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Full Textografo Mind Mapping Software Review – All You Need To Know About Textografo


Do you feel like it takes too darn long to create a diagram on your computer?

For many, it may seem like a simple thing, just joining boxes of text together, but as easy as it looks, it may be even faster to do it with a pen on paper.

However, with the digital age, pen and paper doesn’t count. Here’s where a good mind mapping software comes in handy.

If you’re tired of taking long to create simple or complex diagrams, spending hours each day just to put it all together, then you need a mind mapping software like Textografo.

Similarly, for businesses and organizations trying to make presentations of their workflow diagrams at once, to clients, may risk confusing or overwhelming them. This even after spending hours on Visio or PowerPoint among other programs to draw shapes and/or animate them one at a time, painstakingly.

Creating diagrams on today’s computers should ideally be a pain-free and swift process.

The fastest way, according to Textografo’s founder, is to do this using a keyboard, not your mouse, hence he created the software which is a texted-diagramming tool.

What follows is a detailed look at what Textografo is, how it benefits enterprises and businesses, and its salient features as well as how you can get it for your business.

What is Textografo?


Textografo is a cloud-based diagramming tool that was designed for developers, consultants, managers, UX designers, product managers and business analysts among other users, who are working in industries that encompass process and software designs.

The software is easy to use and doubles as a flowchart maker that combines a versatile product and intuitive interface to enable users easily create mind maps, organization charts, decision trees, and various animated, and static diagrams.

It leverages the powerful text-to-diagram technology that has simple textual syntax allowing for easy generation of diagrams from text using hashtags and keyword.

Textografo also makes sharing, creating and storing of diagrams as easy as possible. In case users have an idea and they have to clearly show it to an audience.

It is user-friendly, reliable, fun and intuitive, plus it comes with a variety of extra features.

To build a diagram using Textografo, type in whatever you need and then the software automatically does it for you. You need only decide on the type of diagram you want, and set about to make it.

Textografo removes the struggle you experience as you try to connect and/or position shapes to build maps. It also uses texts to help save you many hours of work plus eases delivery of content with animated diagrams.

In addition, Textografo enables users to collaborate and give comments in real-time. Some of the salient features that Textografo offers include collaboration, revision history, notes and icon badges, nested diagrams, embedding in external websites, zoom in, and quick themes.

The solution’s extra features include the ability to add animation to the users diagrams and even customizes them down to a T, which in turn ensures that they get something that represents them entirely.

Users can choose colors and themes, then add whatever elements they need to get the perfect diagram. The diagram can be kept in the cloud where their colleagues or clients have access to or where they can edit it, so to some extent, it allows for collaboration.

You can also go back to the previous version using the revision history tool if you didn’t like the changes made, add notes to different elements of the diagrams to write down ideas, and for simplicity, an option to merge diagrams into one and, to zoom in and out on each and every element that’s available.

You can also view diagrams on all platforms or use them as embeds within external websites.



Creates interactive decision tree feature

Textografo has exciting process flows as well as interactive decision tree features. These features expedite animations using a one-click operation and linear methodology which means that diagrams are showed systematically. Also, the features also create interactive decision trees used in phone scripts, process guides, diagnostic systems and trouble-shooters. This provides unprecedented benefits when users are managing scripts, processes or guidelines or easements used in customer support, sale agents and call centers.

Efficient communication with the stakeholder

With Textografo, you can communicate more efficiently with the stakeholders of a project by sending clear visual content and not a boring memo-style explanation. With the software there isn’t any more trouble whereby you urge stakeholders to open their emails, read their messages or make decisions. At the same time, you don’t need to deal with clients who don’t pick calls. The software also helps in overcoming these communication hurdles that hinder stakeholders from giving responses. It also helps with laying out a clear picture that can be appreciated by everyone within the team.

Integrates the old-fashioned ways of doing things

Textografo also allows users to build a text-to-mind maps that can easily break the hindrance experienced in linear thinking. It brings out the best from your team members as it integrates the old-fashioned ways, which tend to be fast and reliable with the modern ways, which are dominated by shareability and flexibility. This in turn makes it easier for the clear connection of ideas, collaboration with team members, sharing of fresh ideas flawlessly, and tackling of the next thought at a lighting speed.

Keeps an idea safely

When users put into action notes for attaching virtual post, any part of their diagram can keep all their ideas in sight.

Gives attention to the details

Textografo focuses on the details. It zooms in focus as the user undertakes critical steps, and zooms out to allow them view the bigger picture of whatever is going on.

Simplify complex relationships

Textografo can simplify the complexity with websites. It explains the relationship that is between processes by simply nesting one diagram into the other.

Keep on perfecting

In case users want to go back to the last or previous version, Textografo will provide them with their version that contains all the revision histories, which are safely stored in the clouds.

