form here.

FAQa and Learning Content information can also be acquired from the same page with topics relating to your system use and much of the needed information to get you started with your online eLearning course.