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Full Total Management Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about Total Management

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Are you in need of a complete residential and commercial property management solution? Total Management is just the perfect tool for you! It is built to provide you with all the relevant tools you need, to efficiently manage and grow your property business.

Residential and commercial properties are two sides of a coin, and while, they share a lot of similarities, they also have a host of differences. Hence, the two sets of properties require different (yet similar) sets of expertise and tools, to efficiently manage them. This is where Total Management comes in. It is designed to provide you with an all-inclusive solution, needed to effectively manage both sets of properties.

What is Total Management?

Total Management is a versatile web-based suite of tools, designed to provide property managers with all relevant tools, needed to effectively manage their residential and commercial properties. The aim of the software is to save you time and money, while also improving your efficiency and enhancing business growth.

total managementTypically, this property management software’s residential management module is designed to serve single-family properties, student housing, homes and so on. The commercial management module, on the other hand, focuses on the effective management of offices, market spaces and industrial properties.

Total Management, as a 2-in-1 package solution, hosts a dynamic set of centralized property management functions, which cover both sets of property units such as commercial and residential. These features range from comprehensive accounting tools to rental management features which include tenant portal, tenant tracking and more. They are basically designed to equip you with the best set of rental/lease service tools, while also ensuring that, you have a durable set of accounting functions.

Furthermore, Total Management is a cloud-hosted/web-based software. As a result of this, it is flexibly designed to offer access support to every durable mobile device, desktop or laptop. The software’s platform can be accessed via web browsers; notably Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox (for desktops and laptops) and Chrome and Mozilla for smartphone and tablets.

In essence, Total Management is a complete accounting and property management package, which is built to assist you in offering the best of rental/lease services to your renters, towards improving your business’ profitability and overall growth.

Benefits of Total Management Property Management Software

Ease of Access

Total Management is a web-based platform, which means all its data and information are hosted in the cloud. Hence, you can access this platform via any web-enabled device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Basically, Total Management’s simplified interface can be accessed directly from any durable web browser. However, for optimum performance, a set of standard web browsers are recommended. The platform is best accessed via Mozilla. Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer. Of these browsers, Chrome and Firefox are the most suitable for mobile phones.

The software’s flexible access ensures it can be applied and adapted to the needs of various scales of property business, especially medium and small-scale real estate firms. This is because you don’t need an office or advanced set of computer systems before you can use the software to effectively manage your properties. You can easily do this from anywhere, directly on your mobile device.

Besides, Total Management cloud-hosted servers allow you to access its platform from anywhere and at any time, via either mobile or computer system. Besides, you can easily switch between platforms, with respect to your movements, convenience and available device.

Consolidated System

While Total Management offers a myriad of residential and commercial property solutions, it streamlines everything on a central location, where all work functions are seamlessly executed. As such, you are able to execute multiple tasks, like tenant screening, work orders, rent tracking, receiving rent payments and so on, all on one interface.

Total Management hosts an easy-to-navigate interface, which presents all your tasks and information on a single screen, thereby affording you the opportunity of seamlessly navigating through tasks, properties, tenants and so on, without having to switch between tabs. This expedites your workflow, as every key piece of your business is connected to one another.

Furthermore, this property management software’s interface, while being fully integrated, is also customizable. This ensures you are able to modify the functions of the software, as well as its display. This allows you to see only the information you want to see, all in one display.

Nevertheless, Total Management offers you a fully integrated solution, which incorporates all your work processes into one hub, thereby enabling you to seamlessly execute your workflow and keep track of all your properties and tenants, with convenience.

Online Payment & Financial Control

Total Management offers you an avenue, which facilitates the rental payments of your tenants. Your tenants are able to make their payments directly to you via the tenants’ portal. The means of payment is usually by credit card or e-transfers. Receipts are automatically generated on payments made, thereby saving you valuable time and money. Also, automatic reminders can be set, remind your tenants of their payment obligations.

Furthermore, the software’s accounting module enables you to stay on top of all your finances, including tax obligations, receivables, payables, liquid assets, security charges, and others. These metrics are analyzed and presented to you in comprehensive reports, providing you with a clear view of your business’ financial status. Moreover, some of these reports can be adopted, to accurately set rental rates for your property units.

Essentially, Total Management can be adapted to serve as your ultimate financial manager/analyst, as it is equipped with the latest financial principles, techniques and quality standards. In the same vein, a reliable payment channel is provided to your tenants, to facilitate their rental payments, all within the comforts of their phones or computer systems.


Total Management offers you an avenue for maintaining constant contact with your tenants. The tenant portal is designed to facilitate your tenants’ interaction with you.

Basically, the portal serves as a medium, where your tenants can easily make maintenance requests, pay their rents, connect with other residents, lodge complaints and more. This portal also serves as an information medium, where your tenants can easily retrieve any information they need, regarding their tenancy.

In essence, Total Management affords your tenants the opportunity of maintaining constant contact with you via a simple cost-free channel, instead of going through the hassle of conventional SMS and calls, which are often charged.

