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Full TherapyNotes Medical Practice Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About TherapyNotes


What is TherapyNotes?

TherapyNotes is a steady practice management and electronic health record software that shores up behavioral health professionals to handle their practice with poise and competency. Supercharged with powerful medical features, the behavioral management solution makes it easier for mental health organizations to supervise patient records, generate detailed documentation and billing, and more essentially set up appointments. Likewise, mental health professionals can fall back on its reliable patient note component to look for specialty note templates that fit their respective needs whether it’d be social work, psychology, counseling, psychiatry, and therapy.

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That along with its HIPAA and PCI certifications, behavioral experts can guarantee that sensitive patient data are safely guarded and are stored in an encrypted SAS 70 Type II data warehouses, thereby, putting their clients’ minds at rest. Moreover, TherapyNotes also banks on its person-centered documentation and searchable diagnoses to empower mental health clinics to indulge patients with industry-leading services. In addition, the cloud-hosted electronic health record platform is further invigorated with its assisted ERA payment and simple electronic claim submission peripherals which work hand in hand to trim down data entry errors and paperwork and ensure superlative productivity and fecundity.

TherapyNotes Benefits

Health professionals encounter truckloads of information every single day and keeping tabs on them manually will not only ruin their efficiency but also put them in a dangerous position of committing crucial errors. However, TherapyNotes is here to eradicate those probabilities as it nourishes product purchasers with a huge volume of benefits that are primed to take a clinic’s services into an apex level.

Scheduling Software and To-Do List

Roused with a fully-integrated scheduling system that makes the work of behavioral health professionals a lot faster, the dynamic mental health platform makes it more uncomplicated for clinics to set up frequent or one-time consultations as well as oversee the work schedules of their consultants. By the same token, TherapyNotes also provides the means for mental health administrators to bill clients right straight from their calendars and obtain smooth access to significant notes that are related to a particular appointment. Subsequently, the potent behavioral health computer program also makes it easier for everyone to remain organized as it coherently links the clinic’s calendar to their patient notes, billing, and records.

On a related note, TherapyNotes is likewise armed with a quick appointment scheduling capability that enables product purchasers to not only schedule patient sessions and intakes but also personal vacations and practice-wide proceedings. Powered by its robust calendar view, mental health administrators are given the extreme privilege to sort out their calendars based on appointments for peculiar clients, practice locations, and consultants. Ensuingly, product purchasers can swap between daily, weekly, and monthly outlooks as well as look at their looming agenda to guarantee that they won’t miss any crucial events.

In connection to that, the flourishing behavioral practice management platform also banks on its personal to-do list to systematically refurbish administrative files, compose transcripts for scheduled sessions, and modernize treatment plans. Addedly, TherapyNotes can likewise trim down overhead costs, last-minute repeals, and no-shows through its automated client appointment reminders that permits health clinics to transmit programmed email, phone, and text memos to their patients. Further, doctors and health professionals alike can further benefit from TherapyNotes with its ability to synchronize with tablets and mobile phones, thereby, giving them full access to their appointments on the fly.


Transcendent Note Templates

On the other hand, TherapyNotes is likewise girded with form-based note templates that can be applied to psychological assessments, progress notes, and treatment plans. Sparked by its administrative and process notes, mental health providers are not only able to present a secure environment for documentation but also preserve precise records of client interactions to make it more unproblematic for them to keep details of non-clinical work. Additionally, the progressive behavioral health management platform is also mobilized with a clinical documentation module that has the potentiality to synthesize a definitive and person-centered documentation.

What is more is that each note templates are built for expeditious note-taking thanks to its extreme combination of text fields, checkboxes, and drop-down menus which work conjointly to nourish product purchasers with an all-encyclopedic documentation. Impressively, the note templates of TherapyNotes are attuned with a speech-to-text program, which simply implies that mental health professionals can conveniently emit notes in a matter of seconds. Spurred by DSM-5 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes, TherapyNotes makes it possible for mental health clinics to tabulate diagnoses and engender a catalog of suggested matches for efficient clinical processes.

Likewise, the high-powered electronic health record pulpit is arrayed with a quick history review feature that gives the power for mental health consultants to bring up past information into their present note with just a click. By means of this process, product purchasers can fluently corroborate the stability between notes thereby allowing them to sustain conducive work. Besides that, TherapyNotes is also stoked up with a built-in spellchecker which blocks the probability of typographical errors. Proximately, behavioral experts can also turn to popular mental health terminologies that are already included in the dictionary or add their own jargons at will.


Making TherapyNotes stand out from the rest is its savviness to get rid of tedious paperwork by utilizing a document library for confidential medical records. Whether mental health clinics want to store handbooks, forms, or a Notice of Privacy Practices, the revolutionary electronic health record system hoards all documents in a rationalized location to ascertain a breezy access for everyone. Interestingly enough, mental health practitioners can also pack away homework, intake documents, insurance cards, and other client records in a client chart to make it paltrier to manage.

On top of that, TherapyNotes capacitates product users to download stored documents and files for faxing and printing. Consequentially, behavioral specialists can also choose to save individual notes or multiple files in a single PDF document.

