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Full TOPS Professional Property Management Software Review – All you need to know about TOPS Professional

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Do you intend to improve the all-around efficiency of your community association management firm? TOPS Professional is the ideal solution that you need. This property management software will provide you with wide functionality, needed to help you manage all kinds of association/community-level properties.

Many property management software, today, focus on one specific unit of property management, basically as a result of the limitations in their functions. However, only a few property management tools have been designed to carry out relatively advanced functions, to cover many units of real estate. A prominent mention in this regard is TOPS Professional.

What is TOPS Professional?

TOPS Professional is a powerful cloud-hosted property management software, which is designed to perform a wide range of CAM – Community Association Management functions; to cover several units of real estate and different types of properties. This property management software hosts a dynamic platform, which incorporates all necessary tools, to effectively manage HOAs (community associations), condo buildings and more.

tops professionalBasically, TOPS Professional property management software serves as a centralized platform, where all relevant stakeholders in community association management; including property owners/homeowners, community vendors, board members and management team, can access at any time to get whatever information they need.

Furthermore, the software hosts several integrated modules, which include accounting, management and portfolio. These three solutions constitute the core of CAM and are streamlined into a single, dynamic interface, where every tool needed to execute one or more community management functions can easily be accessed.

In addition, TOPS Professional otherwise known as TOPS ONE, is a cloud-based/web-enabled software; hence, it is easily accessible via notable computer and mobile devices, including iOS, Android, Mac, Linux and Windows. Essentially, its web-based functionality makes it supported on virtually every device, provided such device has a pre-installed web browser and internet connection. With this, the software can easily be adopted at every scale of property management business, whether small, medium or large.

Also, the CAM solution’s open API deployment capability makes it easily extensible, and it can be integrated with specialized third-party property management modules, to further enhance the efficiency of the software’s functionality, towards driving up overall productivity.

Essentially, TOPS Professional is a dynamic suite of tools, designed to effectively manage communities (regardless of size) and their inherent, jointly-owned properties. The major objectives of the software are to enhance the growth of community associations and more importantly, improve the efficiency of your CAM-focused business.

Benefits of TOPS Professional Property Management Software

Accessibility & Flexible Usage

Unlike several property management software today, TOPS Professional is cloud-based. Hence, it offers you a myriad of access options. Basically, the software is able to support any web-enabled device, regardless of their specifications. However, for convenience and optimum performance, it is best accessed via Android and iOS devices (for mobile), and Mac, Linux and Windows (for desktop & laptop).

With respect to the aforementioned, you can access the software’s platform and carry out your community association management (CAM) functions, wherever you; in your office (with your computer or mobile device), in the field or on-the-go with your mobile device. This implies that you can perform your official duties at any time of the day, regardless of your location.

Nevertheless, TOPS Professional ensures your CAM-office is mobile and highly flexible. Hence, you are provided with the convenience of executing your daily workflow directly from your office, in your house, at a social event, on-the-go and so on.


tops professionalTOPS Professional’s advanced system integrates all core management tool into a single unit, where every task is executed, with ease. The ease of execution is made possible by the automation capability of the software, which ensures most tasks are automatically carried out, directly from the software’s interface.

Typically, functions such as accounting, portfolio and other management functions are streamlined and executed automatically; hence, you are provided with valuable time and resources, which can then be redirected to further enhance the efficiency of other areas of your CAM-based firm.

Besides, the property management software’s automation capability ensures that time-consuming tasks are executed with relative convenience, thereby ensuring more functions are executed in fewer hours. This will, no doubt, result in improved work efficiency, which invariably translates to more revenue for your CAM-focused business.

Financial Management

Property management software is, in fact, originally designed to manage the finances of real estate firms. TOPS Professional, while not being a traditional accounting tool, hosts powerful accounting tools, which help you manage every relevant aspect of your company’s finances, ranging from accounts receivable to accounts payable.

Furthermore, TOPS Professional property management software provides your accounting team with a real-time view of your firm’s financial status & progress via regular financial reports, which are automatically generated by the software. The reports provide you and your team with a clear view on how your business is doing, financially.

Moreover, TOPS Professional eliminates the need for a third-party accounting system/financial analyst (which could be very expensive), thereby ensuring all your accounting functions are carried out expediently and effectively, away from the prying eyes of any third party.

Improved Communication & Transparency

TOPS Professional offers you an integrated platform, which serves as a reliable medium of information access and interaction between all stakeholders in your CAM-focused business. This is especially important for improving the interrelationships between and among all community association stakeholders in your business.

Typically, homeowners, vendors, board trustees, team members, partners and other community association stakeholders are provided access to the software’s centralized platform, where they can access whatever data/information they need. Also, every stakeholder is afforded the opportunity to make valuable contributions, toward improving the efficiency of your business and developing the entire community at large.

