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Full Tradogram Procurement Software Review – All you need to know about Tradogram Procurement Software

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Tradogram procurement software is a lightweight SaaS solution. This cloud-based procurement platform helps buyers and purchasing decision makers in their supply management process and helps them to control costs and save money.

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Tradogram is affordable and configurable with companies in over 60 countries trusting the provider for the handling of their procurement needs.

What is Tradogram Procurement Software?

Procurement is necessary for businesses across all sectors. Tradogram took this into consideration and can be used in businesses of all types such as manufacturing, retail, and construction. Moreover, it can even be tweaked to suit your organization’s specific requisitions need.

It allows companies to procure materials directly from their items data bases or even external sources such as catalogs and websites. Budgets and approvals for the various branches and departments of a business can even be put in place.

Features such as the automation of purchasing and sourcing functions are also available which makes your business more effective and helps you to grow your business.

Tradogram Benefits

Tradogram gives users control over vendor and supplier information. Based on this information, businesses can identify which providers they want to do business with and which ones they should avoid. Below we will explore the main benefits of using Tradogram Procurement software.

Gain control over TCO: Tradogram gives you the tools so that you can be in control over the total cost of ownership of products purchased. Tradogram analyzes product and supplier information in order to determine the best value deal. This leads to an overall improvement of your procurement process. Tradogram will make the process of finding the best supplier for your needs less stressful by analyzing quantities, price quotes, payment terms, specifications, shipping, costs, and delivery times among other factors.

Purchase-to-pay: Tradogram improves the purchase order receiving process through PO matching, inventory distribution, a delivery management system, and invoice automation.

Source strategically: This procurement software facilitates the building of an effective sourcing plan for procurement negotiations with tools such as requisition forms, single purchase orders, a contract repository, and various white-labelled e-sourcing tools.

Optimize supplier management: Optimize communications with your suppliers while evaluating their performance. You will have access to tools such as vendor scorecards and supplier evaluation forms which can enhance the performance of your suppliers as well as your relationship with your suppliers.

Manage your contracts: Tradogram enables contract management, facilitating the management of contract lifecycles and contract costs.

Spending controls: An approval workflow system is present which lets you take control over spending. There is also a budget planner tool for cost forecasting. The ability to generate custom spending analysis reports is also present.

Manage orders: You can manage incoming sales orders and the sending of sales quotas using price quote templates, automated sales and PO notices, invoice matching, and a sales activity tracker.

Tradogram Features

Tradogram is a versatile procurement software solution and it can help you with both your procurement administration and procurement operations. Lets explore the features offered.

A Reliable Ordering System

Tradogram Procurement Software Requisitions

Tradogram gives users a centralized requisition system which collects and automatically assigns internal orders, allowing a specified person to carry out the final purchase. Requisitions can either be added from a database or added as one-off items. This setup ensures that your business’ procurement system is cost-effective and streamlined and vastly reduces ordering confusion.

Effectively keep track of ordering process

Instead of an inefficient paper based requisition system, Tradogram’s system gives requisitioners the ability to track each item’s status from when the order is approved to when it is received. Insights are also provided which allow businesses to stay on top of order tracking and company spending.

Streamlined Purchase Order Management

Purchase orders can be created either from scratch using a form or based on terms negotiated with suppliers. Businesses can also choose to duplicate old POs to simplify the reordering of certain items. Users can also use their database to fill their POs with the required information such as payment terms, and prices.

Intuitive Purchasing Workflow

Procurement control can be set up by putting order approvals in place. This helps to prevent off-budget spending, making for a more efficient procurement process. The lifecycle of a PO can be tracked from creation to receipt. This process is transparent and efficient.

Manage Requests

It’s important to discuss your requirements for products/services with suppliers and keep track of requests. Tradogram lets users do this through its request forms. The request forms can be used either as Request for Quote or Request for Proposal forms. Users can also monitor each request and supplier response with minimal effort.

Strategic Negotiations

The beauty of Tradogram’s requests system is that it allows multiple users to review and evaluate orders at the same time. This allows for teams to collaborate, and quickly make decisions on whether to go forward with an order. Comparison tools are provided which aid in deal negotiation, making it easier for you to secure ideal terms and conditions. It’s even possible to close deals with multiple vendors by creating multiple POs from a single request.