A Plethora Of Medical Billing Capabilities

Other than its scheduling and note templates, the burgeoning practice management solution is also loaded with a myriad of billing functionalities that include electronic insurance claims, superbills, statements, assisted ERA payment posting, and billing reports, which all assume a critical role in helping clinics get paid a lot sprightlier than the ordinary. Jazzed up by its electronic insurance claims constituent, product users are able to submit claims in less than no time as it systematically plucks data from their balance sheet to develop claims while regulating the pedestrian process of manually entering information. Coterminously, TherapyNotes also gives the go signal for mental health institutions to whip up CMS-1500 forms which guides them on what NPI to attach on the 24j or 32a sections.

Moreover, mental health supervisors can likewise choose to get electronic remittance advice in TherapyNotes in order to swiftly post insurance compensations to their clients’ accounts. Also, TherapyNotes is geared with an insurance claim status tracking proficiency, which displays a compelling claim dossier status at the full length of the submission process. Speaking of tracking, behavioral specialists can also keep an exact log of their clientele’s remainders as well as charge them through their credit cards with the assistance of its credit card processing application.

Furthermore, TherapyNotes is smartened up with hyped-up reporting elements that are adequate of not only spawning superbills but also appropriating custom filters for billing transactions. Perked by its agile reports and client statements, mental health authorities can monitor pending payments to grass up clients with their open balances and billing activity. Above all, the prosperous behavioral management platform is further buttressed with revenue, write-off, and note count reports that keep track of organizational revenues that were accumulated from client disbursements and insurance.


TherapyNotes Features

TherapyNotes is prettified with glamorous quirks that range from the to-do list, scheduling, calendar sync, and reminders to history review, custom filters, billing and processing, electronic claims, and reports. Aside from that, the puissant mental health management software is also accoutered with an interspersed debit, credit, and HSA processing that are in compliance with the PCI. By simply making use of a USB card reader, product purchasers can charge a card promptly in the TherapyNotes as well as stash all of their client bookkeeping in a streamlined and impregnable location.

Additionally, the multitalented mental health software is also decked with a TherapyPortal which is a routine client portico that product users can utilize when connecting with their clients online. Stimulated with an online client scheduling facet, mental health pros are able to serve their clients in a much effective way by pampering them with an adroitness to reschedule, cancel, or request a session without the need to call the office. Succeedingly, clients can also observe as to when their culled specialists are available and oversee their upcoming check-ups.


Impressively, requests made via the TherapyPortal are transported for review in the TherapyNotes wherein mental health professionals can confirm or decline appointments. Adjacently, the cross-platform solution programmatically sends an email to clients should their requests are accepted. Notably, product purchasers can also personalize portals by adding their color schemes, instructions, logos, and welcome messages to coordinate with their style and brand.

Meanwhile, TherapyNotes also fosters a collaborative environment among teams as it lets them share handouts and agreements to clients electronically. Addedly, behavioral health specialists can likewise gather electronic signatures from their patients by simply sending a document to them online. Through this process, mental health institutions can save themselves unnecessary medleys in their office by staunchly saving a legal record of their clients’ electronic signatures.

Apart from its HIPAA, PCI, and SAS 70 Type II data centers, the well-built behavioral health practice management system is likewise gassed up with a formidable TLS encryption that asseverates a shielded connection between the software’s servers and the institution’s web browsers. Furthermore, TherapyNotes also depends on its FIPS 140-2 encryption, SSAE SOC 1 Type II, GLBA, SOC 2 Type II to assure the indemnity of data processing, IT substructures, and data storages. In addition to everything else, the multidimensional cloud-based solution also performs daily backups on on-site and off-site servers to make certain that all information is safeguarded and obtainable.



TherapyNotes is appareled with an assorted of pricing options which cater to education, non-profit, and private practice industries. All plans come with a 30-day free trial, custom client portal, automatic software updates, secure and worry-free backups, unlimited clients, notes, backups, and file storage, phone and email support, and client data import from a third-party EMR. The education plan is subdivided into two categories specifically the free forever in-classroom bundle and the highly-economical mental health training clinic package.

With the mental health training clinic plan, educational institutions are not only able to coin simulated practices but also experience real-world practice management. The mental health training clinic package is available for free for one year and charges $20 a month per user after the initial year. Schools and universities alike can also choose to maximize their usage of TherapyNotes by availing its unlimited users’ option, which costs $2,500 a year.

Other pricing packages that private companies can turn to include the solo plan for $49, group and enterprise bundles which cost $59 a month each. The enterprise plan is also equipped with a designated account manager and can serve more than 30 users. Additionally, product users can also rope in optional integrated features such as electronic claims and ERA, appointment reminders, and credit card processing for optimal performance.

The non-profit option, on the other hand, is priced at $25 monthly for the first clinician and is clothed with unlimited non-clinical staff. Likewise, organizations can also add interns for $20 a month and additional clinician for $25. Moreover, TherapyNotes is dandified with a volunteer plan which suits perfectly for non-profit agencies who are on a budget. Price for the volunteer package is available upon the request of the client. Contact the vendor today for further information and discounts.

Technical Details

TherapyNotes supports a multiplex of devices including Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, and Windows Mobile. The web-based practice management platform, which can be accessed in English is most appropriate for small and medium businesses and large companies. It also supports the deployment of information in cloud-hosted environments. Among its integrations include Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Flamory, and iCal.

Support Details

TherapyNotes aims to give their clients the most desirable customer experience possible by presenting them with email support, live chat support, training, phone support, and a ticketing system. Product users can also access their online resources 24/7 as well as their help center and training videos to heighten customer journeys.

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