Anywhere users need them

With Textografo, users never have to worry about where they need to put their diagrams. They can embed their diagrams either on the website or even the platform. Textografo functions excellently with all your favorite tools.

Collaborate with colleagues easily

It is much easier for you to send your finished mind maps to those who need to view it by using the software share features. When someone gets a mind map, he can press play and watch the ideas connect point-by-point providing in-depth info on how users come to their software.


Text to diagram generator

This is a new way of creating diagrams which is less stressful especially if you want to create, and update or share diagrams. The diagramming tool generates diagrams from text, and flowcharts all at lightning speeds. It is based on an easy textual syntax. You can also use diagram animation to display diagrams step by step, present with impact using one-click animation for your whole diagram, and so much more.

Interactive decision tree and process flows

A new and exciting feature added to Textografo is the interactive decision tree and process flows. It is helpful for when you want to present the full diagram to clients or colleagues. If you don’t want to display the full diagram but rather want to go for a specific path to following, there are plenty of options. There is a scenario in a decision tree where users ask the questions and get various possible responses, and you can decide to take one way or go with numerous questions until a conclusion is arrived. Buttons to make decisions are available so you can easily create an interactive decision tree for diagnostic systems, process guides, phone scripts and troubleshooters. This feature is important where you have to manage guidelines, processes, assessments or even scripts for sales agents, call centers and customer support.

Export as SVG

It is possible for users to export their text from the editor. They just need to select the text they want to export then copy it by pressing CTRL+ C on Windows and CMD + on Mac and then paste it wherever they want.

One-click animation

Textografo produces professional looking diagrams automatically from structured text and this slowly reduces the time for doing it. With just a single hit on the Play button, the diagram will be displayed systematically hence making it easy to present and comment to the audience. Just a single click on Play users can animate their diagrams. Presentation of complex concept flow to the users’ client or team has never been that easy. The flow within the software is displayed step by step. This is an interactive process, therefore users can even decide which path to follow.

Zoom in

Users can zoom in on a certain part of their diagram by just hitting on the bullet point in front of the element on which they want to zoom in. In order for users to zoom out, they just need to click on the breadcrumb.

Collaborate with anyone

With real time collaboration, you can not only build diagrams in a meeting but can also share inline comments in real time thus saving time and the trouble of sending files every time. You don’t have to wait for feedback. By the time you’re done with their meetings, everything you were doing will be put in a clear diagram that their colleagues can refer to throughout the project. With this tool, Textografo has become a multiplayer experience where every contributor collaborates on a diagram to create a perfect new process flow. And it would be much easier to keep track of questions. Every team member can comment in real time not only on the diagram, but also on the individual shape. Administrators can know where each comment comes from as each participant enters their names in the corresponding field.

When presenting a flowchart or mind map, they will just send the diagram to the participant to enable them post their comments live. It is ideal for remote teams. There is no more downloading, saving or sending from both ends. Here, work is done once and in the right way.

The sharing feature, together with Confluence’s powerful collaboration platform enables work to be more efficient during the period of designing new systems and processes.

Revision history

Users never have to lose track of their old diagrams. The stakeholders within an organization can change their minds and let the users go back to their old version. This way, you never have to worry about losing your diagrams as Textografo has their back. You’ll also never have to recall how diagrams looked like since the solution saves the diagrams regularly. The revision history provides the power to peek into the past. You can go back to the very beginning. Simply click on the clock icon to open the right-hand pane to show them the diagram history and find changes by time. To revert to the older version on the diagram, simply click ‘restore this version’, and you won’t need to have a time machine or even start afresh.



Essentials – $8 per month billed yearly or $12 billed per month

  • 5 private diagrams
  • Text to #diagram
  • 50 shapes per diagram
  • Collaborate with anyone
  • One-click animations
  • Embed in external website
  • Quick themes
  • Nested diagrams
  • Zoom in
  • Export as PNG
  • Notes & icons badges

Premium – $14 per month billed annually or $19 billed per month

  • Unlimited private diagrams
  • Text to #diagram
  • Unlimited shapes
  • Quick themes
  • One-click animations
  • Embed in external website
  • Collaborate with anyone
  • Nested diagrams
  • Zoom in
  • Export as PNG
  • Notes & icons badges
  • No Textografo branding
  • Revision history
  • Export as SVG
  • Premium Customer Support with 24 hour response time

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Web-based and Mac

Languages: Portuguese, French, Spanish and English

Pricing model: Monthly payment and Annual Subscriptions

Customer type: Medium Business, Large Enterprises and Small Business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted and Open API

Support Details

  • Live support
  • Email
  • Blog
  • Help Center
  • Social media: LinkedIn, Twitter