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Full Toonimo Interactive Guidance Software review – all you need to know about Toonimo Interactive Guidance Software


What is Toonimo?

Toonimo is a complete SaaS based digital walkthrough software that enables you to superimpose human sound and graphical elucidations on the web pages that helps to direct or get through more visitors. The goal behind this software is to completely acculturate the digital user experience particularly in the cases of shopping for sophisticated products or going through the information which needs more explanation.

This software is particularly suited for marketing, support and sales departments. With this application, online marketers can enhance their sales and conversions by directing shoppers towards the store. In a similar way, it also helps for vendors to decrease the help desk costs or conducting onboarding and training sessions in their websites itself. Toonimo also supports custom plans for both the large scale and small-scale enterprises.

The important features handled by Toonimo are modernized rule-based targeting feature where it sets user information or performance and a WYSIWYG editor for customized user documents. The software also supports A/B testing abilities where it assists in the measurement of script guides in real time with the help of important data points like event tracking, ROI, engagement and online sales performance. Toonimo also brings configurable 3D animation features into visibility where it helps for users to add improved visual engagement at the time of website walkthrough.


Toonimo provides its support in multiple sectors and same of the benefits those are in sales, marketing, and support domains are as follows:


  • Toonimo holds the ability to enhance sales and conversion by inviting your customers and allow them to direct towards product pages, product catalogs, and shopping cart.
  • Provides a clear explanation of the product to your customers in the understandable languages.
  • Provides very fast replies to your questions and doubts with the help of high-quality media and natural voice.
  • One can receive special offers, various coupon codes and exemplified promos on their target pages itself.

The benefits in marketing section are stated below:

  • Grab the focus of your website viewers for your great value propositions and important messages.
  • Offer demonstrated solutions to your visitors depending on the browsing models, on-page and personal parameters.
  • Enhance the return-on-investment score by accelerating the form filling rate, order capacity and decreasing the shopping cart desertion costs.

The benefits in the support section are stated below:

  • Provide continuous support to the questions and doubts depending on the context and page.
  • Decrease the work pressure of your support team by making them move towards Toonimo summary section.


The high-end and unique feature-set supported by Toonimo allows you with the enhanced digital walkthrough software. The available and effective features of Toonimo are discussed below:


Toonimo supports two kinds of testing scenarios. A/B testing and Split URL testing.

A/B testing

Using the Toonimo software, you can check various versions without the need of modifying any element. In the software itself, you can test the scripts, trigger buttons, entire engagement, and complete styles to find out which version of variation delivers the enhanced results. You can share the amount of traffic received by every version.

Initiate conversion goals where those will help you for having a detailed picture when KPI is the conversion rate factor.

Relate the various versions of the walkthrough and determine which has the improved completion rate and click through rate (CTR) where it can be performed in the software analytic section itself.

Using the SaaS editor, you can set up various walkthrough variations and this shows an easy away.

Get the more engagement of your users where it helps to gain optimal user experience.

Split URL testing

Whether you are supposed to completely determine how much that the software is aiding for users or how much Toonimo has accelerated the conversion rate. You can also share the user visiting rate to the website to relate the Toonimo experience with the normal site experience without the assistance of Toonimo.

Evaluate the conversion rate without and with Toonimo where the entire data can be viewed within the customized analytic page.

Set up certain goals and divide the website visitor traffic to look at how the software shows a positive impact on your platform.


With the help of Toonimo WYSIWYG editor, you can seamlessly create your customized engagements and walkthroughs without any technical information or expert support. The editor supports all the essential tools that you require to set up a user communicative walkthrough. This process will help to gain increased user engagement and assures that the data was perfectly maintained.

Walkthrough types

Toonimo not only modernized the web UI architecture and experience by the launch of audio-visual walkthroughs but also provides conventional text bubbles walkthroughs.

So, this provides you the flexibility to select either one or two or can consolidate both the sound and text features that correctly matches with the user requirements. In both the ways, users will be learned with the unrememberable learning experience.

Multi-language support

Toonimo’s Audio-Visual instruction product handles all the languages and all the accents and dialects. Toonimo text bubbles walkthrough also manages the communication in various languages.

For the determination of segmentation, Toonimo finds out that which nation that customers are located and based on that it sets the appropriate language of the country.

The features those are managed by the Toonimo’s product are listed below:

Rule engine

The key feature that holds great importance in Toonimo’s flow is Rule Engine. It is the most powerful tool that helps in constructing partitioned rule-based engagements or walkthroughs.

This feature can also be implemented in triggering various actions based on the custom complicated rules and regulations that activates the important features of the process flow.

Consolidating your website with Toonimo’s features delivers enhanced configuration and flexibility in conversion.

