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Full TotalCloud Cloud Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About TotalCloud


When two gamers met over a decade ago, they connected instantly, and set out on a mission to run an online empire.

The duo spent nights strategizing and building assets, and soon enough, they dropped everything to start a cloud operations and management solution.

Thus TotalCloud was birthed – a visual, intelligent, and interactive cloud management software that allows users to manage assets and perform operations as it renders cloud environments in 3D.

Using TotalCloud is more like allocating resources or moving assets in a game without relying on scripting tools or dashboards.

Behavioral artificial intelligence can be used to manage cloud resources and servers, thereby acting like your virtual cloud engineer.

TotalCloud client has a desktop-based app that is built on Unity3D, a game engine, and works on a SaaS subscription model.

The firm that’s about two years old received funding from Axilo Ventures, plus a few angel investors,

The one-and-a-half-year old firm, has a nine-member team that is currently working on opening the platform for customers to build on it, besides supporting multi-cloud.

What is TotalCloud?


TotalCloud is a gamified cloud management platform for AWS that offers complete visibility for the cloud to DevOps managers and engineers. From a single glass pane, users can monitor and secure resources, get cost visibility and perform operations in real time, and in 3D space.

Essentially, a cloud user can not only visualize, but comprehend, analyze, and act right to rightsize a cloud that is hyper-complex and 100 times faster without coding or sifting through multiple dashboards or GraphQL.

Born out of a novel idea that cloud interfaces must resonate with innate preference of a human mind, while being intelligent, TotalCloud has powerful features that will enable you manage your cloud environment with much ease, more like using a 3D interface to resolve real time woes of traffic or using Alexa to update shopping carts.

The interface is visually rich with a virtual view of the whole cloud infrastructure from a single glass pane.

TotalCloud stores only billing information from AWS S3 bucket, with the rest of the metadata info picked from the API call directly, and processed without storage.

At the moment, TotalCloud only offers support for AWS, but very soon, it will support Google Cloud and Azure.



Manage and monitor cloud resources 100 times faster

With TotalCloud, you can manage and/or monitor your computing resources on the cloud up to 100 times faster than other tools for cloud management that exist in the market. It provides live debugging at super fast speeds, end to end cloud visibility with visual cues for optimization of resources, and contextual data on a single glass pane to manage and monitor resources.

Powerful visualization

With TotalCloud, you’ll get a visually-rich topology view that displays complete inventory from AWS, so you can understand all your resource usage.

Faster decision making

TotalCloud gives you easy access to Contextual Insights so you can be empowered to take quick remediation actions

Smart troubleshooting

TotalCloud offers immersive and interactive debugging that makes the AWS cloud management less vexing and more fun.

Real Time operations

You can take action in the right context on EC2, EBS, RDS, ELBs, and CloudFront among other AWS resources so as to improve the AWS cloud health.

All round visibility

TotalCloud gives you complete clarity on multiple VPCs, overlaid with Proactive Insights, and VPC correlated resources.

Error-free operations

If you want perfect and faster operations, which will save you effort, time and money, you can leverage AWS Cloud Automation in TotalCloud.


With TotalCloud, you can visualize – in a realtime dynamic environment – your AWS infrastructure.


Using contextual data, TotalCloud lets you view the whole architecture so as to make decisions much faster.


TotalCloud gives you realtime metrics using contextual data so as to understand the current state.


With TotalCloud, you can zoom in or out, pan, so as to concentrate on what will need your attention.

Replace multiple cloud management tools

With TotalCloud, you can embrace cloud visibility through using the following tools:

  • Platform: that offers a single view for all your information, multiple data layers for better context, dynamic views that let you filter and/or arrange your architecture the way you want it, pan/zoom in or out to see what matters to you, and level of detail that is a soon to be offered feature.
  • Monitoring: this lets you monitor all services so you can get the metrics you want at a glance, get contextual information for all services on your cloud infrastructure, topology view to understand inter-relationships and create baselines, understand performance using rich color-coded metric that’s overlayed on the services, historical analysis to revert into time and find causes of failures, as well as custom support for metrics.
  • Cost: this gives you the contextual cost visualization of your cloud infrastructure, builds multiple cost views with dynamic grouping, and slice/dice cost with drill-down functionality
  • PC flow logs: this lets you visualize VPC flow logs so you can understand access – internal and external – to cloud infrastructure, and ensure security is tightened. It also helps you understand network performance and bandwidth costs.


Below is a list of TotalCloud’s powerful features that make it the ideal cloud management software for your IT environment.


With TotalCloud, your infrastructure’s security is protected as it doesn’t just take several measures to improve it, but also implements best practices that make sure your data is secure. The layers of security include encryption, and integration. Encrypted channels used include TSL/SSL and all data is encrypted for transit. TotalCloud uses ARN-based cross account access methodology which is the most secure way to access third party vendors, of which the leading ones use the same methodology for AWS accounts access.