Customer Support

total managementTotal Management offers you both online customer support and dedicated (one-on-one) support. This is aimed at providing you with every necessary training and assistance, towards offering the best rental services to your clients (tenants).

This property management software comes with a helpline, which is always available to deliver swift responses to your queries. Also, you are provided with a dedicated assistance and training, albeit at affordable prices.

Key Features of Total Management Property Management Software

Comprehensive Accounting

total managementTotal Management hosts a powerful accounting feature, which is tagged Comprehensive Accounting. This accounting feature covers every aspect of the software, ranging from the residential management features to the commercial management functions. This feature enables you to create a budget, by analyzing data from your expenses and revenue. Aside from budget creation, this feature also hosts other subfunctions like invoicing, dashboards and reports.

In addition, Total Management’s Comprehensive Accounting keeps track of your operating costs, income per property unit, net income, bank balances, debts and so on. All these are presented to you on a unified dashboard. Also, this property management software hosts more than fifty custom-made reports, which can easily be organized to generate in-depth reports on your finances.

Nevertheless, the accounting feature facilitates the billing of tenants and vendors. It allows you to easily set bills and generate invoices, automatically. Relevant tools in this regard include auto-fill and entry alerts for duplicate invoice.

Tenant Portal

This cloud-hosted portal is designed specifically for tenants, to help facilitate their interaction with their property managers. From this portal, tenants can make their rent payments, track packages, make maintenance requests and submit work orders.

The Tenant Portal facilitates payments, by allowing your tenants to pay their rents, directly via the platform. Electronic money transfer and credit cards are the accepted means of payment via the portal. Also, your tenants can easily set up automatic (recurrent) payments, to facilitate their rent payments once it is due.

Furthermore, property managers can also manage their work orders and track maintenance via the portal. The system allows you to automate notifications, to automatically notify your maintenance team about a maintenance request. Hence, they are able to easily mobile and move out to the maintenance site, to effect the repairs.

Essentially, Tenant Portal serves as the ultimate interacting channel between you and your tenants, from where they can easily carry out their tenancy duties to you, in terms of requests and rent payments.

Online Marketing

Total Management allows you to create advertising posts and listings, which are then syndicated to prominent real estate coys for better exposure. The software is linked to some of the largest marketing sites (partners) in real estate, and your listed vacancies are easily broadcasted to a larger audience.

Furthermore, all marketing and property listings are not billed. Hence, all you need to do is create and enter your listing on the platform, and it will be automatically forwarded to multiple search sites, where your properties are better exposed to prospective tenants.

Essentially, Total Management’s Online Marketing is aimed at facilitating the exposure of your vacant property units to a large group of audience, thereby increasing your chances of converting leads (prospective tenants) to full renters.

Tenant Screening

This feature is designed to help you run deep checks on all your rental applicants, to ensure they are suitable, before leasing out your rental spaces to them.

Basically, upon receiving a rental application, the software assists you in running a background check on the applicant. Such checks often involve credit screening, rental history or evictions (if any), criminal history (if any), tax records and so on. The screening is carried out and presented in two different package options, which include comprehensive reports and credit scores (FICO).

Besides, the screening result (credit scores and reports) allows you to determine, at a glance, which set of applicants are suitable, and which are not. Hence, you are able to lease out your vacant rental units to suitable applicants, as appropriate.

Other features of Total Management Property Management Software include the following:

  • Activity dashboard
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Automatic notifications
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Budget control
  • Common Area Maintenance (CAM)
  • Communication management
  • Contact management
  • Data and Security
  • Data migration
  • Document management
  • Electronic submission
  • Landlord database
  • Late fee calculation
  • Lease management
  • Letter generation
  • Maintenance scheduling
  • Manager self-service
  • Portfolio management
  • Property search
  • Rent Tracking
  • Reporting & statistics
  • Sublease management
  • Tax management
  • Tax Reconciliation
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Vacancy tracking
  • Vendor management
  • Work order management


total managementTotal Management offers a 15-day free trial period to new users. There are, however, two basic plans on offer. These plans are:

Residential: $1/month per unit when billed on a monthly basis

  • One time setup fees
  • Data implementation
  • 30 days of 1on1 live product training
  • Complete accounting
  • Multitasking
  • High-level security and encryption
  • Work order texting
  • Unlimited support
  • Ongoing upgrades
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited paperless storage
  • Online marketing
  • Tenant portal
  • Duplicate invoice catcher
  • Built-in live chat support
  • Propertysite website @ $750

Commercial: $2.50/month per unit when billed on a monthly basis

  • All features of the Residential Plan, including:
  • Rent increase automation
  • CAM tax insurance reconciliation


A “One-time Setup Fees” payment is required and it is offered at custom rates. To get a suitable pricing, simply reach out to Total Management’s product/sales team.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-based devices, Mac, Windows, Linux

Serviced Locations: Canada, United States, Africa, India, Middle East, Australia, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe

Pricing model: Monthly payment

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Small Business, Medium Business, Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted

Support Details

Total Management property management software offers users the following after-sales support:

  • Email Support: info@totalmanagement.com
  • Phone Support:

+1 888 696 0797

+1 216 920 5656