Launcher types

The software is so thankful to provide the wide variety of launcher type to its users where those all activate the walkthrough to initiate. Every launcher type holds its own benefits and features. Through the latest advanced settings, you can have the ability to customize the launcher settings by setting certain conditions.

For example, allowing initial site visitors with one launcher type v/s returning visitors.

Support at every level

Let the user access the software provided with extensive support at every step he goes through. This process not only advises users to perform the specific tasks but will wait until the user finishes the current task to move to the next step. This scenario of providing support at every level is very useful in the cases of training or employing new users and makes the entire interactions to be with the page itself.

Toonimo is in the intention that its users not only have an extensive experience of this process but also move away from the website possessing the knowledge of how the issue can be solved and then implemented.


With the help of the Toonimo’s editor, you hold the ability to divide the walkthroughs to multiple users. The software assures that all their users should have the feeling of receiving personalized support. We have an array of various conditions where with these, you can select and this allows to enhance your walkthrough to the peak stage.

Search menu

This is more quintessential for the users who are making use of Toonimo for onboarding and training purposes. This search menu enables users to search for various walkthroughs and then choose the one that they need to start.

The search menu can also be partitioned into subsections when there happens a great extent of walkthroughs.

Custom Javascript

This feature provided by Toonimo is mostly useful for people who are a technical bee. When you are in the situation that you need a feature as per your need,  but it is not available in the software. So, in that case, Toonimo supports in developing your own features by writing the code in custom Javascript.

This feature allows you to develop various required and essential functionalities bringing your goals to the next level that suits with your business requirements.

Reporting – Personal Analytics dashboard

Integration of Toonimo with your website allows you to have a personal dashboard where you can have a view on the calculated analytics of every separate walkthrough. One is also able to view data either on Tablet/Mobile or PC.

Goal-based analytics

In the analytics page itself, you can follow up with the conversation score, amount of conversions, time that your visitor visited your page, click through and bounce rates and look at what amount of people completed the walkthrough. The software needs to make sure that their customers must know how Toonimo has supported them.

Also, on the analytics page, one has a detailed look at A/B testing if in case you have started it. Analyse your objectives growth, analyse and improve with the help of data-driven information that surely helps your visitors.

Enhanced compatibility

Toonimo is more reliable to be performed in all the platforms such as mobile, tablet and PC, so it is termed as the cross-platform software. Toonimo is more intended to allow its users to make use of this software in their processes.

Toonimo’s walkthroughs can be viewed on the general platforms like Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and many other platforms.

Installation made easy

Toonimo makes the implementation of this software an easy process. As every domain or campaign holds its own codeline, all you are supposed to do is to implement it once and then start making use of it. When you update the walkthrough or modify the software completely, the code line stays same and updates can be performed without any complication. Toonimo is one-time implemented software, install it and initiate using it.

Account and success management

Each of the clients is allocated with a successful manager where they are going to manage their entire requirements. The successful manager will provide support to you for the whole journey of Toonimo, he/she not only enhances the effectiveness of walkthroughs, but he will support in every aspect that ensures for smooth handling of the software. Your success manager and your account both will be your network to the technical crew and ensures that all the technical needs are accomplished.


Toonimo provides free-plan and quote-based plan and the pricing options are provided to you by the vendor of the software.

Pricing by the quote-based plan is to configure for your requirements and volume. Customized plans are based on per usage rate or infinite plan for organizational solutions.

In the same way, the pricing plan can be based on monthly, quarterly and annually. You are also offered with consistent success manager to let you know about updates, analytics and general assistance are provided.

Technical details

Toonimo is supported on the devices of Windows, Mac, Web-based, Android, iPhone and Linux. This software is exclusively implemented by small-scale, medium-scale and large-scale enterprises. And the supported languages of this software are as requested by the client or customer.

Support details

One can have the support of Toonimo through its blog, case studies, guides, and demos. Toonimo shows multiple ways to be in reach with the software support. One of the quick ways is to fill the form and submit it to the support team. The form is available at https://www.toonimo.com/contact-us/ and you can be in contact with them.

You can also contact them through phone 888.319.6572 or email your queries to info@toonimo.com or directly you can reach them at 216 Broadway, New York, NY, 10001, USA.


With all these features and benefits in hand, Toonimo can be implemented in various industries like financial, e-commerce, telecommunication, insurance, utility providers, healthcare, travel and hospitality, education, public sector organizations and software providers.

So, finally, Toonimo’s creative digital architecture offers yours with complete guidance for all the websites and online proceedings. Offers an additional layer of support for your website’s touch points consisting of bill payments, registration and contact forms, service explanations and many others.