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Full TalentCards Learning Management Software – All you need to know about TalentCards

TalentCards Software

What is TalentCards Software?

TalentCards Software is a micro-learning tool that is done through your mobile for on the go learning. Both the method and delivery of information is done through small chunks to make it easier for your users to understand. This learning management system is designed with online learning in mind. It is a great training solution that will help your remote and mobile workers learn from anywhere they may be when they have the time to study.

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The team at TalentCards Software have decades of experience in online learning. Founded in 2017, they are now the leading provider of a training solution that can seamlessly integrate with any business or individual. Their current learning expedition was designed with the idea that you can learn in small chunks. This is versus the more common approach at full course learning.

Mixing together both the thoughtful interactive platform with the best in class technologies, you have a training solution that is designed to deliver your learning through bite-sized training. TalentCards Software is a micro-learning solution that is done solely on your mobile devices. Based on the paradigm of flashcards, your employees, customers and partners can learn at a glance with the same effectiveness as a full-sized learning management system.

Benefits of TalentCards Software:

There are a lot of benefits that come with micro-learning that you can take advantage of. Seeing as this method for online learning is more engaging and very simple, you can achieve the same effect you would with any other learning management system. Here is an overview of all the benefits you can gain through this training solution.

  • This online learning tool helps you to deliver small sized training that is easier for busy users to grasp and retain.
  • Your staff can use their smartphones to study on from anywhere they want to and at any time they choose.
  • TalentCards Software is ideal for learning quickly. It is an expedited way to get the same information as traditional online learning.
  • There are endless possibilities when it comes to micro-learning. The sky is the limit on what and how much you can learn via this training solution.
  • Make use of the free trial. This is a great way to test out TalentCards before committing to the purchased version.
  • Ideal for those learners who are easily distracted and have a difficult time focusing. The bite-sized lessons in flashcard format will make learning fun and simple for those who have difficulty focusing.
  • The micro-learning method reduces the cognitive overload and can help to reinforce important concepts.
  • This online learning method can be developed much faster than the traditional learning strategies. It can be up to 3 times faster.
  • Each learning chunk is approximately three to seven minutes long. This makes for quick lessons with focus only on what is important.
  • This learning management system costs much cheaper than the traditional system. It requires 50% less cost for the development of it compared to the other methods.
  • This training solution is very user-friendly and can be done by anyone regardless of their technological knowledge.

Features of TalentCards Software:

When you are looking for a learning management system, you want to something is both effective and easy to use. Therefore, TalentCards built this micro-learning strategy with the busy worker in mind. You will enjoy the use of this small-sized training solution and all the full-sized features that come with it. Take a look at this glimpse into the various features offered by this learning management system.

Train large groups of employees at the same time.

Since the delivery is easy to take in you can employ a flexible training method that will empower your learners while reducing your expenses. By allowing your staff to use their smartphones for health and safety training or for compliance certifications, you can let large groups study at one time. This can be done at their own pace since each will have the app for their phones.

Take the monotony out of online learning.

This is the ideal platform for fast learning. With the app, you can allow your learners to get smaller chunks of relevant information rather than larger chunks of fluff. You will boost completion rates since the courses will be easy to follow. You can use a large range of content types and different tests to add some diversity to this training solution.

Create and add to your training solution.

Use the built-in editor to create learning cards that are attractive and effective. This can be done quickly and easily. You can pick images to add to the card from the large library of stock. You also have the ability to upload your own customized visuals.

There is also the ability to attach audio clips and videos to your learning cards. You can even embed links. Choose the medium you want and then format them according to your learning materials. Make edits as you need them.

Use the reporting and evaluation functions to stay on top of your learning management system.

Utilize the tests and accompanying exams to check in on the learning of your users. This is a great way to make sure the knowledge is retained by your learners. You can set pass score rates and make use of the gamification features.

The gamification features are a great way to invoke the competitive nature of your learners. They can work towards various achievements like points or awards. Offer incentives for them to complete training materials early and set timelines for when they need to be completed.

Through this online learning tool, you can also generate reports from the dashboard. Providing you with a clear line of sight into the effectiveness of your micro-training strategies, these reports can help you make improvements. Get a clear overview of all your training activities and associated exams.

Keep track of your learners and brand all the elements of your micro-learning.

