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Full TeamSupport Customer Support Software Review – All You Need to Know About TeamSupport


What is TeamSupport?

TeamSupport is an all-inclusive customer support software that lets users, teams, and members group together, work on a task, connect more efficiently, streamline relationships between all sectors, and supervise clienteles and company resources all with the aim to provide faster, accurate, and reliable customer support.

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TeamSupport, along with its wide array of cutting-edge and innovative functionalities and features, aims to improve your business operation by letting it operate in one cohesive and reliable unit while solving the various concerns and support needs of your clientele. Functioning as such, TeamSupport can allow your entire customer support team to collaborate with other departments like finance, tech support, and sales. This collaboration allows you to achieve top-notch and excellent client feedback and rating. If you worry about integration, TeamSupport also got your back. The TeamSupport system merges and connects seamlessly with other apps and software like Dropbox, Zoho Reports, and MailChimp, to name a few.

TeamSupport also has accessible features and plans for cloud-hosting which will help you achieve and use a B2B software that is best for both large companies and small enterprises. Among the high-quality features of the software are advanced client self-service platform, in-class reporting feature, live chat, screen recordings, ticket automation, and ticket management. Aside from these, the software also supports an internal company chat feature which allows real-time conversation between and among company support teams, regardless of their geographical location. The app also has a mobile version which is compatible with popular and common platforms like Windows, BlackBerry, Android, and iOS.

This software is highly-recommended for startups and other small businesses with no prior experience in service delivery.  The software’s interface is very easy to learn so the users will not have a hard time navigating and using it.

TeamSupport Benefits

One of the many reasons why TeamSupport is a useful and competitive software is the fact that the creators of the software invested so much of their time in improving user experience by providing a personalized and easily customizable platform to enable interactive experience. The software was able to balance functionality with style and ends up delivering great service for small businesses and startups. The software tools are simple, visually appealing, yet powerful enough to support necessary and relevant functionality to help these small companies and startups transform into professional firms.

These are a few benefits of subscribing to the TeamSupport software:

The software helps streamline work between team members and groups.

With the software, anybody assigned to a task or a project can easily access and see all the necessary project-related information. Also, these team members are also provided with access to the needed tools for collaboration, thus making work updated, coordinated, and easier to check and track.

Also, the software assesses the engagement of various customer tickets and sends out a report on the negative trends and positive trends of the reps’ and agents’ performance.

Another notable benefit of using the software is the ability of the software to generate and show real-time and updated performances of specific agents. With such information, it would be easier to monitor their ticket engagements, best practices, and service to your clients. Since all these data are stored in one system, communications and decisions can easily be made towards a money-spinning course.

Experienced Helpdesk Professionals to assist you

With a skilled and highly reliable technical support group, you can expect that you can get reliable, fast, and credible technical support whenever you encounter problems with your software and your system. Also, the software creators were thoughtful enough to include a video detailing the instructions on how to create your very own video and also on how to capture the attention of your target market.

Easy customer self-service feature

The software’s Intelligent Submission Deflection function provides an opportunity for content browsing, thus, helping customers find answers on their own. Also, the software is powered by an Advanced Customer Service Platform that is accessible and functional 24/7. This platform allows customers to scan and access company wikis and other stored cases database to get answers to their questions.

Integration of various popular and major software and applications

Since there is no single software that can cater all needs and specifications of each business or organization, it would be very helpful if these companies can find a software that can easily integrate with other major and popular apps, suites, and software.

With TeamSupport, integration is not a problem. As a matter of fact, the software can easily integrate the following apps:

  • Dropbox
  • Facebook
  • JIRA
  • MailChimp
  • Salesforce

TeamSupport Features


These are the major features of TeamSupport:

Useful and User-friendly Agent tools

  • Automatic online help desk handler interface
  • Mobile agent apparatuses
  • Personalized and easily customizable user dashboard
  • Powerful search
  • SLA management
  • Ticket automation
  • Unified monitor and screen recordings

Collaboration with Groups and other Users

  • Community
  • Groups
  • Internal users chat
  • Team Wiki
  • WaterCooler social networking platform

Customer Support and Service

  • Database
  • Innovative portal tools
  • Ticket rebound

Wide and various channel support

  • The combination with current CRM schemes
  • Email combination
  • Facebook incorporation
  • Integrated live chat
  • Product database
  • Trace service contracts
  • United client catalog

Various User-friendly Management tools

  • Incorporation with business intelligence systems
  • Reporting and metrics
  • Rights supervision

These are a few problems that can be solved by TeamSupport:

Cultivating distinguishability even at the client level

Based on feedback from various users of TeamSupport, one thing that made them choose and stick with their respective software plans is the consolidation of all information on the company Customer Service level. This can be illustrated in the case of one customer who narrated that he once contacted TeamSupport because of an issue involving the functioning of his production management software. According to him, at that time, his software crashed. When he called customer support, his complaint ticket was handled by one CS rep. After 10 minutes, his colleague from a different site also called up the Customer Service Department of TeamSupport and from there, his colleague knew about an existing issue which was called in by other users as well.

In this case, the CS rep who first got the call made a parent ticket and had the succeeding calls related to the same. When they resolve all these tickets, all the CS rep has to do is to close the parent ticket and updates will soon be cascaded to all other tickets, and customers will then be notified.

