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Full TouchBistro POS Software Review – All you need to know about TouchBistro

TouchBistro POS software

As an iPad POS solution, TouchBistro system is designed to align with the unique needs of the restaurant industry. It serves restaurants of all types while offering food service specific features in addition to advanced management capabilities. With TouchBistro POS software, you can access all of its functionalities via an iPad and thus you will not need to visit the backend for a setup. You don’t need to have internet access to use the system as you can use it even when offline whereby you can still send orders to the kitchen and print checks for customers. However, you will not be able to process credit cards on TouchBistro system when you’re offline. Also, this iPad POS solution can prove difficult to navigate through as it has so many screens and the different screens are often accompanied by several buttons. With the smaller screen in iPad mini, tableside ordering becomes a challenge. Because of its customizable menus, reservations, table layouts, and employee roles, TouchBistro POS is a very user-friendly system and a popular choice for replacing expensive legacy solutions used by large restaurants.

TouchBistro - User-friendly interface

TouchBistro iPad POS solution is a revolutionary and futuristic software when it comes to automating and simplifying the processes involved in the restaurant business. Its innovativeness and intuitive design remain to be one of the most attractive elements of this system. In recent years, the company in charge of TouchBistro system has been adding more advanced features like for the case of reporting and in-house inventory and thus making it an attractive POS system.

In the world of POS, TouchBistro POS software has moved to the top of the market and it has received multiple industry awards and honors.

TouchBistro system is designed to meet the needs of any business with a menu and these could include bars, cafes, and restaurants. This iPad POS solution is very successful and runs only on mobile iPads that are synchronized through a local network.

When it comes to the hardware that the TouchBistro system runs on, it is low cost and cheap and the licensing fees are also cheap when compared to other robust POS systems.

Furthermore, as a customer, you will love the modern look and feel that characterizes the tablet-based checkout system that is able to handle setting and table assignments, order taking, menu selections, daily sales reports, transferring of orders wirelessly to the kitchen, tabs and split tickets.

TouchBistro POS software - checkout

With TouchBistro iPad POS solution, you can even complete payments tableside and you are also given the option of receipts that can be emailed quickly to customers. The mobility offered by TouchBistro system makes it possible for restaurants to complete tasks with much ease and speed.  Employees will, therefore, spend most of their time attending to customers and thus giving them a more positive dining experience.

What is TouchBistro POS Software?

TouchBistro POS software is an iPad POS solution that has been designed to serve the needs of all type of restaurants. It offers complete food service specific features in addition to advanced management capabilities. With its mobile functionality, staff can bring a checkout register directly to patrons as opposed to a situation that requires them to leave the table and place orders or pay the bills.

This iPad POS solution can manage split-checks and parties of different sizes and with this tool, you can print receipts, or sign them on screen and email them.

The system will serve you with detailed sales reports that will provide you with the insight regarding which items are selling the most. The providers of TouchBistro system offer 24/7 support that is handled by restaurant service experts.

TouchBistro POS software is an ideal solution for both quick-service and full-service restaurant businesses as it helps them to improve service, make wiser business decisions, and enhance sales. The system allows you to use your iPad for processing mobile payment, inventory management, staffing, and scheduling, iPad menu management, make tableside orders, in addition to floors and table plans. With TouchBistro POS software, you will access reporting and analytics from the cloud at any time of need.

TouchBistro iPad POS - Reporting

And what makes TouchBistro iPad POS solution to stand out in today’s market? One of the most significant things about TouchBistro system is that it is designed to meet the needs of different types of restaurants, cafes, pubs, food trucks, and casual eateries. These restaurant businesses can use the capabilities provided by TouchBistro iPad POS solution to meet their unique business needs. Other important things about the system are that it provides sophisticated management capabilities, certain features are designed for food service, and it is at the top of the game with regard to ease of use.

Furthermore, TouchBistro system integrates perfectly with different payment options and this leads to efficient management of receipts and expenses. This iPad POS solution processes credit cards and gift cards payments with less effort.

We’ve identified TouchBistro POS software as a leading POS system for iPads because the app is affordable, perfectly serves the needs of many restaurant types which are of different sizes, and includes numerous restaurant-specific features designed to guarantee you effective management of your business.

TouchBistro system is also compatible with third-party hardware and thus you can compare between the available hardware or continue using that which you already have. As an important advantage, this system will let you choose the payment processing company that you want to use from the list of available choices that include popular processors like PayPal, Worldpay, Chase, and Square.

As leading iPad POS system, TouchBistro POS software helps professionals in the restaurant business to carefully cater to the requirements of the industry. By the help of the tools included in this system which include things like menu planning, order management, payment processing, and inventory tracking, you can quickly and easily manage your food service business like you have never done before. The vendor of this application also provides 24/7 support from experienced restaurateurs.

With TouchBistro POS software, you will be able to reinforce your customer service and increase sales without relying on several business systems. This iPad POS solution act as an all-in-one platform that handles everything from optimizing floor planning to automating payment processing. The system can also handle resource management using its inventory tracking functions and scheduling capabilities. Using TouchBistro’s specialized tools in restaurant management, you can send ordered meals to the kitchen or delay to send them if you think of modifying the order or pace the service.

ToachBistro system is offered through competitive pricing plans and the vendor makes sure that the features included in every plan are meant to meet the requirements of your food service business. As a result, you will not be paying for unnecessary features.