Import users by the mass or add them individually. You can also let your learners register themselves by sending out invitations. This can be done via email or via SMS messages. Brand your training solution by adding images or logs to your content. Change colors and add additional branding elements to fully customize the online learning experience.

You can structure the learning content by the creation of learning paths. This is a great way to organize training materials so that your learners’ study in a cohesive pattern. You also can organize your cards in any particular sequence that will make sure that no important information is missed.

Make a solid impact on your learners.

Through the ability to create compelling content, you can create learning stories that will engage your learners. Through the power of micro-learning, you can arrange any type, of course, your staff, customers or partners could need. The user interface that is lean will flatten any learning curve to help retain the engagement of learners.

With added security elements, you can provide a unique code that has 12 digits to your learners which enables them to access courses when needed. You can change this code at any time through the administrative dashboard. This will prevent you having to let users each time they need it.

Pricing Details:

Utilizing the micro-learning platform for your training solution comes with an equally micro-pricing structure. There are 4 varying types of pricing that is involved with TalentCards Software.

Free Plan: Pay nothing and use this learning management system for up to 5 users.

Small Plan: For $49 per month, you can have up to 50 users.

Basic Plan: This plan costs $79 per month and it is good for up to 100 users.

Plus Plan: You get up to 250 users for $179 per month.

Premium Plan: This particular plan costs $279 per month and it allows for up to 500 users.

Additional Pricing Information:

  • There are custom-tailored plans for those who need to have a plan with more than 500 users. This can only be done on a quote basis. Therefore, you need to contact the vendor to find out about the custom plans.
  • All the features that this online learning solution has, comes with the plan price. There is no limit on features based on what plan you choose, only users.
  • There is the option to upgrade or downgrade at any time. Any of the already paid amounts will be transferred to your invoices that will come in the future. You also have the option to cancel at any time without additional fees.
  • Furthermore, you have unlimited storage. There are no artificial restrictions.
  • The pricing works per user. Therefore, you do have the option to inactivate users in order to clear up spots as learners complete their training.

Technical Details of TalentCards Software:

This micro-learning software is cloud-hosted. There is also a web-based version that you can use. As such, it is compatible with any operating system and device. However, TalentCards Software is primarily an app-based learning management system that is designed to be used on your smartphones. Though you can use it on Windows, Linux and MAC systems, it is designed to be used via a mobile device.

You can download the native apps for this training platform onto your Android and iOS devices. This can be done via the Play Store for Android and the iTunes store for the iOS devices. This is so that your mobile workers can learn in small chunks via the micro-learning method.

Languages supported: Primarily English. With a branch in Greece, it is possible that Greek is a language that is also supported. Contact the vendor to find out if any other languages are supported.

Support Details:

Utilizing a learning management system that is primarily online learning, you want to be sure that you will have the support you need. If something is going array with your training solution, it is essential that you can that rectified as soon as possible.

This means that there needs to be adequate support offered to you by this learning management software. Here is an overview of available support options that come with TalentCards Software.

  • Email: Send an email through your learning dashboard to inform the tech staff of any issues you are having with the using the micro-learning system. They will contact you as soon as they can.
  • Phone: There are phone numbers that are local in the three countries TalentCards is located in. There is a local number in the United States. There is also one in London, United Kingdom. Lastly, you can call them in Athens, Greece.
  • Tickets: Through your user dashboard, there is the option to get in touch with them by creating a support ticket. Your technical support ticket will then enter a queue that will then make its way to a technical support specialist who will rectify your issues as soon as they are able. This is generally done remotely and in a fairly short period of time.


Having workers who are constantly on the go and have so much to do can be difficult to manage. This is especially true when it comes time to get them to take learning classes to get certified in a variety of aspects. Trying to slow down someone who is always on the go can lead to many certifications not being done or completed.

Therefore, when TalentCards introduced a primarily mobile method of micro-learning, it was revolutionary. The fast-paced form of teaching only important points in a flashcard fashion is genius. Through this training solution, you are more likely to get your mobile and remote workers to remain compliant because their learning is in their hands. They can take control of learning and do the short three to seven minutes sessions in between their running around.

Using this learning management system on your mobile means there is no excuse to get the work done. However, you know your organization and staff better than anyone. When it comes to online learning, you need to choose the training solution that will meet your organizational needs best. Make sure you do adequate research and make the decision you think is best.

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