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Full Tekla BIMsight Building Information Modeling Software Review – All You Need To Know About Tekla BIMsight

Tekla BIMsight

Technology has come a long way. From the basics of using sticks and stones to create fire to having the ability to transact transfer of money from a device in your hand. With the advancement of technology has come change in all spheres of life.

Most apps are developed for certain departments in an organization or a set of departments. Not Building Information Modelling (BIM) SaaS. BIM is built and suited for everyone in a construction/building company. It is even suited for external partners linked to the organization.

So, what is Building Information Modelling or BIM as we will sometimes refer to it in this review? BIM is a tool that brings all types of individuals or experts in the construction industry to work together on a project or projects and at the same time doing something that had proved to be quite a headache in the construction industry. SYNERGY.

BIM is a  tool which enables players in the construction industry to create and store files digitally and allows access by anyone involved in the construction project and most importantly it enables and eases the decision making process throughout a project cycle.

For the building industry BIM has been a welcome addition. But with so many competitor BIM software applications, individuals in the building industry are spoilt for choice.

This is a good thing but in itself it can also be a drag to an organization involved in the building or construction industry.

With so many BIM software out there in the market, companies can waste a lot of time in decision making which is not good for business and ultimately for the bottom of line of companies.

In this review, we will help you as the key decision maker of your organization to choose Tekla BIMsight as your go to software for your Building information modelling requirements. We will show you why it is head and shoulders above all the other BIM software.

What is Tekla BIMsight?

Tekla BIMsight

Tekla BIMsight is a construction project collaboration tool downloaded free of charge by professionals in the building industry. It was launched in 2011. It is a Windows based construction tool built for collaboration and it offers a convenient BIM atmosphere where building professionals provide 3D design representations, share information and check for clashes or differences. Tekla BIMsight also offers a very unique service in that it assists project members to identify and deal with concerns encountered in the design period and they can then address them before construction begins saving a lot of costs.

Tekla BIMsight works extremely well on Windows 7 and 8 on desktops and laptops and also has a Tekla BIMsight app available on the Android and IOS platforms.

With its clash/problem detection tool Tekla BIMsight allows project managers to deal with conflicts speedily hence streamlining the whole construction process. Tekla BIMsight also provides the building industry a no-cost answer for the contemporary, model-based management.

Tekla BIMsight is used by over 100,000 professionals in the building industry in over 160 countries.


Tekla BIMsight

It is free

Tekla BIMsight comes to the organization free of charge. Professionals can download it from the Tekla website free of charge. Even though it comes at no cost Tekla BIMsight does not compromise any of its core functionalities.

Guaranteed performance

With Tekla BIMsight one can be assured of guaranteed performance given that the product is used by over 100,000 building professionals in over 160 countries and the continued use of the platform worldwide provides confidence to the new user/professional or organization of its quality.

Early detections on model differences

With its unique clash detection feature Tekla BIMsight helps the project managers in a construction project to know of any differences in their models at the earliest stage possible i.e. the design stage. This is very important because it saves all involved in the project numerous costs which would be incurred during the construction phase because of mistakes not detected in the design phase. It would also lead to a lot of disagreements, time delays, project delays because the project would have to begin from scratch again hence making the project incur extra costs and have delayed timelines. Disagreements may even lead to court procedures which many at times have threatened the completion of a project and at times have even caused a project to be abandoned because the damages/costs are too great to be recovered.

Bring in models from other BIM software

Tekla BIMsight software enables construction professionals to bring in models from any other BIM software and combine them into one project.

No restrictions in usage area

Tekla BIMsight is not restricted in its usage area. This means that professionals can use the platform anywhere ranging from the office, in design coordination meetings, on the job site with tablets or smartphones, in boardroom situations on a smart board, or on the move etc. It also works flawlessly with mobile devices with a touch user-interface

Liaise with other project members using notes

Tekla BIMsight enables users on the platforms to create and share notes with other users and saves time and one does not have to use another medium for example e-mail to communicate. If for instance a member has forgotten to include a quote of cement in the budget and the on-site accountant notices. The accountant would just have to create a note and let the user know to rectify this omission instead of writing an email.

Interface that functions seamlessly on any Windows device

Tekla BIMsight also offers a well-designed interface that functions seamlessly on any Windows device. This means one can use it on any desktop, laptop or tablet that is installed with Windows software. It also makes accessibility and integration with many devices very easy.

Easy interaction and sharing

With the aid of Tekla BIMsight Note project members are able to interact and share different ideas on Android and IOS devices. This is a tailor-made tool that simplifies instant communication and allows users or members of the project to receive and reply to all queries, additions or communications generated in the Tekla BIMsight full version. It makes BIM available to everyone. Communicating using Tekla BIMsight is as easy as sending text messages from a mobile phone. It also has an added benefit of maintaining all communication within the relevant Tekla BIMsight project.

