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Full TherapyNotes EHR Software Review – All You Need to Know About TherapyNotes


TherapyNotes is a management software specifically for mental health professionals. Founded in November 2010 by Brad and Debra Pliner, the software was born out of personal need.

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Dr. Debra Pliner being a licensed clinical psychologist saw the need for an app to help with her practice. Her spouse Brad Pliner being the owner of an IT consulting firm with healthcare clients also recognized the need.

They then put heads together to make that kind of software for Dr. Pliner’s practice. After years of use and enhancements, the duo decided to make the software available for general use. They rebuilt the software from scratch, finetuning it with experience and called it TherapyNotes™.

The experience of both founders in their different fields is probably why the app has such value. Dr. Debra has years under her belt working as a licensed psychologist. So also does Brad having founded his IT company in 1998.

The experience of these two helped in the shaping of the platform. Therefore, for today I am going to assess all the core features of TherapyNotes. To find out if the software is just as good for medical practitioners as they claim.

What Is TherapyNotes EHR Software

TherapyNotes is an electronic records software. What this means is that TherapyNotes is mostly for behavioral health practitioners. The software records notes, schedules patients, provide a patient portal. It also can handle billing and insurance.

The software is custom-built to make work easy for the mental health practitioners. In just one app a practitioner can arrange every single thing concerning a patient. Using the software practitioners can create profiles for patients.

Based on the field of practice, during the session practitioners fill in notes using the specialty templates. These templates could be for psychiatry, social work, psychotherapy, counseling, behavioral health.

TherapyNotes is also used to create schedules and to-do lists. With proper use of the app, all appointments can flow as they ought. You therefore never have to mix up patients details and schedules.

At the end of a session, practitioners can proceed to the bill. The TherapyNotes app makes a billing statement and sends to the patient. Patients can also input credit card information with one swipe. The software stores this information for easy access.

Other uses of the software include setting up recurring appointments, reminders to patients and staff schedules. Combined all of these features make work easy and smooth for practitioners.

TherapyNotes is also HIPAA-certified which is worthy of note. Patients are therefore assured of the safety of their records. All TherapyNotes data comply with PCI standards for data security. Storage is also done in fully encrypted SAS 70 type 2 data centers.


Let’s take a look at some of the core features of the TherapyNotes app.

Electronic Medical Records

TherapyNotes allows practitioners to upload all of a patients records. By doing this practices can switch to paperless processes. The software accepts Word, Excel files and even scanned documents.

Important documents such as HIPAA agreements, insurance cards, intake forms are at your fingertips. Download of said documents is also comfortable with the app. Upon request, you can download the file as a pdf complete with your practice logo.

The platform also offers unlimited storage and proper security. You can quickly pull data into new notes and check for any relevant history. The software, therefore, reduces errors on the part of the practitioner.

Specialty Notes

TherapyNotes gives you the ability to form extensive patient notes. The preformed templates make note-taking a breeze. The software offers different templates for different field thereby simplifying the process.

These specialty notes are one of the core features of this app. The notes cater to practices such as therapy, counseling, psychotherapy and a host of others.

You can customize treatment plans, evaluations, progress and termination notes. The app is an excellent organizational tool, and with it, you can include every nifty detail.

TherapyNotes also supports many dictation software solutions, to speed up note-taking. The notes section also comes with checkboxes, auto-fill fields, pull-down menus. all of these contain popular and relevant information.’

It also helps diagnoses by providing a search function for ICD 10 diagnosis codes.

 Scheduling and To-Do Lists

You may never forget an appointment with TherapyNotes. The ability to create schedules, reminders and to-do lists within the app is another useful feature. By doing all of the scheduling, practitioners can place more focus on the patient.

The app sets appointments reminders for patients. There’s also a client portal in place so clients can quickly set up appointments. Thereby eliminating the need for patients to drop by the clinic.

The system reduces unnecessary foot traffic in the clinic and also overlapping times. By setting up all appointments electronically, there is less room for error.

Billing and Statements

If bills are a hassle for you, then TherapyNotes is here to save you the stress. You can include insurance cards, set up statements and send bills straight from the software.

Using the app you can process credit cards, ERA payments, and also do all your reporting. The billing process is faster and more efficient using TherapyNotes.

Data Recovery

You can quickly recover patient history using TherapyNotes. The app allows you reference and pulls data from old notes into new notes. With this method, practitioners can be more efficient and reliable in their diagnosis.

By having relevant information at their fingertips, you no longer need to worry about forgetting little critical details.

Printing of notes with the practice logo is also possible with the app. Just download the file into a pdf complete with your logo on Every page.

The unlimited storage offered by the app also creates the perfect backup. Stored data is secure, and cloud hosted.


Here are a few of the benefits you can get from the TherapyNotes app.

Medical practitioners stand to gain a lot with this app may because the creation involves a practitioner. It is clear that The software is tailored precisely for that group. Let’s have a look at some of the pros of the app.

Mental Health Dictionary

The specialty notes feature also has a spell check function. It relies on a standard mental health dictionary. The dictionary contains vast and varied details which are helpful to practitioners.

