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Full Teambook Collaboration Software Review – All you need to know about Teambook Collaboration Software


Managing a team could be frustrating and time-consuming, particularly for the businesses which have so many projects happening simultaneously.

The project management tools quite often tackle the scheduling process from the project perspective, than just focusing on the users who would be doing different tasks linked with the projects.

The Teambook offers an easy interface for the team members and managers who allow the project, resource management, and time.

Business analysts and project managers could easily get the insight into how time is being spent on the project as compared to a number of days which have been fixed for this.

The Teambook could quickly pinpoint different planning issues in the organization that allows the businesses to settle resources and control projects more efficiently.

When a team member is given work on the particular project then a notification would alert him or her. For the workers who use the calendar sync, the new bookings show up on their calendar.

What is Teambook?


The Teambook is a productive project collaboration and management tool. It is particularly targeted at small businesses and medium businesses. It is also perfect for the service consultants as well as freelancers.

However, it is very easy to use planner. The straight-out-of-the-box functions could actually turn the team leaders into productive managers and project schedules.

You could also direct the company resources for particular tasks with the help of the simple planner. Also, you might see who is performing on which projects in the real-time and the track deliverables and performances along with different analytics.

You can use filters or tags for refining the metrics. You need to search a fitting resource for particular activities.

The Teambook also assists you to keep tab of your team members with the email alerts, individual resource homepage, and iCal links which syncs with famous calendar apps.

Your client is immediately updated with the dedicated link to the project milestones.

Moreover, the Teambook integrates with famous tools that include Harvest, Outlook, Zapier, Google Calendar, and iCal. You could also use the API for integrating your application.

Benefits of Teambook


The Teambook is an efficient support system for the development work in multiple teams. The Teambook actually makes it quite possible for following up alterations in the behavior and ensures that the crucial things are kept alive.

This software is a tool that you have to become the planning hero. You can book several resources on the company activity in a blink of your eye.

Therefore, you can also keep an eye who performs when and what and availability of the track team. You can map the skills of the team and use different tags to find a great resource.

Better Communication

It is one of the biggest benefits that you consistently see in the Teambook.

You could keep your teammates well-informed via embedding the advanced communication processes and integrating largely used tools along with the Teambook features.

Share with Your Clients and Team

You can keep the team in a loop along with email notifications, individual resource homepage, and an iCal link of the Teambook which syncs with the calendars.

And, on top of this, there is also a dedicated link to your project timeline for the clients. It makes sure that they know what is going on.

Make Smarter Decisions

The Teambook helps in tracking projects budgets and the time consumed.

You can also get a big picture of the performance of your team with utilization and productivity. You can also use different filters for refining the metrics.

Teambook is rewarding

In case you spend a few minutes every week on it then the Teambook pays you off directly. Other people in your organization could have multiple copies and ”happy”. A team coach could directly communicate with the whole team.

Effective Planner

Effective planner

You can use the simple-to-see an overview of the project activities of Teambook. Also, you also come to know who is working on what and when. But you can also see who’s available and who is not.

Single and Multiple Resources

You can book multiple or single resources at just once using the filtering and tags even as you are tracking the project budget.

Powerful Analysis

You can monitor your main performance indicators by using a complete set of the metrics, as refining different indicators using Utilization, Availability, or Productivity functions.

Features of Teambook



The Teambook is a new superpower in order to plan the team in just one snap. You can see who is doing what in the real time.

You can also measure the performance of your team and so keep a finger on a pulse of the business. Here are some features of the Teambook:

Better Communication

You can keep every team member in a loop by just embedding the integrating popular tools and advanced communication features with the Teambook functionalities.

Effective Planner

A planner board of the Teambook provides you the easy-to-see overview of the organization’s different activities. This makes you able to know who is working when and on what, who is available and who is not.

Display from one to four weeks in order to navigate with the ease to previous, current and future bookings.

You can also use different tags in order to track the skills of team members. It also makes you able to catch the information at just one glance with the clever visual hints or clues.

Fast Booking and Update

You can book multiple and single units at once when tracking the project budget. You can also find an excellent resource for a job with the help of filtering and tags.

In case you are not pretty much sure yet about when your work would take place, you can just set your bookings as the tentative and thus confirm them later.

Also, you know that alterations typically come with high standard along with planning but the Teambook makes this simple.

You just need to bulk an update or drag & drop the bookings. You are a headache free.

Keep Control

You can keep an eye on the main performance indicators along with the full set of metrics.

