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Full Talent Learning Management Software Review – All you need to know about Talent

TalentLMS Software

What is TalentLMS?

TalentLMS is a user-friendly cloud learning management system. You can use it to help train students, customers, partners or even your employees. This learning solution is fully customizable to meet any organizational requirements you might have.

Improve your training environment with the deep analytics that is offered for your e-training environment. Advance your organization to the next level of greatness with a fantastic learning software.

TalentLMS has over 3 thousand customers that amount to over 1 million users. There are over 60 thousand different learning portals that are utilized. Staff at TalentLMS provide a strong foundation for businesses like yours to help you get your training done. Their mission is to democratize learning to make a premium eLearning technology that is accessible and affordable.

Producing tools that iterate on ideas you are currently using, they strive to achieve balance usability. This software is fully simplistic and has a strong potential that is robust. The belief is that great organizations are built on integrity, empathy and simplicity as well as diversity.

TalentLMS offers you a learning tool that offers functionality for all organizational types and sizes. All the lessons can be presented on any device you currently own. Providing you with a training environment that is perfect for any type of industry.

Benefits of TalentLMS:

Looking for a learning solution that will meet your specific needs is difficult. Therefore, you need to know that there is a wide range of benefits offered that will help you. You want your learning environment to be both fun and functional. Here is an overview of the benefits offered by TalentLMS.

  • This learning software is designed to help you increase your satisfaction and fun from an online learning tool.
  • There is no need to upgrade or backup anything as this software is offered on the cloud.
  • You can customize this learning management tool to meet all your needs.
  • Use your cell phone or tablet to take online classes through this learning software.
  • You can make your learning management system look the way you want it too.
  • Make sure TalentLMS is right for you by utilizing the free trial. This way you can determine if you will benefit from it or not.
  • There are native mobile apps you can use to enable your users to be productive while being mobile.
  • This learning software enables you to maximize your training output and take charge of your time.
  • There are no unnecessary tools associated with TalentLMS. Therefore, you will not be bulldozed by unnecessary things to get what you really need.
  • You can deploy this learning management system both quickly and effortlessly. Be up and running in no time with this learning solution.
  • Do not waste time on gimmicky features but focus on the content instead. This learning solution is fully customizable providing you unlimited learning options.

Features of TalentLMS:

The features offered by a learning software is what will make you determine if it is right for you. Therefore, there are a number of fantastic features you can find with this learning solution. Take a look at an overview of the TalentLMS features.

Stay on top of course management.

This learning tool is designed to be completely content friendly. Build courses by re-using presentations and videos you have used in the past. Consume content that you have found via web-sources. Support for varying types of questions and multiple test types. Get extensive reporting on test results. Take control of how courses can be completed and what content can be viewed.

Get support for all the latest industry standards in content interoperability. Collect all survey responses and then analyze them to better your learning management strategy. Organize, share and reuse files within the repository. Do this with any users you personally select.

Provide useful learning delivery for all involved.

There are all kinds of features that come with learning delivery. Mix eLearning with instructor training. Deliver instructor-led events for training that are either in a classroom environment or via video conferencing. Design your own certifications that are valid for a pre-determined period of time. Support a multitude of compliance scenarios that will require re-certification if you desire.

Meet your class or students with the integrated video conferencing. Additionally, you can provide support for various video conference solutions. Bring your courses to life by providing badges and rewards as students complete each level. Customize your gamification to the heights of your imagination with the gamification engine.

Get support for personal messages, calendars and discussion forums within your training environment. Sell all your learning courses via PayPal or Stripe. Offer discounts globally or provide coupons for learners. Take charge of your learning management by selling individual courses or offer them to potential students via a subscription plan.

Utilize this learning software by being Enterprise ready.

Extensive reporting about everything you do in your learning environment will give you insights. Have a timeline of all system actions for access to anything that happens and by whom and when. Use the report generator to delve into the details of any actions you want more information on.

You can limit users’ access to certain functions via custom user types. Eliminate the amount of time spent on administrative tasks with the mass and automated actions. Rest-API will help you to communicate with your learning portal and provide you essential data. Furthermore, you can rest assured that you are working over a secure communication channel.

Segment your learning solution to the branches of your organization. Each branch can be like there are separate installations with its own users, themes and related courses. Enforce strong passwords for the Single sign on. Use available integration with applications such as Okta and OneLogin.

