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Full Tenjin Test Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About Tenjin


As financial institutions and banks battle various internal and external changes like the pressing digitization and regulatory changes that evolve rapidly, software test automation is probably the best and only way they can offer the agility, speed and consistency required by continuous testing.

According to the World Quality Report of 2016-2017, which compiled responses from 32 countries by 1,660 executives, organizations are recognizing the need for testing. The proportion of budgets for IT that are allocated to testing is expected by 2020 to rise to about 32 percent.

However, financial institutions and banks that leverage app testing for finance usually face several limitations and challenges.
Banks that use generic tools or those that do not have a test automation vision that’s well-defined have to improvise and/or adopt solutions that lead to lack of proper validations for tests, low ROI, and greater effort for maintenance.

Robotic test automation for such institutions needs a highly advanced, end-to-end and seamless test management software that can navigate the rapid changes needed by BFSI industry.

In order to pick out the best test management software, companies need to choose the right test cases to automate, create the automated tests that are resistant to changes in user interface, test early and more often, create good quality test data, and choose test interfaces.

One of the best test management software that helps BFSI companies do this despite being of the most complex apps in the software and testing industry is Tenjin by Yethi.

Tenjin test management software ensures you use the right deployment strategy for a seamless and successful testing for increased and maximized ROI.

What is Tenjin?


Tenjin is a smart test management and automation platform created to enable its users run tests on multiple integrated enterprise apps without dealing with scripts.

The test management software is designed to accelerate and simplify the testing process while ensuring reusability and fast deployment across applications and versions without impacting the timeframe for test execution.

Tenjin is a software product by Yethi, a software solutions firm that focuses on quality assurance for applications in large enterprises.

The company invests in building the next generation of solutions and tools to improve the quality of digital technologies adopted within the large enterprises.

Tenjin test management software was founded by senior seasoned fin-tech professionals with years of global experience and domain expertise to play.

With Tenjin’s test automation, you can test apps easily while making the adjustments and changes that are necessary, and still retain your investments in tests assets and justify baseline data versus results, with little manual intervention.

The firm’s close partnerships with their clients, the subject matter expertise, unique methodology, unique tools and global experience all help deliver effective, innovative, and executable solutions, while discovering better ways to continually address the needs of their clients.



Automation without engineers

Tenjin allows for zero technical knowledge requirement that lets you test to focus on what really matters – the efficiency, effectiveness and business outcomes. You don’t have to endure coder dependencies or obscure technical excuses. Just let your users have control over testing automation with Tenjin.

Process driven testing

Yethi’s process and workflow based testing approach by putting the user front and center ensures your testing is aligned with practical scenarios and business flows resulting in user acceptability and higher system confidence.

Domain expertise and reusable assets

Yethi brings deep banking and financial service industry domain knowledge together with constantly growing and extensive reusable test assets. Eliminate delays and enhance test quality using curated test scenarios, test cases, and business processes from Tenjin’s reusable repositories.

Automation focused approach

With the same technological expertise behind Tenjin’s test automation platform, you can create a customized automation approach and improve your testing quality, resilience and throughput.

The Tenjin Advantage

With Tenjin, the advantages it offers include:

  • Reduced automation gestation from more than six months to one month
  • Experience warp seed execution with up to 10 times improvement compared to manual testing
  • Achieve unparalleled optimization with 30 percent lower requirement for UAT staff
  • Cut regression testing effort by 50 to 80 percent via Robotic User Interface discovery



Naviflow Learner

This is Tenjin’s robotic unit that discovers and learns the app interface automatically including data requirements, fields, and user interface elements. Tenjin can intelligently navigate screens, submit transactions, and automatically respond to action requests through this core engine.

Test Executor

Tenjin has end to end execution capabilities such as test data loading, execution via front end screens, result tabulation, and response capture. Execution is driven by test data completely, thus doesn’t need manual intervention. Robust exception handling and built-in resilience ensure Tenjin invokes and senses resumption and recovery procedures automatically when required.

Result Validator

This Tenjin feature offers fully automated validation of test results together with baseline results per test case and discrepancy identification. It also supports records across multiple or single database tables, comparison of ASCII files, and comparison of app specific reports. Views from high level summaries can be drilled down to field specific discrepancies.

API Testing

Tenjin extends its automated testing capabilities seamlessly to API testing with the same degree of ease, intelligence and resilience.

Test Management

With Tenjin’s Test Management module, you can define and manage your testing project, while configuring your apps under test, maintaining test cases, setting up test execution plans, and setting up result validations.

Data Extractor

Tenjin has a Data Extractor utility that lets you automate test data preparation by extracting data directly from your app’s front end forms into the reusable test data templates in Tenjin. The powerful and versatile Data Extractor generates test data from alternate test environments or any of your existing legacy applications.

Task Scheduler

With the Tenjin Task Scheduler, you can schedule test execution to suit your requirements. Select from event based or time based scheduling. Trigger regression tests after app changes or end of day operations testing during off peak hours. Together with Tenjin’s powerful audit and reporting capabilities, you can enjoy testing automation with peace of mind and assurance.

Defect Publisher

Using Tenjin Defect Publisher, you can publish test results, user uploads and screenshots, and review comments. It also offers the capability to aggregate failed test cases by defects. The continuously growing third party integrations list, directly push defect information into your defect management system.

Test Reporting

Generate reports by Users, Applications Under Test or by Schedules for internal audit or review. Preconfigured reports offer summary views on the overall progress and failure/success rates (transactions executed to available ratios).

Audit Trail

With comprehensive audit capability, you can rest assured that traceability of all actions and the users who perform them is ensured, plus all tests executed with identified errors and test results.

Functional Testing

With shorter time to market, increasing app complexity, and rapid technological evolution, functional testing of your software is crucial and sometimes complex, unfortunately. With Yethi and Tenjin’s comprehensive functional testing services, you can cut through the complexity. Deep domain expertise in financial and banking services, extensive cutting edge technology skills and pre-packaged test assets, allow Yethi to provide the right solution for functional testing requirements through Tenjin, from User Acceptance Testing to Integration Testing and Regression.

Banking Test Assets

With decades of banking and financial experience, and a growing customer base, Yethi continues to enrich its pre-packaged functional testing test case repository. This repository is build leveraging on Yethi’s understanding of business processes, while ensuring its customers maximize speed, quality, and efficacy of the testing process with minimal utilization of resources.

Non-functional testing

Increased reliance on software systems from the back office operations to the organization value stream, down to support systems and customer transactions, the importance placed on performance has never been greater. Tenjin documents the consequences of software failure, both large and small. It ensures responsiveness, scalability, throughput, and stability which is paramount. You’ll get the best in industry for comprehensive performance and security testing.


For more on pricing plans and to get a custom quote, contact Yethi Consulting for enterprise pricing information as well as its other product details on Tenjin. You can also submit a demo request to see if Tenjin automation suite is a perfect fit for your business.

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