The features used in this case are collaboration, related tickets, customer distress index, and clientele database or catalog.

On-time delivery of assistance and support

Another feature of the software that wowed users is the screen recording capacity of the TeamSupport software. With such feature, reporting issues, troubleshooting, and resolving technical concerns are made easy. No need for the customer and the technical support representative to spend a long time on the phone to determine the problem before they can come up with a solution.

This advantage has been explained in detail by a client who works at a Financial Software firm. He is a Technical Service Rep there and he came to appreciate the TeamSupport software in cases wherein their company’s clients call in to report issues and technical problems with their own software product.

Most of the time, his customers can’t explain properly the issues and technical problems they are explaining. Since they’re using TeamSupport, he can simply suggest to their clients to use the screen/monitor recording feature of the application and send to him the video showing the problem. Through this, he can easily identify the problem and help troubleshoot the same.

This feature is also more useful in cases wherein technical issues are raised by their clients. If the Technical rep needs to show a step-by-step instruction on how to troubleshoot, he can just record the troubleshooting steps and send the video to the customer. If this won’t work, especially in sensitive and complex problems, both parties can even talk and share via video chat and resolve the problem together.

The features utilized in this case are the visual support feature and the live chat feature.



These are the pricing plans available for TeamSupport user:

Support Desk – pricing starts at $50 per agent or user, per month, and is billed yearly

  • Intended for end-user client assistance and company and group support desk processes;
  • Allows user and groups to effortlessly assign, monitor, and support different requests for support and assistance.

This is a comprehensive list of all the features available if you purchase the Support Desk model:

Customer Management

  • Client Distress Catalogue
  • Client Families
  • Client Insights
  • Client Notes with Signals
  • Comprehensive Client and Contact File
  • Limitless Clienteles and Links
  • Representative Ratings
  • Ticket Record assorted by Client, buyer, or Contact

Customer and Task Ticket Administration

  • Assign Tickets to Users or Groups
  • Custom Fields, Statuses, and Assets
  • File Attachments
  • Global Search
  • In-Line Images
  • Integrated Video
  • Live Customer Chat
  • Log Private or Public Actions with Notifications
  • Mobile Agent Tools
  • My Tickets List
  • Phone-to-Ticket
  • Related & Family Tickets
  • Restrictive and Assignable Custom Fields
  • Simple Email Integration with Email-To-Ticket
  • Ticket Automation & Workflows
  • Ticket Collision Prevention
  • United Screen Recording
  • Webcam Recording

Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Customer Ticket Queue
  • Unified Calendar with Task and Assignment Distribution
  • Various User Groups
  • Water Cooler Internal Social Network & Internal Chat
  • Team Wiki

Best-in-class Reporting & Analytics

  • 100s of Stock Reports “out-of-the-box”
  • Agent and Group Reporting
  • Innovative Custom Reports
  • Personalized and highly-customizable dashboard

Integration Capacity

  • CRM Including Salesforce, Oracle, Highrise, and Zoho
  • Other Business Tools Including MailChimp, NiceReply, Dropbox, Customer Thermometer, and Facebook
  • Zapier Integration Platform

Data Safety, Security, and Control

  • Ability to Assign Users and teams to various teams and groups
  • Business Hours
  • Management of rights
  • Sandbox Test Environment
  • SLA Management with “Pause”
  • SSO Capability

Assistance and Support Features

  • Data Relocation and Migration
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Low Startup Rate
  • Multi-Time zones Support
  • Online Documentation feature
  • Technical Support by email, live chat, and phone
  • Web-based SaaS solution

Enterprise Pricing Model– starts at $65 per agent, per month and is billed yearly

These are the main features you can enjoy when you subscribe with the Enterprise model:

  • Easy access to the software’s customer support
  • Inclusion of product advancement and product administration tools
  • Sharing of tools and data within teams
  • Allows users and teams to track feature improvements, support problems, faults, and product bugs

Additional features

If you avail of the software’s Enterprise pricing model, you will get these added features aside from those already mentioned under Support Desk:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Customer Portal that can be easily personalized per product
  • Inventory
  • Linking products and versions to customers and tickets
  • Product Database
  • Product Lines or Multi-Brand
  • Product tracking
  • Screen and Video Recording
  • SSL Hosting/CNAME
  • Task Administration
  • Various tools helpful to developers like Beanstalk and Jira
  • Version tracking
  • Visual Chat
  • Widgets or Plugs

Technical Details


Devices Supported by TeamSupport:

  • Android
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Web-based
  • Windows
  • Windows Mobile

Language/s Supported by the software:

  • English

Pricing Models Available for the Software:

  • Annual Subscriptions
  • Monthly payments

Customer Types Served and Catered:

  • Large Enterprises
  • Medium Business
  • Small Business

Deployment Supported by the Software:

  • Cloud-Hosted

Support Details


The TeamSupport creators added the following software support details:

  • Call their Customer Service or Support Desk via Phone
  • Customer tickets
  • Live Support
  • Providing training to users
  • Send questions and queries via email

With various way for clients to reach and communicate with the TeamSupport helpdesk and Customer Service Support, it has been easier and faster for clients to get assistance and resolve issues and glitches.

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