Buy and utilize from the hundreds of preinstalled courses that range over a vast number of topics. Add customized fields into your user profile or your courses. Enriching the details, you collect and report on will be the result of customization. Also, utilize the over 200 integrations through Zapier. These integrations include Shopify, SalesForce, WordPress and GoToMeeting.

White-labelling to brand your learning environment.

Use your own organizational domain and logo to brand your training environment. Customize all communications within your learning solution, including emails. Tailor this learning software to the depth of your precise needs. Customize the feel and design of your portal. You can add your own CSS or JavaScript to top it off.

Create a modern and publicly available website on top of your learning solution. You can add extensions to it that are visible only to those who are logged in.

Make use of the system features.

You can use a variety of system features that will make your training environment yours. Use the user interface that has a responsive design and is scalable. Re-design the visual elements that are already retina screen ready. Have full accessibility as this learning environment conforms to WCAG-2 accessibility requirements.

Download the native apps that are designed for your mobile devices. Make use of the top and most advanced web standards and technologies. Use this learning management tool in whatever language you are most comfortable.

Pricing of TalentLMS:

There are a variety of pricing options you can choose from with TalentLMS. Here are the various plans and associated details of this learning software.


This is for up to 5 users with a maximum of 10 courses.


Priced at $29 per month, you can have up to 25 users. This also offers unlimited courses.


At $99 per month, you can have up to 100 users. This one also has unlimited course and provides you with Single Sign-on support.


This plan is priced at $199 per month and gives you up to 500 users. This training environment also offers you unlimited courses, single sign-on support, custom reports, automation, the success manager and SSL for your own custom domain.


Offering up to 1000 users, this one costs $349 per month. You get all the features you can see listed in the Plus plan.


There is an Enterprise offering available but it is by a quote basis. You will need to have over 1000 users and contact the vendor to get a custom plan.

Additionally, there are unlimited plans available. Here are the pricing plans for the unlimited options.


$79 per month allows for 25 active users, unlimited registered users, unlimited courses and a $4 charge for additional users.


This is $179 per month and allows for 100 active users, unlimited registered users, unlimited courses, single sign-on support, custom reports, automation, success manager and SSL for your custom domain. There is also an additional $4 charge per extra user.


Priced at $279 per month, you get up to 250 active users. You also get all the features in the Basic plan.


This one is $379 per month and allows for up to 500 active users. Additionally, you have all the same features of the Plus plan.

Note: All the amounts are given as monthly. However, they are billed annually.

Technical Details of TalentLMS:

This learning management tool is offered as a cloud-hosted learning solution or as an open API. Therefore, it is compatible with any device you might have regardless of their operating systems.

Furthermore, you can download the native mobile apps for any mobile device. It can be found in the Play Store for Android devices and in the iTunes store for Android devices.

There is a web-based version that you can use as well.

Languages supported by this learning software are primarily English. However, TalentLMS boasts that you can use whatever language you desire. Therefore, you can check with them if your preferred language is supported.

Support Details of TalentLMS:

You are counting on your learning software to give you a training environment you can count on. Therefore, it is essential that you are able to get the level of support you desire from this learning solution. TalentLMS offers a range of support options that can help you when you get stuck.

  • Email: You will always be able to get in touch with the staff at TalentLMS via email. Response time is reasonable.
  • Training: There are a variety of training options offered by this training solution. Webinars will teach you the basics and there is in-person training offered as well.
  • Tickets: Create support tickets when logged into the portal when you have technical needs that can’t be solved over email.
  • Online Database: An extensive database is there for you to use online. Find answers to common questions in the FAQ section. Utilize the cheat sheets for everyday type issues. Access the knowledge base to get in-depth information on a large variety of topics.


Your training environment is essential to you. Therefore, it is important that you get the learning solution you need for your business. TalentLMS offers a wide range of learning management features that will help you to further your training environment.

The various pricing options that enable you to offer a host of training options. The ability for the mobile worker to learn on the go makes TalentLMS a true contender in the learning management market. Make use of all this training solution has to offer you so that you can optimize your entire learning environment.

Ultimately, you know what you need most. Weigh all the information you can gather from user reviews to expert opinions to help you make an informed decision regarding your learning solution. You should only get what you need the most when it comes to your learning environment.