Recently, TouchBistro POS software has included a loyalty program for motivating customers to spend more and do some repeat visits and this ultimately increases their overall time spend.

TouchBistro system - loyalty

Benefits of TouchBistro POS

TouchBistro system is a hybrid POS solution which provides your restaurant with the flexibility of a cloud-based POS software and the reliability of a local, offline application. TouchBistro iPad POS solution will work well even if there is no internet connection, meaning that the system works on a local network and thus the restaurants will continue to operate smoothly in the absence of an internet connection.

Furthermore, TouchBistro system offers you the convenience that comes with cloud-based reporting and thus you will have a real-time view of your business from anywhere and at any time.  Some benefits associated with the use of this iPad POS solution are provided below.

TouchBitro POS software - reporting

TouchBistro POS software offers flexibility and stability

Most reviews of TouchBistro POS software have confirmed that the system is a reliable hybrid POS solution which provide restaurants with two highly significant advantages of stability and flexibility. With this solution, you will be able to work with it even if there is no internet connection. This means that you should not worry even when your internet goes down. You can reliably access the system’s reporting and menu management from the cloud and thus you can supervise your business from any location and at any time.

TouchBistro iPad POS - menu management

TouchBistro system has a self-ordering kiosk

The self-service kiosk provided by TouchBistro POS software can be used by both quick service and fast-casual restaurants to take orders more quickly, increase revenue generation, and reduce the cost of labor. Also, you can rely on TouchBistro’s customizable interface to share information on ingredients and nutrition, highlight promotions, and merchandize highly profitable menu items.

TouchBistro iPad POS solution is designed for you

Being a POS solution designed to meet the needs of the restaurant industry, TouchBistro system will perfectly address the unique needs of most restaurant businesses. The solution provides smart features for restaurant-specific issues like changes in menu, table management, customized floor plans, and splitting of the bill.

TouchBistro system - table management

TouchBistro system provides convenient mobility

With TouchBistro iPad POS solution, you will be able to improve the customer service you are offering by taking this system to your tableside and present the images of your menu items, customize orders and reduce errors. As a result, your employees will be in a position to take more orders and visit more tables. With this, they will get more tips and also bring more revenue to the restaurant.

TouchBistro POS software offers an improved dining experience

A good dining experience is not only about the greatness of the food you serve. By relying on the capabilities provided within TouchBistro iPad POS solution, your front-house employees will be able to easily and quickly seat customers, make sure that the order which has been sent to the kitchen is accurate, and split bills the way your customers like and as a result, they will generate more revenue for your business.

Additionally, TouchBistro system also includes a built-in CRM that can be used to foster relationships between clients and thus converting them into regular customers while offering them incentives to come back.

Managing of resources has been simplified

For easy management of your resources, TouchBistro POS software offers tools for real-time inventory tracking and intuitive employee scheduling capabilities. In this case, you will be aware of when you should reorder supplies and make sure that you have the appropriate workforce at any point of need.

Features of TouchBistro System

TouchBistro iPad POS solution incorporates several features that make it one of the leading POS systems. These features include:

  • Split checks
  • Simple order steps for patrons
  • Automated pricing
  • Separate checks
  • Self-ordering kiosk
  • Table organization
  • Customizable branding and menu display
  • Reporting tools
  • Coursing feature
  • CRM
  • Order management
  • Lock-in register
  • Loyalty program
  • Automatic display of priced add-ons or combos
  • Checkout management
  • Accept cash payment at the register for orders placed at the Kiosk
  • Payment integration
  • Staff management
  • Accept credit and debit payment right at the Kiosk
  • Seamless integration with TouchBistro POS
  • Floor plan management
  • Inventory management
  • Menu customization
  • TouchBistro Loyalty


TouchBistro POS software is offered in flexible pricing plans in order to fit the requirements of your business.  When you subscribe to the available plans, you will be required to pay a low monthly fee depending on the number of licenses that you will use. The system also has a free trial version for 7 days for those with an iPad without registration in addition to 21 days totaling up to 28 days after registering into the system. All the pricing plans of TouchBistro system are billed annually and they include:

SOLO – costs $69 per month

  • 1 license

DUAL – costs $129 per month

  • 2 licenses

TEAM – costs $249 per month

  • Up to 5 licenses

UNLIMITED –  costs $399 per month

  • Unlimited licenses

All of these plans have the following features:

  • Cloud reporting and analytics
  • Unlimited users (management and staff)
  • Free product updates
  • Free daily data backup
  • Premium installation and hardware support
  • Quick service plus full tableside POS features
  • Free 24/7 phone and email support
  • Unique hybrid networking support
  • TouchBistro VIP community access
  • Free integrated remote aid

TouchBistro system - pricing

Get your free trial at touchbistro.com.

Book a live a tour of the system at touchbistro.com.

Technical Details

TouchBistro POS software supports these devices – iPhone/iPad, Mac, and Web-based. The application only supports the English language. The pricing model of TouchBistro system is the monthly payment. The customer types that are served by this iPad POS solution include small business, medium business, and large enterprises. The application is deployed through cloud-hosting, Open API and On-Premise.

Support Details

The vendors of TouchBistro POS software offer their support via Email, tickets, phone, and training.

Call sales at 1 (855) 363-5252

Email support at support@touchbistro.com.

Facebook: TouchBistro

Twitter: ‏@TouchBistro

Instagram: touch_bistro

Youtube: touchbistro