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Full TalentGuard Talent Management Software Review – All You Need to Know About TalentGuard


What is TalentGuard?

Human resources involve an organization’s most valuable assets: the people and the talents working for the successful delivery of the products or services offered by their business. Current trends in HR lean towards articulating job-based efficiency and employee-centered innovations to improve their engagement to the jobs they perform.

TalentGuard is an HR consultancy company which offers a compendium of software products that provide talent management systems for employee engagement, assessment, development, and retention. Central to TalentGuard’s strategy is the crafting of a competency framework for the client organization. A competency framework provides a common document to delineating the skills and qualification standards and clarifying the job outputs expected from each position in the organization. The framework also ensures that the minimum requirements in skills, knowledge, and attitudes for each job position are transparent. This leads to empowering the employees to plan a career path within the organization so that he may contribute more.


TalentGuard’s product is a software suite that covers the whole gamut of Human Resources Management giving a cloud-based, unified set of talent management tools. Most users will also benefit from the consultancy services, particularly their proprietary ready-made industry-specific competency frameworks and job descriptions. The company has an in-house team of world-class experts in talent management and human resources, who are ready to help in the set-up, operationalization, use, and administration of the software suite.

Founded in 2007 by CEO Linda Ginac, the company has the vision to change how companies work in attracting, developing, and retaining talent. With TalentGuard, your business can achieve the sustainable growth you desire. As a provider of talent management software, TalentGuard will help you hire, manage, develop, and also retain the most excellent and talented employee in your business.  Over the years, TalentGuard still maintains the set of core values that represent their company and the way they provide their service. They believe that with leadership, excellent service, entrepreneurship, collaboration, passion, reputation, ownership, and community involvement, your business will improve and you will create long-term professional and personal relationships with your employees. Aside from that, you will also build a positive image for your company.

The company is based in Austin, Texas and maintains offices in 10 countries around the globe. Its software suite boasts of an award-winning user interface design introduced in 2017.

TalentGuard Benefits

Engagement of employees in human resource management results to a productive team with high morale. A sizeable 30% reduction in voluntary employee turnovers has been observed in client companies. This prevents disruption in workplace outputs.

The transparent and clear expectations for each team member results to a common view of targets and a more solid group of talents working together. The ready availability of progress monitors develops employee engagement in his or her career path as well as cognizance and involvement in attaining team goals and targets. The employee also gets empowered to participate in creating job enhancements to gain team productivity. Increased employee focus to his job and career development leads to high morale in the workplace. Management and employee interactions on career development and job performance are enhanced through the software.

Being developed by an HR consulting company, the software suite is made by people from the same domain and familiar with the territory. It is understandable that the tools will really provide speed and efficiency in the performance of human resource management practitioners. Top management will get their reports faster and will appreciate the strategic importance of an engaged and empowered workforce. But the best results of the products are the active engagement of employees and talents to improve their individual competencies to attain higher productivity and assume greater roles in the organization.


The software suite can integrate with a client’s existing Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) such as ADP products, Workday, Instructure LMS, WorkRamp LMS, IBM Assessments, and IBM TalentFrameworks.

The software suite is cloud-based in Microsoft Azure, leading to a better service stability.


Cost comparison with alternatives is difficult considering that prices are available only after direct consultation with TalentGuard. On the other hand, this may become beneficial in cases where the prospective user has failed to consider unforeseen challenges or needs for their particular HR goals.



TalentGuard Features

TalentGuard’s compendium of HR software is listed as separate products but it can be viewed as a software suite covering the attraction, recruitment, engagement, appraisal, development, and retention of employees who fit the work team and accomplish their individual targets towards company goals. In this regard, the applications cover the whole area of managing the company’s biggest asset, its human resources, the people who contribute their talents, skills, and knowledge to work for the business.

The software suite provided by TalentGuard makes the job of the HR manager and practitioners updated and more efficient as compared to the outdated spreadsheets traditionally used. Moreover, at least three (3) of this software empower and engage employees in their development goals and professional aspirations.

  • Career Pathing – This application engages employees in a recommended career path within the organization based on their skills and aspirations. They may take lateral paths to other career ladders and develop the skills and qualifications needed for them as they desire. Employees become empowered to engage in career conversations. This also serves as guides for managers and career coaches for giving meaningful coaching and employee development inputs for the employees.
  • Gap Analysis
  • Coaching and Development
  • Career Progression


  • Certification Tracking – This software eliminates inefficient spreadsheets of training updates, skills certifications, and license renewals required by employees based on jobs performed. Employees are able to view the items required and take actions to update them. Management gains the ability to place goals and plans for employee certification. Timely tracking and alerts prevent unnecessary fines for non-compliance.
  • Role-Based Compliance
  • Renewal Tracking
  • Automatic Alerts
  • Compensation Management – This software replaces the outdated forms and methods used in the compensation review cycle. The improved user interface now provides insights on items that require action. This allows for more efficient preparation of compensation plans for the client’s organization.
  • Salary Banding
  • Job Valuing
  • Budget Governance
  • Competency Management – This software enables the client organization to be at par with the current trend and development in human resource management using a competency-based framework for employee hiring, retention, and promotion. The client may use TalentGuard’s library of industry-specific competency frameworks or develop their own. Like the Career Pathing software, Competency Management empowers and engages employees in job enhancements. Management and employees develop transparent expectations on the skills, knowledge, qualifications, experiences, certificates/licenses, and job descriptions needed by specific job roles. The software has the ability to search, pinpoint and list employees who possess specific competencies.


