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Full Toast POS Restaurant Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Toast POS

Toast POS

What is Toast POS?

toast pos

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Toast POS is the fastest growing restaurant management software, which powers successful restaurants of all sizes, by combing a front and back of house, plus guest-facing technology with third party apps from a diverse marketplace.

The software, launched in 2013, pairs technology with its unrivaled customer success commitment, thus helping restaurants increase revenue, streamline their operations, and deliver amazing experiences for their guests.


Toast POS

Restaurant POS System designed specifically for restaurant success

Toast POS is powerful enough to run an entire restaurant as it is built on easy to use and custom hardware, with the most core features just for the success of your restaurant.

Increase Restaurant Revenue in New, Creative Ways

Toast POS opens opportunities for new revenue streams what with its loyalty, gift card, and online ordering features built with your restaurant in mind. You can meet customers where they’re at, increase revenue and decrease ticket times with Toast Go™ handhelds and keep your guests coming back using the gift and loyalty cards.

Devices Designed to Go the Distance

Restaurant Grade

Toast POS is built to withstand the busy restaurant environment and industry.

Reliable Network

Offline mode and hardwired terminals ensure you’re always on.

Tailored to Restaurants

Toast POS is beautifully and thoughtfully designed with your business in mind.

Unrivaled Commitment to Customer Success

Toast POS is committed to your restaurant’s success from the very first conversation, to a seamless remote or onsite implementation and beyond. Get free 24/7 and 365 support via live chat, phone or email, and award winning customer service, from a team with 80 percent experience working with restaurants.

All-In-One System Built for Restaurants

Toast POS is also a customizable restaurant management software for sales and management designed for restaurants to simplify business as it integrates online ordering, physical and digital gift cards and built-in tools for staff management.

Monitor Your Restaurant in Real-Time, Anytime, Anywhere

With Toast POS, you get remote access to reports in real time so you can monitor your restaurant from any device that is internet-enabled. Make menu updates or changes, with end to end encryption and enhanced security for your data across devices.

Improve Operational Efficiency & Guest Experience

Improve the experiences for your guests while saving time as you can fire orders and directly process payments from self-serve toast kiosks or from the table.

Build a Powerful Guest Database

A built-in CRM is available with Toast POS letting you collect information on your customers from various sources. Data stored in Toast’s CRM can be used to send customized promos and messages to your favorite and best customers so they can come back again.

Inventory Management

Toast POS

See data on food cost percentages, inventory variances, recipe costs, and menu engineering alongside sales reports. This gives a data driven approach to development of menus and build popular and profitable menus.

Digital & Physical Gift Cards

Customers get to enjoy the ease of a transparent and simple gift card program from your website as Toast POS has digital gift cards that make it easy for you to track the amount of money customers are remaining with, and sales tied to your POS directly so you can track the person buying and using gift cards, and when.

Loyalty Program

This is an opt-in program that customers do with a simple tab on a tablet by the tableside or countertop terminals. The accounts are tied to credit cards or emails and phone numbers of customers and reward points are automatically collected each time they pay. They can also check rewards online so they can come back.

Integration Partnerships to Power Your Business

Toast POS works with and integrates with more than 50 APIs for managing inventory and payroll, maximizing talent management, employee scheduling and labor management among other tasks. Tools that integrate with Toast POS include 7shifts, Harri, Punchh, and many more.

Free Restaurant Business Resource Center

Toast POS has a resource center where you can find ebooks, short videos, and templates to help you run your business better. Toast POS offers free tips and tools to help you run your restaurant and learn more from different other restaurateurs through the blog, resource center and featured posts.


toast pos

The Toast Terminal Bundle

This contains pieces such as one 10-inch terminal, a receipt printer, cash drawer, built-in card reader, and 4/5 port switch, which are all standard hardware pieces for Toast POS system, and are customizable to your needs. It is also available in 15-inch or 22-inch screens.


Flip screens for customers to sign bills immediately using Toast POS Android terminals that come in many sizes and shapes suitable for your restaurant. They’re equipped with reliable card readers, and built with the restaurant industry in mind.

Toast Go™ Handhelds

Toast Go offers order & pay at table functionality so you can increase revenue by turning tables faster, leaving guests delighted. It fires items to the kitchen instantly and your team focuses on guest experience. Guests can use pay at the table feature to sign, split the check, tip and get digital receipts.

Kitchen Display Systems

Customize the workflow in your kitchen keeping chefs organized using Toast POS’ intuitive KDS. Segment delivery, takeout, and store orders, while keeping kitchen staff on track using a timer for outstanding order prioritization.

Self-Ordering Kiosks

Toast POS kiosk system lets you deliver a delightful order and checkout experience to guests, reducing order wait times, and guests get to customize orders. Large screens are available to display picture-heavy menus.


Use printers with terminals or on their own: thermal or impact printers – the former don’t use ink but burn the print on receipts so no need for cartridges, but impact printers use ink but are preferred in kitchens. Thermal printers support languages like English, Korean, Japanese and simple Chinese.

Wireless Connectivity

Toast sets up internet connectivity during your go-live with recommended routers that wirelessly broadcast up to 1,000 sq.ft. Large restaurants or those needing more than ten devices get access points for extended coverage.

Accessories for Your Restaurant

Based on your restaurant, you may need other hardware tools which Toast POS makes available like pole displays, scales, USB hubs, scanners and EMV card readers.

Online Ordering System

Simplify online ordering while pushing updates to the digital menu and eliminating vendor fees using Toast POS online ordering system. Customers can use any device whether desktop or mobile to order through Toast online ordering, which is optimized for all sizes of screens.