Data & Network Security

TotalCloud doesn’t store information besides reports for cost of billing, which are deleted soon as you delete your account. In case your subscription ends, the information is retained for 15 days temporarily. All the metadata info is fetched and processed without storing, in realtime. Sensitive info is transmitted via TSL/SSL encrypted channels, and HTTPS. TotalCloud servers are hosted in AWS’ virtual private cloud using strong controls for access for app and network level security.

Data purge policy

All user data gets deleted once your TotalCloud account is deleted by you.

AWS Access Methodology

TotalCloud supports only a cross-account access method. This is the industry standard and the most secure that gives access to third party vendors so you can connect to an AWS account.

IAM permission policy

TotalCloud gives you permissions in two types: Read only access, and custom access. Read only access provides cost analysis, monitoring, insights and compliance that require this permission level of access so as to retrieve information. Custom Access (which is optional) lets users provide custom write permissions for specific operations and resources based on his/her requirements. TotalCloud offers full flexibility to configure permissions for automation and operations. All the passwords and credentials are salted uniquely, and hashed strongly so no one can retrieve them, not even the staff at TotalCloud. Wherever credentials are needed, there are one-way functions and only the user can override them, but no one can retrieve them.


This offers interconnections between services or resources so you can view the interrelationship by clicking on any resource. The colors that depict connections include solid green for healthy connections, solid red for unhealthy connections, and stripped colors that indicate no health status as at that moment.

Multi-user access

You can login to TotalCloud using multiple accounts mapping to a single AWS account.

Multi-user access

Yes, you can login with multiple TotalCloud accounts mapping to single AWS account.

Cost Analyzer

This provides cost analysis in World View cost and Region Cloud cost. World View cost gives the overall cloud cost for your AWS profile, segregation of cloud costs based on regions with the number of associated services or resources, and total cloud costs per month or for previous months, and projected costs for the current month. Region cloud cost helps you understand costs for specific regions from granular levels down to a drilled-down version. It is modifiable based on the selected grouping.

This offers features such as:

  • Voice and chat, which is simply a virtual cloud assistant that can make intelligent decisions for cloud management on your behalf.
  • Cloud graph, which is a tree-based, proprietary auto service discovery platform that offers seamless management of multiple clouds.
  • Cloud Builder, which enables architects build their ideal architecture on the cloud using drag/drop tool so as to make it live within minutes

All these features are integrated in an intelligent behavioral artificial intelligence-based watchdog service. TotalCloud aims to abstract orchestrating resources of the cloud and will sustain itself while managing on its own with little or hardly any human intervention as a virtual cloud engineer does.

The platform’s USP provides a cloud user with the right contextual information at super fast speeds, from a single platform, and its features are unique to itself, as no other cloud computing software offers features like:

  • Logical topology visualization of all cloud resources in 3D, so you can understand complex infrastructure quickly
  • Displays correlation between cloud resources so your engineers can debug issues and contextually monitor the infrastructure much faster as your customer experience offers understand cloud usage with less effort
  • Cost analysis with color codes to quickly understand spend at multiple levels
  • Security view that helps you spot vulnerabilities at multiple levels quickly, from top to granular levels.


Each business has its unique cloud usage, so there’s no one-size fits all approach. TotalCloud’s pricing plans are based on the company’s cloud spend and usage. There are no longer any multiple dashboards, but one visual console. It also gives a free 30-days trial for which you don’t need any credit card to register and access.

Free: $0 per month

This pricing plan features the following:

  • Contextual Monitoring
  • AWS Spend less than $5000 per month
  • Cost Analyzer
  • Dynamic Views(Topology)
  • Operations

Startup: $49 per month

  • Contextual Monitoring
  • AWS Spend less than $10000/month
  • Cost Analyzer
  • Dynamic Views(Topology)
  • Operations

Startup Pro: $149 per month

  • AWS Spend less than $30000/month
  • Dynamic Views(Topology)
  • Contextual Monitoring
  • Operations
  • Cost Analyzer

Business: $249 per month

  • AWS Spend less than $50000/month
  • Dynamic Views(Topology)
  • Contextual Monitoring
  • Operations
  • Cost Analyzer
  • AWS Spend more than $50000 +/month
  • Dynamic Views(Topology)
  • Contextual Monitoring
  • Operations
  • Cost Analyzer

NOTE: Discount is given on annual plans with 12 months service at the price of 10 given with any annual plan. For Consulting partners and MSPs, contact the vendor for special pricing.

Technical details

Devices: Windows, Linux, Mac, Web-based

Language: English

Pricing Model: Monthly payment; quotation-based

Customer Types: Small and medium business; Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted; On Premise

Integration: TotalCloud integrates with Amazon’s CloudWatch service. It will also be integrated in the coming days with other industry leading apps such as Datadog, GCP, Azure, and New Relic among others. Its entire architecture is built on AWS cloud, and uses Unity3D gaming platform to bring alive cloud assets on a console. For a seamless, realtime user experience, TotalCloud banks on websockets and not plain HTTP calls for communicating between servers and client user interfaces.

Support details

  • Email: sales@totalcloud.io
  • Phone: +1 415-527-0866
  • Training
  • Live support
  • Tickets
  • Demo: https://totalcloud.io/requst-a-demo.html