User-friendly software

Furthermore, Tekla BIMsight is very user-friendly. It is the perfect platform to be used by apprentices, interns, which is always a guarantee on a construction site especially from the external partners for example the client and his staff members. The free tools offer an extraordinary combination of features which provide a comprehensive, and fully functioning model able to review and collaborate solutions without requiring payment from its users.


Tekla BIMsight

Clash detection

Of all its many features the most eye catching feature of Tekla BIMsight is its clash detection tool. With this tool players in the construction industry are able to deal with very critical issues or errors of design early on even before construction begins. This feature enables project members to iron out trivial issues on design and once a consensus is reached everyone involved in the project will be agreeable on the design and hence no issues during the rest of the project because all was sorted out at the beginning. This feature helps best to re-write the saying, “It doesn’t go wrong, it starts wrong”.

Clip planes

The clip planes feature in Tekla BIMsight also comes in handy many a times. Clip planes helps one to focus on required details in a model. A clip plane is defined as cutting away a portion of a model along a plane that you want to highlight. This does not remove objects from the model, it just decides what is shown in the model view and helps when viewing small minute details in a 3D model.

Tekla BIMsight note

Tekla BIMsight also has the Tekla BIMsight note feature as one of its major components. With this feature project members in the construction industry are able to communicate, exchange ideas, update each other and make changes without having a face to face meeting. With this feature communication can be conducted from anywhere in the world and is compatible with most hand held devices available in the market which are either Android or IOS powered. Communication is instant and easy as sending a text message.

Support for Sketchup

Support for SketchUp. SketchUp is a solution that creates and edits 2D and 3D concepts. It helps users in creating 3D models of interiors, equipment, sceneries etc. With a lot of built-in features Tekla BIMsight is able to support this application with its many features which include lighting effects, textures, a layer manager, and animations and not many software tools can be able to do that  and at the same time assimilate it into its settings. The support for this application also assists the project members in the initial stage of designing a model which as mentioned earlier is a critical step of the construction process

Rebar measurements

Tekla BIMsight assists greatly in rebar Measurements. Rebar simply stands for reinforcing bar. These are bars of steel used to help in strengthening concrete. Rebar helps to increase the tensile strength of a structure. Rebar sizes and measurements are different for various zones for example the U.S.A has its own rebar measurements as does Canada, Europe and Australia. Tekla BIMsight takes this into consideration and project members do not have to leave the platform to enable them to easily do calculations as they are already in-built. Because of Tekla BIMsight having a 3D navigation feature one is able to measure distances between end points and center lines of reinforcing bars. Measuring the distance from a center line of a reinforcing bar enables Tekla BIMsight to calculate the distance which is shortest from the center line another point and hence assists in structuring the reinforcing steel structure.

Conflict checking

Conflict checking is also another feature of Tekla BIMsight. As the project enters different phases, changes are bound to be made. This feature helps to make sure that these changes are in line with the original concept of the project and if there is a change, idea exchanged or communication that is contrary to the original concept the various users of the program will be notified hence ensuring that the project retains its o5riginality from start to finish.

3D Navigation

3D Navigation is also a very critical feature of Tekla BIMsight. With this feature project members are able to view a building or site from all angles. They can also see individual or all rooms with 3D navigation and zoom in or out if they want better view of the details. It also enables one to add or remove features such as add a window, change a colour etc. This is a particularly great feature when pitching to a client of how the final outcome will look like.

Save model view

There is also a feature known as Save model view which saves snapshots of specific situations in the model view. Aspects such as visibility settings are also inclusive. With this feature one can display important details, modify a view and save it for later. One can have many saved views and it enables easier viewing and management.

Create and share notes

With Tekla BIMsight professionals in the construction industry can also create and share notes as the project progresses.

BCF Support

BCF Support is also a major feature of the Tekla BIMsight platform which supports workflow interaction between team members in a project.


As noted all throughout this review as a major feature and benefit of Tekla BIMsight, its acquisition is free for everyone hence you should not be charged any price for its download or usage. Even with many project members Tekla BIMsight is still free of charge.

Technical Details

Devices Supported: Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac and Windows.

Language Support: English.

Pricing Model: Free.

Types of Customers: Small business, Medium business.

Deployment: Cloud Hosted, On premise.

Support Details

Because of their presence in over 160 countries across the globe Tekla BIMsight’s main support is through telephone. On their website you can find the contact numbers for the various help centres across the globe.