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Full Thexyz Webmail Email Management Software Review – All you need to know about Thexyz Webmail

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Do you want the best email management software for your business? Thexyz Webmail might just be what you need.

Implementing technological tools in your business not only helps your employees to be efficient but also helps your business to thrive among business competitors. Businesses can utilize several business tools for document management, marketing, CRM, financial management, email management, and many more.

However, one of the most important business tool carved out in the recent years is email management software. This is very important because email constitute a larger percentage of business interaction and communication. Also, customers are most likely to respond to email rather than other method of online communication such as IM, text messages, fax, etc.

Email management software provides you with a platform for handling any activity pertaining to emails such as email composition, sending, delivery, editing, sorting, etc.

While there is generic email management software for the general users, some are ideal for enterprise usage. In selecting the best email management software for your business usage, certain aspects must be put into consideration such as security, cost, versatility, performance, collaboration, cloud synchronization, email marketing option, and many more.

On the other hand, Thexyz Webmail is one of the best email management software for an enterprise due to its decent benefits and extensive features.

What is Thexyz Webmail?

Thexyz Webmail is a business class email management software that provides users with an efficient platform for handling email sending, delivery, and management processes. In addition, Thexyz Webmail email management software offers users several tools such as email synchronization, calendar, and contact.

thexyz webmailFounded in 2007 by Thexyz Inc, Thexyz email management software is one of the oldest providers of email management services in the world today. With over 30,000 individual and business users worldwide, Thexyz Webmail is reputable for its email service provider services. Some of its popular users include Lancaster University, Staples, SkyWater, BitTitan, BlueLime, MalanGhost, Driond, BestBuy, aroma, and many more.

Thexyz Webmail email management software integrates with top threat detection services most especially Clam AV antivirus to keep users safe and protected from spam and phishing emails. Thexyz Webmail blocks threat by scanning your incoming emails up to 4 times before it shows up in your mailbox.

On the other hand, you can opt for the cloud-based Thexyz Webmail hosting which gives you access to upgrade your domain with Cloud Drive and MobileSync. This enables users to synchronize their email, calendar, files, and contacts from their PC or mobile devices to the cloud-based centralized storage.

With Thexyz Webmail email management software, you get access to numerous features which help you to implement collaboration and enhance your employees’ productivity.


Easy to Use email service

Thexyz Webmail email management software provides users with an intuitive platform for handling their email activity. With Thexyz Webmail, users can easily set up their email accounts and create new emails for dispatch within a couple of minutes. Besides, email sent by Thexyz Webmail has a 100% deliverability rate.

In addition, Thexyz Webmail also provides users with an option of creating custom webmail which is ideal for on-brand email identity. For instance, you can create a custom email address as an individual or business usage such as help@skyose.com. Thexyz Webmail allows you to host up to 4 external web addresses on a single account. Therefore, your marketing options are diverse as you can use the custom email to ensure that leads are converted to clients.


Thexyz Webmail email management software streamlines collaboration processes within an enterprise environment. Thexyz Webmail comes with reminder tool which enables team members to get notified on their email or via SMS on connected mobile devices for specific emails. Also, users can set Autoresponders to inform others when they are in a meeting or on vacation.

In addition, this email management software comes with Webmail chat which enables your employees or team members to interact with each other using instant messages.


Thexyz Webmail allows users to use and manage multiple email address through its centralized platform. Unlike other email management software, users can create multiple accounts for team members who are then assigned different roles.

This makes enables your team members to follow a systemized workflow which leads to improved team synergy and stronger team chemistry in the business environment.

Reliable services

Thexyz Webmail email management software offers a reliable platform for business as it is web-based and guarantees 100% uptime. Besides, being one of the oldest email management software available, you can benefit from its wealth of experience and quality email services.

In addition, Thexyz Webmail is fully supported in 12 languages and compatible with all mobile devices, desktop PC and web browsers.

Synchronization with mobile contacts

Thexyz Webmail enables mobile users to synchronize phone contacts with its cloud storage. This enables you to easily import your contacts from the platform to your mobile devices for on-the-go access.


Sensitive information such as login details, financial details, and business data are constantly sent through email. However, Thexyz Webmail email management software being a secure platform for handling your emails keeps your personal information safe by incorporating strict security protocols.

In addition, Thexyz Webmail email management software utilizes strong security protocols to prevent you from receiving spam and phishing emails. For instance, Thexyz Webmail runs four types of security checks on incoming emails to safeguard your mailbox and computer security.

Furthermore, Thexyz Webmail implements DMARC and SPF protection and password authentication protocol to ensure that your personal information is safe.

Features of Thexyz Webmail email management software

User-friendly Interface

Thexyz Webmail comes with a responsive user interface which provides users with a comprehensive platform for automating their email workflows. Users can prioritize folders, labels, flags, and thread conversation in this email management software.

In addition, Thexyz Webmail also comes with sleek icons and identifiable menus in the layout which enables users to easily access its tools and navigate on the platform with ease.

Furthermore, you can create digital signatures, generate templates, and carry out other process-driven customization on this email management platform. Also, you can use keyboard shortcuts to execute menu-driven commands using your keyboard keys.

HTML Text/Message Composer

thexyz webmailThexyz Webmail email management software enables users to compose email messages in either plain text or HTML format. By default, email messages are composed in HTML format; this allows you to add hyperlinks, tags, bolding, italics, font sizes, colours, etc in your email composition. However, you can also compose email messages without text formatting only spacing and line breaks.

Email Forwarding

thexyz webmailWith Thexyz Webmail, users can forward any incoming email messages to an external email account or third-party webmail. This enables you to receive your emails on another email management software.

However, users can also opt for the ‘save a copy’ option to enable them to access the forwarded email message on the Thexyz platform.

Auto Responders

Thexyz Webmail email management software allows you to set up a series of automatic reply message to incoming email from your account. You can decide the order and frequency of the reply message that should be sent back to incoming emails most especially when you are on vacation or in a meeting.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Thexyz Webmail also enables users to execute commands in the webmail platform by using a keyboard key or the combination of keyboard keys. Therefore, you can compose a new email, delete an email, print, open a folder, etc by using the stipulated keyboard shortcut.

Spam Protection

All incoming messages received from external webmail undergo four independent spam checks and virus filtering scans before appearing on your mailbox. The four independent scans include Gateway, Cloudmark, Message sniffer, and Clam AV scan respectively. This provides users with an additional layer of security against email threats emanating from malware, spam, phishing, social engineering, viruses, etc.

Email Signatures

Thexyz email management software enables users to create their own digital signature which can be appended to composed email messages. With Thexyz Webmail, you can either use an image as your signature or set up an HTML email signature. Therefore, you can create, update, modify, replace, manage your own digital signature for email messages.

Quick Search

Thexyz Webmail email management software comes with advanced search tool which enables you to get accurate searches for specific items in your inbox. Specific mail messages can also be searched for by using keywords or filters; this enables you to easily access important messages.

Incoming Mail Filtering

thexyz webmail email management softwareWith Thexyz Webmail, emails are automatically sorted into definite folders. For instance, incoming emails appear in the inbox folder, spam messages appear in the spam folder, etc.

For instance, spam messages do not appear in your inbox folder but forwarded to the spam folder. Also, you can use the filters to redefine your spam settings. Redefining your spam filters also prevents users from losing potential business leads flagged as spam most especially during an influx of mass emails.


thexyz webmail email management softwareThexyz Webmail enables you to keep track of meetings, events, projects, and most especially your schedule through its calendar tool. This email management software enables you to assign and manage different schedule on your calendar.

With Thexyz Webmail email management software, your team members can get notified instantly of recent schedule changes for a particular event or project.

In addition, Thexyz Webmail calendar synchronizes with desktop PC and mobile devices as well for updated real-time calendar activity. This enables on-the-go users or remote employees to get notified about change of schedule.

Cloud Drive

email management softwareThexyz Webmail email management offers cloud storage services for keeping your files, documents, contacts, email, etc safe in the cloud. Stored items are accessible by users from any location in the world via the web.

In addition, Thexyz Webmail utilizes strong encryption protocol for end-to-end protection of your data during synchronization to the cloud-based server; therefore, your stored items cannot be hijacked, modified or snooped by hijackers.

Group Lists

email management softwareWith Thexyz Webmail email management software, users can create an email list from the list of contacts for email marketing purpose. Therefore, you can add, update, remove, manage contacts on your Group List. Also, Thexyz Webmail gives you control over this as you can easily send and reply to messages from the emails on the group list.

Mobile Applications

email management softwareThexyz Webmail is available on popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android devices. Nevertheless, the mobile versions provide users with similar features which are available on the desktop version although in a compact form.

However, mobile users can utilize Thexyz Webmail tools such as email, notes, task, calendar, contact, etc. On the other hand, you can synchronize your mobile devices directly to your Thexyz Webmail account and get real-time updates from the email management platform. This enables your employees to perform tasks such as reply to email correspondence, get calendar updates, update contact list, etc on-the-go via the mobile platform.

Other known Thexyz Webmail features include the following:

  • Aliases
  • Auto Setup Tool
  • Autoresponders
  • Calendar Management
  • Company Directory
  • DMARC, DKIM, and SPF
  • Dropbox Integration
  • Email Archiving
  • Email Disclaimer
  • Email Migrations
  • Event Management
  • Full Email Encryption
  • Microsoft Exchange Integration
  • MobileSync
  • Notes
  • SMS, Email and Mobile Reminders
  • Task
  • Webmail Chat


thexyz webmailThexyz Webmail email management software offers various pricing options for individual and enterprise users to choose from.

Here are the pricing plans for Thexyz Webmail:

Premium Webmail – $1.95 when billed monthly, $19.95 when billed annually

  • Up to 25GB of storage & 50MB attachments
  • IMAP & POP Encryption
  • Sync email to webmail, desktop & all smartphones

MobileSync + Drive – $4.95 when billed monthly, $49.95 when billed annually

  • Up to 30GB of Cloud storage & MobileSync
  • Full admin access to create additional Identities & Aliases
  • Contacts & calendars synchronization to webmail, desktop & all smartphones

Microsoft Exchange – $14.95 when billed monthly, $149.95 when billed annually

  • Up to 100GB storage 100GB of storage
  • Includes OWA & Outlook 2013 / 2016 license
  • Public folders
  • Corporate exchange security, compliance
  • 100% Email server Uptime

Technical Details

Supported devices: Web-based, Windows, Android, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Linux.

Locations serviced: Asia, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Europe, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City, Middle-East and Africa.

Pricing model: Monthly Payment, annual subscription.

Supported Languages: Thai, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Italian, Greek, German, French, English, Chinese, Canadian French.

Typical customers/users: Freelancers, small and mid-size business owners, non-profits, large enterprises.

Mobile Applications: Android, iOS.

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Integration: Microsoft Exchange, Dropbox, Clam Av, Office 365, G-Suite.

Support Details

Thexyz Webmail email management software offers the following support options:

Have you made use of Thexyz Webmail email management software recently? Share your experience with us by commenting below.