Users can pull up definitions, and other terms. You can also add unique words to the dictionary for further aid.

Calendar Sync

The ability to synchronize calendar appointments ensures you never miss a date. You can set up an appointment for specific patients or locations. View your complete agenda either daily, weekly, monthly.

The calendar also allows you to set up recurring appointments, set staff meetings and schedules. Tracking is easy with TherapyNotes app.

HIPAA and PCI-Compliant

Away from all the cool features of the app, we must not forget its a medical app. It, therefore, needs to be safe for patients. TherapyNotes complies with HIPAA and PCI standards.

The app is safe to use by practitioners, and it’s also safe for patients. It completely protects the data and privacy of users.

Download PDF Notes

You can quickly send notes and other vital details via the app. The notes also include your practice’s logo on Every page. Your notes are therefore well organized within the app.

Patient Portal

Patients can also set up appointments with ease using the inbuilt patient portal. They can view schedules, book appointments, and receive reminders. The patient portal eases up stress on both ends.

On the one hand, patients never have to forget about an appointment, and on the other practitioners won’t mix up the dates and times.

The portal also offers patients the ability to sign forms with e-signatures. Processes like these make clients happy as everything is easy for them to handle.

Insurance Claims

TherapyNotes makes filing insurance claims fast and breezy. Everything is automatic within the app and filing is done with just one click.


Practices can add multiple users to their TherapyNotes accounting. Although it comes with an additional fee, additions can be done based on level and role. There are options for interns, clinician and non-clinical staff.

You can also add an unlimited number of non-clinical staff to the practice account.

Technical Support

Users can rely on receiving adequate support from the TherapyNotes team. The TherapyNotes team guides you through the entire process and also help customers with the setup. Tech support comes in at no added cost to the plan.

The customer care is responsive and patient. They are willing to aid clients with any request no matter how little.


Now no matter how lovely an app is it must have some demerits. While TherapyNotes is a super app, there are a few things that could pose a bit of a problem. Here they are below.

Separate To-Do List

Currently, TherapyNotes doesn’t support separate to-do lists for users. Users have to make do with the template on the ground. It would be nice the team makes provision for additional lists for easy customization.

Single Insurance Provider

Currently, there’s no provision for the addition of multiple providers. The single insurance provider can pose a bit of problem to patients with various providers and different plans.

Patients and practitioners would love the ability to include different providers to spread the cost.

Reporting Features

The apps reporting features for bills and statements is not as robust as it could be. The analytics and metrics section need to become a bit more comprehensive. However, tech-savvy users can export data to excel and do additional work.


Pricing for TherapyNotes is pretty fair. There are different price levels for different types of practices. The team even offers a trial for clinical students to have a feel of real life.

There are currently three pricing levels, solo, group, and enterprise. On offer for all three are the following features:

  • Free 30-day trial
  • Pricing Guarantee
  • Free client data import from another EMR
  • Incredible phone and email support
  • Custom client portal
  • Automatic software updates
  • Secure, worry-free backups
  • Unlimited clients, appointments, and notes
  • Unlimited file storage

Solo – $49/month

The solo plan is great for single practitioners and practitioners who are just starting. Contact the TherapyNotes team for additional information on this plan.


  • $59/month for the first clinician
  • $30/mo per additional clinician
  • $20/mo per intern
  • Unlimited non-clinical staff

Enterprise (30+ users)

  • $59/month for the first clinician
  • +$30/mo per additional clinician
  • $20/mo per intern
  • Unlimited non-clinical staff
  • Includes a designated account manager

Other payment features include:

  • Schedulers, Supervisors, and Billing Accounts – Free
  • Electronic Claims and ERA – 14 cents for every claim and 14 cents for every claim in an ERA
  • Appointment Reminders – 14 cents for reminders either by phone call or text message.
  • No charge on Email reminders

Technical Details

TherapyNotes supports all business models. Freelancers, small practices and even large practices with numerous clinicians can enjoy the app.

It is cloud-hosted and therefore offers safety for data.

The following devices can support TherapyNotes:

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows Mobile

They also offer free trials, quote-based pricing, and fixed pricing.

Support Details

TherapyNotes offers a phone, fax and email support. They also provide live support and additional training. The TherapyNotes is swift with customer replies as they come in within 24 hours or less.

To Wrap It Up

Finally, TherapyNotes grand premise is that it was built by a practitioner for the practice. Therefore its features are primarily for mental health practitioner. The software lives up to this promise.

It’s clear that its function revolves around mental health. By tagging on a real practitioner, the software can almost predict the needs of the average users.

Its note functionality is one of its shining stars. The specialty note function allows users to ignore notepads completely.

The software’s ability to handle billing and insurance also takes a lot of stress from users. Users no longer need to outsource these tasks to different apps. They, therefore, save up on additional costs and expenses.

TherapyNotes is safe, secure and most importantly complaint with the industry standard. Users can be sure of the safety of their patient’s information while using the software.

Although they had server problems a while back, they always bounce back. There is little to no record of massive data loss while using the software.

TherapyNotes is electronic hospital records software that’s reliable, efficient and fast.

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