In essence, TOPS Professional ensures that there is complete transparency between your organization and the communities you manage, as well as within respective communities. This means that you are able to maintain a cordial relationship with your host communities and also make cohesive (and not unilateral) decisions, by collating ideas and inputs from every stakeholder.

Key Features of TOPS Professional Property Management Software


TOPS Professional’s Portfolio is one of its core features which provides you with an overview of all the communities you manage. With this feature, you are able to easily access the core aspects of your community association management functions.

The portfolio feature allows you to gain comprehensive insights, at a glance, into key areas of your business; like property units, homeowners, account details and so on. Also, you are able to assign access credentials to relevant members of your board such as homeowners, board directors, etc. so that they can access any vital information they need directly on the platform.

Furthermore, TOPS Professional ensures you are able to conduct in-depth screening on any of your properties, to generate vital details on previous occupants/owner(s), units, prior incident reports and other activities related to such property.

Also, this property management software enables you to monitor the financial status of all your property units, directly from your portfolio. Therefore, the expenses and income of all your properties are displayed vis-à-vis the corresponding property units.

Essentially, TOPS Professional’s Portfolio enables you to have a good understanding of the status and progress of all your work and properties. Hence, you are always in-the-know about happenings (related to you) in any of the communities you are managing.


tops professionalTOPS Professional hosts an advanced accounting feature which is designed to perform comprehensive financial functions. The accounting suite is highly flexible and can be customized to suit your needs. Its operational interface is designed to be extremely user-friendly; easy enough for an accounting layman to understand.

Basically, the software’s accounting feature hosts a good number of relevant sub-functions, which include Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger. With these functions, you are able to track your revenues (accounts receivables), track your expenses (payables), process payments & checks, and manage your communities’ finances.

Nevertheless, the accounting functions of TOPS Professional work in sync with one another, to provide you with the best of financial management, both for your CAM-focused business and the communities you manage.


tops professionalTOPS Professional hosts a set of versatile tools, designed to facilitate the overall convenience of managing your communities’ property units. This greatly enables you to achieve an optimized effectiveness in the conduct of your community property management endeavours.

Basically, TOPS Professional’s management functions include Service Requests, Work Orders & Maintenance and CC&R Deed Enforcement. These functions enable you to “keep track, review and approve requests from homeowners (Service Request)”; “manage and assign work orders to your team members and vendors (Work Orders)”; and “define violation rules and draw out plans to enforce them (CC&R Deed Enforcement)”.

Essentially, TOPS Professional’s management features ensure that your entire management workflow is simplified and executed with unimaginable ease, thereby speeding up your work efficiency and overall profitability.


TOPS Professional’s built-in automation functionality ensures that all core features of the software automatically execute their respective work functions. This is especially effective, as every core aspect of the software is streamlined into one unified multifunctional platform.

Typically, the automation feature hosts function like customizable reporting, CRM tools, activity feed and more. These functions are the major aspects of your workflow which are wholly automated. Nevertheless, every relevant aspect of CAM workflow enjoys the functionality of the in-built automation system.

Nevertheless, TOPS Professional’s automation function is the brain behind the seamless executions of community association management tasks on the software, which significantly fast-tracks your operational efficiency. The end result is, without doubt, enhanced growth of your CAM- focused firm, as well as the overall development of the communities you manage.

Other important features of TOPS Professional property management software includes:

  • 360° Property View
  • Architectural Change Approval
  • Bank Lockbox Processing
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Committee Management
  • Condo Management
  • Customizable Statements
  • Document Management
  • Dues Management
  • Gate Security
  • Interactive Reporting
  • Member Communities
  • Member Directory
  • Membership Management
  • Multi-Property
  • Owner Management
  • Owner Portal
  • Payment Processing
  • Property Database
  • Quick Collect
  • Smart Banking
  • TOPS Mailroom
  • TOPS Pay
  • Vendor History


tops professionalTOPS Professional is an ideal property management software for all kinds of property management businesses irrespective of their sizes.

However, TOPS Professional’s pricing plan is strictly by quote (no fixed subscription rate); hence, you can contact their support line to get a suitable quote for your firm.

Nevertheless, TOPS Professional offers live demo for intending user to test the platform prior to subscription.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Any web-enabled devices, Mac, Android, iOS, Windows

Pricing model: Quote-based

Supported Language: English

Customer Types: Real estate professionals, Large Enterprises, Medium Business

Popular integrations: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word

API Availability: TOPS Professional comes with an available API for use

Deployment: Cloud-Hosted, Open API

Support Details

TOPS Professional property management software offers users the following after-sales support: