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Full Templafy Document Management Software Review – All you need to know about Templafy


Many businesses are faced with challenges which revolve around paper handling. Document related processes such as creation, printing, filing, sharing, and general management of paper-based business documents is both costly and time-consuming.

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Besides, retrieving paper-based documents can be strenuous. On the other hand, managing, sharing, and archiving digital business document as well can be complicated without utilizing automated document management software.

Therefore, it is necessary for a business to utilize document management software which would automate document related process within the business environment.

In this digital era, many businesses are technologically advancing by adopting the usage of several automated solutions in their business activities which include document management software.

Document management software is an automated solution which handles documents creation, organization, sharing, and archiving. This streamlines document processes in the business resulting in improved sales, revenue, productivity, efficiency, among others.

While there are lots of document management software available for businesses, Templafy document management software not only automates document management processes but also enables businesses to customize document templates thereby improving business branding in the process.

With Templafy document management software, businesses can expand globally while safeguarding their brand integrity through its dynamic document management platform.

What is Templafy?

Templafy is a document management software which enables a business to create, update, share, and manage business document templates within the business organization.

templafy document management softwareThis document management software was developed specifically for businesses to ensure the easy creation of on-brand and compliant documents which reflects the business brands and themes.

Founded in 2014, Templafy document management software has become one of the industry standards for enterprise cloud-based service solution worldwide. Despite its global status, most of its customers include large multi-national enterprises and global organizations such as SDC, Maersk, Capgemini, BDC Norway, Coloplast, PANDORA, Aarhus University, Marel, and many more.

On the other hand, Templafy document management software creates personalized templates from user entered information such as basic company data and templates. Some of the personalized templates Templafy creates include letters, reports, presentations, spreadsheets, and many more.

Meanwhile, Templafy allows users to access updated content instantly through its cloud-enabled platform for storage and sharing; this enables all employees to have access to the latest and new templates. Hence, business departments such as human resource, sales and marketing, legal, administration, IT, and many more can have access to the latest company content for document purposes.

This efficient document management software comes with the following objectives:

  • Document Automation
  • Template & Content Access
  • Dynamic Personalization
  • Email Signature Governance
  • Brand & Content Validation


Templafy document management software comes with several benefits for businesses, some of which includes:

Easy document creation

Templafy document management software makes it easy to create on-brand everyday document templates which are reusable in other office applications.

Some of the document templates that can be created with Templafy include contracts, memorandums, quotes, letters, reports, presentations, spreadsheets, and many more.

Besides, Templafy document management software gives users access to MS Offices digital assets such as images, texts, slides, and slides elements.

This helps business to cut down the budget on document creation process while saving time as well.

Improves performance and productivity

Manual document management processes such as document creation, editing, scanning, signing, and filing can be stressful thereby reducing employees efficiency.

With Templafy document management software, businesses can automate document management processes which improve the employees’ performance as time can be spent on other important business aspects.

Besides, Templafy can motivate employees due to its consistent use of the company’s branding which visually instils team spirit; hence, employees can function with positive morale within the business environment.

Quick deployment

Templafy document management software can easily be set up after subscription. Therefore, users can instantly upload company data and templates for an easy transition.

Hence, company data such as logo, profile, language, files, and profile settings can be set up for instant Templafy usage. Unlike other document management software that comes with a steep learning curve.


With Templafy document management software, an individual business user can create documents with personalized information which can then be usable for other business purposes. For instance, users working from diverse offices can have multiple personal profiles for creating documents.

Safe, secure and easy access

Templafy document management software can be accessed remotely with several devices which include smartphones, tablets, and desktops. This gives users on-the-go access to latest updates and templates.

In addition, Templafy is integrated with several authentication services such as OpenID, ADFS, Connect, and AzureID; therefore, only your created templates are stored in the Templafy cloud while other proprietary files are saved in your cloud storage.

On the other hand, Templafy document management software enables users to manage file access across the organization by settings permission levels; hence, access is defined based on user roles which include individual, team, and department.

Integration with other business tools

templafy document management softwareTemplafy enables businesses to be prepared for the future due to its flexible integration with several business tools and platforms. For instance, Templafy gives users access to MS Office asset libraries such as texts, images, slides, and slides elements for creating documents from within the office suite.

In addition, Templafy document management software also integrates with other external image libraries Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM systems) such as Getty Images media manager, Skyfish, Bynder, BrandWorkz, and Colourbox.

Furthermore, Templafy integrates with popular business tools and platforms, including G Suite, MS Office 365, Dropbox, SharePoint, and many more. This enables businesses to curate business applications from within Templafy thereby ensuring systemic organization.

Key Features of Templafy Document Management Software

Cloud-based document management

Templafy document management software streamlines document workflow process with its intuitive web interface which enables the easy production of company compliant business documents. This document management software stores all brand assets within a single location i.e. the cloud which can be accessible to all the employees from anywhere in the world.

In addition, Templafy enables template updates for notifying employees about updated or new templates. Besides, files are updated and stored in the cloud which enables real-time access to business document templates.

Customizable Branding

templafy document management softwareTemplafy document management software ensures brand consistency by enabling users to create visual document templates which are aligned with the business identity.

With Templafy, users can integrate relevant personal data, logo, images, and other company data into their document templates. In addition, employees have access to a vast template designs repository for creating professional-looking documents which incorporate brand compliance. On the other hand, Templafy document templates can be tweaked to adapt to several elements such as language, location, legal needs, and design.

Also, Templafy document management software comes with brand checker tool which checks for brand elements in the current document project and notifies the user with suggestions to adhere to corporate look. Hence, employees can adhere to corporate standards for branding purposes.

Dynamic Templates

templafy document management softwareTemplafy document management software gives users access to several word templates, text elements, icons, images, presentation templates, and many more for creating business documents.

Meanwhile, whenever an employee creates a document, Templafy automatically personalize the dynamic elements within the document template using the specific employee’s personal information and job role.

Templafy utilizes dynamic element such as user profile information, address, company-specific data, logos, legal disclaimers, and many more for personalizing document directly from the Templafy online platform or from within Microsoft Office.

With Templafy document management software, users can generate multiple personalized documents by using a single template for all employees within the business organization.

Email solution

templafy document management softwareTemplafy document management software seamlessly integrates with MS Outlook to provide users with email signature solution alongside with functional asset library of email templates. Therefore, users can append digital signature on emails from within MS Outlook.

Besides, users can have more than one email signature profiles for switching between brands, departments, languages, and locations while retaining their correct contact information.

Security and access control

Templafy document management software prevents unauthorized access due to its implementation of role-based permissions for access. In addition, access to a company’s Templafy platform is based on three roles which include individual, department, and team.

Several authentication services such as ADFS, OpenID, AzureID, and Connect are integrated with Templafy document management software to further enhance its security protocol.

Hence, only authorized employees can be able to view, modify, and share documents from within the Templafy platform.

Multiple User Profiles

templafy document management softwareTemplafy enables users to have several user profiles which can be utilized in generating personalized documents.

For instance, if an employee needs to create documents in a different language or the employee is working from multiple departments or offices; they can apply any of the user profiles that fit into the kind of document being created.

On the other hand, employee’s personal information such as name, address, department or company details such as logo, legal disclaimer, etc can be dynamically generated from the user profile in creating personalized documents.

In addition, Templafy document management software enables employees to search for specific public user profiles within the business. Also, users can create documents using details acquired from their public user profile.

Third-party Integrations

Templafy document management software seamlessly integrates with several applications such as SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, Office 365, iWorks, Google Drive, and OneDrive for Business.

In addition, Templafy also integrates with cloud-based DAM systems such as Bynder, Skyfish, Getty Images media manager, Colourbox, and BrandWorkz; this ensures digital assets such as logos, icons, images, and infographics are readily accessible for each employee within their various Office applications.

Furthermore, businesses can add digital assets stored on other third-party platforms which comes with a well-described API; this enables businesses to extend their existing IT infrastructures.

Other notable Templafy document management software features include:

  • Statistics & analytics
  • Single Sign-on
  • Search functionality
  • Real-time notifications
  • Multiple federal options
  • Forms creation
  • Dynamic document builder
  • Document template management
  • Document compliance management
  • DMS integration
  • Customizable templates
  • CRM integrations
  • Compliance management


management softwareTemplafy document management software pricing is based on the number of users, add-ins, and features you desire; therefore, you pay according to your precise usage.

However, the price to get started with Templafy starts at 2500€/month per company but this depends on your business needs as stated earlier.

Hence, you can contact Templafy or fill the quote inquiry form here for a custom price based on your specific requirements.

Note: Templafy offers prospective users a no-commitment free trial so as to test all Templafy features.

Technical Details

Supported devices: Web-based, Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad.

Locations serviced: Asia, Australia, United States, and Europe.

Pricing model: Free trial, Monthly subscription, quote-based.

Supported Languages: Danish, English, Spanish.

Typical Users: Small and Medium businesses, Public administrations, Non-Profits, and large enterprises

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Integrations: Bynder, Dropbox, G Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Salesforce, SharePoint Online.

Support Details

Templafy document management software offers efficient service support options which include:

  • Email Support: info@templafy.com
  • Phone Support:

Australia +61 2 8006 0712

Denmark +45 36 99 01 02

Hong Kong +852 8197 8786

New Zealand +64 9 889 2864

Singapore +65 3158 1423

Spain +34 618 609 780

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