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Full Translation Exchange Translation Software Review – All You Need to Know About Translation Exchange

Translation Exchange
Translation Exchange

What is Translation Exchange?

Translation Exchange is a revolutionary online localization platform that energizes businesses with translation management tools that assist in indulging clients with a native linguistic experience. Built in with a powerful JavaScript component, the well-rounded translation management software makes it possible for everyone to extract content directly from their site and rapidly send them to the program for translation. As a matter of fact, Translation Exchange supports all major localization formats, which simply indicates that product users are not only able to import, translate, or publish translations in any language but also export translated content back to their application in less than no time.

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Translation Exchange Benefits

Localization is a twelve-letter word that is easy to comprehend but hard to implement. In fact, a lot could go wrong in the localization process including improper research, hilarious translations, disappointing user experience and incomplete knowledge of cross-cultural communication. Nonetheless, Translation Exchange is here to get rid of the said probabilities as it streamlines the complexities of localization so that companies can concentrate on coming up with great applications and expanding their markets.

Subsequently, companies can manage their entire project on a single yet automated platform wherein they can conjure up a repeatable process that eradicates the need for several translation files and updates. In addition, the potent translation management program also does the heavy lifting as it systematically hoards translation keys to make it easier for everyone to apply them throughout multiple projects and future iterations. In short, Translation Exchange enables businesses to create a connection that uplifts the value of their product to their clients.

Thanks to Translation Exchange’s utilitarian localization platform, enterprises are not only able to extend their market into diversified locales but also avert liabilities, gain a competitive edge, and more essentially establish a great brand worldwide. Roused by its machine translation functionality, the dynamic online localization program presents the way for businesses to pre-translate their content immediately so that translators can then go in and fix any mistakes. Plus, companies can also to order translations from more than 15,000 translators through the program’s integrated partners make certain that all bases will be covered.

By the same token, Translation Exchange also promotes a collaborative working environment as it accredits business administrators to monitor and interact with their translators in real-time. This is an excellent way for companies to enhance their services as it allows managers to view what content their workers are translating and message them directly when necessary. What is more is that they can also look at the ratings of their translators based on the quality of their work to give managers on who are the most valuable ones for their future projects.

Translation Exchange

Powered by its collaborative translation module, Translation Exchange enables businesses to trim down translation lifecycle, embroider communications between translator and non-translator participants as well as drive out tedious management tasks. In connection with management, the reliable online localization tool also banks on its translation center to not quicken project management but also keep everyone connected and communicate on the same page. Additionally, its translation center also provides companies with a central interface wherein their project managers, translators, and developers can collaborate on localization projects.

While translators make use of its translation center on efficiently localizing application content, developers, on the other hand, leverage it as central equipment where all project strings are filtered, sorted, translated, changed, and published. Fired up by its in-context translation module, Translation Exchange facilitates businesses to abbreviate human errors and speed up the localization process. Consequently, companies can utilize its highly-regarded SDKs to accredit translators to localize web and mobile content or applications right inside the application.

On a related note, Translation Exchange also comes with a universal translation memory that has what it takes to add every translation produced to a massive database that is shared with all applications in the network. In a nutshell, the user-friendly online localization pulpit allows businesses to exchange translations and experiences so that they will no longer have to pay for popular translations that have been created in other applications. Interestingly enough, product users can likewise select the best translations available thanks to the program’s uncanny ability to calculate and provide quality rankings for translations.

In connection with SDKs, the flexible translation management program is likewise armed with powerful SDKs that smoothly integrates with major platforms and frameworks. Dynamized by its marketing integrations, Translation Exchange gives the way for marketing professionals and experts alike to translate their marketing campaigns in any language in order to generate a higher return on investments while reducing costs at the same time. Among its marketing integrations include but are not only finite to Vertical Response, Active Campaign, Stream Send, Send In Blue, and Constant Contact.

Translation Exchange

Apart from its marketing integrations, Translation Exchange can be integrated with popular storage systems such as DropBox and Box to make it more uncomplicated for businesses to retrieve documents from virtually anywhere on the internet. Moreover, SDKs also plays a crucial part in not only keeping content up-to-date but also automatically downloading and installing translations. Sequentially, product users can use the software’s hosted CDN or download and host their translations manually without any hitch.

On top of that, the multi-talented online localization program is also decked with a crowdsource functionality that gives the green light for product users to invite a small group of translators to collaborate and open their localization up to the entire user base to translate and scale their efforts. Normally, crowdsource translations are the preferred translation options of large sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn since it simplifies the translation assignments and dramatically reduce translation rates. Furthermore, Translation Exchange is likewise arrayed with a professional translation component that enables businesses to instantly and precisely localize their content thanks to the app’s broad network of professional translation partners who are experts in their respective languages.

In addition, Translation Exchange has likewise joined forces with Appetize.io to deliver the most advanced localization technology to mobile apps. Through this process, translators and developers will now be capable of transmitting and reviewing translations directly from the applications that are operating within the program’s Translation Center emulators. Speaking of partners, Translation Exchange has also partnered with industry-leading translation services such as One Hour Translation, Gengo Translation, and Localization, Vanan Online, and EAST Localize to connect businesses with thousands of professional translators around the world and bring their digital content into new audiences.