Be this productivity, availability, or utilization, the Teambooks provides you with a power to not only view them but refine them with the help of filtering.

This also goes with the non-billable, billable, and time-off for a month, you will not miss the information that you want anymore.

As Safe As a Swiss Bank

The Teambook does much care about the personal data. So, it includes all the recent security features that would enable you to sleep peacefully.

Connected and Integrated

The Teambook is attached with those tools that you mostly use to operate the business.

You could also track the time with the Harvest, use Zapier for integrating with 300 plus web services, sync the bookings with calendar, or use the API to make a connection with the applications.

Customer Projects

The team managers could set up the customer projects. It can also add more team members who would work on the projects.

The workers could be directly scheduled in this app that provides every team member essential information. The member would be performing on some given part of their project at some specific time.

Also, in addition to scheduling, the Teambook also lets the workers sync their own calendar (Windows, Google, Mac) and the clients to get access to their project planning in order to see who is doing work on the task and when.

The businesses could also see specific project budget, track main days that are planned, and incurred for every project.

Multiple Task Manager

The Teambook easily tracks resource utilization. It increases the profitability and makes smart decisions by having a global overview of the capacity of your project team.

The Teambook can manage internal initiatives, billable projects, and the time-off – all in just one place.

You can also organize projects, clients, and teammates in a simple tool and save much time by rescheduling the bookings.

You can manage so many business units and book resources for projects in bulk or individually.



In Teambook, you can keep your customers and team in one loop. The team is also notified by the e-mail and the calendar is updated while changes occur.

The clients could access the schedule of their project with the dedicated secure link. This way, they might also know what is going on.

The Teambook is available in 4 subscription packages. The details of Teambook cost are given below:

Basic – $19/month

A business is allowed up to ten active projects for 19 dollars.

Pro – $39/month

40 active projects are allowed in this package for a business. This package also includes the unlimited users, unlimited customer support, unlimited clients & boards, and daily data backup.

Premium – $69/month

This premium package offers unlimited clients & boards, 100 active projects, unlimited customer support, unlimited users, and daily data backup.

Unlimited – $199/month

The Teambook also offer unlimited package. This package features the unlimited active projects, unlimited customer support, unlimited users, daily data backup, and unlimited clients & boards.

The above-mentioned pricing packages are based on the limited and unlimited active projects (it means that the archived projects aren’t counted). The pricing plans are thus solely depending on the number of active projects. Every plan comes with customer support and complete SSL encryption.

Technical Details

Devices Supported

The Teambook is quite compatible with those devices available in the market that support Windows. So, this makes it accessible easily from anywhere in the world.

The Teambook does not support Android, Mac, and iOS/iPad.

Language Support

The Teambook supports many languages of the world. It supports Germany, English, India, China, and Japan.

Thus, allowing different languages from around the world to understand it easily.

Pricing Model

The pricing plan of the Teambook is very easy-to-use. There is only 1 package available that it offers. Also, you would not have any kind of problem in choosing this package.

The users of the Teambook can get the monthly package.  This package has several benefits.

Customer Types

In case you have a look at its pricing model that the Teambook provides – you would come to know that the Teambook is appropriate for every type of customers.

The Teambook software is also appropriate for the business of any size. The Teambook is suitable for the small business, medium business, large enterprises, and Freelancers. The Freelancers use it for the business purposes.

Support Details

The Teambook excels in its support service. The Teambook software is easy and simple to use. This software provides an easy interface. There is an expert customer support to assist you at any moment.

The Teambook offers a large range of different customers support in order to help their customers. It assists its customers to make cost-effective as well as the right use of the software.

It also includes assistance in the troubleshooting, planning, upgrading, installation, maintenance, training, and much more.

The Teambook is very good in providing the ongoing support. It always helps its every type customers all the time. The Teambook support service helps through phone, email, and tickets.


The Teambook software is helpful for any size of the business. This software is a very helpful tool to share, schedule, and the track projects at the great price.

Though, this is not quite possible for booking less than half a day that could be a big challenge for a few businesses. Whilst the tool is actually targeted to consulting and service businesses.

Moreover, when the users first log in, this could be quite tough to know where to begin. There is the small “Welcome” tab at the top of the menu bar on its left leads the users to “get started guide,” though this option can be easily missed.

Just a single click on every menu item actually takes its users where they want to go, although, and as the user gets begun, the website is very easy to use.

With the Teambook, a target of Verano is to give an easy scheduling tool which would allow companies to easily and quickly organize their teammates so they could spend enough time to focus on building the business.