  • Job Role Builder
  • Competency Assessments
  • Competency Administration
  • Development Planning – This is another employee engagement software where they can monitor anytime their progress in agreed upon career development goals. Setting goals and accomplishing them give employees pride in their achievements. Feedbacks from peers, supervisors, and other stakeholders are coursed through the 360 Degree Feedback.
  • Social 360 Feedback
  • e-Learning
  • Goal Monitoring
  • Learning Management – This software provides the platform for development and delivery of uniform and standard online learning materials, and track the progress of employees in learning new skills and knowledge. Employees may be automatically assigned to specific courses as part of their career pathing plan. The learning management software can also blend classroom and online training. This tool is also instrumental in speeding up the process of onboarding new employees to make them fit for their jobs and integrated with the team of productive talents. Employee engagement is provided through their access to courses attended, assessment scores, and course requirements in case they wish to pursue further learning.
  • Resource Management
  • Curriculum Management
  • Blended Learning
  • Performance Management – This software allows the client organization to objectively assess what targets get accomplished and provide unbiased bases for personnel actions such as promotion, succession, or lateral transfers. This also provides constant and ready feedback for everyone in the organization. The software allows for inputting corrective actions needed in cases of below standard performance.
  • Behavioral and Job-Based Reviews
  • Goal Management
  • Continuous Feedback
  • Succession Planning – TalentGuard helps organizations identify critical jobs, pinpoint employees who are fit, or who have the potential, for succession in those jobs. The end result is a pool of talents who may be given accelerated career development inputs to make personnel movements and transitions seamless. The succession criteria may be customized depending on company needs, and employees may view the required skills and competencies to make necessary development actions to acquire the same.
  • Talent Grid
  • Talent Finder
  • Succession Pools
  • 360 Degree Feedback – This application provides the tool to solicit performance insights for employees from various stakeholder sectors, whether within the organization or external to the company (clients or suppliers), with the object of finding job areas for improvement. The assessment tool can be customized for a more objective measurement. These assessments lead to employee self-awareness and create an impetus for finding more improvements in job performance.
  • Benchmark Data
  • Customizable Assessments
  • Unlimited Participants

Being an HR consulting company, TalentGuard also offers services in developing competency frameworks, onboarding training, career coach training, and psychometric measurements. Clients have options to purchase ready-made competency frameworks and job profiles or they may develop their own.



All businesses vary in their needs and challenges, because of this, the solution that businesses will need may vary with each other. Some talent management software will offer you fixed priced packages. But what happens when you don’t need or use some of the features on your packages? You certainly won’t get a refund on those unused features.

With TalentGuard, you’ll be given consultation on what you need to solve your problems. TalentGuard offers nine different products and three different services. From those options, they will provide you with a custom solution specifically built just for your business. Because of this, TalentGuard does not publicly publish a price list for its products and services.  Interested users should directly contact the company and request for a price quote.  This reflects the flexibility and customizations available for TalentGuard software products and HR consultancy services.  The company can be reached through their phone number 1-512-943-6800, or email to sales@talentguard.com, or through their request portal at https://talentguard.com/request-demo/. TalentGuard also offers a free demonstration for you to personally try their product and services and see if it works for your business.

Technical Details

Supported Devices

  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Linux
  • Web-based

Supported Language

  • English

Pricing Model

  • Quote-based

Types of Customers

  • Small Businesses
  • Medium Businesses
  • Large Enterprise


  • Cloud Hosted


Support Details

Businesses in the technology industry, whether your product is talent management software, applicant management software, or any other software available in the market, your clients will always expect you to provide a technical support. A high-quality customer support can help build a good image for the company. A good customer support will also make sure that the clients are enjoying and using the product at its full potential. This makes sure that the product will deliver whatever the company promised it would.

TalentGuard thrives on providing their customers with products and services beyond their expectations. This includes customer support which is an important factor when choosing a web service. If you are experiencing any problems or concerns with the product, TalentGuard provides different means for you to access their customer support team. You can contact TalentGuard through their phone number 1-512-943-6800. TalentGuard also provides an end-user and admin support. It has social network accounts in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ that you can also connect with for additional information. Customer support does not only end in phone calls, chats, and emails. A resource center is available in TalentGuard’s website. The resource center is filled with information, guides, and articles for every product and services as well as insights in the area of talent management. They also have talent management experts that provide webinars for you to join.  Aside from their products, TalentGuard offers services such as consultations and training for you to fully manage your employees.

TalentGuard is a talent management solution which offers nine different products and three services to help your business develop and retain employees. Try their software and experience the best solution for your talent management challenges.