Translation Exchange

Translation Exchange Features

Translation Exchange is gassed up with fully-functional features that range from central translation interface, development stack support, SDKs, and machine translation to crowdsource translation, professional translation, in-context translation, translator collaboration, localization management, translation center, and universal translation memory. In addition to that is its robust and accurate analytics that capacitates businesses to stay on top of their translation data at every phase of the localization project. Through its precise analytics, business leaders can monitor how many translations are added every week and how near their application is to being completely translated into a new language.

Adjacently, companies can work as a unit and share their new translations throughout divergent groups so that they can continually embellish their localization efficiency. By the same token, Translation Exchange also grants businesses the power to easily add languages into the system to make sure that their content will automatically be accessible to their targeted audience. Additionally, integrating Translation Exchange to the company development stack is fast and easy as product users will no longer have to pay for an additional software, therefore, saving significant money in the process.

Aside from that, the forward-looking online localization software is likewise dressed with a glossary management system that has the capacity to indulge projects with any number of terms. Electrified by its WYSIWYG editor, Translation Exchange gives the okay for businesses to create their own style guides, which can be utilized in setting the standards for their content, direction, voice, and tone. Ordinarily, product users can create a style guide by simply going over to the style guides section and enter their style content that best describes their projects.

Above all, Translation Exchange also supports a multitude of translation formats to make it quicker for companies to import them and get started immediately. Addedly, the time-saving online localization platform likewise sets up businesses to save up to 70% on the time needed to translate and deploy their multilingual applications. Completing the features of Translation Exchange are project management tools, cloud-based interface, Javascript, importing and exporting capabilities, quality control, terminology management, workflow management, marketing management, and localization automation.

Translation Exchange

Pricing Plans

Translation Exchange is equipped with four pricing bundles that include the starter, basic, premium, and enterprise plans. The starter plan offers two languages, 50,000 words, unlimited projects, unlimited translators and basic support for $49 per month while the basic package is draped with all starter plan features as well as five languages and 250,000 words all for an affordable price of $249 per month. Not to be outdone is the premium plan, which is appareled with all basic package components, premium support, 10 languages, and 500,000 words for $499 monthly.

On the other hand, the enterprise plan is psyched up with all previous plan features as well as unlimited words, unlimited languages, integrated support, and a dedicated account manager. Pricing details for the enterprise plan are available on a quote basis. Contact Translation Exchange to get a detailed quotation and more information about other products.

Other than that, Translation Exchange offers custom plans that are specially tailored for a specific business. Addedly, it also accepts payments on all major credit cards including Visa, Discover, American Express, and Mastercard. Furthermore, interested purchasers can likewise request a free demonstration by simply heading over to the website to submit a request.

Translation Exchange

Technical Details

Translation Exchange is available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and over the web. It supports numerous languages including English and Russian. The web-based online localization platform, which adopts monthly payment and quote-based pricing models, is ideal for small and medium businesses.

Likewise, product users can deploy the program in cloud-hosted settings for maximum flaccidity and scalability. Aside from the aforementioned integrations, Translation Exchange also functions splendidly with website builders and content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, Weebly, Knack, WebFlow, Business Catalyst, and Odoo as well as E-commerce platforms including Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion. It only gets better from there as businesses can further extend the functionalities of Translation Exchange by assimilating it with Help Desk applications such as FreshDesk, Uservoice, Zendesk, Groove, HubSpot, and Desk, which work hand in hand to manage support issues in virtually any language.

In relation with integrations, companies can also choose to integrate Translation Exchange with well-known blogging sites such as Tumblr and Ghost to reach a wider audience. Other marketing integrations of Translation Exchange are Act-On, MailChimp, iContact, SendGrid, SparkPost, Apostle, OnGage, Postmark, Mailjet, SendPulse, SendLoop, MailUp, Dotmailer, Iterable, Marketo, and Klaviyo. Rounding up its integrations are SurveyMonkey, GitHub, GitLab, Readme.io, StatusPage.io, and landing page applications such as Instapage, Lander, PageWiz, and Unbounce, which operate conjointly to localize landing pages and bring in new customers.

Translation Exchange

Support Details

Translation Exchange is outfitted with a responsive technical support team that extends businesses with email support, knowledge base, phone, support, live chat support, and a compelling Frequently Asked Questions section. In addition, the cloud-hosted online localization platform also comes with a comprehensive documentation about installation and integration, project creation, and dashboards as well as quick start guides on website integrations, standard web apps, single page apps, and native mobile apps. Moreover, product purchasers can likewise make use of its ticketing system to raise tickets about app-related problems and recommendations for a value-added customer experience.

Besides that, Translation Exchange also lets product users view their uptime and recent downtime statistics for future references. Impressively, it also flaunts a product timeline wherein everyone can see the latest features and enhancements as well as updates about the application. Lastly, businesses can also resort to blog articles on marketing, integration, best practices, email marketing campaigns, WordPress site translation, translation management system, and localization intelligence for further assistance.

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