Match What You Ordered With What You Actually Received

There is always the possibility of making an order and not quite receiving everything you asked for. Any differences between what was ordered and what was actually received can be highlighted in Tradogram’s system, letting teams know that there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Facilitate On-time Deliveries

Tradogram Procurement Software Deliveries

Delivery details are organized, letting businesses keep track of received orders. Based on this information, they can make any adjustments with suppliers to ensure that future deliveries arrive on-time and at the correct place. Businesses can request an advanced delivery note from suppliers, or they can simply fill out the delivery information themselves.

Match Orders With Deliveries and Invoices

Tradogram keeps everything organized, ensuring that there aren’t any conflicts between your procurement and finance departments. This procurement software will verify a 3-way match between purchase orders, deliveries, and invoices. This ensures that your business keeps the reins on expenditure.

Automate Accounts Payable

Invoices can be organized according to those that have been approved for payment, those that are still pending approval, and those that have already been paid. Invoices can also be automatically populated with information such as received quantities from deliveries.

One-click Receipt Scanning

Keeping track of expenses is important and by extension so is keeping track of your receipts. Knowing how much you spend is critical, and can quickly inform you of the trajectory of your business when analyzed along with other financial data from your business. Quickly take a picture of receipts using a phone, fill out a few lines, and it’s there for reference. This saves on having to keep bulky paper records and makes expense information from receipts more easily available to a wider audience.

Make Reimbursements With Ease

A workflow can be put in place to ensure that employees follow the correct expense procedures. It’s then easy to quickly identify who needs to be reimbursed.

Manage Supplier Contracts

Tradogram Procurement Software Contracts

Keeping supplier agreements in check ensures that you are in control of your costs. Tradogram facilitates a streamlined contract planning, negotiating, and creation process. This ultimately results in reduced procurement costs. Contracts can be auto-generated from awarded bids, and then seamlessly managed. Contract statuses and supplier performance can be monitored using Tradogram’s graphs and charts system which is visible for each contract.

Contract Lifecycle Management

You can let your team create requisitions and purchase orders from contracts with autofilled terms and prices. This increases efficiency since there is less back and forth after already going through the process of securing a contract. It’s then possible to track all activities which were carried out in relation to a contract.

You can also set an expiration date for a contract. You will be sent a reminder about when the contract will expire and a one-click renewal option will be offered.

Streamline Communications With Instant Messaging

Communication is critical for making the best decisions possible when carrying out procurement. With instant messaging, colleagues and suppliers can be quickly reached, allowing for the possibility of real-time responses, reducing wasted time.

Open Discussions With Suppliers

Discussion rooms are provided for each transaction carried out. These rooms let businesses interact with and respond to notes from suppliers. This allows for the communication of procurement needs as clearly as possible.

Tailor-made Purchasing Process

Depending on your business you may not need to use all of the options available with Tradogram when carrying out your procurements. You can therefore turn off unneeded features to simplify your process. Unneeded complexity will just slow you down, so this feature is quite useful.

Connect Locations and Group Users

Tradogram lets you connect all of your company locations under one system. From there users can be organized into branches and departments. You can then easily connect your team with the right purchasing tools. It’s then easy to delegate procurement tasks accordingly.

Manage User Permissions

Tradogram Procurement Software User Permissions_1
Managers/owners can set user permissions based on their team members’ roles in a business. This ensures that teams stay focused on their particular tasks, working efficiently.

Set Up Application View According To Roles

Different user roles will complete different tasks in your workflow. Users will only be able to see the features enabled for their account. This eliminates clutter and helps teams to focus on their tasks at hand.

Effectively Manage Supplier Information

Tradeogram helps you to quickly build your approved suppliers list and form your own personalized database. Approved vendors can be linked with one or more items, which facilitates fast ordering. You can essentially create a comprehensive database which will allow you to make better decisions since you can quickly see what options you have for procurement. You can keep track of purchases, documentation, and overall performance history of each supplier.

View Supplier Performance Ratings

Tradeogram provides scorecards which identify vendors which you should do business with and those that you should rethink using again. This performance rating system gives businesses the opportunity to improve vendor relationships.

