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Full TeamSnap Club Management Software Review – All You Need To Know About TeamSnap


What is TeamSnap?


Since its inception in 2009, TeamSnap, a club management software, has dedicated itself passionately, to take the hassle from coaching, managing, and/or organizing groups and team sports.

It continues to innovate, grow, and add new features based on the responses and feedback of its millions of loyal customers, but it sticks to its mission of building a great product that any coach, group organizer, parent, team manager or sentient robot can use once they pick it up.

This software is also used by thousands of registrars, admins and organization presidents who rely on it to save time.



Get up and running quickly while saving time

TeamSnap makes things easier for league and club commissioners, coaches, admins, and volunteers. A beautiful site can be created to handle registrations with ease online, attract new players, manage complex schedules, assign players to divisions and teams quickly, instantly communicate with your organization, and access the whole roster. It gets you up and running quickly while putting you in control and helping you along the way.

Central Location For Everything

TeamSnap is crucial in modern coaching so a central location for all team messaging, information, and critical elements of your team’s activities is essential for club management. Over time and with changes in practice, there are fluctuations in game times or better photos emerge, which the software allows you to share instantly with your whole team community. It is also mobile using its app that is always updated, and allows you to communicate directly with players and/or parents from any location or device.

Forward-thinking and Fast-growing

TeamSnap is reliable, progressive and aggressive. Simply figure out what you need and what you want, then TeamSnap will find something for your needs, or be open to the idea.

Great customer support

TeamSnap believes its customers deserve the same support and/or service they too would want to get back. Consequently, there’s a team 365 days a year ready to offer world class support in just a few hours.

Value for money

TeamSnap is one tool you cannot do without if you have a team or organization. Each aspect of your team’s participation is easily managed using it, and it provides comprehensiveness, affordability, and fun, so its the best money you’ll spend on software to manage your club.

Works with any sport or activity you organize

Regardless of the activity or sport, TeamSnap serves dozens of different athletic teams and/or organizations for football, soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, hockey, volleyball, and basketball sports. You can also use it for scout troops, parent-teacher organizations or sales teams as long as your group needs organizing.



Team Management App

TeamSnap helps you save time as it takes each aspect of the organization of your team or group and makes it simpler. Its mobile and online app for managers, coaches, organizers and parents saves time while letting you communicate efficiently with your groups and teams.


Its hard enough scheduling for teams or groups, but TeamSnap helps keep everyone on one page, and in the know about any changes made at the last minute. The scheduling app ease the process so everyone shows up at the right time and place. Specifically, it allows you to:

  • Coordinate schedules on mobile devices or online
  • Edit event dates, arrival times, opponents, results for games and locations using a link from Google Maps
  • Generate and/or view team schedules as lists or view it on a calendar for the complete picture
  • Coordinate team events such as meetings, practices, and other social events like cake ball-making parties
  • Subscribe and export your schedule from TeamSnap to your personal calendar in Outlook, iCal or Google and view updates instantly

Calendar Syncing

TeamSnap has a sports team calendar app that helps schedule syncing for any device, and keeps you in the know. You can sync it to your iPad, phone, or desktop calendar and it updates in real time, with easy access to what is important to your team and you.


This tool in TeamSnap makes it easy to edit, manage and organize your team, so you need not deal with scraps of paper. The roster app lets you know who is on your team, track information and know their parents’ names. Specifically, you can:

  • Save time as parents or members edit their contact details easily, positions, jersey numbers and other info from mobile devices or PCs.
  • Link players’ photos with their profiles so you can know each easily compared to learning all their names and their parents’ names
  • Create fields for data collection of each player
  • Separate coaches, players and/or non-players for easier and organized viewing in TeamSnap
  • Access roster information from any location

Member Availability

TeamSnap is the easiest tool if you want to know where your team is, and their availability so you can know who will be in what game, practice, meeting, or event. Players indicate their availability on the calendar, so you can make early lineups and ensure there are enough on the team, while making plans for the attendees at the events. It offers indicators such as “Yes, I will be there”, “I’m not sure if I can make it”, and“No, I cannot make it”. Additional notes can be added by players based on their availability for each game, and coaches are able to track attendance using past availability.


Easily communicate with your team using TeamSnap as it lets you stay updated and keep your team in the loop any time, and from any where using the team messaging and chat app. Team messages go to each team member, or a few, or none of them at all. You can also save and resend later. Team Chat lets you send messages to the team if there’s a new update, cancellation, or last minute change.


Seamlessly track team statistics and capture information on players, while creating formulas and much more using the online statistics trackers. You can also edit, analyze, and manage player and team statistics from the web app plus:

  • View stat leaders on batting averages, goals, free throw percentages and more
  • Capture important stats while creating calculated formulas on the go
  • Have full control over stat order and tracking that’s customizable
  • Mark private on stats for managers only to see
  • Make improvements from patterns and keep winning


Manage payments, scheduling, communication and much more seamlessly without having to remember those who owe the team. It tracks team or group fees and payments so you can see who owes, or who needs reminders and who has paid. Coaches can set up PayPal accounts for receiving payments via the app.


Managers and coaches can save time while sharing work with volunteers in the team, manage tasks, assignments and game refreshments or snack duties. Signing up volunteers is also made easy with TeamSnap so you can organize and track team task management.

Mobile Apps

With TeamSnap, you can move anywhere and any time to any location with your information, as it keeps up with your busy schedule and lifestyle. It is available on Android and iPhone platforms.

Team Home Page

Keep everyone updated with important information using TeamSnap’s website builder. Specifically, you get:

  • Full control using a website builder from which you can show custom messages on the homepage and team photos that welcome and greet the team as they sign in, with updates and important details besides inspiring words
  • To view status reports on upcoming games, check weather or team records
  • Links on the homepage of the site with other helpful information and features

Team Item Tracking App & Software

Track extras including who completed forms, and other little things with the Track Anything feature in TeamSnap using simple tabs you can toggle off and on.

Video Highlights

Check out the action from any location as you share live game experiences with the team. You can post updates, set game clock and period, post sideline banter, scores, photo and video highlights as well as play by plays. TeamSnap partners with Fantag for instant video highlights.


With this you can assign people to play in the game, share lineup with the team, and set positions and/or orders for any sport. Use it together with Availability tool to set lineups from RSVP’d players. You can get preset positions or create custom ones. It is available for Android and iOS for Premium and Ultra plans.

Thank and promote sponsors who support your team in monetary or other ways using the Sponsorship tool. Ultra plan teams can add and feature more sponsors on their homepage or add unlimited links and logos of sponsors with random displays for each to get equal viewing.

Online registration

This helps automate collection of information about members and payments using this time-saving registration feature. It offers a self-service form builder so you don’t have to manually import forms, plus you can register people online and check collections.


Manage your payment collections in TeamSnap, get paid on time, upfront and straight into your bank, for monthly dues or tournament fees, and other expenses.


This feature helps make your tournaments great, amazing and irresistible as it provides easy and simple registration, as well as scheduling for events and tournaments. You also get to make more money, control the conflicts, as well as save on time using the app.



Teamsnap has four pricing plans for different users; a free one for companies and startups that want to explore TeamSnap’s capacity is available.

Free Plan: $0

  • Roster: 30 Members
  • Scheduling
  • Messaging Services
  • Facebook Integration
  • Team fansite
  • Privacy

Basic: $9.99 per month/ $69.99 per year

  • All features in free plan
  • Email reminders
  • 500 MB storage
  • Availability
  • Payment Tracker
  • Online payment Collection
  • Alerts
  • Email Support
  • Assignments
  • Banner Free Web

Premium: $12.49 per month / $89.99 per year

  • All features in basic plan
  • Roster: 40 members
  • 2GB Storage
  • Team Logo and Color
  • Domain Name
  • Weather Forecasts
  • Stats
  • Player Fields

Ultra: $17.99 per month / $129.99 per year

  • All features of Premium plan
  • Unlimited Roster Members
  • Multiple Team Sponsorships
  • Unlimited Storage

Clubs & Leagues Features

This includes features for admins for teams and for club and league offering:

  • Team Features
  • Online Player Registration
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • TeamSnap Officials
  • Priority Email Support
  • League-Wide Messaging
  • Website Builder
  • TeamSnap Scheduler


  • Online Player Registration
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • League-Wide Messaging
  • Add on: Website builder


  • Online Player Registration
  • Priority Email Support
  • League-Wide Messaging
  • TeamSnap Scheduler
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • Add-on: Website builder, Teamsnap officials


  • Priority Email Support
  • Centralized Scheduling
  • Online Player Registration
  • TeamSnap Scheduler
  • League-Wide Messaging
  • Add-on: Website builder, Teamsnap officials

Technical Details

Devices: Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Web-based

Language: English

Pricing Model: Monthly payment; Annual Subscription

Customer Types: Small and medium business

Deployment: Cloud Hosted

Support Details

  • Customer support specialists
  • Email
  • Chat
  • General/Team support crew
  • Specialized sports organization support crew

Note: There is no phone support because email and chat provides a better experience for Teamsnap product, and gives the fastest responses, while gathering technical information quickly including screenshots and support history records. This saves time and effort from the start, and helps link to and improve the available help content.