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Full Toolyt Sales Management Software review – all you need to know about Toolyt Sales Management Software


The sales wing of any company is the most challenging department of them all. There are a wide variety of functions and tasks involved in the entire process of selling a product. It is not just simple sales, especially in a very competitive environment like the one we live in. There are a wide variety of tools available in the market which help us carry out these tasks with relative ease. In this article, we shall be talking about Toolyt which is one of the best sales software’s out there.

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Toolyt is a tool which is used to simplify the way a sales team functions on a field. It is loaded with a wide variety of technical features which set it apart from the competition.

In this article, we shall be talking extensively in detail about the Toolyt platform. Read on to find out more!

What is Toolyt?

As mentioned earlier, sales is very much of a field job and involves a whole lot of tasks such as sales pitches, product demos, meetings, client interactions, etc. It becomes all the more difficult to manage a wide variety of these tasks especially when it comes to the field team. Companies set out a big budget of money to purchase tools which will help their field’s sales team perform more efficiently. Once the efficiency of the sales team increases, more sales takes place. If more sales take place, the overall revenue of the company increases considerably.

Of the lot is Toolyt which has been labeled as one of the very best sales tools out there. It has been lauded for its simplicity in terms of user interface coupled with an all the more intuitive price tag which is all the more appealing for the customers. Let us now get introduced as to what exactly the Toolyt tool is all about.

Toolyt can be classified as a business automation tool which has been formulated to help simplify and accelerate the way a sales team functions on the field. It further enhances the task completion rate of any sales team out there. As mentioned earlier, sales tasks are very intensive in terms of time consumption along with heavy complexity as well. Toolyt does the hard work of making it all the more easy for the team. It holds the ability to streamline major tasks such as documenting observation along with ranking sales prospects as well. All such customer accounts are put in priority and the entire process is then automated based on certain preset parameters.

When it comes to help save time on the field, Toolyt is the perfect sales tool for your field sales team. You will be able to sell more products than ever before and also by spending more time as well.  You will be able to deal with more qualified leads and prospects while not having the need for scribing down notes or gaining through the leads on a manual basis. The Toolyt platform is a very robust and versatile automation tool which is very easy to use even by very new users as well.

This means that productivity and overall performance of your sales team increases which further leads to enhanced revenue figures as well.

Let us now discuss the technicalities of Toolyt as an application.


There are a wide variety of benefits on offer by the Toolyt platform. This is a software which has managed to take the market by storm all thanks to the high level of technology incorporated into the system.

Let us now discuss the salient list of benefits which are offered by the Toolyt platform. They are:

  • As mentioned earlier, there are a wide variety of tasks which are involved in the process of sales. However, as the number of tasks increase, so does the confusion within the team. Unless and until a proper mechanism is installed in police, there could be miscommunication between the higher authority and the field sales team. This could be chaotic considering the fact that sales is a very time critical process where every second counts. Hence, with the help of Toolyt, you can now ensure that the tasks are properly managed thereby making it easy for your team to function.
  • Data too is a critical component of the sales process. You get tons of data from leads which needs to be collected from the potential sales insights. This can be done rather easily using the Data collection/Survey features offered by Toolyt.
  • We have many team members involved in the sales team. It becomes all the more necessary to track the performance levels of each individual member in order to gauge the performance of the entire team. Toolyt offers a wide variety of Performance Tracking features which helps track the performance of the whole team.
  • You can also manage all the visits your sales team makes to its clients using the Visits Management feature offered by Toolyt.
  • Using the Toolyt platform, you will also be able to automate Sales Force as well.


In this section, we shall be listing out the various features on offer by the Toolyt platform. These are the features which have placed Toolyt on top of the list of the best sales platforms out there in the market. The added competitive pricing plans by the Toolyt platform make it a clear contender for the best sales software’s out there.

Below are the features of the Toolyt platform:

There could be situations when your team is doing well while there could also be situations when your team is doing badly as well. However, it is all the more necessary to avoid the latter. Toolyt is a tool which helps boost the performance levels of your entire sales team. It certainly is a sales automation tool like no other. Toolyt SFA is a tool using which you can automate a whole lot of sales related tasks. This means that your sales team members on the field can now accomplish more sales goals while you can maintain a close watch over their performance levels as well. This monitoring is what helps you understand where the team is going wrong. Based on the results, you will be able to guide the team members to be more productive on the field.