Flexible Items Database

You can easily keep track of the items you use in your business with the flexible items database provided with Tradeogram. Item information can be modified, whenever necessary as well. The purchase history of these items can also be viewed, and target costs for the items can be set. This lets you know what to expect on reordering. Items can also be linked to suppliers.

Comprehensive Categories

Companies can set up categories depending on their wishes. They can then analyze spending on their various categories, gaining insights on where their money is going and how to optimize purchasing.

Approvals System for Purchasing Protection

Unnecessary purchases are a waste. Business administrators can put an approval system in place which ensures that this doesn’t happen. The possibility of rogue spending is reduced when a manager’s approval is needed before an order can be made. Approvers are notified via email when their input is needed.

Configure Approval Workflow

The approval worflow can be set up in such a way that users just submit a request and wait. You can decide how your approval system works, assigning the need for approvals to different aspects of purchasing such as purchase orders, requisitions, invoices, or even expenses. Approvals can also be set up based on a defined amount threshold, item categories, and/or by department.

Design a Customized Budget

Tradogram Procurement Software Budget

Based on your requirements, you can set up a budget for your business. This provides a high level of purchasing transparency and keeps your staff focus, essentially helping to eliminate unnecessary spending, facilitating the making of well-informed purchasing decisions. Analytics can be accessed which display a visual chart of the portion of the budget that has been used up, and what remains.

Plan Project Spending

Budgets for projects can be set and tracked. It’s simple to allocate portions of the main budget to various sub-projects. Purchases related to various projects are reflected in real-time on spend reports.

Design Your Own Reports

You can create reports based on what you need to know. You can use data generated from a range of criteria such as purchase orders, categories, and items in order to get a sense of spending.

Easily Accessible Spending Data

The more quickly companies have access to analytics, the faster they can react to changes. This means that real-time analytics are a significant advantage, especially in the area of spend control. Negative purchasing patterns can be quickly identified, allowing for corrective measures to be quickly taken if necessary.

Track Stock and Set Reorder Points

Tradogram lets users keep careful track of the items they keep in stock. A reorder limit can be set as well. When this threshold is crossed, a reorder alert is sent. This ensures that you never run short of a critical item.

Build Your Distribution Channel

It’s simple to move stock between multiple locations with Tradogram’s system. This facilitates smooth operations along a company’s supply chain.


Tradogram Procurement Software Pricing

Tradeogram’s pricing system is fairly straightforward. There are 3 pricing tiers which are outlined below.

Free Basic

This package is completely free and comes with the following features:

  • One user only
  • Up to 10 purchase orders per month
  • Responsive dashboard
  • Unlimited number of items
  • Unlimited number of suppliers
  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Contract management
  • RFQ/RFP management
  • Delivery tracking system
  • Invoice matching
  • Attentive support team
  • Project management
  • Inventory control


The premium package is priced at $10/mo and offers the following:

  • All Basic account benefitsAll Basic account benefits
  • Multi-users (minimum 2 users)
  • Unlimited purchase orders
  • Multi-level hierarchy (branches & departments)
  • User permission control keys
  • Multi-level budget tracking
  • Requisitions (internal ordering) System
  • Approvals routing
  • Custom spend reports
  • White-labeling
  • One-on-one training and setup
  • Integration options
  • Multi-users (minimum 2 users)
  • Unlimited purchase orders
  • Multi-level hierarchy (branches & departments)
  • User permission control keys
  • Multi-level budget tracking
  • Requisitions (internal ordering) System
  • Approvals routing
  • Custom spend reports
  • White-labeling
  • One-on-one training and setup
  • Integration options

Enterprise Packages

You will need to contact the staff of Tradogram in order to get a quote on their enterprise packages. These allow for 20 to an unlimited number of users.

Technical Details

Tradeogram is a web-based cloud solution. This means that it can be accessed from any device with a web browser and an internet connection. At this point, English is the only language supported.

Support Details

Tradogram provides help and support via email, phone, and live support. Training sessions are also offered.


Tradogram handles the procurement needs for businesses across a wide variety of sectors at an affordable price. A wide variety of procurement administration and procurement operations features are provided which allow businesses of various sizes to take control of their procurement process. If your business is seeking to optimize it’s procurement process, then Tradogram is an excellent option that should be considered.

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