Enhance Takeout Orders with Caller ID and Delivery Services

Toast POS caller ID integrates with the restaurant CRM so it automatically populates customers’ details when they call showing name, number and order history. Delivery services can be customized by setting zones, fees, and timings.

Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Immediately Improve Inventory Control

With inventory management software in real time, you can track suppliers, food, units and pricing inventory so you know what needs reordering and when without using spreadsheets and updating them.

Better Insights from Inventory Reports

Spend less time crunching numbers and more getting conclusions from Toast POS clean data. Reports give direct insights on how costs affect your profitability.

Recipe Costing Tool

Calculate plate or recipe costs and track each ingredient on every plate served to understand cost of portions, food and recipes.

Restaurant Food Cost Calculator

Food cost reports in Toast POS track, predict and calculate food cots, plus you can save on costs while increasing profits even when prices go up.

Inventory Variance Report

This compares actual and theoretical inventory to know where the variances are from burned food, waste, theft and over-portioning then improve those processes.

Menu Engineering Chart

Analyze best selling items on the menu alongside the items that are most profitable then organize them to see what hurts or contributes to your bottom line.

Shelf-to-Sheet Inventory Tracking

This requires you to examine your records and go to storage to mark it off. With Toast POS, you can set inventory tracking and it is also customizable to your restaurant set up.

POS Integration

Toast POS inventory management integrates with POS and you get to see sales and food cost reports, toggle restaurants and menu types. Use the data for decision making on your labor or menus and make instant changes.

Easy Inventory Setup

Toast POS changes inventory tracking by making the inventory software set up easy and fast. Set up key item inventories to track ingredients that move fast using a guide.

Reporting, Analytics and CRM Software

Sales Reporting and Analytics

Sales reports in Toast POS offer overviews on all transactions in a selected period with summaries on net sales, tips, gratuity, table turn time, total guests, and breakdown of payment methods and service types. Reports offer a scannable overview of all the important metrics at high levels, and you can drill down for more sales insights as related to payments, orders, cash drawers, shifts and house accounts.

Sales Exceptions Report

This helps you view an overview of all discounts, voids and refunds, while identifying managers and servers who give and/or approve these exceptions in sales. They also show the total number of exceptions, amount and percentage of void each staff gave out during that period. A blank report means the team runs efficiently, and a clogged one indicates they need training.

Restaurant CRM Software

Toast POS system integrates CRM software to collect order history and customer contact information, then creates a detailed guest profile when they register for loyalty programs, opt-in to get digital receipts, or offer information while doing online orders for delivery.

Customer Reporting

These provide detailed information like visit frequency, average check size, and items that are most frequently ordered.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Once you have your customers’ information and know their preferences, communicate with them outside the restaurant through Toast POS CRM to send customized promos and messages. Customer reports show regular guests who haven’t been back in a while, and you can send emails with promos to get them back in.

Toast Go

Deliver Amazing Guest Experiences

Toast Go ensures servers have all the info they need for answering queries, addressing dietary and allergy concerns, and recommending drink pairings, plus guests are delighted from a secure and convenient payment experience at the table or in line. Guests can give feedback during checkout on Toast Go so you know what they love and stick to what’s working while improving what isn’t.

Connect the Entire Restaurant in Real Time

Servers also get to share modifications instantly plus allergy information from Toast Go, and reduce voids and comps while improving order accuracy as Toast Go integrates fully with back of house, so servers know what is 86’ed and what’s in stock. They also get notifications on fulfilled orders and serve hot and fresh food to guests.

Toast POS Integrations and APIs

Toast POS offers integrations with partners including: Say2Eat, Appfront, Plate IQ, xtraCHEF, Foodager, OpenTable GuestCenter, GoParrot, UT&I Solutions, HotSchedules, BevSpot, Restaurant Solutions, Cohesion For Restaurants, Compeat, Restaurant365, PeachWorks, LevelUp, Ctuit, CrunchTime, KitchenSync, Gratuity Solutions, SynergySuite, TableUp, SpeedETab, Rooam, Avero, Chowly, 7shifts, Paytronix, Incentivio, Punchh, GetLinked, SteadyServ, MonkeyMedia, TakeOut, Shogo, Yellow Dog Inventory, Venga, Harri, Olo, Proliant, MarketMan, Checkmate, SevenRooms, Reso, Solink, Dolce

Restaurant Gift Cards for POS Systems

Integrate gift cards seamlessly with Toast POS, making it easy to track, sell and complete transactions with digital or traditional gift cards online.



  • As low as $79 per terminal
  • One-stop shop for all your POS software needs.
  • Core POS Software as low as $79 per month per terminal, with annual and volume discounts offered
  • Toast add-on features: gift card, inventory management, online ordering, loyalty, and kiosk


  • 0% financing
  • 0% interest
  • 36-month financing available
  • Most popular hardware starts at $899 with one 10” terminal, magnetic card reader, and flip stand
  • Remote installation starting at $499
  • Onsite installation available
  • 0% interest
  • 36-month financing available


  • Simple
  • Transparent and competitive rates
  • Flat Fee
  • No hidden fees
  • Start securely accepting major credit cards
  • Cost comparison based on your current statements so you know what your rates are.
Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, Mac, Web-based

Languages: English

Pricing Model: Monthly payment, One-time payment, Annual Subscription, Quote-based

Customer Type: Small and medium business, Large Enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Blog
  • Knowledge Base
  • Toast University
  • Support case
  • Training
  • Resource center
  • Social media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Plus
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