We all know how important Salesforce is for any company. Using the Toolyt platform, company managers and supervisors on the field will now be able to integrate a wide variety of Salesforce analytics tools. Using these tools, real-time forecasts can now be created on the basis of real-time data generated by the tool. Furthermore, Toolyt is a tool which helps in streamlining workflows in regards to the sales process. Using the tool, manager and field supervisors can now delegate any possible amount of work to personnel who are qualified and are available at a location at the given period of time. Work allocation can be further monitored from the beginning of the task until the completion of the task. The manager or the field supervisor is then notified once a task has been successfully completed.

Communication is key, especially when there is the involvement of many people in the sales team. Using the Toolyt platform, Communication and collaboration can be considerably improved within the sales team. The Toolyt platform eliminates the need for using both emails and phone calls between the sales team and the manager in charge of them. Once on the field, field agents can access data of the customer along with information of the job to be completed. Based on this information provided to them, they will be able to deliver a rather top notch quality services to the clients involved.

Toolyt SFA is one tool using which companies are able to convert themselves from a conventional setup into a techno-savvy one. There will be no need to print out documents because everything will be stored securely in the cloud. When we are talking about data, we are referring to the files and notes which have been entered into the Toolyt application. Not only are you working here on expediting the tasks to all your team members, but you will also be saving a lot of money on printing costs along with the printing operations as well. This helps you improve your company efficiency while also helping you save money at the same time as well.


Pricing aspects of any tool are all the more necessary considering the fact that companies are not willing to shell out exuberant sums of money on tools for sales tasks. Despite the fact that there are many tools out there which helps you improve your company efficiency, they still are very expensive to consider.

Furthermore, there are certain tools which are very economical as well but fail to deliver almost anything with their downtrodden feature list. The best thing about the Toolyt platform is that you will be able to easily manage your sales team but for a fraction of the price in comparison to other tools in the market.

Furthermore, the Toolyt platform is made available in a wide variety of plans as well which makes it easy for different types of companies to adopt the platform for their business requirements. In this section of the article, we shall be running you through the various plans which are available on offer by the Toolyt platform. They have been put in place to cater to a wide variety of client demands and requirements. They are as follows:

  • Free trial
  • Less than 5 Users
  • Prime

Free Plan

We do face situations when we could be confused about purchasing a particular tool for our business or not. Toolyt offers a free trial plan or basically a free plan which carries with itself all the basic features of the platform. In case your company wishes to upgrade to a paid plan, they can do so with relative ease. This is very convenient for companies who wish to try out the product first before any purchase is made from their end.

Toolyt is also made available in a wide variety of enterprising plans as well. Let us now work through each and every plan in detail:

Less than 5 Users

In case you have less than 5 users in your company, you make use of this plan which is available at a monthly price of about USD 5 per month. If you opt for this plan, you will be able to enjoy the following list of benefits:

  • Enjoy a complete CRM tool which can be used for your sales process.
  • Using this tool, you will now be able to maintain all the visits your team has made so far.
  • In this plan, you will also be able to easily manage all your expenses as well.
  • One of the most important aspects of this plan is that you enjoy task management features as well. Using this feature, you can now easily assign tasks to your team members and maintain a close watch over it until it is completed.

Prime Plan

The prime plan is made available for usage for a price of USD 9 per month per user. Following are the benefits which you will enjoy as part of the plan:

  • You will now be able to register more than 5 users on the Toolyt platform.
  • Enjoy unlimited file storage with this plan.
  • Gain access to a wide variety of Business Insights.
  • As mentioned earlier, you will also be able to manage and monitor all tasks assigned to your sales team.
  • You can now easily integrate your Toolyt platform with a host of ERP and CRM tools.

Technical Details

In this section, we shall be discussing the salient technical details of the Toolyt platform. They are:

Devices Supported

The Toolyt platform can be accessed using the following computing platoons:

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Web-based

Language Support

You can now use the Toolyt platform in the following languages:

  • English

Pricing Model

The user-friendly pricing model of the Toolyt platform offers the following paying modes:

  • Monthly payment

Customer Types

The types of customers who enjoy the services of the Toolyt platform are as follows:

  • Small Business
  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business

Support Details

In case of any further queries or discrepancies, you can contact the makers of the Toolyt platform using any of the following modes of communication:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Live support


All in all, the Toolyt platform is the best of its kind out there. Not only does it offer a wide variety of technical features for the users to enjoy, it also is very moderately priced as well thereby making it an investment worth making in the long run!

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